I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 438

Chapter 437: Lone Star Subscription Required

Grouping phenomenon will exist everywhere.

After Jiang Ci suddenly beat Qi Song, several new disciples who had come close to him came over immediately, worried that Jiang Ci would be bullied by the old disciples.

"Jiang Ci, I didn't expect that a cautious person like you would take action at this time." Yan Jiufeng smiled.

Although the Genting Tournament has not officially started, no immortals have come.

But everyone knows that there must be immortals paying attention here.

Jiang Ci's shot at this time, there is a certain chance that it will cause dissatisfaction with the fairy.

"It's uncomfortable not to fight! It's cool to fight!" Jiang Cichang exclaimed, "I have never seen such a shameless person! I have long wanted to smoke him!"

"Good fight!" Muning applauded for Jiang Ci.

"Good fight!"

The second sentence was not what Mu Ning yelled, but a thin young man with starry eyes.

His shouting effect was more noticeable than Muning, which surprised many people.

Especially the old disciples of Sanzhongtian, even more surprised.

"Lone Star?"

"This boring gourd actually applauded Jiang Ci? Is there any hidden feeling in it?"

No one who can become the core disciple of the Purple Cloud Sect is stupid,

So just now, even if everyone thought Jiang Ci had done too much, no one stood up to stop him.

Now that Lone Star spoke, everyone immediately became puzzled.

It is rare for old disciples to speak for new disciples.

Lone Star is also the strongest disciple of the Yuanying Stage of the Triple Heaven, and he has passed the 7th pass of the Tongtian Mountain early and has a profound background.

Moreover, Lone Star is a man of few words, and rarely takes the initiative to communicate with other disciples.

In general, his words are also very credible.

When everyone was puzzled, Lone Star spoke again: "Qi Song is a sinister person, and I have suffered from him."

"Looking at you so angry, you should suffer a lot this time, right?" Lone Star asked Jiang Ci.

"It's huge, almost dead." Jiang Ci nodded.

The conversation between the two caused a group of disciples to shake their previous judgments.

Does Qi Song really have a problem?

Many people immediately became vigilant.

Because Qi Song has always been a good person, he is very popular.

In case what Jiang Ci and Lone Star said are right, then you must guard against it.


Zixiaozong's fourth heaven, a planet with rich aura, this is Qi Song's cave.

In order to better prepare for the Genting Competition, he ended his Wanshan Xinghai cultivation mission a year ago and returned to the cave.

At this moment, Qi Song's expression was distorted, and he roared angrily, feeling that he had suffered a great shame.

"Jiang Ci...he dared to do it!"

The hundreds of people on the Genting platform can be said to be the most core group among the disciples of the Zixiao Sect.

And Jiang Ci beat him violently in front of everyone, and then killed his spirit body in the Tongtian Mountain Hetu!

"Damn, his body is too strong, stronger than most of the Harmony period!"

"I have to figure out the countermeasures in advance, in case I need to participate in the second stage of the game, then I may be able to match him!"

Qi Song quickly calmed down again.

He doesn't think his strength is worse than Jiang Ci, just now it was too close.

His physical strength is weaker than Jiang Ci, and it is normal to be suppressed by Jiang Ci.

After a while, Qi Song returned to the map of Tongtian Mountains and Rivers.

This time, he was far away from Jiang Ci, but he glanced at Jiang Ci with a bitter expression, and didn't say more.

Jiang Ci also ignored this bitch.

After a while, the Genting platform suddenly became quiet.

An immortal coercion covers this starry sky.

Above the Genting platform, a middle-aged brawny man in battle armor appeared.

"The Yuan Yingqi Genting Contest is hosted by my Cangmu." A voice like thunder resounded in the starry sky.

"Meet Cangmu Shangxian!" The disciples saluted.

Fairy Cangmu nodded lightly, and then said, "Everyone knows the rules of the Genting Competition.

There are two stages, internal round robin and promotion to knockout. "

"Now, start the first stage of the internal round robin, starting with the 650 disciples of Erzhongtian, and each win will accumulate 1 point."

"The disciples with the top 10 points can participate in the Sanzhongtian promotion knockout round."

"Disciples with 11-500 points can stay in Erzhongtian."

"150 after the points..."

A round-robin match is where everyone has to play a round-robin match with others. If there are 650 players, then everyone will have to play 649 matches.

There are many core disciples in the Yuan Ying period at Yi Chong Tian. In order not to delay time, the round robin has been completed ahead of schedule, and 100 winners have been determined.

The second, third, and fourth day round-robin matches are held in the Genting platform in turn.

Next, Cangmu Xianren announced the battle sequence of the double day round robin.

The one-on-one match started soon.

This is also an opportunity for Gao Chongtian disciple to observe his opponent.

However, Jiang Ci does not need to pay attention to the Erzhongtian game, nor does Mu Ning.

Mo Hong, Fenglou, Xuetong, Li Xianxian, and Lin Ling'er, the five of them watched every duel with full attention.

Because of their strength, if they want to pass the first round of the round, they stay in the Triple Heaven, which is very difficult.

So they can only fight to get a good place in the second stage of the promotion knockout.

And their opponent in the knockout round is Erzhongtian's top ten.

The duel between masters is generally very fast.

In just two days, the double-day round robin was over.

The game was very exciting, and Jiang Ci was very enjoyable.

Then there is the internal round robin of the Triple Sky.

Celestial Cangmu looked at Jiang Ci and the others, and said loudly: "There are 37 Yuanying-period disciples in Sanzhongtian, and each one will fight each other.

The top 4 points are eligible to compete for the four-day spot.

Points 5-20, can reserve the position of the triple sky.

21-37 points, need to compete with the top ten of the second day, competing for the place of the third day. "

As long as you can rank in the top four, you are eligible to compete for the four-day spot!

Jiang Ci has bright eyes, and now it's time for him to show off his skills.

His eyes fell on the five masters of the triple heaven.

Lone Star, Bei Dongping, Ming Chen, Wu Heng, Bai Ying.

Among the disciples of the Yuanying stage of the Triple Heaven, in addition to him, these five old disciples also passed the 7th pass of the Tongtian Mountain.

The first lone star has been seen, and the other four are not weak.

These are his rivals!


In a single round of 37 players, each player needs to play 36 games, so it goes faster.

The performance of Jiang Ci was beyond everyone's expectations.

He became the most watched one.

Actually won the second place in the Triple Sky Round Robin.

In 36 games, he only lost one.

Lost to Lone Star.

In other words, the strength of Jiang Ci ranks second among the disciples of the Yuanying Period of the Triple Heaven.

This result made everyone shout incredible!

In everyone's eyes, although Jiang Ci has also passed Level 7 of the Tongtian Mountain, it is certainly not as profound as the five masters of Sanzhongtian.

Because Jiang Ci really entered the Zixiao Sect, only a hundred years ago!

And it was a terrible loss.

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