I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 522

Chapter 520: First Class

Encrypted Intelligence-Jiang Ci (Human)

Identity: Disciple of Jiuxiao Daojun, disciple of Zixiaozong quadruple heaven

Level: No. 1 target on the assassination list

Whereabouts: Has left the ancient world of Daoyuan, suspected to go to an outer battlefield (to be confirmed)


Similar encrypted intelligence soon appeared in the hidden organizations of the peak race demons, ghost races, and many top races.

After reporting by the hidden organization, the senior leaders of these ethnic groups also learned of this information.

The corresponding order was passed on immediately.

The only strong aliens on the battlefield outside the territories are hostile to the human race.

Almost all received the same order: confirm Jiang Cis whereabouts and execute the killing mission!


You Ye Xing, one of the nine human army headquarters, enters the fixed teleportation point of the outer battlefield.

Only through here can you enter the extraterritorial battlefield.

This large star similar to a transit station has a diameter of up to one million kilometers,

Every day, a large number of human cultivators and cultivator armies are sent here,

Then they are continuously sent to the battlefield outside the territory to participate in ethnic wars.

On this day, Jiang Ci appeared in a teleportation station of You Ye Xing wearing a dark red armor.

His appearance has been adjusted, even if Jiang Doudou came, he could not be recognized.

Compared with the guards of the planetary teleportation halls in the nine regions of the Dao League, the soldiers of this teleportation station have obvious differences. Everyone is full of iron and blood and murderous aura.

Even if the Jiashi's cultivation is only in the Yuanshen stage, he still stopped Jiang Ci in the Hedao stage with a serious face.

"Cultivator, please show your identity jade slip!" The soldier said solemnly.

"Ranxiu, mountain, from the star Yingluan in the schizophrenic zone of the Tianyang region." Jiang Ci took out a jade slip.

The identity certificate is not made up indiscriminately. These are all information registered in the Dao League Heavenly Court.

After checking, the soldier said: "The army of casual cultivators is different from that of cultivators. A certain number of people need to be pooled in order to be uniformly transmitted to the battlefield outside the territory.

If you travel 10,000 kilometers along this passage, it is a gathering point for practitioners in the Hedao period. You can wait there. "

While talking, he pointed to the passage behind the teleportation station.

There are two passages, one for the cultivator's army and the other for casual cultivation.

"Thank you." Jiang Ci nodded lightly, put away the identity jade slip, and turned to enter the loose repair channel.

There is no problem with this process. The Emperor of Heaven is his Seventh Senior Brother, just make a fake identity, don't be too simple.

He is a genius of the era of Human Race, and a personal disciple of Dao Monarch Nine Heavens.

If he enters the extraterritorial battlefield and the aliens know about it, I am afraid it will attract a large number of alien powerhouses.

So before he set off, he had everything ready.

In fact, even if he shows himself as he is, it is difficult for anyone to recognize him.

Because he has cultivated in Daoyuan Ancient Realm for 1,000 years, while the original universe has actually passed 3600 years.

It was nearly four thousand years since the nine-domain genius battle he participated in.

For a true immortal master, this time may be short.

However, for the cultivators below the immortal Dao, the highest lifespan is only ten thousand years. After four thousand years, there are really few who still remember the appearance of Jiang Ci.

These preparations are just prudence in the bones.

After flying for 10,000 kilometers along the Sanxiu Pass, I saw a large hall.

Terran will not treat the soldiers fighting in the battlefield outside the territory, so this hall is not a very serious environment.

In the main hall, there are various rest facilities, the environment is elegant, and the beautiful sounds of silk and bamboo flow slowly, which makes people happy.

At this time, more than 80 people had arrived in the temple, all of whom were cultivators in the Hedao period.

They got together in twos and threes, obviously walking in groups, and only a few were alone.

After Jiang Ci came, many people just glanced at it and didn't pay much attention.

Cultivators who dare to go to the battlefield outside the territory are desperate,

It is the kind of cultivating madman who wants to increase his strength through a lot of fighting and fighting, so none of them are good.

Jiang Ci also understands this, after all, he is not good at it.

The waitress in the temple is the most kind.

The waitress walked to Jiang Ci: "Hello, cultivator, what do I need?"

She waved her hand to call out a phantom interface, which showed a lot of product information.

There is everything to eat, drink and play.

Jiang Ci casually ordered a star drink and asked, "When can I go to the outer battlefield?"

The waitress smiled and said: "Transporting from the territories of the human race to the battlefield outside the territory, the cost of each transmission is very high, so a certain number of people must be collected.

Because of the large number of cultivators, the army can be directly sent away.

For casual cultivators, you only need a hundred people for the cultivators in the same period.

You are lucky. There are now more than 80 people. Like the first one, they have been waiting for more than half a month. "

Jiang Ci nodded slightly, scattered cultivators scattered across the nine regions of the Dao League, and it would take a while to gather together.

Especially during the He Dao period, there are already very few cultivators in this realm, and it is even more difficult to gather a certain number of people.

After that, Jiang Ci, like everyone else, found a place to sit down and waited quietly.

There are still people who are familiar with him, he just sat down, and there were two young three-eyed tribes in the period of rapport, leaning forward to Jiang Ci.

"Friend, alone?" one of the tall three-eyed youths asked Jiang Ci with a smile.

Jiang Ci is not a cold-hearted person. He smiled and said, "Not bad."

"I admire those who dare to enter the outer battlefield alone, the strength is certainly not weak!" The three-eyed young man praised.

Jiang Ci smiled. With the strength of his spiritual sense, he could easily see that the cultivation bases of these two people were both in the late stage of the Hedao.

But the other party couldn't see through his cultivation.

"You three-eyed people are the best at souls. When two people work together, they can beat your period of harmony, but not much." Jiang Ci smiled.

"Haha, I love to hear these words!" The tall three-eyed youth laughed, and then said: "My name is Mu Jian, this is my brother Mu Chen."

Mu Chen, another three-eyed young man, wanted to be much silent, but nodded to Jiang Ci.

"You can call me... Mountain." Jiang Ci said.

The three-eyed brothers glanced at each other. This name is too common. You can find many people called this name on any planet.

They think this should be the pseudonym of Jiang Ci, but they didn't follow up.

The three people sat together, only Jiang Ci and Mu Jian were chatting without a word, and Mu Chen had been sitting beside them.

Then from time to time, new practitioners of the Hedao period came to gather in this hall.

Two days later, the number of people finally made up a hundred people.

A Jie Xian wearing a black armor appeared in the main hall out of thin air, and the strong blood evil spirit also spread.

Obviously, this is a strong man who has experienced many battles.

He solemnly said: "Assemble!"

Hundreds of cultivators in the He Dao period, including Jiang Ci, quickly came to this Jie Xian.

The black armored robber looked around and said: "Everyone, you can choose to enter the outer battlefield of a life of nine deaths, which shows that you are all courageous people, and they are all outstanding people from various galaxies.

However, there are rules everywhere, especially on the battlefield. You cannot be as free as you were when you were a casual cultivator.

The army is a place with distinct levels, and the lower level must obey the higher level.

Therefore, you need to confirm your strength level before sending it to the outer battlefield. "

Everyone looked at each other, and then a strong fellow asked a question: "Strength level? Sir, can you just look at the cultivation base directly?"

Hei Jia Jiexian shook his head and said, "What we are examining here is the actual combat power, and the cultivation base does not fully reflect a person's actual combat power."

Everyone suddenly understood this truth.

Cultivation is only the most superficial strength. For example, some have a high level of humanitarian law, and some have powerful secret methods...

All these can enable a person to possess actual combat power far beyond the realm of cultivation.

Take Jiang Ci, when Yuan Ying reaches Consummation, it is comparable to Hedao invincible.

At this time, someone asked a new question: "My lord, how do we confirm the level of strength? Should we show it by ourselves? Or should we compete with each other?"

As soon as this remark came out, some people started talking in a low voice.

No one wants to make the hidden hole cards public, but now the level of strength is obviously very important, because it relates to what kind of identity permissions they can obtain in the battlefield outside the territory.

Jiang Ci frowned slightly, he didn't want to reveal his strength.

Hei Jia Jiexian didn't care about everyone's doubts, and said in a deep voice, "Don't worry, you only need this thing to confirm your strength level."

With that, he flipped his hand and took out something.

I saw a closed eye, hanging in the air.

The clone of the Sky Eye!

A group of cultivators of Harmony all recognized the origin of this eye.

The Dao League Heavenly Court will set up a Heavenly Court building on every important life planet. In these buildings, there are similar avatars of the Eye of the Sky.

Since it is the Eye of the Sky, everyone no longer has any questions.

The Eye of the Sky covers the entire universe, and it is not difficult to detect their strength levels.

Hei Jia Jiexian continued: "There are three levels of strength, first-class combined Dao, second-class combined Dao, and third-class combined Dao."

"Most of the cultivators of Hedao are third-class Hedao."

"I have a preliminary understanding of the Dao, which belongs to the second-class heda."

"Anyone who walks a certain distance on the avenue belongs to the first class.

Under normal circumstances, only a hundred second-class combos can produce a first-class combo."

"In this way... you should be clear that the strength of the first class is the strongest, and the status is naturally the highest."

Having said that, he glanced at Jiang Ci and others.

Everyone nodded their heads. Normal practitioners of the Taoism are all the Taoism of the heaven and earth.

If you understand the Dao initially, then the strength of He Dao is definitely stronger.

"Now, walk past this sky-opening eye one by one." Hei Jia Jiexian pinched his hand and decided.

Suddenly, the closed eyes opened, and the black and white eyeballs, although there was no god, seemed to be able to see through everything.

A hundred fellow practitioners lined up and walked past the eyes of Tongtian.


The Eye of the Sky shoots a ray of light, covering everyone, and then their respective strength levels will appear in the light.

"Second class."

"Second class."

"Second class."

"Third Class Combination."

"Second class."


Jiang Ci looked secretly surprised, basically he was second-class, that is, he had a preliminary understanding of the Dao.

It stands to reason that there should be the largest number of third-class combined Dao, and the few who can understand the Dao.

After thinking about it again, Jiang Ci understood.

Since he dared to enter the extraterritorial battlefield alone as a casual cultivator, he must have two brushes.

However, the number of first-class co-daos is also very small.

After testing half of them, there has not yet been a first-class harmony.

Soon, Jiang Ci was ranked.

The light from the eye of the sky shrouded Jiang Ci.

The light changed, showing the strength level of Jiang Ci.

"First class harmony."

Suddenly, the hall became lively, and all eyes focused on Jiang Ci.

Although the Black Armor Tribulation Immortal has just said, one hundred second-class co-daos usually produce one first-class co-dao.

But when I saw it, everyone was still surprised.

The first-class combination has already walked a distance on the avenue, and the strength is definitely stronger.

In contrast, the two three-eyed youths were not too surprised.

The souls of the three-eyed tribe are very strong, and correspondingly they also have stronger spiritual awareness.

Before, they went to talk to Jiang Ci because they couldn't understand the power of Jiang Ci.

They had anticipated the strength of Jiang Ci long ago.

"Yes, what's your name?" Hei Jia Jie Xian said admiringly, finally showing a smile on his face.

"Mountain." Jiang Ci saluted respectfully.

"Very well, I hope you can survive in the outer battlefield." Hei Jia Jiexian nodded.

"Thank you, sir!" Jiang Ci saluted again, calmly retreating to the side.

The remaining cultivators continue to confirm their strength levels.

"Second class."

"Third Class Combination."


"First class harmony."


In an instant, the field became lively again.

There is another first-class harmony!

It is a rare situation that there are two first-class cultivators with one hundred combined cultivators.

Jiang Ci also looked at it, and saw that it was a thin young man with a faint sword intent on his body and a long sword on his back, making him quite aloof.

"It's also kendo? I don't know if it's a person from three schools and six schools..." Jiang Ci guessed in his heart.

At least those who can cultivate swordsmanship and reach the level of sword intent are from the top immortal sect.

Because casual cultivator lacks resources, it is difficult to cultivate sword intent.

Hei Jia Jiexian asked the thin young man's name, Xiu Zhu, just like he asked Jiang Ci.

Soon, the strength levels of the 100 cultivators in the Affinity Phase were all confirmed.

There are 2 first-class combined roads, 78 second-class combined roads, and 20 third-class combined roads.

"This is your strength badge, remember...Each badge has only one chance to refine." Hei Jia Jiexian waved his hand.

A hundred badges of different colors fell into everyone's hands.

The first class is a golden badge, the second class is a white badge, and the third class is a black badge.

Then, Black Armor Jiexian said again: "On the battlefield outside the territory, if you encounter a human race or a foreign cultivator in the same camp as the human race,

The identity can be identified by the strength badge, and at the same time the corresponding identity authority can be exercised. "

Each can only be refined once, that is to say, it eliminates the possibility of being plundered by strong opponents.

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