I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 513

Chapter 512: The Seven Swords Of Yunji For Subscription

Jiang Ci fell silent, because it was a very precious gift.

He once learned the price of the secret method in the Zixiaozong Treasure Pavilion.

The secret method types include combat type, auxiliary type, soul type, body refining type, and so on.

Divided by level, there are three levels: ordinary, peak, and extreme.

Ordinary secret method, the price in the Treasure Pavilion starts at 10,000 points.

The pinnacle secret method, however, starts with 1 billion points, and the top is not capped. The high point is tens of billions or hundreds of billions.

As for the ultimate secret method, with his authority, it could not be searched.

The 360 sets of common secret methods just now sounded a lot, but the price was actually at most 10 million points.

He can accept it calmly, 10 million points, to Jiu Jianxian, that is a trifle.

But the one set of pinnacle secrets in the golden jade slip is different, at least 1 billion points.

Coupled with the kendo secret method of combat type, the value is even higher, maybe it can reach 10 billion points.

Jiujianxian spends years in Taoyuan Ancient Realm, but he has no source of income.

He took out so many points at once and bought the pinnacle secret technique for his apprentice, maybe he had already emptied his pockets.

"Master, this...too much!" Jiang Ci shook his head and declined.

"Haha, don't worry about the disciple. Although this set of kendo secrets has spent 10 billion points as a teacher,

But for the current stage of being a teacher, the points are of little help to me.

Unless I can become a true monarch, I will need points, but at that time, do you think I will lack points? "Jiu Jianxian smiled.

"Moreover, this set of secret methods fits well with your kendo. Once you are successful in your cultivation, your strength will definitely reach the level of a teacher! By then, the universe is so big that there will be not many that can threaten your life!" Jiu Jian Xian said with expectation again.

Some words moved Jiang Ci very much.

10 billion points.

Although the contract he signed with the Dao League Heavenly Court has 100 billion points, he can only get 5.5 billion of them before he becomes immortal.

The remaining 94.5 billion can only be obtained after he has turned into a fairy.

Therefore, these 10 billion points are definitely a huge amount of wealth for a cultivator in his soul stage.

"The kindness I owe Master is more and more." Jiang Ci kept these in his heart and did not continue to decline.

Then grabbed the golden jade slip, and the spiritual sense penetrated into it.

The hidden kendo peak secret method suddenly poured into his mind.

"The Seven Swords of Yunji..."

"I have seven swords, and all kinds of changes are made in the way of kendo!"

"The first three swords you have cultivated are invincible below True Monarch!"

"The first six swords are cultivated, invincible below Daojun!"

"Cultivation into seven swords can become a Daoist!"


Only the content of the opening chapter shocked Jiang Ci.

Invincible below the three swords.

Invincible below the Six Swordsman,

Seven Swords is the Taoist King!

"This is the pinnacle secret?" Jiang Ci was speechless.

"Huh? No!"

Jiang Ci suddenly realized that since Seven Swords can become a Daoist, the price is definitely more than 10 billion points, 100 billion is considered low!

Soon, when all the information in the golden jade slip flooded into his mind.

Only then did he discover that there were only the first three layers of the Yunji Seven Swords, which was the cultivation method of the first three swords.

In this case, the top three are worth 10 billion points, which is much more reasonable.

"Don't look at the top three, it's enough for you to cultivate for thousands of years." Jiu Jianxian seemed to know what was thinking, and suddenly laughed.

Jiang Ci smiled confidently without speaking.

But there is a secret in my heart: there is an experience value panel, where it takes thousands of years!

The only pity is that at present, he can only practice the first stage of the Yunji Seven Swords.

Because the Yunji Seven Swords were created on the basis of Qinglian Sword Dao,

There are a total of nine evolutionary processes in Qinglian Kendo, and these processes are represented by the changes of Qinglian.

They are: one, four, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, one thousand, one hundred, four, one.

Each green lotus represents a change.

The first requirement of cultivation is to fully comprehend the first three evolutionary processes, that is, 105 changes.

So on and so forth,

The second requirement is to fully comprehend the first four evolutionary processes, 1105 kinds of changes.

The third requirement is to fully comprehend the first five evolutionary processes, 11105 kinds of changes.

And now he has comprehended the 171 changes of Qinglian Sword Art, and can only practice the first level.

Of course, Jiang Ci believes in his cultivation speed.

What's more, this is the Daoyuan Ancient Realm, and his Dao Fa deduction will be faster.

He is full of expectations for the future.

Next, Jiang Ci set three training goals for himself:

1. Continue to develop the three principles of Dao Feng, Li Huo, and King Kong, and strive for an early promotion to the Dao level.

2. Cultivating the first level of Yunji Seven Swords, let this secret technique appear on the panel.

3. Comprehend and comprehend the remaining three types of Five Elements Taoism, water system, earth system, and wood system.

The golden-patterned Douhuang palm (Daojun) he brought back from the Douwen Continent, after each finger was refined, could earn 100 billion experience points.

At the same time, each finger contains a Five Elements Taoism.

He has already refined the **** representing the fire system and the gold system Dao Fa, and has gained 200 billion experience points.

There are also the three fingers of the fire system, earth system, and wood system that have not been refined, but are reserved for enlightenment.

Originally, Jiang Ci had been hesitating whether or not to comprehend the remaining three five elements of Taoism.

Because the more Taoism you practice, the more difficult it will be to improve later.

With three more methods, the difficulty of cultivation will definitely increase by a thousand times or even ten thousand times.

However, a battle some time ago made him change his mind.

The power of the Five Elements displayed by Yan Qi, the leader of the Baiyu Star Trader who was killed by him, made him very excited.

The power of the unity of the Five Elements Dao and the Law gave an ordinary period of harmony, with the invincible strength of harmony.

If it is on him, he can definitely exert greater power.

At that time, he will have one more hole card means!

"Let's start!" Jiang Ci returned to his stone house, sat cross-legged on the roof of the stone house, and entered a state of cultivation.

In my heart, I kept meditating on the Dao Fa at the levels of Deduction, Wind, Lihuo, and King Kong.

On the other side, a clone of a barren planet hiding in the Milky Way galaxy, practicing the first stage of the Seven Swords of Enlightenment Yunji.

As for the remaining three five elements of Taoism, he had encountered Gale, Lihuo, and King Kong all entering the Dao level before he began to comprehend.

It is worth mentioning that this kind of cultivation method consumes a huge amount of experience points.

However, when he came to the ancient world of Daoyuan, Jiang Ci didn't worry about the experience value at all.

Outside the city of Jiuxiao, in the vast gray mist world, there are countless spirits of Taoism.

You can get experience points by hunting the spirit of Tao Yun,

The spirit of Daoyun in the Yuan Ying period, the non-attribute Dao law transformed after death, once refined, he can gain 1 million experience points!

Cultivation, enlightenment, hunting the spirit of Tao Yun.

Not only listening to the teacher's teachings, but also going to other kendo masters to listen to Taoism lessons.

Jiang Ci arranged his time to the full.


Time passed, and 50 years passed in a blink of an eye.

Of course, this is 50 years of Daoyuan Ancient Realm, and 180 years have passed since the original universe.

Jiuxiao City, a palace no worse than Jiujianxian Mansion in scale,

Thousands of cultivators with different cultivation bases sat under the main hall.

They come from various forces, most of them are three sects and six sects, there are also top immortal sects in various star regions, and a few are casual cultivators.

In terms of cultivation level, most of them are in the Tribulation Period, and the remaining half are also the top geniuses of Human Race.

Because those who can come to attend the class, at least passed the third level of Tongtian Mountain.

Above the hall, a handsome young man with white hair and childlike appearance, sitting in the void casually, was teaching kendo to everyone.

"Qinglian has many changes and more combinations. Nangong Jianxian's understanding of Qinglian Swordsmanship, every time he listens to his class, it is full of enlightenment!"

Jiang Ci was also in the crowd below, and he basically didn't fall in every session of Nangong Sword Fairy's open class.

In Jiuxiao City, among the cultivators of kendo during the Tribulation Period, Jiujianxian was the most, followed by Nangongjianxian.

Both of them are Nine Tribulations Sword Immortals, but Jiu Jianxian's record is more prominent, more famous, and of course, the strength is slightly stronger.

But Nangong Jianxian's strength cannot be denied by this. Jiang Ci has gained a lot from attending classes so many times.

"Well, that's all for today's class." Nangong Jianxian said.

"Thank you, Senior Nangong!"

Below, thousands of cultivators all stood up and saluted respectfully, because this is a free teaching, they must express their gratitude.

Nangong Jianxian nodded slightly and disappeared immediately.

Thousands of cultivators left the hall.

Jiang Ci is not very prominent among the crowd.

Although the genius of the four heavens of the Zixiao Sect is worthy of attention, there are basically no talents who can come to the Daoyuan Ancient Realm to cultivate. Everyone is a genius.

And geniuses are all arrogant.

"Gong Zhen, that's Jiang Ci, right?" A sturdy man with a huge sword in the distance pointed to the figure of Jiang Ci.

"Why, you, a genius of the sword gate, have also heard of him?" Another purple-haired youth with a long sword on his back asked disapprovingly.

"They all practice kendo, of course I've heard of it!" The big man carrying the giant sword glared.

Then he said: "I also heard that he has only entered the third heaven of your Purple Heaven Sect for a hundred years, and broke into the fourth heaven through the Yuanying Stage Genting Competition. He is known as a rare genius for thousands of years!

What is even more confusing is that not long after he had just entered the fourth heaven, he chose to break through and became the disciple of the fourth heaven of the soul stage!

Throughout his every choice, people are puzzled! "

Speaking of this, the big man smiled: "Aren't you also a disciple of the Fourth Heavenly Origin Stage of the Purple Cloud Sect? You should know him well, right?"

"Sneak... you know enough!" The purple-haired youth sneered, shook his head and said, "But in my opinion, he is just a fool.

His strength has just passed the 7th level of Tongtian Mountain, and the Yuanying stage four-layer disciple, the highest level has passed the 8th level.

If he doesnt make a breakthrough, he can stay in the fourth heaven after the next Genting Grand Tournament.

But now there are still 5 years, it is the Genting Contest in the Yuanshen Period. Our 10 Old Disciple of the Four Heavens in the Yuanshen Period have passed the 10th pass of the Tongtian Mountain at least.

He is a newcomer who has just been promoted to the fourth heaven, and he will soon be eliminated back to the third heaven! "

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