I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 422

Chapter 421: Kill Him For Subscription

The man in black said again:

"Now, all line up to get an identity badge!"

"Remember all, each one has a silver badge."

"And the noble core disciple just now carried a golden badge."

"According to the rules, if you can kill a core disciple,

With the golden badge, you can directly become the core disciple of the First Heaven of the Purple Cloud Sect! "

In front of the huge barrier wall, thousands of indigenous people immediately became excited.

At this time, everyones complaints and dissatisfaction were swept away and became full of fighting spirit.

They want to join the Zixiao Sect, there are two ways:

In addition to surviving in Wanshan Xinghai for a month, it is to kill the core disciples who have experienced in Wanshan Xinghai!

This is a rule that has been passed down for countless years, but it is difficult to meet core disciples here to practice.

Let them meet now!

This is their chance!

These natives can come here to experience, their strength is not bad, the lowest is the Yuan Ying stage.

There are many people in the Yuanshen and Hedao Period.

It's just killing a core disciple of Yuanying stage. This is too simple.

In contrast, it is obviously more difficult to survive for a month in Wanshan Xinghai!

As a result, many of them happily received their identity badges, passed through that layer of barriers, and entered the Ten Thousand Mountains and Star Seas.


On the second floor of the palace, the leader of the man in black in the Hedao period was very respectful to Jiang Ci.

"I heard that Senior Brother Jiang Ci would come to Wanshan Xinghai three days ago. I didn't expect to come so soon." The leader in black laughed.

Jiang Ci smiled, as if he had passed Level 7 of Tongtian Mountain, everything was different.

Under normal circumstances, a disciple of the Nascent Soul Stage of the Triple Heavens will do the task of Wanshan Xinghai, and only a person in black in the Hedao Stage will be greeted.

Now, after he came, all the people in black greeted him.

This is already the treatment for the disciples of the Yuanying stage of the Fourth Heaven, and it belongs to the highest standard.

"This is the badge of senior brother, please keep it." The leader of the black clothed man took out a golden badge and handed it to Jiang Ci.

At the same time he reminded: "In Wanshan Xinghai, brothers must be careful of those indigenous people.

Because as long as they kill you and get your badge, they can join the Purple Cloud Sect. "

"I know this." Jiang Ci nodded, as mentioned in the task.

"Jiang Ci, don't underestimate these indigenous people. Many of the core disciples of the Yuanying Period who came here to experience before have been planted in the hands of the indigenous people." Next to him, the young man in Taoist robe in the Tribulation Period smiled.

"Yes, although most of the indigenous people are in the Nascent Soul Stage, there are also many of them in the Nascent Soul Stage and the Hedao Stage.

"Of course, brothers can also kill them. Every native has a silver badge.

As long as you can collect 10,000 silver badges, you can get additional rewards for this training mission. "The black-clothed leader said solemnly.

Jiang Ci's eyes lit up, extra reward?

Afterwards, he simply refined the golden badge, passed through the barrier wall, and officially entered the Wanshan Xinghai area.


At the same time, in another humble palace on the edge of Wanshan Xinghai.

A skinny old man sat high above the palace.

He is a powerful immortal in the Tribulation Period.

Below, six indigenous practitioners are kneeling.

Three are in the early stage of Hedao, and three are in the late stage of Yuanshen.

"This is your goal. By killing him, in addition to becoming a disciple of the Purple Cloud Sect, you can also get a low-grade fairy!"

The skinny old man had a flat tone, and with a wave of his hand, the phantom image of a black-haired young man appeared in front of six indigenous cultivators.

They looked at each other, with excitement hidden in their eyes.

Inferior fairy tools, fairy magic weapons!

"These are nine soul-killing posts of the best spirit weapon level, which can easily kill the cultivators below the immortal path. You three Yuanshen stage, each of you three."

The old man took out nine purple rune pieces and gave them to the three natives in the late Yuanshen.

"Go ahead and kill him."


The six were excited, and then flew towards the entrance palace of Wanshan Xinghai.

After they left, the tall and thin old man stood up respectfully.

Not long after, a teleportation phantom appeared in front of him.

He is a middle-aged Taoist with a stiff face.

"Meet Master Wu Ye!"

"All done?"

"It's done, my lord, don't worry, there is a 60% chance of killing him this time!"

"Very well, after it's done, your benefits will be indispensable."

The two did not communicate too much and ended the communication soon.


The fifth heaven of Zixiaozong, the cave house of Wu Ye immortal.

He crushed the communication beads and confirmed that there were no traces left.

"Even the Yuanying stage disciples of the Fourth Heavenly Layer cannot guarantee that they will survive the Hell-level mission."

"If you want to die by yourself, then I can only accept it!"

Immortal Wu Ye is very patient, he has been waiting for the Purple Cloud Sword Scripture.

Because it was Daojun Jiuxiao who personally lowered the decree to allow Jiang Ci to practice the Zixiao Sword Scripture.

Therefore, he did not dare to act without authorization.

This time I finally waited for the opportunity.

Wanshan Xinghai is different from other places, it is full of uncertainty.

If Jiang Ci died there, it would be too normal.

Even if someone doubts, nothing can be found.


Wanshan Xinghai, a magnificent starry sky and giant mountains are connected to each other, and the nebulae that fill the mountains are like sea water.

After passing through the enchantment wall, Jiang Ci was randomly teleported to the mountainside of a huge starry sky.

"A mountain is bigger than tens of thousands of earth. The danger here is not limited to the indigenous people."

He carefully observed the surroundings.

The more peculiar and dangerous the environment, the more powerful life can be bred.


Nebula circulation.

A giant gray one-eyed beast appeared in front of Jiang Ci.


With a fierce glow in the eyes of the one-eyed behemoth, it rushed directly to Jiang Ci.

"This is the soul beast?" Jiang Ci moved in his heart.

It is mentioned in the mission information that the most common danger in Wanshan Xinghai is the soul beast that can be seen everywhere.

This is a powerful strange life.

Like the one-eyed behemoth in front of him, the breath it exudes is comparable to the primordial spirit stage.

Jiang Ci thought this way, and slammed it out at the same time.


Comparable to 10 times the physical strength of the Supreme Spirit Tool, it brought him great strength and speed.

Under this punch, the body of the one-eyed monster instantly collapsed, turning into wisps of gray streamer, hovering in the sea of stars.

[You killed the soul beast in the middle stage of the soul, experience value +8800]

The prompt of the experience value panel sounds.

These gray streamers seemed to sense the attraction, and then penetrated into Jiang Ci's body.

Instant refining!

"It turns out that the soul beast has such an effect! It seems that the intensity of my spiritual sense has increased a little bit?" Jiang Ci's eyes were bright.

The increase is small, and if you dont feel it carefully, you wont notice it at all.

His weakest thing now is the strength of spiritual consciousness.

The physical realm and Taoism strength have all stepped into the phase of harmony.

Only the strength of spiritual consciousness, that is, the soul, is still at the level of Yuan Ying Consummation.

"If I can borrow these soul beasts to make the soul breakthrough ahead of time, then my strength can really go further!"

Jiang Ci suddenly looked forward to it.

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