I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 520

Chapter 519: Taoist Gift And Parting Seeking Subscription

Daojun of the Nine Heavens is the top three peak powerhouse in the human race, becoming his personal disciple, since the halo, it is also pressure.

Therefore, Jiang Ci did not relax, but became more urgent.

The three goals set before:

1. Deduct the three methods of Dao Feng, Li Huo, and King Kong, and strive to be promoted to the Dao level.

Second, practice the first level of Yunji Seven Swords, and let this secret technique appear on the panel.

3. Comprehend the remaining three types of the Five Elements Taoism, water system, soil system, and wood system.

Now the first two have been completed, and they are over-fulfilled.

Only the last one is left, to learn about water system, earth system and wood system.

"Originally, my practice in Daoyuan Ancient Realm this time was only three hundred years, Master Jiuxiao Daojun gave me a thousand years, and now there are more than seven hundred years left.

You can consider practicing these three Taoisms to the Dao level, and then you can unite with the Tao and be promoted to the He Dao stage! "

Because once the primordial spirit and Taoism are united, it is equivalent to the foundation has been established, and it is more difficult to comprehend new Taoism.

And it is not only a hundred times or a thousand times more difficult, but also ten thousand times more difficult!

After correcting the new goal, Jiang Ci began to devote himself to practice.

Through the palm of the gold-patterned bucket emperor, you can comprehend the Taoism of Water System, Earth System and Wood System

Use the experience value panel to continue deducing the kendo, wind, gold, and fire methods;

Go outside the city to hunt and kill the spirit of Tao Yun to gain experience points.

In the 288th year of entering the ancient world of Daoyuan, that is, 38 years of becoming a personal disciple of Jiuxiao Daojun, Jiang Ci comprehended the Taoism of the wood system.

In the 320th year, he comprehended the Taoism of the earth system.

In the 332nd year, the Yuanshen Stage Genting Competition began again, and Jiang Ci won the first place without a doubt.

In the 392nd year, he comprehended the Taoism of the water system.

In the 518th year, the Taoism of wood and earth was deduced to the avenue level.

In the 610th year, another Yuanshen Stage Genting Competition began, and Jiang Ci once again won the first place.

In the 675th year, the Dao Fa of the water system was also deduced to the level of the Dao, and then began to try to combine God and Dao.

In the 860th year, Yuanshen finally successfully integrated with the Seven Dao Laws and was promoted to the early stage of He Dao.

Although I have practiced three more Dao laws, the difficulty of deduction has greatly increased, but because this is the Daoyuan Ancient Realm, the cultivation speed is many times faster than the original universe.

In addition, Jiang Ci has 99 times the Dao Fa affinity, and after spending countless experience points, he successfully completed the set goal.

Jiuxiao City, the roof of the stone house where Jiang Ci lives, Jiang Ci slowly opened his eyes from the potential of cultivation.

Now, his actual age has finally exceeded a thousand years.

Millennium harmony is neither fast nor slow.

But if you add in the seven Dao methods you have cultivated, it will take you only a thousand years to cultivate a united Dao, which is absolutely amazing!

The difficulty of combining the seven methods is more than ten thousand times that of one method!

It can be said that in the endless years, no one has ever been able to complete the seven ways of harmony!

Because the primordial age is only five thousand years old, there is no time to do this.

"If there is no experience value panel, I would not be able to do this step." Jiang Ci's eyes were bright, revealing strong self-confidence!

Not to mention other secret methods, just the seven dao fusion techniques can make his spiritual power surge!

His current basic spiritual power amplitude is 20,000 times,

Once the Dao Fong technique is used, the basic spiritual power amplitude is multiplied by 7, which is 140,000 times!

In this case, how strong his strength is, Jiang Ci himself is not sure.

But he can confirm that if he encounters another ghost of the Three Tribulations, he can easily kill the opponent!

Next, after carefully comprehending the change in strength, he got up and went to Jiuxiao Palace.

"Master Jiuxiao Daojun asked me to meet him once when I was cultivating a joint Dao, and when I left the ancient realm of Daoyuan, I must have something to mention..."

Jiang Ci walked along the stone road of Jiuxiao City, and under the attention of many eyes, stepped into the inner city of Jiuxiao Palace.

Go through the bamboo forest and enter the world of Jiuxiao.

After cultivating Hedao, Jiang Ci could still feel the tremendous psychological pressure in this sea of blood.

Walking to the depths of the Nine Heavens Realm, I saw that figure wearing a blood-colored battle armor with blood-colored long hair, the killing clone of the Jiuxiao Daojun.

But this time, beside the Jiuxiao Daojun, there was another middle-aged man in a starry suit, who was bending slightly to say something.

From a distance, you can see that this person has an ordinary face, but he has a feeling of not anger and prestige, which is awe-inspiring.

The emperor's diadem that symbolizes the supreme power?

Jiang Ci has guessed the identity of the man, and the only person who dared to wear this dress in front of Daojun Jiuxiao is Emperor Tianting, another disciple of Daojun Jiuxiao.

After approached the front, Jiang Ci respectfully saluted Daojun Jiuxiao: "Disciples pay respect to Master!"

Then he saluted the Mianfu man again: "Meet the emperor!"

Daojun and Emperor Jiuxiao stopped talking, and the two looked at Jiang Ci.

"I mentioned you to your brother just now, I didn't expect you to come." Daojun Jiuxiao said with a smile.

"Little Junior Brother, here Master, you and I can be regarded as senior brothers. I am the seventh disciple of Master, you can call me Seventh Senior Brother." The emperor showed a kind smile.

"I have seen Senior Brother Seven." Jiang Ci saluted again.

Dijun smiled and nodded, standing aside without speaking.

At this time, Dao Monarch Jiuxiao stared at Jiang Ci for a while, and said with a serious expression: "You have realized the three methods again? The seven methods are combined?"

"Yes." Jiang Ci admitted honestly, there is no way if you don't admit it, Daojun Jiuxiao can see it by himself.

Next to , Dijun showed a surprised expression and glanced at Jiang Ci more often.

He is also a Taoist-level powerhouse, but he can't see the Taoism of Jiang Ci's cultivation.

Seven Taoisms are combined, this is an amazing act unprecedented in history!

"You surprise me more and more, and you are very courageous." Daojun Jiuxiao gave an evaluation and asked: "Have you considered the difficulty of the tribulation?"

Jiang Ci shook his head hesitantly: "It's very difficult?"

"Junior Brother, you have never known the Tribulation, so you dare to walk the seven paths of Taoism at the same time?" The emperor couldn't help asking.

Jiang Ci shook his head again. While the seven Taoist roads brought him great strength, they also gave him great confidence.

In fact, even if he wants to understand, there is no reference, because no one can do the seven ways before.

"Sure enough, the ignorant is fearless..." The emperor glanced at Daojun Jiuxiao.

Nine Heavens Daojun explained: "The mystery of the heavenly tribulation is mysterious. The more the person against the sky, the stronger the power of the tribulation.

You are cultivating seven Dao Laws at the same time. If you provoke the Heavenly Tribulation, the power at that time may be at least ten thousand times that of the normal Heavenly Tribulation.

Furthermore, there are nine calamities in total, and one calamity is better than one! "

Hearing this, Jiang Ci frowned, and even said that it is difficult for Daojun Jiuxiao and Emperor Jiuxiao, it is definitely not easy.

It seems that I was too confident before!

"Of course, your current foundation is also many times stronger than that of ordinary cultivators, and there is no chance in the future.

With such a strong foundation, once the triumph is successfully overcome, the strength of the harvest will be huge. "Jiu Xiao Daojun suddenly laughed.

Jiang Ci nodded slowly, his foundation is more than many times stronger than that of ordinary cultivators, and it is estimated to be at least ten thousand times stronger!

Daojun Jiuxiao said: "The secret method is about to be created during the period of harmony. If you want to have a greater certainty to survive the catastrophe, apart from other means, the secret method is the first.

Every strong man has his own secret method, the secret methods you learned and practiced before,

Although it is powerful, it is someone elses after all, tailor-made by the creator of the secret technique.

Even if you cultivate those secret methods to the highest level, it is difficult for them to exert their due power.

So your next practice direction is to create your own secret method and create your own powerful secret method.

The stronger the secret technique created at that time, the more sure you will be able to face the catastrophe in the future! "

This is the first time Jiuxiao Daojun has taught Jiang Ci practice.

Jiang Ci listened carefully.

Daojun Jiuxiao said again: "Swordsmanship is the way to kill. You need a lot of life and death battles to find inspiration to create secret methods."

"In terms of cultivation, I can guide you, but fighting requires you to experience it yourself."

"Just after you have cultivated Hedao, the teacher also prepared a magic weapon for you, which can increase your fighting and life-saving capabilities."

Speaking of this, Daojun Jiuxiao waved out an object and suspended it in the air.


As soon as this magic weapon came out, it seemed that the entire Nine Heavens Realm trembled slightly.

Jiang Ci's eyes were immediately attracted.

I saw that it was a magic weapon composed of three peaks. The mountains have different heights and different heights. After being formed together, they become one and exude a heavy atmosphere.

"This treasure is called the Triple Mountain. It has two major functions: it can transform battle armor and confine space... How to refine and use it is all in this jade slip. Go back and practice hard and try to refine it as soon as possible. Daojun Jiuxiao waved his hand and took out another red jade slip and handed it to Jiang Ci.

"Yes!" Jiang Ci took over Sanchong Mountain and Yujian.

At this time, the emperor standing aside also smiled and said: "Little brother, when we meet for the first time, brother also give you a magic weapon.

Although it is not as good as the triple mountain given by the master, it can also increase your life-saving ability. "

Speaking, he took out a purple gold token.

"This is a big shifting talisman, with your cultivation base, after using it, you can randomly shift a distance of one light-year,

, coupled with the ability of the Sanzhongshan imprisoned space, is enough for you to deal with many life and death crises,

However, it has only ten chances to use it, and it will be discarded after use. You should use it with caution. "Dijun smiled.

"Thank you Seven Brother!" Jiang Ci happily took it.

Randomly move one light-year away, as long as you dont meet the real monarch, who can kill him!

Ten chances, enough!

Daojun Jiuxiao watched the conversation between their brothers and sisters, and then said to Jiang Ci: "You go back first. When you are ready to leave the ancient realm of Daoyuan, come to me again."

"Yes, Master!" Jiang Ci saluted respectfully.

Then, the world fought around, and he disappeared into the Nine Heavens Realm.

In the sea of blood on the corpse mountain, only Jiuxiao Daojun and the emperor remain.

"The refining materials of the Great Move Talisman are only available in the Ancient Immortal Realm, shouldn't you have much in your hands?" Jiuxiao Daojun asked.

"That was the last one just now, anyway, I keep it useless, it's better to give it to Junior Brother." Emperor Jun smiled.

"It is not far from the opening of the ancient immortal world next time, so be prepared." Daojun Jiuxiao looked deep into the void, not knowing where he was looking.

"Yes, Master!" The emperor bowed and saluted.

The change in cultivation level is unavoidable, because there are many powerful immortal cultivators in the ancient realm of Daoyuan, and they can easily see through Jiang Cis cultivation base.

In the following days, news of Jiang Cis promotion to the Hedao Period gradually spread.

This incident quickly caused an uproar.

Obviously, Jiang Cis behavior is beyond the imagination of many people.

Even if he has already participated in the Genting Contest in the Three-dimensional Divine Period, his cultivation time has just passed a thousand years.

For the disciples of the Four Heavens Yuanshen Stage, this is too short and it is difficult to accumulate.

But when I thought, Jiang Ci easily won the first place in these three-level Yuanshen Stage Genting Competition.

Everyone feels that Jiang's breakthrough has become a matter of harmony, which is normal.

Furthermore, someone has Jiuxiao Daojun on the side to guide the practice, but can he take a fork in the road?

In addition, the other old disciples of the Yuanshen Stage of the Fourth Layer of Heaven finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Jiang Ci has become a Hedao, then they dont have to compete with it, and a big mountain is missing!

Some people are happy and others are worried.

After Jiang Cis promotion to Hedao was passed to the headquarters of Zixiaozong,

The fifth heaven of Zixiaozong, the residence of the Six Tribulations Immortal Wuye.

The fairy Wu Ye was silent for a long time, his gloomy eyes flickering.

"Hedao...Is there no chance?"

The last time he learned that Jiang Ci had become a direct disciple of Daojun Jiuxiao, he was already desperate, and now he is even more desperate.

"No, there is still a chance!"

"He has to go to life and death to hone, if he dies in the process, Zixiao Sword Sutra will re-select the inheritor!"

"Even if he successfully completes the trial of life and death, the next step is to cross the catastrophe and become immortal. The more talented person, the stronger the catastrophe, and the possibility of his failure to cross the catastrophe is very high!

In the endless years, many peerless geniuses with outstanding talents have fallen under the catastrophe.

"Wait, wait at most ten thousand years." The fairy Wu Ye closed his eyes again.

He is willing to wait for a certain way.

Of course, Jiang Ci didn't know the things that happened behind .

went to the Nine Heavens Realm and obtained two powerful magic weapons. This was something he didn't expect, which was an unexpected joy.

After came back, he began to study Mieshan seriously.

There is no need to study the big shifting talisman. You can use it ten times, so it cant be wasted.

The red jade slip contains detailed information, refining, and usage methods of Mie Mountain.

Jiang Ci is swiped with spiritual sense, and this information is written down.

There is not much content, except for some introduction, which is the method of refining and using.

Sanzhong Mountain, as its name implies, has a total of three seals.

The first level of refining, it can imprison a space of a million kilometers; the transformed armor can defend up to the attack of the Six Tribulations.

The second level of refining, which can imprison a space of tens of millions of kilometers; the transformed armor can defend up to the attacks of the Nine Tribulations.

The third level of refining, which can imprison a space of 100 million kilometers; the transformed battle armor can defend up to the attack of a Zhuan Daxian.

"It can actually defend against the attack of Yizhuan Daoxian!" Jiang Ci laughed.

In this way, he has a bottom in his heart, and with the big shifting talisman, in the future, as long as he doesn't provoke the real monarch and the strong!

After that, he began to refine the Sanchong Mountain according to the refining method in the jade slip.

Just finished a few seals, suddenly, a suspicious voice of neon clothes rang in his mind.

"Strange, it's the original treasure, why is there no tool?"

Nishang is the spirit of Tongtianlou. These years, he has been quietly refining the corpses of those robbers, trying to lift the first seal of Tongtianlou.

"Neon clothes, do you say that Mieshan is also the treasure of origin?" Jiang Ci was a little surprised.

"Yes, it can't be wrong, there is the breath of the original treasure." Nishang said.

"The spirit of the device may have been erased by my master, right." Jiang Ci speculated.

"The Taoist-level powerhouse is not so stupid, with the original treasure of the instrumental spirit, can exert more power." Nishang denied this speculation.

"That's weird..." Jiang Ci frowned slightly.

He can no longer ask Jiuxiao Daojun, because with his current strength status, under normal circumstances, he still cannot know the information of the source of the treasure.

If he went to find Daojun Jiuxiao to solve his doubts, it would be equivalent to admitting that he had other treasures of origin.

Tongtianlou is a secret that cannot be revealed.

According to Nishang, unless he has the power of the Taoist level, he can reveal this treasure of origin.

"It is useless to think more. In short, the Mieshan Mountain is a powerful magic weapon, and it must not be wrong!" Jiang Ci put this question in his heart temporarily.

The passing of years, a hundred years in the blink of an eye.

Jiuxiao City, the mansion and palace of Jiujianxian.

Jiang Ci came again to accompany the master to drink.

In the past thousand years in Daoyuan Ancient Realm, he spent the most time with Jiujianxian.

Up to now, he has three masters: Ge Daoren, Jiujianxian, and Jiuxiao Daojun.

Among them, he spent the shortest time with Ge Daoren, less than a quarter of an hour.

For this master, Jiang Ci only expresses gratitude.

The mark of inheritance left by Ge Dao Ren was of great help to his later cultivation.

Especially the Zixiao Sword Classic, which can still play a particularly important role in his kendo deduction.

True about feelings, Jiang Ci thinks that he is closest to Jiu Jianxian.

Because Jiuxiao Daojun puts a lot of pressure on him, in front of Jiuxiao Daojun, he will involuntarily produce a kind of awe and respect.

In contrast, he is the most relaxed in front of Jiu Jianxian,

Of course, Jiujianxian's wine is also delicious.

After this thousand years, Jiang Ci is about to become a drunkard.

"You kid, it's time to drink wine again. After drinking so much of my wine, you can get me some good wine in the future!" Jiu Jianxian pointed Jiang Ci and told him to sit down.

"Master, rest assured, next time I will get you a hundred thousand-year-old Guanghanzhen brew over." Jiang Ci smiled and sat aside, filling himself up with the wine.

"You said, one hundred thousand years old, ninety-nine thousand will not work!" Jiu Jianxian's throat moved obviously.

The output of 100,000-year-old Guanghanzhen Brewing is very small, even if he is the famous Jiujian Xian, he is not qualified to get it.

Jiang Ci is now a direct disciple of Daojun Jiuxiao, but there will be this opportunity in the future.

Next, when the wine was half-bodied, Jiu Jianxian suddenly covered the wine gourd and said, "Dont drink today, dont drink anymore."

"Master, I haven't had much fun yet." Jiang Ci looked at the empty wine glass.

"Wait for you to come to Daoyuan Ancient Realm next time, come to me for a drink. Keep this wine for you." Jiu Jianxian shook his head.

"Master knows that I am leaving?" Jiang Ci was a little surprised.

"You came here this time, and there is a faint suffocation in your body, presumably you are ready to go out for life and death training." Jiu Jianxian said.

"Master has good eyesight." Jiang Ci smiled.

"I can't see this anymore, can I still be Jiujianxian?" Jiujianxian laughed, and then said with a serious face: "Since you have decided, you only want a little bit for the teacher. Survive and come back to me for a drink!"

"Disciples, remember!" Jiang Ci bowed respectfully.

"Go." Jiu Jianxian waved his hand coolly.

After Jiang Ci left the mansion and palace of Jiujianxian, he went to Jiuxiao Palace not far away.

According to Master Jiuxiao Daojuns previous request, before leaving the ancient realm of Daoyuan, I will see him again.

Nine Heavens Realm, among the dead mountain and blood, the killing clone of Jiuxiao Daojun stands in the void.

"Disciples pay respect to Master!" Jiang Ci saluted respectfully.

"Are you leaving?" Daojun Jiuxiao's deep gaze fell on Jiang Ci.

"Well, I have practiced in Taoyuan Ancient Realm for nearly a thousand years, and it's almost a bottleneck." Jiang Ci nodded.

"Also, there is no fighting and no pressure here. It is not a place for a little guy like you to dive for a long time." Daojun Jiuxiao said with a smile.

"Have you thought of where to go? Out-of-territory battlefield, or cosmic secret?" He asked again.

Jiang said in words: "Outside the field of battle."

According to the training route of the Zixiao Sect, the core disciples of the He Dao period must undergo life and death training.

Two options, extraterritorial battlefields and cosmic secrets.

The extraterritorial battlefield is a land of conquests among the various races in the universe. There are countless powerful aliens who hunt and kill the immortal masters of other races in secret.

And not only are immortal masters, the army of those cultivators is equally terrifying,

There are more ants that kill elephants. This sentence refers to the army of cultivators.

For example, the combined attack of an army of millions of cultivators can easily kill the immortal masters.

The danger level of the cosmic secret realm is naturally not lower than that of the outer battlefield.

Like the Jianmen genius Lu Yan 8 million years ago, in terms of talent, he was an era genius who was many times stronger than Jiang Ci. Cultivation was as simple as drinking water, and in the end he died in the secret realm of the universe.

There are some extremely dangerous universe Jedi, even the true monarch dare not enter!

Jiang Ci chose the extraterritorial battlefield because there will be more fighters on the extraterritorial battlefield.

In contrast, the life-and-death training in the cosmic secret realm is more likely to experience a life-and-death crisis, and it is easier to experience the great horror between life and death, which is not suitable for his current situation.

He needs a lot of fighting to find inspiration for his own secret method.

"Extraterritorial battlefield?" Daojun Jiuxiao frowned slightly, and said: "You are now my personal disciple, coupled with the identity of the genius of the era, must have long been the target of the top three assassinations of alien races. If you go there, I am afraid that you will be alienated. The strong are watching."

Jiang Ci looked as usual and smiled: "The disciples are mentally prepared. Many years ago, I was assassinated by the ghost tribe in the land of reincarnation. At that time, my reputation was not so great. Now they should pay a higher price. Assassinate me."

"Ghost!" A **** cold light burst into the eyes of Daojun Jiuxiao.


The world suddenly changes color, as if the end is coming.

Jiang Ci was secretly shocked. These two words seemed to arouse the anger of Daojun Jiuxiao.

"There are three peak races in the universe, the human race, the ghost race, the demon race, and the war between the three races has continued for countless eras.

In this era, the two tribes of demons and ghosts are secretly uniting against my human race.

The demons are more brutal, and the ghosts are more sneaky. Remember, when you go to the battlefield outside the territory, the first thing to be careful about is the ghosts. "Daojun Jiuxiao said solemnly.

"Disciples, remember!" Jiang Ci said respectfully.

"If you encounter a danger that you can't solve, you can send me a message, and I will rush over as quickly as possible.

However, as a teacher, I hope that you can become a real strong with your own abilities, and become a strong one who makes foreign races fearful! "Daojun Jiuxiao said again.

"The disciple understands." Jiang Ci nodded.

"Go, come back alive." Daojun Jiuxiao looked deep.

"Yes!" Jiang Ci finally bowed respectfully again before leaving Jiuxiao Realm.

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