I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Encounter Again

Everyone smiled when they came to the top of a tall building.

"Captain, the materials on this D-class Red Flame Dog should be able to sell for more than two million." Zhou Yang laughed.

"In more than 20 days, a total of 23 D-level monsters were hunted and killed, nearly a hundred E-level monsters, F-level monsters ranged from, plus this one, our harvest, almost more than 30 million!" Wang Dalong nodded. , Made a summary.

Although there are many D-class monsters in this ruined city, not many are suitable for hunting.

It takes an average of a day to find a goal.

"30 million, one captain accounted for 40%, and the remaining 60% we divided into four, shouldn't we have any comments?" Zhou Yang was the deputy captain, and he glanced at everyone.

"Brother Yang, I just came here, just take the same as you guys, isn't it good?" Jiang Ci asked.

With this calculation, he can also get 4.5 million new moon coins!

"This is what you should take. The effort you put out in the second half of the month is not less than ours. If I want to say, this time in the wilderness area, the biggest gain of our crazy dragon team is not these money, but Jiang Ci your growth. !" Zhou Yang laughed.

"Haha, Yangtze is right. The biggest gain is that we have an extra genius and we have grown so much in just one month!" Wang Dalong also smiled.

Then he said again: "Be prepared well. After one month out, you can almost return to the city."

Jiang Ci smiled and did not decline.

The money is indeed small money, warriors hunt monsters, don't make money too simple!

What's more, compared with the biggest gain this time, 4.5 million new moon coins are nothing.

In the eyes of Wang Dalong and others, Jiang Ci's greatest gain is the growth of swordsmanship and body skills, so as to be able to display the strength of an E-class martial artist.

But in fact, his biggest gain is more than that, because yesterday he officially became an E-rank martial artist.


Level: Realm of Practicing Meat-Level E (51/6500)

Gongfa: Nine Yuan Mind Method

Martial arts:

Nine Yuan Sword Technique (Xiaocheng 1531/3000)

Wind Shadow Step (Xiaocheng 1531/5000)

Force: 2.02

Experience value: 2866


The night is quiet.

The ruined city was a little more quiet in the moonlight, and occasionally there would be roaring monsters.

"Huh? Pay attention! Something happens!" Wang Dalong said suddenly.

He got up quickly, picked up the binoculars, and looked in one direction.

Jiang Ci and others also picked up the telescope and looked over.

I saw a few people in the distance, being besieged by a group of monsters. One person was already injured and lying on the ground.

Take a closer look, it was Han Yingxue's students from the Martial Arts Academy, and it was the teacher who was injured.

Jiang Ci also noticed that the leader of the besieging herd was a D-class Bloodtusk wild boar.

The form is precarious, Han Yingxue and others may be torn apart by the herd at any time.

"It's those from Beishan Martial Arts Academy again. Is that Taoist looking for death?!" Wang Dalong didn't look good on his face.

He reminded it last time, but these people didn't listen!

Now I dare to provoke a Class D monster!

There is only one E-class warrior and four F-class warriors. Who gives them confidence?

"Captain?" Jiang Ci turned to look at Wang Dalong.

Zhou Yang and others also looked inquiringly.

"Damn, I really don't want to trouble them to save them! Go!" Wang Dalong cursed.

After cursing, he jumped downstairs and rushed over.

Jiang Ci, Zhou Yang and others also quickly followed.


"Yingxue, what should I do? The D-level monster is too strong, even stronger than ten E-levels." A boy was crying, and there were already several wounds on his body.

Han Yingxue's face was tense with a solemn expression. Behind them was Tao Xingjian, who had been seriously injured by the D-class Bloodtusk.

But Tao Xingjian's damage to the Bloodfang Boar was only a wound that was not deep or shallow.

Han Yingxue judged the situation, at most ten seconds, they would be torn apart by the crazy monster group.

"Damn it! It's time to listen to the crazy dragon team!" Han Yingxue regretted that she did not insist on persuading Tao Xingjian to leave this ruined city.

Both Tao Xingjian and the students are overconfident

"It's over!"

Another boy, desperately shouted, an E-class monster had already rushed in front of him, unable to dodge.

call out!

At this moment, an armor-piercing arrow hit the monster's head instantly, killing the monster!

Five figures appeared in everyone's eyes.

Crazy Dragon Team!

"I and Jiang Ci deal with the D-class Goretusk, and the others deal with the herd!" Wang Dalong shouted.

Jiang Ci had no expression on his face, swept across a sword, and shot an E-class monster that was blocking the way, then followed Wang Dalong, and went straight to the raging D-class Goretusk.

"So strong!"

Before Han Yingxue had time to be pleasantly surprised, she was shocked by Jiang Ci's act of flying the E-class monster with a sword, and her eyes rounded in disbelief.

Later, she saw Jiang Ci and Wang Dalong together, surrounding the D-class Goretusk, and began to attack.

The D-class bloodfang boar, with thick skin and strong strength, must use body skills to deal with it.

Wang Dalong's main attack, Jiang Ci assisted.

But that is a D-class monster!

Jiang Ci is only F grade?

Han Yingxue doubted her eyes.

"Don't be stunned, and quickly clean up the herd!" Zhou Yang shot an E-class monster with an arrow and shouted to Han Yingxue and the others.

Han Yingxue returned to her senses, and then discovered that everyone in the Crazy Dragon Team is very strong!

Tao Xingjian, who was lying on the ground at this time, also woke up, his face looked like ashes.

Seeing the wild dragon squad in his eyes, skillfully killing monsters, he felt mixed and uncomfortable.


At the same time, a tall building not far from here.

The four members of the Blood Killing Squad were all unsightly.

"That Shadow Flying Leopard is too difficult to deal with! The fourth time, let it run away again!" Shen Guang said.

"It doesn't matter, we have fought it four times in so many days, and it is almost reaching its limit. We will kill it next time!" He Shuo smiled confidently.

D-level to C-level is a watershed, C-level monsters are more powerful than D-level monsters, not only in terms of physical fitness, but also wisdom.

Once it reaches the C level, the monster's intelligence will increase significantly, so it will become difficult to deal with.

If it hadn't been for this C-Class Shadow Flying Leopard had been injured before, they would have no chance of hunting.

Just this, they hunted and killed four times before and after they were all run away by the Shadow Flying Leopard.

"Captain, there is movement over there...No! It's the crazy dragon team!"

Wan Qing, the alert sniper, said suddenly.

"Crazy Dragon Squad? Jiang Ci!" Shen Guang immediately picked up the binoculars, and soon saw the figure of the Crazy Dragon Squad about two kilometers away, as well as several other people he didn't know.

"This kid has become so powerful!" Shen Guang's eyes were cold, full of murderous intent.

He discovered that Jiang Ci was actually hunting a D-class monster with Wang Dalong!

"You must kill! Don't kill now, in a while, there may be no chance to kill him!"

Shen Guang felt the threat, and said to He Shuo: "Captain, help me kill Jiang Ci!"

"What's the point of just killing a Jiang Ci? I just met, and even the crazy dragon team did it together. However, we can't do it ourselves, wait for me to see it." He Shuo sneered.

He observed around and said: "They are hunting a D-class monster, and they are 800 meters in front of their left and 1,000 meters in front of them, each with a D-class monster, we will lead the monster to the monster. Hand, kill the crazy dragon team!"

Fighting against each other is forbidden by warriors, as everyone knows.

But the wilderness area is so large and sparsely populated that it really kills people, and few people know it.

He Shuo knows the strength of the Crazy Dragon Squad. It can deal with one D-class monster, but he is definitely not strong enough to deal with three!


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