I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 467

Chapter 466: We Dont Lack The Money For Subscription

Seeing Jiang Cis smile, Chen Hus heart sinks.

However, he also has doubts.

In less than a month, will Jiang Ci be able to find the key evidence?

The three elders are the chief officials of the Zixiao Sect, although they are only the Four Tribulations Immortal, they are highly powerful.

General small evidence cannot defeat them unless there is significant evidence.

"Elder Jiang Ci, what dare you ask?" Immortal Chen Hu said solemnly.

He is an immortal who has lived for 10,000 to 20,000 years. He has a good psychological quality and has not shown any abnormalities.

"Huh?" Jiang Ci saw this, and immediately understood something. Immortal Chen Hu was guilty of conscience.

"Haha, I came this time to ask Elder Chen Hu for a favor." Jiang Ci explained his intentions, and did not go in circles with the other party.

Immortal Chen Hu's mood suddenly eased, and he smiled: "If you have anything, Elder Jiang Ci will just say it directly. Last time you helped me settle the trouble with Liuchuan, I still owe you a favor."

Jiang Ci nodded, he likes to talk to people who are going straight, without going around.

"Then let me just say it straight. I have a friend who studies the way of puppets. Recently, I need to buy a batch of corpses of monsters or ghosts.

You are the veteran military minister in charge of foreign operations, and you should have channels in this regard. "

"The body of a monster or a ghost? What level?" Immortal Chen Hu asked.

He didn't doubt Jiang Ci's words, because some powerful people who practiced the puppet Tao really needed to study the corpse to improve the realm of Taoism.

"For those in the Tribulation Period, the higher the cultivation base, the better, it is better to belong to the Yaozu." Jiang Ci smiled.

"The corpse of Jiexianqi? Your friend's puppet is not low!" Immortal Chen Hu stared in surprise.

Because people who practice the way of puppets are rare.

Jiang Ci smiled.

Immortal Chen Hu shook his head and did not continue to ask, he knew Jiang Ci would definitely not say it.

He continued: "Your friend wants to buy the corpses of these powerful aliens. If it is only through the channel of the sect, the price is of course very high.

Because they are all normal prices, there are no discounts.

Since Elder Jiang Ci asked me for help, he must have known the existence of the Land of Reincarnation. "

Jiang Ci nodded lightly.

Immortal Chen Hu didn't feel too surprised. He said solemnly: "The land of reincarnation is home to many human immortal masters, because it is the habitat of our human spirits.

In addition, the corpses of the alien powerhouses or magic weapon remains that fell on the battlefield outside the territory will also be transported to the land of reincarnation for classification, and then uniformly researched or sold.

However, you also know that some people like to break the rules, use all kinds of obscure means, use the power behind them, or bribe the garrisons in the land of reincarnation, and then take away a lot of money without spending a cent. Demon corpse. "

Immortal Chen Hu was filled with righteous indignation and denounced this kind of corruption.

Jiang Ci's heart moved, and the content of Chen Huxian's words was similar to the information he found.

But the meaning of this seems to be reminding me that I can get a large number of monster corpses without spending money?

"Hmph, these moths dare to get the corpses of the monsters below the immortal way.

The corpses above the immortal Dao are all important resources. If anyone dares to be corrupt, once they are discovered, they will be punished by the Dao League Heavenly Court and detained to death. "The fairy Chen Hu said again.

"Of course, if it's for cultivation, can you buy it with money? We don't lack the money, do we?" Immortal Chen Hu looked at Jiang Ci meaningfully.

Jiang Ci couldn't be more familiar with this look, after all, we are also a big man in the street market.

Immortal Chen Hu is suggesting that he can still operate without breaking the rules.

Spend money to buy?

Ten million points is money.

One point is also money!

"There are a total of six galaxies in the Land of Reincarnation, where there are a lot of barren space, and the area is comparable to a small star field.

If Elder Jiang Ci wants to go, I happen to be close friends with a strong immortal in one of the galaxies.

You can contact him and you won't get lost when you go. Immortal Chen Hu hinted again.

"Thank you very much." Jiang Ci is not a rigid person.


Through the interstellar teleportation array, you can directly teleport to the land of reincarnation.

The destination of Jiang Ci's trip is Wangshan Galaxy, one of the six galaxies in the Land of Reincarnation.

This is a barren galaxy, with a lot of cosmic dust and star fragments.

On the edge of the galaxy, there are grand palaces floating,

In the starry sky near these palaces, there is a huge starry sky teleportation platform.

On this day, a dazzling light of teleportation lit up on the starry sky teleportation platform.

Unlike the starry sky teleportation platform in many other places, there is a special team of soldiers garrisoned here.

The leader of the Jiashi, who was a consummate cultivator in the He Dao period, immediately surrounded him and waited.

Because the land of reincarnation is also a place with a high level of confidentiality. Like the Dao League Heavenly Court and the Sanmen Sixzong Headquarters, few people know the imprint of communication here.

Therefore, this transport platform is rarely activated.

After a while, the light dissipated and a figure appeared.

It was the primordial spirit stage, and all the soldiers relaxed a little.

"Who? How dare to venture into the land of reincarnation!" the well-rounded soldier shouted.

"I'm Zixiao Zongjiang Ci." Jiang Ci revealed his identity.

Of course, it's not as simple as talking about it, he has a special method to prove his identity.

After the consummate Jiao of Hedao checked his identity certificate, he immediately became very respectful and brought his hands to salute: "Meet Elder Jiang Ci."

"Well, take me to see Immortal Sun Yun." Jiang Ci nodded.

The fairy Sun Yun is a good friend of Elder Chen Hu.

Elder Chen Hu told Jiang Ci about the imprint of the communication in the Land of Reincarnation.

Because Jiang Ci is now qualified to know.

"Elder Jiang Ci, please!" The well-rounded soldier flew to one of the palaces with Jiang Ci.

During the flight, Jiang Ci took a closer look at the situation here.

Then he discovered that there was a large amount of cosmic dust and star fragments in the 50,000-kilometer area that he was exploring with his spiritual sense, and there might be more in other places.

This shows that it is impossible to accelerate to the speed of light in the land of reincarnation.

In addition, there is a kind of depressive aura pervading here, if the cultivation level is not enough, perhaps just being here, you will directly go crazy.

Jiang Ci guessed that this should be due to the large number of alien corpses stored in the Land of Reincarnation.

After flying in the starry sky for a while, he came to Sun Yunxianren's palace under the leadership of a consummate fellow.

A soldier exuding the aura of the Four Tribulations Immortal simply saluted Jiang Ci: "Jiang Ci, your lord is waiting in the hall."

Jiang Ci nodded slightly, not paying attention.

Although Immortal Chen Hu had already greeted him in advance, Immortal Sun Yun was an immortal of Six Tribulations.

He is not yet qualified to let Six Tribulations Immortal come out to greet him personally. Sending a Four Tribulations Immortal over is already a high standard.

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