I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 463

Chapter 462: Back To Earth Subscription Required

Afterwards, Jiang Ci and Xuantian went to Dongji Island, and in the main hall of the Ministry of Supervision, they met nine robbers from Sanmen and Six Sects.

They all expressed their intention of inviting Xuantian, but their intention was not as strong as they thought.

In their eyes, Xuantian hadn't reached the level of a peerless genius of Human Race.

Xuantian was very polite. Although he had already made a decision, he still had a private conversation with the nine errands.

Here is an episode,

When Xuantian chose the Dao Sect, the Zixiao Sect's robbing powerhouse grabbed Jiang Ci and complained: Why didn't Xuantian be introduced to the Zixiao Sect earlier? Why was the relationship so close to the Dao Sect?

Jiang Ci just typed haha.

Seeing this, the errands Three Tribulations Immortal couldn't help but shook his head with Jiang Ci.

After Xuantian joined the Dao Sect, before leaving, he made a special trip to Cangyun Sect.

The Cangyun Sect, especially Wei Sheng, the master of Xuantian, were very happy to learn about this.

They didn't get angry because their disciples were poached by the door.

Because a top immortal sect like Cangyunzong has the task of recommending elite disciples to the three sects and six sects.

Moreover, Xuantian joined the Dao Sect, not to break contact with Cangyun Sect, the two sides still have a passion for incense.

In this way, when it was time for parting again, Xuantian wanted to follow the immortals of Dao Sect to the Dao Sect headquarters to practice.

Dongji Island Teleportation Hall.

"Brother, come on, take a good break, try to reach the top, let those people know how blind they were at the beginning!" Jiang Ci is still angry.

Of course he was referring to Fairy Wang Qing and Shuang Taki.

"Superficial, I didn't cultivate for them." Xuantian smiled and shook his head, and said: "The third child, we are finally back to the same starting line this time. Don't be overtaken by me by accident!"

"Overtake me? Haha, just chase if you want to chase, I'll wait ahead!" Jiang Ci didn't care.

Both of them laughed.

Then Xuantian and Daomen immortals disappeared in the teleportation array.

Jiang Ci looked at the empty interstellar teleportation array and exhaled. It was not a satisfactory result, but it was very rewarding.

"I should go home too!"

Home, naturally refers to the earth.


The Moli Galaxy is the most fringe galaxy of life in the blue star region.

Liuyaxing is a first-class life planet in this galaxy, and the strongest is only in the Jin Dan stage.

On this day, the Golden Core cultivator who stayed with the star, bowed respectfully in the dark room of his residence.

At this time, the cultivation base aura he exudes is the late soul stage.

There was a teleportation phantom before him.

"My lord, the spies have found Jiang Ci's whereabouts. He first went to Guanghan Sect, returned to Blue Star the day before yesterday, and left Blue Star today by the interstellar teleportation array..."

The vague figure's voice is hoarse: "Then what?"

"Then we couldn't track it. Although we cracked the transmission mark, when the spies tried to transmit, we found that the transmission mark was invalid..."

"In that case, you have lost the whereabouts of Jiang Ci?"

"Yes, it is"


"Spare... Your lord is spared!"

"Humph, Jiang Ci is the tenth target of our clan's assassination list. He left the headquarters of Zixiaozong, giving us the opportunity to assassinate.

However, in the nine star regions of the human race, we have to pay a painful price every time we do it.

Therefore, before carrying out the assassination, we must collect enough information and have absolute certainty before we can proceed with the assassination, understand? "



On January 1, 118 of the New Moon Period, Jiang Ci left the earth to go to the ancient realm of Daoyuan, and has not returned since.

Of course, this refers to the deity of Jiang Ci.

His clone has always stayed on the first moon of the earth, and occasionally disguised himself and went to the blue star to buy some spiritual fruits.

On December 21, 332, Xinyueji, Jiang Ci finally returned to his hometown.


After more than two hundred years of development, the forces on earth have been completely integrated into the Great Summer Alliance.

The Peacock Nation, the Shadow Nation, the Holy Alliance, and the Alpha Star have long become the capital cities of the Great Summer Alliance.

As for those hidden families, after the fifth resurrection of spiritual energy, a few old men in the late Nascent Soul Stage had been awakened, and they had a lot of trouble.

Then let the Jiang Doudou who rushed back in time to be killed.

So, the hidden family also obeyed.

"Brother, how's that? A big change, right?" Jiang Doudou said with a smile.

"It's very large, if it's not too closed, this environment will almost catch up with the blue star." Jiang Ci nodded.

The two were standing above the Pacific Ocean, and with their strength, they could easily observe the situation of the entire earth.

The wilderness areas that were originally occupied by monsters are now almost all reclaimed by the people on earth, and replaced by mansion cities.

Not only the land, but the sea is also under the control of the people on earth again.

The monsters were all driven into the ten cave worlds, becoming a place of experience for the people on earth.

In addition, great changes have taken place in the earth practice world.

After the fifth resurrection of spiritual energy, the spiritual energy of the earth surged again, and many cultivators of the Nascent Soul Stage were born as a result.

These forces are now firmly controlled by the Daxia Alliance.

"Although the overall strength of the earth is already strong, it is far from enough!"

Jiang Ci knows that once the earth is exposed to the nine domains of the Dao League, I am afraid there will be big trouble!

Those troubles are not something he can resist.

Later, Jiang Ci got together with old friends again.

More than two hundred years have passed, some people have passed away,

For example, Uncle Yang, who was the first to give kindness to Jiang Ci and Jiang Doudou,

However, his descendants, with the support of Jiang Doudou, have also become a large-scale family in Beishan Prefecture.

Many other people, because they are warriors themselves, have also embarked on the road of cultivation with the help of the subsequent rejuvenation of spiritual energy.

Like Zhang Wei, Jiang Sheng, Lu Shan, and He Changxing, these relatives and friends who had helped a lot during his growth have all reached the Golden Core stage.

Of course, Jiang Doudou's help is indispensable for their cultivation.

With the talents of Zhang Wei and Jiang Sheng, there was no chance to reach the golden age.

But Jiang Doudou controls the entire Milky Way galaxy and the Shanhai Star Trade, with such huge resources,

Even if they pile up the cultivation base of the two to the Yuan Ying period, it is easy.

It's just that this kind of thing has to be done step by step. If their cultivation level improves too quickly, it will inevitably make life suspicious.

"Jiang Ci, you ruthless man, you have been in retreat for two hundred years! If Doudou hadn't appeared frequently, I would almost think you were dead!" Zhang Wei saw Jiang Ci again and slammed Jiang Ci's punch. .

He also joked with Jiang Ci as he did in high school before, without any sense of distance.

Jiang Ci chuckled and shook his head. In order not to arouse suspicion, he, Xuantian, and Li Baibai all declared to the outside world that they were all retreats, and did not reveal that the three of them stepped into the stars.

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