I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 462

Chapter 461: The Peculiarity Of Daomen For Subscription

The ninth floor of Wangqing Palace.

"I didn't stop you, I just gave you each a choice."

"You chose the relationship, Takiji chose the avenue."

Fairy Wangqing sat high above the hall, with clear eyes penetrating the space, watching all this happen.

Although the true monarch of the sect just gave her a voice transmission, she took the opportunity to invite Xuantian to join the Guanghan Sect,

But for some reason, she had a heartfelt dislike for Xuantian, so she chose to let Jiang Ci and Xuantian leave.


At the same time, the fact that a cultivator in the Nascent Soul Stage had broken through the Eighteenth-Order Illusionary Space also spread in the nine domains of the Dao League.

After all, Fairy Wangqing is the top immortal master below the true monarch, and all forces are closely watching any news about her.

Xuantian also entered the field of vision of the major immortal powers.

All forces moved after hearing the wind.

"If the heart is infinite, the heaven and the earth are infinite... He is a man of great wisdom, he should enter my door."

"He has a destiny with my Buddha, and he sent an Arhat to lead him into my Buddhist school."

"He has an excellent will and temperament, and he is a good seed. Even if the talent for cultivation is a little short, if he embarks on a fairy road in the future, he will have the opportunity to go further.

It's a pity that the sword is repaired, not the sword. "


Blue Star, Linhai City, Doudou Manor.

Under the operation of Jiang Doudou, this manor on the top of the mountain has been expanded several times, enclosing the best part of Linhai City.

The view here is very good, you can see the blue waves of the East Polar Sea,

On the sea, there are countless floating islands, flying boat merchant ships coming and going, taking off and landing, a prosperous scene.

Jiang Ci and Xuantian were sitting on the ground at the observation deck of the manor,

The two of them drank and had fun, and they were relaxed.

Li Baibai's teleportation phantom was watching.

"This time a blessing in disguise is also a good thing. After this training, the eldest brother has reached the second level of Consummation ahead of schedule, and his heart is infinite." Li Baibai smiled.

"Second sister is better than us." Jiang Ci was still angry.

"That's because you alone can't look away, I put this matter aside,

Only you are still complaining for me, I am very touched. "Xuan Tian joked, feeling that he has returned to the unreliable state before.

"Well, I can't look away." Jiang Ci shook his head helplessly, but he felt more relieved.

At this time, his communication beads received a message.

The spiritual sense was swept away, and it was discovered that the military minister, Old Chen Huxian, had sent it.

After checking the specific content of the message, Jiang Ci was stunned: "Daomen, Buddhism, Jianmen, Zixiaozong, Guanghanzong..."

"what's happenin?"

"What are you talking about?"

Xuantian and Li Baibai asked at the same time.

"Brother, you seem to be developing." Jiang Ci laughed.

"What has developed?" The two were even more puzzled.

"Just now, the military minister, Old Chen Hu, sent me a message, saying that the three sects and six sects each came from a Three Tribulations celestial being waiting in the main hall of the Supervision Department of Dongji Island." Jiang Ci explained the reason.

"Come for me?" Xuantian's eyes lit up.

Of course he understood that it must be his performance in Wangqing Palace that attracted the attention of these nine immortal sects.

"Yes, they don't have your contact information, so they have to contact me first." Jiang Ci smiled.

"Guanghan Sect is also here?" Li Baibai wondered: "Since I want to accept my eldest brother as a disciple, why not invite my eldest brother to join when he has just passed the test of Wangqing Fairy?"

"Maybe they thought Fairy Wangqing would give an invitation, but Fairy Wangqing was upset and let us leave?" Jiang Ci speculated.

"Just leave this alone, this is a good opportunity for the eldest brother.

Especially Dao Sect, Buddhism Sect, Sword Sect, these three sects, usually rarely accept disciples,

They pay attention to the method of predestined relationship.

Brother, think about it, choose one. "Jiang Ci said.

"Which one do you think is better?" Xuantian asked calmly.

"Daomen!" Jiang Ci sold his own sect decisively.

Although the Zixiaozong is the sect that truly controls the nine domains of the Dao League, in his opinion, the truly powerful are the three great immortal gates!

"I thought you could talk about Zixiaozong." Xuantian smiled.

"I'm enough for Zixiaozong." Jiang Ci answered the question but both of them understood what he meant.

They guard the secrets of the earth, and as their strength increases, they feel the more pressure this secret brings.

Because of the three sects and six sects of the Dao League, there are too many similarities with the myths and legends of the Great Xia Kingdom!

This makes it hard for them not to be vigilant and suspicious.

"Huh? This idea is so familiar. It seems that you have thought about something similar before?" Jiang Ci was puzzled.

"What idea?" the two asked.

"Since you left the earth and stepped into the starry sky, haven't you doubted the historical origin of the Three Schools and Six Sects?" Jiang Ci asked.

"It seems to have, and it doesn't seem to be." Xuantian and Li Baibai both frowned.

It's impossible for them to fail to notice such obvious similarities.

Then why do they ignore such important things? !

The three looked at each other with amazement.

Someone moved their memory? ! !

"Write it down with jade slips!" Jiang Ci suggested.

The two nodded in agreement,

Then the three of them took out a blank jade slip and wrote down their thoughts.

"In this way, you must go to Daomen, eldest brother, maybe you can get in touch with more things." Jiang Ci took a deep breath and looked solemn, holding the jade slip in his hand.

"Can't Buddhism and Jianmen work?" Li Baibai wondered.

Jiang Ci shook his head: "No, we have cultivated the idea of peacock view, we definitely can't go to Buddhism.

Once gone, it may expose the existence of the earth. "

"Not to mention Jianmen, the eldest brother cultivates the Dao Dao, and he doesn't accept it."

"In contrast, Daomen pays much attention to cultivating the mind and is more suitable for older brothers.

And the most important point, Dao Sect has the only Tianzun-level powerhouse in my human race! "

Jiang Ci's eyes were full of spirits.

"Tianzun?" Xuantian and Li Baibai were surprised.

They think of the Yuanshi Tianzun, Lingbao Tianzun, and Moral Tianzun in Taoist mythology.

"I don't know whether the Tianzun of Daomen is related to the myth of Daxia Kingdom.

The Tianzun I am talking about now refers to the strongest person at the peak of Immortal Dao.

Immortal Dao has four realms: Jie Xian, Dao Xian, Dao Ancestor, and Tian Zun,

Currently, our human race has only one Tianzun-level powerhouse! "Jiang Ci said.

After these words, Xuantian finally made a decision.

Go to the door!

Although he is not the most core disciple, but entering the Dao Sect, there are unlimited possibilities.

After talking about this matter, the three found out that they all had a blank jade slip in their hands, so they were a little confused.

"What am I doing with the jade slip?"

"Maybe something to remember?"

"Then what should I remember?"

The three of them frowned for a long time and didn't remember what they wanted to remember.


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