I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 429

Chapter 428: Two Personalities For Subscription

"The law of the nebula vortex?" Jiang Ci's eyes flashed.

He had tried to find this pattern before, but unfortunately he didn't find it.

"Yes, in my opinion, the Nebula Vortex is the greatest danger to the Wanshan Xinghai Sea.

There are more people killed by the whirlpool than the soul beasts.

So I studied for a year before discovering some laws of nebula vortex. Qi Song nodded and smiled.

The honest smile makes people feel good.

"It's related to Nebula Waves?" Jiang Ci was puzzled.

Every time a nebula vortex appears, there is a wave before it turns into a vortex.

"Yes, nor is it." Qi Song smiled.

These words made Jiang Ci even more puzzled.

"Haha, the pattern I found is actually very simple.

That is, the greater the amplitude of the nebula wave, the smaller the vortex of the nebula that swallows gravity, and vice versa. "Qi Song laughed.

Jiang Ci moved in his heart and quickly recalled the nebula vortex he had encountered before.

It was found that there was indeed this law, but the number of whirlpools he encountered was small, so this law was not summarized.

"Then why did you say no?" Jiang Ci asked.

"Because this is just the law of the appearance of vortices, I haven't found how the nebula waves appear.

Otherwise, I have the confidence to survive longer in Wanshan Xinghai, maybe I have the opportunity to find the inheritance ancestors of the indigenous peoples. "Qi Song sighed.

Jiang Ci nodded lightly. Although the nebula vortex is dangerous, it is ultimately transformed by the nebula waves.

Only by finding the law of the appearance of nebula waves can this danger be truly avoided.

"Okay, I told you everything I knew, and I was paid for asking you to help out. Let's separate now." Qi Song joked.

"Then see you at the Genting Contest." Jiang Ci smiled heartily.


They are all geniuses, of course they have no plans to go together.

The two turned and walked back.

Suddenly, Qi Song raised his foot and kicked Jiang Ci like lightning.


Unexpectedly, Jiang Ci had been prepared for a long time, and kicked in a roundabout.


In one fight, Jiang Ci had the upper hand.

Comparable to 10 times the physical strength of the best spirit weapon, it brought him great strength and speed, and directly kicked Qi Song into the air.

"What a strong body!" Qi Song was taken aback. This was the information he had not collected.

"Then it's more damn, goodbye!" He sneered again, then turned and left.

Jiang Ci was expressionless, and the enthusiasm just disappeared without a trace.

How could he be so cautious to show his back easily.

Just wondering in his heart, Qi Song turned around and left, which was a bit inexplicable.

This hypocritical guy is overconfident, right?

However, Jiang Ci didn't intend to let him go, the sword light flickered and attacked Qi Song.


Almost instantly, a nebula vortex appeared not far from Jiang Ci.

"not good!"

Jiang Ci's face changed drastically.

The powerful devouring gravity restrained him, making him unable to break free,

The gravity this time is far beyond those vortices he encountered before!


At the very moment, the Need for Flying Boat appeared.

He wanted to use the power of the flying boat to break free from swallowing gravity.

"Speed up! Speed up!"

The acceleration of the flying boat made the nearby space chaotic and the nebula circulated.

The situation was deadlocked.

"If you work harder, you can get rid of it!" Jiang Ci had a hideous expression.

He knew that after the vortex appeared, it would disappear for a while.

But at this moment, Qi Song, who was already a hundred kilometers away, took out a long sword of the best spirit weapon and sacrificed it directly.

call out!

The long sword cut through the space and hit Jiang Ci's flying boat.

Although Qi Song didn't use a sword, with his strength and the power of a throw,

Coupled with the vortex's engulfing gravitational force on the flying sword, it was enough to break the deadlock between the flying boat and the vortex.


Nebula Vortex instantly swallowed Feizhou with Jiang's words.

After a while, the nebula vortex disappeared, and the Xinghai became calm again.

When Qi Song came to this position, his honest and honest face was covered with insidious colors.

"A superb spiritual weapon, for the life of a rival, a lot of money!"

"Jiang Ci, although we have no grievances or grudges, you are too threatening to me!

Only if you are dead can I guarantee that my position in the fourth heaven will not be shaken! "

Under normal circumstances, there can only be three Yuanying stage disciples in the Fourth Heaven.

Among the three old disciples now, Qi Song is the youngest one, and does not have the deepest background of the other two old disciples.

In Qi Song's opinion, even this Genting Competition, Jiang Ci is not threatening his position.

With the talent of Jiang Ci, next time, next time, I'm not sure!

Taking this opportunity to solve the threat couldn't be more appropriate!

Qi Song stared fiercely at the slowly flowing sea of stars. This time he took advantage of two advantages to create this opportunity.

"The soul beasts that have been hunted for more than three years, under the nourishment of those gray air currents, my spiritual sense has already broken the limit of Yuan Ying's Consummation.

The range of exploration ranges from one thousand kilometers to one thousand five hundred kilometers! "

"Moreover, I also know the pattern of nebula waves!"

"After the group of soul beasts emerges from nothingness, there must be nebula waves nearby.

The larger the herd, the smaller the wave and the stronger the whirlpool! "

In order to hunt down the soul beasts of Hedao period, he lurked in this starry sky giant mountain for a month.

Before that, he had hunted and killed a spirit beast in the early stage of Hedao and led out the group of spirit beasts.

Therefore, he knew exactly where the nebula waves appeared.

He asked Jiang Ci for help just now because he did it intentionally.

Because he had discovered Jiang Ci long ago by relying on his spiritual exploration range that is 500 kilometers longer than Jiang Ci.

Then, there was everything that happened next.

Including being chased by the soul beast group, he deliberately ran a step first and brought Jiang Ci to here.

"The core disciple who died in Wanshan Xinghai will not be pursued by anyone. Even if someone pursues it, they won't be able to find me!"

"I will never allow anyone to threaten my position!" Qi Song looked determined.

His childhood growth experience has created two completely different personalities.

On the surface, he is honest, honest and kind.

The viciousness and unscrupulousness in my heart.


This is the biggest crisis since Jiang Ci embarked on the road of cultivation!

The danger is unknown, and the survival probability is unknown.

The nebula vortex is infinitely long.

Jiang Ci was swallowed by gravity, and he didn't know how far he dropped.


"There must be a chance!"

Jiang Ci remained calm.

Since he did not die immediately after being swallowed in, it proved that there was still a chance!


His body shape dropped rapidly, dropped!

I do not know how long it has been.

Suddenly, a vague voice reached Jiang Ci's ear.



It is not a roar, but a whisper and whimper of a cub.

"Soul beast? Does the nebula vortex really lead to the void?" Jiang Ci moved in his heart.

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