I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Reward

on the street.

The battle between Jiang Ci and Shadow Flying Leopard became more and more fierce, and the ruined buildings on both sides continued to collapse and shatter.

Also awakened the surrounding monsters, but those E-level and F-level monsters did not dare to approach and quickly moved away.

"Roar!" Shadow Feibao was anxious.

What it is good at is speed, but after being injured, Jiang Ci uses speed to suppress it!

Shadow Flying Leopard flicked and turned around, to escape!

"Want to escape? Go and die!"

Jiang Ci was full of killing intent, and his speed increased by one more point to catch up with the Shadow Flying Leopard.

The Slaughter Shadow Sword directly pierced the deadly place of the Shadow Flying Leopard with a powerful force.

The four-meter-long corpse of the Shadow Flying Leopard, with inertia, crashed into the abandoned building in front.

[You killed the C-level Shadow Flying Leopard, experience points +70]

"Leave quickly! It has been hunted many times, and there may be a tracker on it!"

Jiang Ci didn't have time to think about the experience value increase, and quickly collected the valuable materials from the Shadow Flying Leopard.

"The skin of the Shadow Flying Leopard is the most valuable! But the defense of this skin is too high. If it hadn't had a wound on its body, it would be difficult for me to break its defense!" Jiang Ci followed the wound and peeled off the skin of the Shadow Flying Leopard. Come down.

Soon, he found that the shadow flying leopard had a small tracker at the base of his right front leg. If he didn't pay attention, he couldn't find it at all.

He dug down the tracker and left it far away.

Then took the skin of the Shadow Flying Leopard and left quickly!

After returning to the top of the building, Wang Dalong and the others were ecstatic when they saw the material on the shadow flying leopard.

Great harvest!

Tao Xingjian and others are full of envy.

Only Han Yingxue had no expression, she decided in her heart that she must catch up with Jiang Ci to prove that her belief was not wrong!

Wang Dalong checked the skin of the Shadow Flying Leopard and said: "According to the wound on the Shadow Flying Leopard, I guess that two teams should have hunted it before and after! In other words, only one person should have hunted it for the first time.

That person was very strong, at least Grade B. He deliberately avoided the torso of the Shadow Flying Leopard and only injured his leg, and the injury on the torso should have been left by the warrior team later! "

"It seems that we can't wait for six o'clock in the morning, we are leaving now!" Wang Dalong suddenly raised his head and said.

Jiang Ci also nodded, the Shadow Flying Leopard was still being hunted.

Now each of them is more or less wounded, if you encounter a warrior squad chasing the shadow flying leopard, you will be in trouble!

Everyone hurriedly packed their things and rushed in the direction of Beishan Mansion.

ten minutes later.

A team of four people rushed from a distance to the place where Jiang Ci and the Shadow Flying Leopard were fighting just now. It was the Blood Killing Squad.

Then they saw the corpse of the Shadow Flying Leopard that had been cleaned up.

"Damn! Who is it! Who killed the Shadow Flying Leopard!" Shen Guang exclaimed.

"Withdraw, prepare to return to the city!" He Shuo turned sullenly and left.

This shadow flying leopard, they hunted and killed a total of four times, without success.

From the battle traces, he judged that someone had killed Shadow Flying Leopard solo.

This kind of people, their **** killing team can't afford to offend!

Now that the Shadow Flying Leopard has been hunted, they should also return to the city.


Beishan Army Barracks.

When leaving, because they were instructing Jiang Ci along the way, the Crazy Dragon Team was slower, and only arrived at Ruin 0724 in five days.

When they returned, everyone hurried to the road with all their strength. After only two days, they came back.

At the entrance of the rest area, the garrison military and martial artist saw the mad dragon squad come back and smiled: "Congratulations on coming back alive! The railcar leading to the city will not come until the afternoon. You can find a dormitory to rest for a while."

"Thank you!" Wang Dalong nodded slightly.

Jiang Ci looked at the familiar military camp and the looming Beishan Mansion in the distance.

One month of experience in the wilderness area made him change a lot and grow a lot.

Back to the dormitory in the military camp rest area, everyone is relieved and can have a good rest.

Jiang Ci lay on the bed in the dormitory, pretending to close his eyes and rest, and opened the experience value panel.


Level: Practicing Meat Realm-Level E (151/6500)

Gongfa: Nine Yuan Mind Method

Martial arts:

Nine Yuan Sword Technique (Xiaocheng 1631/3000)

Wind Shadow Step (Xiaocheng 1631/5000)

Force: 2.08

Experience value: 3556


The remaining experience value balance has reached 3556 points!

"When I rushed out of the herd that day, I killed the most monsters. At least 1,000 experience points were added!"

At that time, he only cared about killing monsters, and Jiang Ci didn't care about the speed of the increase in experience points, but later discovered that it had increased so much!

"Kill an E-level monster, plus 30 experience points."

"I remember that when I killed the D-class galvanized cat monster, I added 50 points, and then I killed the C-class Shadow Flying Leopard and I added 70 points."

Jiang Ci carefully calculated in his heart.

The stronger the monster you hunt, the more experience you get.

But the speed at which the experience value increases is still far enough!

"E-level upgrade experience requires 6,500 points, "Nine Yuan Sword Technique" and "Wind Shadow Step", together, it takes nearly 5,000 points to complete the upgrade of the Xiaocheng stage!"

It is worth mentioning that since his level was upgraded to E level, he increased the upper limit of level and martial skill experience at a time, and also increased.

Now you can add 50 points at a time!

"There is only 3566 points left in the panel experience value balance. How can this be enough!"

Jiang Ci understands that he still needs to work hard!

At two o'clock in the afternoon, the rail car leading to the city stopped at the Beishan Army Barracks.

The broadcast in the rest area reminded the warriors who were waiting for the bus.

The mad dragon team immediately got up, ready to board the car.

Jiang Ci smiled, he was out for a month, and finally he was going home!

"Haha, go home, my wife said that she was worried all day long, she won't have to worry about it anymore!" Zhou Yang laughed, and the wound on his broken arm was scarred.

Although Zhou Yang has always shown an open-minded and nonchalant attitude, Jiang Ci still finds it uncomfortable.

"Shen Guang, Blood Killing Squad!" A trace of killing intent flashed in Jiang Ci's eyes.

This hatred, sooner or later, we will end it!

Several people went to the station, and met Han Yingxue and others on the way.

On the way back from the 0724 ruins, there was very little communication between the two teams.

At this time, Han Yingxue took the initiative to walk to Jiang Ci and said seriously: "Jiang Ci, I'm really sorry this time."

"Don't worry about it, everyone is still alive." Jiang Ci shook his head.

He knew very well that Han Yingxue and the others were not responsible this time.

"Um...do you have time to have a drink together after returning to the city in the past two days?" Han Yingxue said suddenly.

Then she seemed to be afraid of Jiang's misunderstanding, and added: "In order to express my gratitude!"

"No time." Jiang Ci shook his head calmly.

Han Yingxue: "..."

Everyone in Crazy Dragon Team: "..."

They all want to hammer Jiang Ci!

"Oh, I really don't have time, because my sister will start school the day after tomorrow, and I want to send her to school." Jiang Ci explained with a smile.

"Then another day!" Han Yingxue smiled not very nicely, turned and left, her forehead beating.

In Jiang Ci's eyes, Jiang Doudou's first year of junior high school is a big event and must be treated well!

At this moment, Liu Hao suddenly shouted: "Blood Kill Team!"

Jiang Ci and the others immediately looked over and saw the four blood-killing team in the distance, who had just stepped into the gate of the rest area.

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