I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 441

Chapter 440: Three Seconds To Kill You Seeking Subscription

Map of Tongtian Mountains and Rivers, Yunding Platform.

Hundreds of core disciples of Yuanying Stage from the first heaven to the fourth heaven were full of interest in the next duel.

Jiang Ci Qisong!

Because before the start of the Genting Contest, Jiang Ci exploded and killed Qi Song in front of everyone, showing their grievances before everyone.

Compared with a confrontation that is only competitive, this confrontation that is mixed with grievances is obviously more exciting.

"Some of them have watched this time. Both of them have played against Zhiwei, and they both won by a narrow margin.

It shows that the strength of the two of them is almost the same, it is really hard to say who wins and loses in this battle. "An old disciple of the Triple Heaven smiled.

"I think Qi Song has a bigger win. After all, Qi Song is the core disciple of the Fourth Heaven.

He has practiced in the Four Heavens for hundreds of years, and his background is definitely deeper. "Someone speculates.

"Yes, in comparison, Jiang Ci's foundation is still too thin, there shouldn't be many hole cards.

When he confronted Zhiwei just now, his body looked stronger, and his Taoism was still at the level of the Tao of Heaven and Earth. "Someone agreed.

In the case of the same cultivation base, everyone mainly distinguishes the level of strength through the realm of Taoism and the number of methods.

And the old disciples of the Yuan Ying stage of the triple heaven and the fourth heaven have basically entered the Dao level.

The Taoist realm of Jiang Ci is obviously not as high as Qi Song's.


When everyone was discussing, Jiang Ci and Qi Song disappeared from the Yunding platform and were teleported to the fantasy space.

The battle scene this time is a dead planet with great gravity.

The sky of the planet is gloomy, showing a strange dark red.

Jiang Ci and Qi Song stood opposite each other in the air.

"Jiang Ci, you are not my opponent in this fair and honest duel, so you will lose!" Qi Song's eyes were gloomy and his tone was extremely confident.

"Who gave you the courage!" Jiang Ci sneered, "Kill you in three seconds!"

"Huh, arrogant!" Qi Song's expression became colder.

He still used the technique of stealth, his figure blended into the space and disappeared.

"Qinglian!" Jiang Ci thought, and Jiandao Qinglian appeared.

At the same time, there are gusts of wind and the way to escape from the fire, blending in the green lotus of kendo.

The three Taoisms are blended together, and the power of Taoism is tripled!

Strands of Sancai sword energy condensed, ready to go.

This series of casting spells took less than a second.


The slight and imperceptible spatial fluctuations appeared on the side of Jiang Ci,

Qi Song's dagger pierced out of nothingness and pierced Jiang Ci's life gate.


"Although your body is strong, I don't believe that your soul is so strong, soul eater!"

Qi Song hidden in the void, like a poisonous snake,

Snake letter is the black dagger, emitting a palpitating light.

This is his hidden hole card method, the secret technique of soul-eating!

Unless it is the period of harmony, he can be unafraid of the soul-eating attacks he performs.

"I found you!" Jiang Ci's spiritual consciousness moved and he noticed Qi Song's true body position.

A sword swung out, the sword energy that was ready to go, whistling and covering the area.

But the attack failed.

The sword light fell on the ground.

Boom boom boom!

It seemed like a big earthquake occurred, the ground cracked, and magma erupted.

After this blow, the time came to the second second.

At the same time, Qi Song sneaked into the void and came to Jiang Ci from another direction, and the light dagger fell on Jiang Ci.


Still not broken.

But the gleam of light on the dagger didn't enter Jiang Ci's body and went straight to the sea of consciousness in his brain.

Soul Eater!

Jiang Ci's figure stopped, his eyes dimmed.

"Die!" Qi Song sneered.

The figure shook, the dagger attacked again, and pursued with victory!

He believed that Jiang Ci would definitely die if the attack continued under the condition of Soul Eater.

Jiang Ci's public blasting attack on him before brought him a great sense of humiliation.

Now, finally revenge!

In Jiang Ci's mind, the self-viewing image still exudes fiery golden light, and two four-color petals are slowly circling.


As if a breeze was blowing, the two four-color petals flowed extremely fast, and the light of the soul eater disappeared.

This process takes less than 0.01 seconds.

Jiang Ci's gaze condensed, and the hundred swordsmanship green lotus in front of him, with the help of Dao Rong's technique, exploded in power.

Puff puff!

The space trembled violently, and strands of sword energy condensed, and then shot out in an instant, just falling on the oncoming Qi Song.

"Impossible!" Qi Song couldn't believe it.

He once used the hole card of Soul Eater to kill many practitioners in the Affinity Period.

However, this trick did not have any impact on Jiang Ci!

"It's over!" Jiang Ci's sword light broke out.

Qi Song was overwhelmed by sword light, he did not have the physical strength of Jiang Ci,

Facing this kind of attack, the body instantly disintegrated and disappeared in this space.

Just in three seconds!

"Say three seconds to kill you, just three seconds to kill you!" Jiang Ci was expressionless.


On the Genting platform, Jiang Ci and Qi Song appeared one after another.

With a faint smile on his face, Jiang Ci joked with Muning and others.

On the contrary, Qi Song stood alone in the corner with a gloomy look, as if not to approach me.

The sharp contrast left many people in silence.

Before the start of this showdown, they thought Qi Song had a big win.

But the result was unexpected. Jiang Ci won, and he won so easily and so quickly!

Three seconds! It's completely crushing the game!

Even Qi Song's attack did not cause any impact on Jiang Ci.

Six other people including Lone Star, who participated in the quadruple advancement knockout, are also analyzing this battle.

They can all guess that the gloomy light that flashed from Qi Song's last dagger should be a secret method aimed at the soul.

With Qi Song's strength, since it was a hidden trump card, it was definitely not a simple attack.

But they don't understand, how did Jiang Ci prevent it?

"I thought he was just physically strong, but I didn't expect his soul to be equally strong.

However, my attack can easily break through his physical defenses, no matter how strong his soul is, it is useless in front of me. "Lone Star glanced at Jiang Ci, but didn't pay much attention.

In fact, he has always paid little attention to the fighting of other people.

Most of the time, he closed his eyes and stayed silent.


In the distant Hunyuan domain, the original blood world, here is a cosmic Jedi.

The body of the Lone Star is hiding in the most dangerous abyss of the original blood world.

In the darkness, there was a vaguely low roar, and the blood was filled.

"Using 60% spiritual sense to control the restraining formation, the powerful existence at the bottom of the abyss should not be able to detect me."

Lone Star's eyes were extremely firm, and complicated black runes appeared on the surface of his thin body.

No one knows that he only has 40% spiritual sense in the Tongtianshanhetu.

In other words, since the start of the Genting Competition, he has only played 40% of his strength!

But even so, he killed Jiang Ci with three swords in the internal round robin of the Triple Sky.

Being strong is naturally full of confidence.

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