I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 524

Chapter 522: Talk Of Experience

In team combat, balance is emphasized. If there is too much rigidity or softness, there will be loopholes.

Hardness and softness are the right way.

The original 3619 team was too rigid!

What they lack is a dexterous cultivator.

Among the dexterous cultivators, the strongest is naturally Sword Dao, followed by Wind Dao Fa.

It's just that, although kendo cultivators are common, it is extremely rare to be able to cultivate to a high and deep realm and comprehend the sword intent at the great level.

Now there are two first-class kendo practitioners, and the 3619 team is naturally very happy.

Subsequently, the remaining two old players also introduced themselves.

"My name is broken, I am first-class, and I major in swordsmanship." The cold long-haired young said.

"Poor monk Hongxin, first-class heda, majoring in the avenue of strength." The muscular monk holds the magic pestle in one hand and stands with one palm in the other.


Jiang Ci glanced at Hongxin without showing a trace. This was a monk.

In fact, more than 3,000 years ago, when he left the earth for the first time and stepped into the starry sky, he held a trace of awe and vigilance towards Buddhism.

Because the peacock view he cultivated was unearthed from the remains of Buddhism on Earth, and its origin is extremely mysterious.

When he first went to the Ge Daoren to be a teacher, Ge Daoren reminded him that he could not reveal the existence of the peacock view to Buddhism.

When the earth changed, of course Buddhism also sent monks to settle on the earth, in a cave world in the ancient Tianzhu area.

"This Hongxin is a monk, and I don't know if he has cultivated any Buddhism ideas." Jiang Ci thought in his heart, and didn't show anything abnormal.

"Shanhai benefactor, have you seen a poor monk?" Hongxin said suddenly.

"No, it's just the first time I saw a Buddhist disciple, I was a little curious." Jiang Ci smiled lightly.

"This is the reason." Hongxin nodded, and then said: "Shanhai benefactors have Buddha nature. If you have the opportunity in the future, you can go to the Buddha's domain and the poor monks can introduce you to the Buddha."

"Oh, thank you!" Jiang said without saying a word.

Buddhism...he won't go!

This Hongxin monk has absolutely cultivated the idea of Buddhism, and his spiritual consciousness is so sharp!

He just glanced at it without showing a trace, and was noticed.

A trace of doubt flashed through Hongxin's eyes, and he didn't say more.

Subsequently, the team leader Bo Hai submitted the identities of Jiang Ci and Xiuzhu, so that the 3619 squad on the ninth battlefield increased from four to six, and its strength greatly increased.

As for the increase, I dont know.


After joining the team, it is not necessary to enter the battlefield immediately.

First of all, Jiang Ci and Xiuzhu are recruits, and they don't know much about the battlefield.

Secondly, this huge barracks is shrouded by an enchantment of formations that penetrates the sky and the earth, which will only open every once in a while before entering the battlefield.

So before the barrier is opened, the recruits have the opportunity to learn from the veterans.

Jiang Ci put his posture very low, and he was open-minded to learn from experience.

He is a genius in the era, and he has the ability to kill the entire 3619 team.

But this is an extraterritorial battlefield. I don't know how many people are stronger than him.

And there are many foreign powerhouses who are good at lurking, and if they are not careful, they will be attacked by foreigners.

You are stronger, others are stronger and more experienced than you.

Don't have awe of the unfamiliar environment, and you won't know how to die when you die!

"Although the battlefield is cruel, it is also the easiest place to improve your strength. A large number of battles can make people realize great opportunities between life and death!"

"Basically, all immortal masters have come to the battlefield outside the territory to honed, and after baptism, they have stronger strength!"

"In addition, the alien races encountered on the battlefield are not necessarily enemies. Ghost races and monsters have vassal races, and our human races also have them. Some alien races are our vassal races. This is the division of camps."

"When I met, everyone can use the previous refining badges to identify whether the opponent is a strong player in the same camp."

"and also"

Bohai is a very conscientious captain. Although he is a catastrophe immortal, he carefully teaches Jiang Ci and Xiuzhu his experience on the battlefield.

Linglong, Duan, and Hongxin, the three veteran players, will also add to the side from time to time. The team atmosphere is very good.

Because they all know a truth, on the battlefield, everyone is a whole dependent on life and death.

At this time, people are still squeezing out, bullying newcomers, and so on. That is the brain that has been poached away.

Jiang Ci and Xiuzhu also listened carefully.

As far as Jiang Ci is concerned, Bohai and the others have taught him the experience he has actually understood before.

Because he is a direct disciple of Dao Monarch Nine Heavens, his status in Human Race is extremely high, and the information he can access is naturally unmatched by outsiders.

However, Jiang Ci did not relax at all.

In the process of teaching Bohai, there will be a lot of unique experience and skills, which can not be found.


For half a month, the 3619 squad spent in this rhythm.

Jiang Ci and Xiuzhu, the two recruits are also quickly adapting to all this and growing rapidly.

On this day, a thunder sound resounded throughout the world and rumbling loudly, which was a clarion call symbolizing war.

The No. 3 frontline barracks, in the area of millions of miles, countless practitioners gathered.

An army of cultivators composed of millions of Yuan Ying Period and Yuan Shen Period, lined up in formation, set foot on a huge starry sky ship.

At the same time, there are tens of thousands of flying boats flying into the sky, and these are all gangs.

"It's spectacular!" Jiang Ci sighed secretly.

These scenes are not seen in the nine regions of the Dao League.

Because within the territory of the human race, there are a large number of interstellar teleportation arrays.

In the outer battlefield, there is no teleportation array, and it is impossible to arrange a teleportation array. The flying boat becomes the best means of transportation.

"Go!" Bohai shouted loudly.

He seemed to be a different person, vigorous and resolute, without a smile on his face.


Bo Hai waved his hand and a hundred-foot-long flying boat appeared in front of the 3619 team.

The three old team members, as well as Jiang Ci and Xiuzhu, quickly boarded the flying boat.

"It's actually the best spirit boat?" Jiang Ci looked around, feeling a little surprised.

The best spirit boat, which is the flying boat of the best spirit weapon level.

Bohai is a catastrophe immortal, who has spent so many years in the outer battlefield, buying a low-grade immortal boat, shouldn't it be difficult?

The lower-grade immortal boat is faster and stronger in defense, and the security it brings is naturally higher.

"Think Feizhou's level is low?" Linglong could see what Jiang Ci was thinking.

Jiang Ci nodded.

Linglong smiled and said: "As the captain, of course you can buy Pinxianzhou, but in fact, Xianzhou is a living target on the battlefield outside the territory!

Of course, there are other reasons, you will understand when you encounter them later. "

She didn't finish her words, but the explanation was already very clear.

Jiang Ci felt suddenly in his heart,

Indeed, in an extraterritorial battlefield full of crises everywhere, Xianzhou's goal is too big, and it is easy to provoke powerful enemies.

At this moment, a layer of colorful heaven and earth barrier appeared on the sky.


The sky trembled and waves appeared in the space.

That layer of heaven and earth barriers quickly opened a gap of a million miles.

Boom boom boom!

The starry sky boat of the cultivator army goes first.

The huge starry sky boats that are tens of thousands of miles long accelerate directly into the endless starry sky, and then shuttle into the source space and march towards the outer battlefield.

Immediately afterwards, there were tens of thousands of Hedao teams.

Flying boats are more flexible. Tens of thousands of flying boats of different sizes also accelerate to the speed of light in the starry sky outside the No. 3 Barracks, enter the source space, and disappear.

The battle is about to begin!

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