I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 419

Chapter 418: Are You Crazy? For Subscription

Dangerous mission: Jingyue Secret Realm

Mission location: Zixiaozong Triple Heaven World

Mission Objective: Obtain 3 Pure Moon Stones

Task reward: 30,000 points


Jiang Ci lurked for ten days in the Jingyue Secret Realm, and then roughly figured out the situation.

There are countless miracles hidden in the universe, like this strange place, which gave birth to a strange kind of humanoid life, the Jingyue Clan.

The common feature of this race is the slightly transparent bluish skin.

After adulthood, short wings will grow on the shoulders, and a lot of mysterious lines will appear on the face.

"Jingyue people are born in the golden pill stage, and reach the Yuanying stage in adulthood.

Those with strong talents can even reach the primordial stage as an adult! "

"However, the universe is fair,

This kind of talented bloodline is extremely difficult to reproduce.

The number of individuals in the entire race has not exceeded 10 billion. "

Jiang Ci hid in a deep lake, observing a group of Jingyue Clan who were cultivating on the lake.

The two Jingyue clans headed by them exuded the aura that made Jiang Ci also jealous.

A late stage of the aegis, and a early stage of the aegis.

The rest is the soul stage.

"This is the season for Jingyue Clan to lay eggs... Once you succeed, you will run away!"

After this period of hidden exploration, Jiang Ci discovered that the Jingyue Stone that the mission target was looking for was actually an egg laid by the Jingyue Clan during the Hedao Period.

"I don't know what's the use of Jingyue Stone?"

He also didn't find the corresponding product information in the Zixiaozong Treasure Pavilion, which seemed to be the training resource needed by the immortal masters.

Waited for about ten hours.

Suddenly, one of the Jingyue Clan during the He Dao period began to rise, steadily improving.

The early, middle and late stages of Hedao, when the boundary is approaching.

The breath fell abruptly to the early stage of the soul.

Then, a faint blue crystal stone fell off from the forehead of the Jingyue Clan during this period, exuding bursts of mysterious aura.

Pure Moonstone!

"It's this time!"

Jiang Ci's figure flashed away at the bottom of the lake.

After Dao Wen refining his body, his speed is not slower than in the later stage of He Dao.

When the Jingyue Clan didn't react in the late stage of the amalgamation, he grabbed the Jingyue Stone and left.


"Damn it, kill him!"

An angry voice, accompanied by a strange roar, resounded across the sky.


Jiang Ci was not in love with war, and relied on his tyrannical physical fitness to withstand the blow of the Jingyue Clan in the late stage of Hedao and disappeared.

A group of angry Jingyue clan creatures were left behind.

At the same time, they were also shocked because Jiang Ci's body was too strong.

Rarely see such an experienced person.


In the end, Jiang Ci took two months to complete the mission of the Jingyue Secret Realm.

In fact, according to his plan, one month would have been enough.

Later, because the Jingyue Clan became vigilant, it was difficult for him to start.

When he got the third Pure Moon Stone, there were even more than ten Pure Moon Clan of the Affinity Period waiting for him.

If his body is not strong enough, it might be suspended.

After handing in the task, 30,000 points were obtained.

Then, he took on the next dangerous mission: Varo star training mission.

This time it only took one month to complete, and finally got 10,000 points.

Next, Jiang Ci turned into a mission madman, and the training missions one after another were all dangerous.

He has indeed been promoted in such a task.

Various fighting environments, different life groups and opponents have enriched his combat experience.


In the blink of an eye, half a year later, Jiang Ci has completed six dangerous level training tasks.

After madly taking on dangerous-level tasks, and every successful thing spread out, even many old disciples were shocked.

Many people have this idea: Is this guy crazy?

According to the rules set by the Zixiaozong,

Only the core disciples of the Yuan Ying stage are qualified to accept various cultivation tasks.

The core disciples of Yuanshen Stage are to be sent out to practice in various places.

The core disciples in the Hedao period are to carry out the final life and death experience.

Therefore, Yuan Yingqi disciples want to earn a lot of points only through cultivation tasks.

But few people can be as crazy as Jiang Ci, doing all dangerous tasks.

The death rate for dangerous tasks is 50%!

On this day, after Jiang Ci handed in the task, he was ready to take the next task, and Jiu Jianxian took the initiative to find him.

The wine sword fairy, who has always been wild and unruly, looked extremely serious this time: "You kid is reckless, use your strength to do dangerous tasks.

Although it is challenging, you don't have to worry too much about your life, so I won't say anything.

But this time, you are going to do a hell-level mission, which is too reckless! "

He is very concerned about Jiang Ci.

Not only because of Jiang Ci's kendo, but also the kendo of his late Tao Lu Lianrong.

Also, after the two become masters and apprentices, this relationship is destined to last for thousands of years, thousands of years, and even endless years.

With such a relationship, the two can be regarded as true relatives.

"Master, how did you know that I am going to a prison level mission?" Jiang Ci was a little surprised.

In the three-dimensional phantom in front of him, a list of hell-level mission information was displayed, and he hadn't decided which one to choose.

How did Jiujianxian know?

"You have only entered the Purple Cloud Sect for a hundred years, and you want to reach the prison level mission. Naturally, some high-level leaders have been disturbed, so they sent me a message." Jiu Jianxian explained the reason.

Then he frowned and said, "Do you know what the hell-level mission represents?"

"Nine dead for a lifetime, but I have confidence!" Jiang Ci was very calm and his tone was firm.

"Very well, the strong should have this kind of firm belief!" Jiu Jianxian chuckled, very satisfied with Jiang Ci's attitude.

"However, no matter what you do, I only hope that as a teacher, I must come back alive!"

"Master, rest assured!" Jiang Ci nodded vigorously.

After the call was over, he thought for a long time.

What Jiu Jianxian said just now was a caring reminder for him.

After thinking for a long time, he couldn't make this decision. What's wrong.

The strong will not change their decisions easily,

Even if it is wrong, you must know where you are wrong, and then correct it.

But before knowing the mistake, this belief cannot be shaken.

Otherwise, there will be no chance to correct the mistake.

Therefore, Jiang Ci still has to go to the hell-level mission.

Still that sentence, don't wait for me.

Ten years ago, in 299 of the new moon, the earth experienced another large-scale aura.

This is also the fifth resurrection of aura. The concentration of aura on the earth is already equivalent to a six-level life planet!

There are not many six-level life planets in the entire Dao League's nine star regions.

In Jiang Cis view, every rejuvenation of the earths spiritual energy is like breaking a seal.

When the seal is completely unblocked, the earth will be exposed to the entire universe!

On this day, I don't know when it will come.

It may be the next moment, it may be tomorrow, or it may be ten thousand years.

"No matter what time it is, I have to become stronger."

"Only by being strong enough can you be fearless of everything!"

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