I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Behind The Attack

After returning to Xuantianwu Hall, Jiang Ci considered whether to let Jiang Doudou take a break from school.

After this matter has been investigated and confirmed that there is no danger, then continue to school.

"Xiaojiang, don't worry, since the deputy director decides to intervene personally, not many people in Beishan Mansion dare to make small moves, unless he doesn't want to live!" Jiang Sheng was very confident in Lu Shan.

Jiang Ci is half-believing, so it's better to be cautious.

"Moreover, Doudou's current strength is not simple. The martial arts talent is almost 50 points, with nearly 400kg strength, two or three ordinary people are not her opponents at all!" Jiang Sheng released another thing that surprised Jiang Ci.

"Uncle Jiang, are you kidding? Doudou's martial arts training has only been carried out for two months!" Jiang Ci opened his mouth and could lay down two eggs.

Jiang Doudou nodded triumphantly, and said with a smile: "Brother, I told you a long time ago that Jiang Doudou is a girl with a talent of 200 points in martial arts!"

Jiang Ci shook his head repeatedly, unbelievable.

In the end, Jiang Ci personally tested Jiang Doudou in the martial arts museum before he truly believed that Jiang Doudou had indeed become extraordinary!

After doing it for a long time, it turns out that Jiang Doudou is the genius of this family!

He has a few catties or two, Jiang Ci's psychology is very clear, if there is no experience value panel, with his original small body, he is completely a martial arts scum.

Jiang Ci was very happy to learn of such results.

In this way, Jiang Doudou has the power to protect himself, and he can feel more at ease.

In the following days, Jiang Ci concentrated on training to improve his strength, and Jiang Doudou officially began his high school life.

On this day, Jiang Ci was called to the office center of Xuantian Wuguan and saw Lu Shan again.

"Senior Lu, have you found the result?" Jiang Ci was calm, not as impulsive as last time.

"I found out that the target of the two ordinary gangsters is indeed your sister. The underground organization they belong to has been entrenched in Beishan Mansion for many years, and has persecuted the families of many warriors. It was cleared by our law enforcement bureau late last night!" The expression on Lu Shan's face was not pretty, because it was the failure of the law enforcement bureau.

"Did Shen Guang and the Blood Killing Squad instigate it?" Jiang Ci asked, he was concerned about this.

"No evidence is found. The contact information of this underground organization is very secret. Even they don't know who the employer is." Lu Shan shook his head.

He said: "However, according to your speculation, Shen Guang and the Blood Killing Squad are indeed very suspicious. I will send people from the Law Enforcement Bureau to focus on them. The problem is that once they go to the wilderness area, the Law Enforcement Bureau will have no way. , So you have to be careful when you encounter it in the future!"

Jiang Ci took a deep breath and nodded seriously.

It seems that this threat will ultimately be resolved by yourself!

strength! He also needs to improve his strength!

This is the era of warriors. Only if the strength is strong enough can you not be afraid of threats and guard the people around you!

After Jiang Ci left, there was another middle-aged man with a rich attitude in Lu Shan.

"Brother Han, are you here for what happened the other day?" Lu Shan asked directly.

Han Chuan was not polite, and said, "Who is it?"

"Song Hai of Yunshan Martial Arts Center, it's a pity to let him run away in advance!" Lu Shan said solemnly.

"I felt something was wrong with Song Hai a few years ago! Fortunately, I found out this time, otherwise he has been hiding in the dark, which is really hard to watch out for." Han Chuan sighed.

Lu Shan nodded slightly, indeed, if a C-rank martial artist hiding in the dark, if he deliberately spoiled him, the threat would be great.

"In addition, thank the young man named Jiang Ci for me. If it weren't for him, Yingxue would be dangerous." Han Chuan said again.

"This is easy to say, take the money!" Lu Shan stretched out his hand.

Han Chuan shook his head and smiled bitterly: "You haven't changed at all."


Time passed quickly, and more than a month passed in a blink of an eye.

New Moon Year 92, October 15th.

At the gate of Tongtian Community, apart from Zhou Yang, the other four of the crazy dragon team assembled again, ready to set off to the wilderness area.

They originally planned to set off on September 30, but at that time Liu Hao and Tian Chenfeng hadn't fully digested the D-class body strengthening potions, so they postponed it for another half month and only set off today.

The four of them were fully armed, and waved away under the bidding of their families.

Jiang Doudou stood at the gate of the community, and when he couldn't see Jiang Ci's back, he turned and went home without saying a word.

"Jiang Ci, you are going to die outside, and I won't let you be a ghost!"

The same thing, she said in her heart this time.

The four of the crazy dragon team took a special car to the restaurant on the 88th floor of the Warrior Association.

Because the railcar to the outside of the city has not arrived yet, they gather here first.

"In the past month or so, everyone's strength has improved. Starting today, our team is all D-class!" Wang Dalong said happily.

The three Jiang Ci also laughed.

Especially Liu Hao and Tian Chenfeng, the two of them have successfully entered the ranks of D-class warriors after using D-class body strengthening potions.

"Captain, since our squad is so strong, why not make a big wave and go to a bigger ruined city!" Liu Hao said excitedly.

A bigger ruined city!

Not only Liu Hao, but Jiang Ci and Tian Chenfeng were also moved.

The larger the ruined city, the more monsters hiding in it, and correspondingly, the easier it is to see powerful monsters.

"That's the intention! But my idea is to go to Ruins 09! What do you think?" Wang Dalong smiled.

"No. 09!"

Liu Hao and Tian Chenfeng were startled.

"Captain, this is too risky, right? The ruins of the wilderness area around the various government cities of the Great Xia Kingdom, No. 09 is the ninth dangerous degree!" Liu Hao said.

Tian Chenfeng also opened his mouth and said: "Captain, I can't as well go to Ruins No. 052. There are fewer mountains and the degree of danger is mid-to-high. With our team's current strength, it's just right."

Jiang Ci's eyes moved slightly and remained silent.

Ruins No. 09, Huizhou in the old times.

As an ordinary prefecture-level city in the old era, in this era, the degree of danger can rank ninth in the wilderness area of Daxia Country.

The reason is also very simple.

Because next to Ruins 09 is the famous Yishan!

In myths and legends, Huangdi is the place where he refines alchemy and becomes immortal.

Although the myths and legends are mostly illusory, many strange things happened there after the aura recovered.

In addition, the monsters living in Yishan have become much stronger than other places.

Ruins No. 09 is the closest city to Yishan in old times.

In the new era, there are countless powerful monsters hidden in this ruin.

In comparison, the ruins of No. 052, which is the old city of Luzhou, belong to the hilly plains, with sparse mountains and lower risk.

When Liu Hao and Tian Chenfeng put forward their opinions, Wang Dalong looked at Jiang Ci and smiled: "Jiang Ci, what do you think?"

Jiang Ci thought for a while and smiled softly: "Martial artist, of course it is a little challenging! I agree with the captain's opinion!"

"Haha, that's right, Liu Hao, Chenfeng, don't worry, the ruins of No. 09 are so big, we don't go to the most dangerous place as soon as we get up and down, and we will go step by step." Wang Dalong said with a smile.

Liu Hao and Tian Chenfeng nodded, letting go.

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