I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 424

Chapter 423: Encounter For Subscription

Zixiaozong often sends his disciples to accept inheritance?

After Lingshen Tan heard this sentence, Jiang Ci was a little confused.

He came to Wanshan Xinghai only to complete the training mission, but not to accept any inheritance.

I didn't mention these when I took up this task before.

However, in the mission introduction materials, it is said that Wanshan Xinghai is the inheritance ancestral land of these indigenous groups.

Suddenly, Jiang Ci's mind flashed, and he thought of something.

Practice task?


"The indigenous people dont know that the core disciples of the Zixiao Sect came to Ten Thousand Mountains and Xinghai for the purpose of training.

Therefore, we would mistakenly believe that we were sent by the Zixiao Sect to obtain inheritance. "

"But what if these indigenous beliefs are correct?"

"Is the cultivation task just as simple as completing the task and earning points?"

If they simply want to temper their disciples, the senior members of the Zixiao Sect can open up a world of caves in the sect, and just throw the disciples in for training.

Don't worry about publishing various training tasks, let the disciples go to various dangerous places to experience.

"Perhaps it can be speculated that these so-called cultivation tasks are hidden opportunities?" Jiang Ci's eyes were bright.

And these opportunities need to be discovered by themselves.

Just like the cultivation task of the Douwen continent, there are all kinds of opportunities hidden, such as the art of the Daowen, the blood crystal of the Daowen, the land of the gods...

"If that time I only thought about completing the first mission objective and getting a Dao Mark blood crystal to end the mission, then there would be no chances behind."

Not only Douwen continent, Jiang Ci remembered,

The several dangerous level training missions he had done before had similar opportunities.

For example, at the core of the Jingyue Secret Realm, there is a huge Jingyue Stone, which is refreshing and refreshing at a glance.

There is also the practice mission of Varro Star, the abyss on that planet is also hiding a secret.

However, in order to complete the task in a hurry,

In addition, there are many uncontrollable dangers, so there is not too much exploration of these cultivation tasks.

"These hidden opportunities are probably the true purpose of Zixiaozong's release of cultivation tasks."

"While tempering the disciple, it can also benefit the disciple."

"But this great benefit can only be obtained by those who have excellent strength, character, will, and luck."

"And these are the basic factors to become the strong."

The more Jiang Ci thought about it, the more he felt that his speculation was correct.

"The chance of Wanshan Xinghai is the inheritance in the mouth of the indigenous people?"

"It's very possible!"

After thinking about it, he shook his head again: "From the past mission experience, chances are fortuitous.

Pursuing deliberately will put yourself in danger. "

In the Douwen Continent, if it hadn't been the beginning, he would have obtained the Five Elements Doudi's Daowen Art from Yunxiang.

Even if he later went to the Land of God's Fall, he would not encounter any subsequent opportunities.

Moreover, it may be killed by Coase's men.

Because he had practiced the Dao pattern technique of the Five Elements Fighting Emperor, his physical realm was far superior to ordinary Dao pattern practitioners.

Now, he hasn't figured out the situation of Wanshan Xinghai, so he hastily searched, it is easy to encounter danger.

Jiang Ci put this matter in his heart temporarily,

His current goal is still based on the survival requirements of completing the training mission.

At the same time hunt those soul beasts to increase the strength of soul and spiritual consciousness.

Anyway, time is enough, just search slowly.

"Thanks to these two natives for reminding me."

So Jiang Ci decided to spare their lives, and he was going to see other places.

But before he left, the situation in the distance changed.

"Hedao period!"

His spiritual sense found that a blond young man appeared out of thin air in a valley more than 600 kilometers away.

A slap slapped the two natives of the late Yuan Ying stage.

Then he turned his gaze to him again.


Jiang Ci didn't plan to take risks, so he turned and left.

"It's him!" The blond young man was so excited, his figure flashed, he chased Jiang Ci.

The distance of more than six hundred kilometers, for the Hedao period, is one step.

"So fast!" The blond young man was surprised to find that Jiang Ci's speed was almost the same as his!

When he arrived at the place where Jiang Ci was just now, Jiang Ci was already six hundred kilometers away.

"This is the strength of the Purple Cloud Sect's triple heaven disciple? Just the perfect cultivation base of the Yuan Ying has a speed comparable to that of the He Dao period!"

"It's no wonder that the immortal masters of the Tribulation Period will be targeted."

The blond youth was shocked.

However, he didn't shrink back because of Jiang Ci's amazing talent.

The grievances within Zixiaozong have nothing to do with him.

He just kills and gets paid.

"No matter how fast it is for Yuan Ying to reach Consummation, it is impossible to escape my pursuit!" The blonde youth had a cold stare.

Although he is in the middle stage of Hedao, his actual combat power is not weaker than that of the latter stage.


Ahead, Jiang Ci frowned.

The indigenous cultivators in the middle stage of Hedao are fully capable of living in Wanshan Xinghai for a full month.

There is no guilty to keep chasing him, but to kill him, the core disciple, to get the golden badge.

That's too much.

"Although this blond young man is in the middle stage of Hedao, he faintly exudes an aura that shocks my heart and cannot take the risk to fight him."

Even if Jiang Ci is confident of his melee strength, it is comparable to the middle stage of Hedao.

If you don't know the specific strength of the other party, what methods are available, it is better not to take risks.

"This guy doesn't have the arrogance of genius at all, he is very cautious, it's in trouble!" The blond youth said in a bad mood.

The two of you chased me in the sea of stars, and quickly crossed a hundred thousand kilometers.




There was a big movement in the star sea between the two giant mountains in front of the starry sky, and thousands of gray soul beasts sprang out of nothingness.

Each exudes a monstrous fierce flame, rushing towards the two with teeth and claws.

"My God!" Jiang Ci was startled.

Did you break into the soul beast den?

Of these thousands of soul beasts, the Nascent Soul Stage accounted for most of them, and the Nascent Soul Stage accounted for less than half.

The most shocking thing is that there are four obviously different, the others are one-eyed, and those four are just two eyes!

One of the two-eyed soul beasts with a height of 10,000 feet still exudes the aura of the late stage of Hedao, like a soul beast king.

Obviously, this is really the soul beast den.

"Woo!" The first thing the soul beast attacked was the previous Jiang Ci.

Boom boom boom! !

With his tyrannical body, Jiang Ci smashed into the hundreds of soul beasts of the Yuanshen stage that were blocking the way and a soul beast of the early stage of Hedao, and violently crossed the cordon.

The double-eyed soul beast in the late stage of Hedao made a deafening roar when Jiang Ci was about to flee.



The roar sent out an inexplicable invisible attack.

"Not good! This is a spiritual consciousness attack!" Jiang Ci's face changed drastically. He only felt a headache, and his soul was shaking.

It's as if the next moment, the soul will be scattered.

But at this moment, the golden light of spiritual consciousness suddenly became radiant with the image of contemplation in his mind.

Directly defeated the spiritual consciousness attack.

call out!

Jiang Ci's figure cut through the space and disappeared.

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