I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 501

Chapter 500: The Situation Turns Sharply For Subscription

This is the **** mountain in the starry sky, and the palace of True Monarch Tieshan sits on the top of the mountain.

On the throne of the palace, you can just see the galaxy changing.

The True Monarch of Iron Mountain, wearing a scarlet armor, sat high on the throne, and his aura seemed to faintly match the starry sky, as if the starry sky ruled.

In the hall, the phantom of Jiang Ci's message appeared, and then bowed and saluted: "Jiang Ci pays homage to True Monarch Tieshan!"

"I already know the situation of the earth, but the topography of the broken star belt is complicated, and it will take a lot of time for the people under my command to get past." True Monarch Tieshan roared.

"True Lord, with this teleportation mark, you can directly reach the starry sky where the earth is." Jiang Ci quickly said the interstellar teleportation array located on the first moon.

Then he looked sincerely and said: "My Master Jiujianxian is resisting the opponent with all his strength, and I ask True Monarch to take action as soon as possible!"

"Good!" True Monarch Tieshan nodded.

The subpoena is over.


Soon, all the immortals exuding the aura of immortality, teleported to True Monarch Tieshan's palace.

Below the main hall, all immortals gathered, more than a thousand immortals, and the worst immortal was the Four Tribulations Immortal!

True Monarch Tieshan sat high on the throne, and he said solemnly: "The Dao Sect people, want to grab the opportunity of my Zixiao Sect disciple, you quickly go to Jiang Ci's hometown, earth, and expel the Dao Sect people.

"Remember, Jiang Ci can't die!"


The immortals were surprised.

Even if Jiang Ci is the core disciple of the Fourth Heaven, he wouldn't make True Monarch Tieshan take it so seriously, right?

These more than a thousand immortals are almost all the power of True Monarch Tieshan.

There are two Nine Tribulations Immortals, more than 100 Seven Tribulations Immortals and Eighth Tier Immortals, and the worst remaining is Four Tribulations Immortal.

Now it's really shocking to mobilize so many powerful people just for the Jiang Ci of the Yuanshen Stage!

The mighty army of immortals teleported away from the sixth heaven of Zixiaozong and arrived at the teleportation platform located in the starry sky of Zixiaozong.

They will be sent to the first moon of the earth in batches.

Such a big momentum naturally attracted the attention of all the heavenly immortals and core members of the Zixiao Sect.

When they were shocked, they also speculated, what happened?


In the starry sky beyond the earth, the war continues.

Because Jiang Ci added the sword-intent Qinglian Qinglian in the fire prison, for a while, it was difficult for the three of Qiangwei to break the shackles of the two Taoist attacks.

On the other side, Jiujianxian fought against the Six Immortals alone, and had the upper hand.

And his attacking moves are very simple, just one sword after another.

Every sword is like a galaxy breaking through the dark starry sky, and the overwhelming sword light suppressed Qiao Tu and others.

"Damn it, why is he so strong!" Qiao Tu roared grimly.

"My lord, if the stalemate continues, the other powerhouses of the Zixiao Sect will arrive!" Yinglu and other five immortals were extremely anxious, their attacks did not cause any harm to Jiu Jianxian.

What worries them even more is that since Jiujianxian can come to the earth through the interstellar teleportation array, the other powerhouses of the Purple Cloud Sect will definitely be able to quickly come in this way.

The problem is that they are now suppressed by Jiujianxian.

But Qiangwei and others couldn't get Jiang Ci in a short time.

If you delay it, it will be in trouble!

"Haha, in a hurry?" Jiu Jianxian laughed, holding a sword in one hand and drinking with the other.

Another sword cut out, and this attack all swept the other five immortals.


Wanli Galaxy is broken!

The expressions of the five immortals changed drastically, and they couldn't worry about anxiousness, and fled in all directions, not daring to stop them.

Because if you can't stop it, you die!

"Zhong Li, do you dare to do this!" Qiao Tu yelled, really anxious this time.

These are all the strength of his subordinates, and he will feel sorry for losing one.

However, Jiujianxian would not listen to him,

Sword fall!

The two Six Tribulations Immortal and the three Five Tribulations Immortal had not had time to escape from the area covered by the sword light at this time.

Under the sword light like a galaxy, their bodies and primordial spirits disappeared into the starry sky instantly and died like ice and snow melted.

"So strong!" Jiang Ci opened his eyes wide.

It seemed that this was just a casual sword of his master, and he had not exerted his full strength yet.

"Zhong Li!" Qiao Tu was very mad. This sword caused him a heavy loss. The five immortals who died were almost the strongest combat power under his men.

Under the anger, the strange aura exuding from the top of his head became more intense, and the black lines on his face became more and more, and the whole person was about to be demonized.

In the starry sky, the face of the gods and demons was roaring.

Roar of Gods and Demons!

The power to confine the space suddenly increased thousands of times.

The entire starry sky continued to produce waves and began to collapse.

"Not good!" Jiu Jianxian's expression changed.

Because under this kind of confinement, Jiang Ci would definitely not be able to escape the roar of the gods and demons that ruined the world.

The situation was exactly as he expected, thirty thousand kilometers away, the Hell and Kendo Qinglian disappeared as the space collapsed.

The Four Tribulations Immortal Qiangwei and the other two Three Tribulations Immortals escaped.

They were not affected by the roar of the gods and demons and immediately attacked Jiang Ci.

The two sides are less than a thousand miles apart. For the immortal masters, this distance is no different from being close at hand.

And Jiujianxian was 30,000 kilometers away, and he would definitely not have time to come over.

Jiang Ci's situation is precarious.

At this moment, there was another powerful aura spreading across the starry sky, and the number of auras continued to increase.

It is the first moon tens of thousands of kilometers away, sending batch by batch of immortal masters!

Boom boom boom!

Immediately afterwards, these immortal masters straddled the starry sky to the place where the two sides were fighting.

The immortal army of True Monarch Tieshan is here, more than a thousand immortals exude a mighty aura, headed by the immortals of Yiliang and Chuhe.

"Haha, Zhong Li, you guy is finally willing to come out!" A hearty laughter sounded in the starry sky.

I saw the immortal Yiliang wearing a green shirt and disheveled hair, condensing an open scroll very freely, and calming the collapsing starry sky.

It also imprisoned the three Qiangwei and lifted the crisis of Jiang Ci.

Immortal Yiliang rescued Jiang Ci, and Immortal Chuhe crossed the void to the place where Jiujianxian and Qiao Tu were fighting.

He wore black armor, exuding iron and blood, first nodded slightly to Jiu Jianxian, and then looked at Qiao Tu with a majestic expression.

At this time, because Qiao Tu had just cast the roar of the gods and demons, his aura was a little weak, and he no longer had the power to fight.

"Qiao Tu, you trespassed into the private realm of the core disciple of the fourth layer of the Purple Heaven Sect, and you also hurt people's lives. You have violated the heavenly law and committed a heinous crime!" Chu He coldly shouted.

"Ho ho..." Qiao Tu smiled disdainfully.

"Come here, take him down!" Chu He waved to the immortal army behind him.

Immediately, ten Eight Tribulations Immortals flew out to capture Qiao Tu.

Qiao Tu's expression immediately changed. He didn't expect that the Chuhe immortal would dare to directly order someone.

The Dao Sect is aloof, but the Zixiao Sect is the actual power of the Dao League. In other words, the Zixiao Sect is not inferior to the Dao Sect.

If he was taken down by the people of the Purple Cloud Sect, then Dao Sect would have to pay a price if he wanted to redeem him.

This is only second, the most important thing is that he can't afford to lose this person!

"Why do you want to catch me? Get out!" Qiao Tu roared.

His entire face was covered with black stripes, and the strange aura rushing out from the top of his head was strong to the extreme.

As a result, his original haircut was directly changed into a bald head, a bald head covered by black stripes.

In the starry sky, the face of the gods and demons also became pitch black, as if covered with fangs, terrifying and terrifying.


The starry sky with a radius of 100,000 kilometers quickly stagnated, as if the lake water was freezing rapidly.

This time, he struggled with serious injuries, even damaging the foundation, but also displayed the full power of the roar of the gods and demons.


Suddenly, the space exploded, and the faces of the gods and demons disappeared.

Qiao Tu's roar of the gods and demons has not been fully displayed, and it stopped abruptly.

A figure wearing a gold-patterned battle armor slowly appeared in the starry sky.

The powerful immortal path pressure far surpassing the Nine Tribulations Immortal spreads, faintly blending with the starry sky, as if the starry sky dominates.

Whether it was Jiujianxian, Yiliang, Chu He, they all felt extremely strong pressure and could only work hard to maintain a standing posture.

Not to mention the other thousand immortals, kneeling directly in the starry sky.

True Monarch is here!

"Father!" Qiao Tu was suddenly overjoyed.

The visitor is Zhenjun Baoyan!

"Meet Zhenjun Baoyan!" Jiujianxian, Yiliang, and Chu He saluted respectfully at the same time.

Thousands of immortals kneeling in the starry sky also shouted in unison.

Jiang Ci also saluted respectfully. The strange thing was that he didn't feel the powerful pressure, so he was still standing at this time.

However, even so, Jiang Ci was still full of worry.

The appearance of Zhenjun Baoyan changed the situation again.

This powerful man from Dao Sect was a genius in the past era. After the consummation of the Dao, he can survive the Nine Tribulations.

Hundreds of millions of years passed, Zhenjun Baoyan's strength became even more unfathomable.

Among the strongest true monarchs, True Monarch Baoyan is a powerful existence second only to True Monarch Ten Thousand Poisons and True Monarch Six Sages.

True Monarch Tieshan's army of more than a thousand immortals can't stop True Monarch Baoyan!

Even if True Monarch Tieshan rushes to the earth now, it is too late.

Interstellar teleportation across star domains also takes time.

This time, Zhenjun Baoyan is enough to do a lot of things.

Taking away the territorial sovereignty of the earth from him is only a matter of one sentence.

How to do?

When Jiang Ci was worried about this, Qiao Tu shouted: "Father, these immortals of the Zixiao Sect are too overbearing, and they want to join forces to take me down!"

The wicked sue first!

Jiujianxian, Yiliang, and Chu He frowned.

"Huh!" Zhenjun Baoyan snorted coldly, his voice echoing in the starry sky like thunder.

In this cold snort, everyone felt the anger of Zhenjun Baoyan, and they were immediately frightened.

If the true monarch is angry, he will die.

However, what is surprising is that Zhenjun Baoyan's anger was not directed at the three of Jiu Jianxian, Yi Liang and Chu He.

He looked at Qiao Tu and said slowly, "I am very disappointed!"

Qiao Tu was stunned.

He heard this sentence in his father's mouth for the first time.


Is it because he didn't take the earth?

Or is it because of other?

For a time, Qiao Tu became a little nervous and at a loss.

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