I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 545

Chapter 543: Tianling Original Liquid

Tonggu continent, hundreds of millions of kilometers away, it is barren and starry sky.

A third-grade immortal boat directly accelerates the speed of his light and shuttles into the Yiyuan space.

Inside the Xianzhou, Jiang Ci had finished the transmission, facing the starry sky map of the ninth battlefield.

"The human race came out of the ninth battlefield Tian 360 two line barracks, and the No. 1 military barracks, the ninth battlefield human camp, is from its headquarters." Jiang Ci adjusted the direction of the Xianzhou shuttle according to the starry sky map.

Barracks No. 1 came out of the ancient continent on three sides,

To imagine a continent to break its human race powerhouse, need to rest it for a long time, I will become a li.

Get down to heart, Jiang Ci Xianda people rest it.

The matter asked Master Jiujianxian to help find the Nether Ghost Tower where to buy it, and when the deal was reached, the No. 1 military camp was set.

According to the starry sky map, the No. 1 barracks left the incident six thousand years ago.

If Ta Ya was flying at the speed of light, I am afraid that there will be seven or eight thousand and Cai Shan Xin...

So second, when the communication was over just now, the matter was changed to the third grade immortal boat. He passed through the starry sky outside the ancient continent and traveled through the source space.

1 light sum in the source space is equal to 3,600 light sum in the original universe,

In addition to the third and third grade immortal boat, it is 100 times the speed of light, and the first seven will go to the mountain to drive him.


Seven is the heart in a blink of an eye.

Jiang Cijia faced the Third Grade Immortal Boat, and walked through the source space.

As soon as he re-started, he felt his reckless aura, spreading out his dreams.

Looking around, I saw a huge mountain range above it, stretching for 100,000 kilometers.

One of the mountains, the sky is opposite to the palaces in an obviously adult style.

Before Tianhui, he pierced the armor with a gun and robbed the immortal armor soldiers, and patrolled out of the mountains and sky.

Jiang said that the immortal boat immediately welcomed the three soldiers from the Tianyi team to verify their identities.

In terms of the status of the out-of-the-world identity badge, I think the two-hearted Cheng Haotian will find the main problem.

Things went well, it entered the No. 1 barracks as the Ershan Haijianxian.

"Master Shanhai, the barracks assigns the Palace No. 41 to the people." Responsible for receiving Jiang Ci's captain and respecting him Zhong Jiang Ci to go through the camp-only procedures.

Seven Tribulations Immortal level, it is the strong, out of the ninth battlefield human camp, the next is the strongest, the next is the weakest.

In short, if you leave the barracks to rest for a long time, think about some of the most advanced but heavenly three catastrophe immortal, it will rob the immortal armorer, you must dare to neglect it.

Jiang Ci was wearing gold and black armor, with a long sword behind his back, his face pale and he turned to the 41st palace.

In time, form a team of robbers, and use spiritual sense to speak and talk.

"I want Master Liangshanhai to know the main calendar of Dashi, Er Yi has not seen the heart."

"I am in the human camp, and I went out of the Tong Ancient Continent to trespass in the past two and seven calamities, but one of them practiced swordsmanship, and I will see you next."

"The Seven Tribulations Sword Immortal, the actual combat power is probably better than that of the Eight Tribulations Immortal."

"Just righteous, I have already talked about the Seven Tribulations Immortal Two or Three that are strong without authorization. In case he is probed by his spiritual sense, it's unlucky for you!"

The most waiting to become the captain of the two soldiers, the Spiritual Sense Transmission scolded.

Mind, do it look at Jiang Ci? It looks back at Sanjiayi a few times.

Seven Tribulation Immortals in Tonggu Continent are two or three powerhouses, and the number is even lower.

In the No. 1 barracks, he was responsible for the task of receiving the captain of the army.

Thinking of the sword fairy of the two mountains and the sea, the two are really good-seeing.

"Let's make Shandagang the first ninth battlefield, the country will pay attention to it."

It's a good day to doubt the identity of Jiang Ci, but it is important to remember it, to avoid the second time of the country, where is the righteous person in the country, the country is sinful!


Barracks No. 1 thinks of some palaces. Basically, I give them to the strong Jiexian for rest.

Because of the shortage of resources in the battlefield three, the palaces are not even larger in scale, and it occupies an area of one hundred square kilometers.

It's absolutely righteous enough to take care of it and make more rest during the work.

Jiang Ci came out of Palace No. 41 and stayed there, waiting for Master Jiujian to tell the matter.

Waiting for it to take care of it, what a leisurely matter.

"First explain the market conditions first."

It is spiritually aware of the Communication Bead and sweeps it on three sides, and then it becomes a three-dimensional phantom.

Tongxintong Quzhiyan network, enter the treasure pavilion of Zixiaozong in Yi.

"Search the ghost tower."

Quickly, the three-dimensional phantom is changing for a while, and the product information is detailed from the current meaning.


"Netherworld Ghost Tower (Top Grade Immortal Device): 800,000 points, a component of the formation-type magic weapon Nether Ghost Prison."

"Nether Ghost Prison: 70 billion points, a magic weapon of the ghost tribe formation, consisting of 100,000 taels of ghost towers."


"One or two 800,000 points!" Jiang Ci was surprised.

It is no wonder that the two strongest ghost races are more subdued and have negotiated a deal with the matter, willing to spend 1 billion points in exchange for 10,000 taels of ghost towers.

"The Zixiaozong Treasure Pavilion gave it a price, and the whole set of it needs 70 billion points.

Then it's open, buying 100,000 taels of Ghost Tower at a time, the mountain is cheaper by 10 billion points. "

"Even so, 70 billion is worth the price!"

Go back to be a little poorer, the Nine Tribulations Immortal, I miss the wealth before the Lord.

Mom, think but the price of Big Treasure Pavilion,

I want to sell it to some ghost towers, I must sell it for two prices,

If she sells it for her freshman year, someone else will buy it at the second treasure chest, so she wants to buy it from the opponent.

"Second-hand goods are sold at half the price of two to three. It is content." Jiang Ci laughed.

Thinking about it as an unexpected gain, it is far beyond the mind.

"I know that the sky is good and the sky is speeding up the refining of the source, the treasure, it?" Jiang Ci flashed in his mind and thought again.

Immediately, a search keyword on the Internet of the Eyes of All Things: The Treasure of Origin + Accelerated Refining...

It turned out to be few in other countries, three-dimensional phantoms, but the sky was lonely with a message.

"The original liquid for removing spirits is the ultimate treasure for accelerating refining. 1 gram of it will provide a hundred times its refining speed, and the effect will last ten times..."

Hou Mianzhi is accompanied by an enlightened use.

Jiang Cixia knows that it is big, and if it is a disciple of Da Jiuxiao Daojun, it has extremely high authority. In fact, I will search for him after thinking about a piece of information.

Because Zhongbenyuan Zhibao has three peak ethnic groups, I belong to top-secret information.

Usually, but innocent monarch two or three, the strong are talented to know.

"One gram of work provides a hundred times its refining speed, and it lasts ten times!"

Jiang Ci is most concerned about its content.

The matter quickly entered the Zixiaozong Treasure Pavilion again and searched for the price of Quling Original Liquid.

"Quling original liquid (1g): 1 billion points..."

Jiang's words are dumbfounded.

Really grabbing money!

1 gram sells 1 billion points!

The balance of points is 5.4 billion.

So it's open, two things show its direction, first Danshan bought 5 grams.


Jiang Ci gritted his teeth and bought 4 grams of justice...

The money is right, but a series of numbers are big, and it is transformed into strength, and then it is the most correct way.

Starting from the beginning, if the Sanzhong Mountain of Refining Huayi is the second most important thing, and if it goes out of the battlefield, its survival power will be greatly improved.

As soon as he waited, he spent another 1 billion points to buy a superb immortal boat.

Because the top grade Xianzhou Moshan improves its life-saving power,

For a long time, righteousness will get rid of the strong ghost clan and it will chase him, and he will spend 100 million points for righteousness.

If there are too many things, it is the best immortal boat, and you will leave with speed and spend money to waste money.

Place the order, pay, and fill in the delivery address, all in one go.

When he appeared, he waited for the Zixiao Sect to send someone to the ninth battlefield.

The Terran camp fixes its transportation team, and the sound resource has sent him two battlefields in the Terran territory.

So second, when you go out of the field to buy things in the mountains, you have already increased some expenses.

"The extraterritorial battlefield is extremely dangerous. It is normal for the transportation team to take the risk to deliver goods and charge some express fees." Jiang Cihui understood a little bit.

If you want to spend 4 billion points every time, you can pay 4 million points for express delivery...

In the second quarter, it happened that the headquarters of Zixiaozong had cultivated it for a long time, and it was the most dangerous to get to the prison-level task in two. The reward was 1 million points.

It turns out that buying something once and paying for the courier fee is far more than a reward for two tasks.

Jiang Ciyi finally understood that at the beginning, Master Jiujianxian encouraged things to be rushed, and he has already planned to compete with it in stages.

When things move to a higher level, only a few discoveries are made. In fact, its a good idea that nature has become the main focus.

Back on the first one, when you entered the Zixiao Sect, it was like some people, such as Zhiwei, Mu Ning, Yan Jiufeng and others. I am older than you.

It appeared that things had already become known to some people so far as to get out of righteousness.

The matter has now become a battle between two immortals and eight tribulations, and they have become disciples of deceased talents, with the view that but God knows its combat power and achieves righteousness and one tribulation.

If you think about it, you can choose from home, like choosing to work step by step and accumulate the foundation.

Being a mother, Zhitians one or two is the most important reason.

Its the experience value panel every day, while others are good,

Because of the two things, Caishan chose to keep going, and spent a lot of time to accumulate the foundation.


After shopping, Jiang Ci wanted to relax in the military camp.

After all, I want to make peace five hundred years ago, and I will fight to save my heart, and my spirit has been tight, right?

I want to film the palace residential area.

Come back soon, Jiang Ci is the identity of the sword fairy of the two mountains and seas, and is familiar with things.

After all, there is a human camp, the Seven Tribulations Sword Immortal is a great high-end combat power,

Even if things are moving to make friends with people, so many heavens and people are just knowing things.

It is extremely dangerous to pass through the ancient continent. I met a couple of strong friends before, so I used Sanyi wherever I decided.

The No. 1 Barracks is always there for leisure and entertainment. Jiang Ci often goes out to drink in a tavern or two.

"Shanhai, what do people want to be the main wine? It only drinks the former righteousness than Diku Ma Xing."

The tavern, with one or two faces like a kind and gentleman, raises the right glass to clear Jiang's words.

This person's name is Su Zhi, who is called Su Zhi Sanren, who is the older of the Eight Tribulations Immortal!

I think Dajiang Ci went to the barracks yesterday to make friends with it, and it is speculation if people talk about the country.

"Why do you want to have a good place to drink? Good day, drink a little less." Jiang Ci chuckled and shook again. Good day revealed any information like the identity of Tianguan.

Pay attention, think about the content of the sentence, and ridicule it casually about the big things.

It's because of the fact that it drank its wine, and when the ball is gone, take it with him. It is really good.

"It's so true!" Su Zhisan tasted the wine, looking intoxicated.

Jiang Ci Xiaoyi smiles, good days do from any evaluation.

When it comes to drinking, its posture and artistic conception, and it is a good idea for the heaven and the mountain to be better than the wine.

"Hey, people want two wines, and Zhida compares Xinruyun fairy to make wine.

But it was a pity, sending out thirty thousand peaces to fall into righteousness, and becoming the only winemaker in the ancient continent of Datong. Su Zhisan sighed.

"Fairy Ruyun?" Jiang Ci was pleasant to hear.

"A Nine Tribulations immortal from the Guanghan Sect, when there is a great ninth battlefield, it will be a peerless character..." Su Zhi's eyes were reminiscent.

"Nine Tribulations Immortal?!" Jiang Ci was surprised, "I want to wait for the strong to come out of the Ancient Continent, which is already the top one, how can it fall? Longevity is exhausted?"

"Sixty thousand peaces of life and righteousness, why the master's life is exhausted, and the ancient gods will fall into the abyss." Su Zhisan sighed again.

Jiang Cidu felt his mother.

The matter happened through the ancient continent rushing righteously to make peace before the Lord, and when you are a mother, listen to the abyss of the ancient gods.

Chengli Datong Ancient Continent is a restricted area, claiming that the Ninth Battlefield is the most dangerous place.

Even the Nine Tribulations Immortal, I have been cautious about it when it was born, and when the world was cautious, Tian Zuo Mountain was in crisis of life and death.


Connecting to the head, Jiang Ci waited for Master Jiu Jianxian to send him a message, while leaving the barracks to make friends with one or two, two, seven, two, three, human race experts.

Three times later, Jiu Jianxian finally took the lead in the news.

Go to the Tribulation Immortal Palace, there is a Nine Tribulations Immortal, who is interested in the ghost tower and is willing to talk about things.

Resume quickly, led by the immortal Jiujian, Jiang Ci is like a teleportation phantom of the Nine Tribulations Immortal, and he wins the ball to gather him.

Jiu Jian Xian pointed to the old man who made two cranes and made a childlike face, and introduced: "Jiang Ci, I want to be a child from the Promise."

"See the heart boy Tuo Xian Weng." Jiang Ci respectfully salutes it, one of the six sects of the Three Sects of the Promise Sect Alliance, you and her are extremely powerful.

"Haha, I have long heard that people want the two people to go to its name. When I saw it today, Guoma went down!" Tongtuo Xianweng laughed.

"Former Xie Xianweng praised." Jiang Ci smiled lightly.

Jiu Jian Xian confronted the wine gourd, interrupted it to be polite, and said, "Go straight to the point, ten thousand taels of ghost tower, Tong Tuo, what is the main price for people?"

"Fifty thousand and see you next, Renjiujian Xianzhi wants to make it easy." Tong Tuo smiled and shook again.

Ma Hou opened up to Jiang Ci again: "The ground is the first to explain the meaning, and the people become 10 thousand taels of ghost towers. How many days ago did you complete it?"

Jiang Cidan waved his hand as a freshman, and the 10,000 taels of Nether Ghost Tower Tongxin Phantom appeared from the beginning.

"But the first two days of Tian Hundred are a little bit damaged, and everything is completely complete." Jiang Cisheng became a separate list of the first two hundred days from the beginning.

Thinking of it, there are many battles in the ghost prison, and some celestial light beams accidentally hurt him.

Tong Tuo was satisfied with it a little bit again, and smiled: "The National People's Congress clock is away from its apprentice, so it's a loss for people to get down. 12,000 Nether Ghost Tower, 6 billion points, how about?"

Jiang Ci silently made a sound, and the family justice Jiu Jianxian glanced.

"7 billion." Jiu Jianxian drank Yikou wine.

"6.5 billion!" Tong Tuo changed his face.

"6.8 billion." Jiu Jianxian put the wine gourd.

Tong Tuo stared at his eyes, and his family said to Jiu Jianxian, "Zhong Li! People want to kill them!"

"People made two spend 8 billion other places to buy them in the Zixiaozong Treasure Pavilion." Jiujianxian smiled.

Crane made a childlike face, it was a child-bearing fairy, and was choked by thinking of a word to ease its mind.

In the end, the two sides reached a price of RMB 26.8 billion.

When the transaction was concluded, Tong Tuo directly transferred 6.8 billion points to Jiang Ci.

As for the goods, he was brought more by the ninth battlefield human race transportation team to the children.

Tong Tuo Mo was afraid that Jiang's words would be accounted for, and he would pass on his disciples to his disciples in the dignified Human Race era and Jiuxiao Daojun, and Zhi Xia wanted to plant a low price.


A long time ago, when I came out of the ninth battlefield Human Race No. 1 barracks, it was Jiang Ci, and he saw what he called its transportation team, and Ma Housheng gave the 10,000 taels of the ghost tower to the righteous opponent.

Be a mother, entrust the transportation team to deliver it, so I have paid for it.

Think about it for a trip, and one million more points, Qian Dajiang Cicong.

Thinking about 6.8 billion points for the country, its beyond thinking about expenses.

Mahou, things were looking forward to it waiting for another half and two months before finally seeing him in another transportation team.

Think about it, and deliver it in bulk.

It happened that Zixiaozong's Treasure Pavilion bought it, and finally he was righteous!

No. 41 Barracks Palace.

The leader of the Four Tribulations of the transport team, with three heads and one or two storage rings in both hands.

You respect it and salute Jiang Ci: "Master Shanhai, please check the goods."

Jiang Ci connects to the storage ring, and uses the spiritual sense to simplify it. When it is refined, it will clean up the things in the storage space.

But seeing the sky inside is a magnificent flying boat, Zhengda's best immortal boat.

When Mom comes out of the storage space, it is full of heart, 4 drops of pea-sized colorful liquid in a day, Qu Ling original liquid!

"Before thanking you." Jiang smiled softly when the words were checked.

"Master Shan Zhong Shan Hai serves, it is an honor for the earth!" The leader of the transportation team, Dunduo, smiled.

It's a matter of 30,000 justice and the captain of its transportation team, but it is rare to see him thinking that he is like the Seven Tribulations Immortal and the Great Sword Immortal.

As soon as Jiang Ci and the other transportation team left, they waited for it to enter the training room of the righteous palace.

I want to isolate the effects of spiritual consciousness from the sky in the two practice rooms, and practice in the wrong way. It is absolutely safe to open, but absolutely confidential.

With its strength, the second item shows its origin and treasure.

Therefore, it takes a long time to refining and refining, and it is necessary to ensure that it is discovered when it descends.

In the training room, Jiang Ci flipped through his hands and took four drops of Qu Ling original liquid.

It is colorful and liquid, emitting a halo to its intoxicating.

"It improves the refining speed by 100 times, the effect lasts ten times,

I hope that with 4 drops of Quling Original Liquid, the mountain can quickly refine the second layer of Sanzhong Mountain, and the first layer of the second and pass to the building! "

Counting as many rooms, he had gone to the building to make peace 1,500 years ago.

There are a total of ninety-nine seals in the building, the first level of refining, and it is the power of one ten thousandth from the original source of thought.

According to the spirit and neon clothes, it started talking, and the mountain easily killed the Nine Tribulations.

Jia Lianhua Tong went to the building, the first important need has many rooms, Jiang's poems show faith.

Thinking about making peace 1,500 years ago, Nishang has been out to absorb some monster Jiexian corpses and its immortal power, refining the first seal,

Although Kaikuai refines the meaning of success, but thinking of the word "quick" is like "Masan is only one or two."

The difference between the previous aspirations needs two, four, five hundred and...

The original liquid of Tianyi Qu Ling appeared, and finally used it before becoming the Lord Jiu Yi.


Jiang Ci used enlightenment according to Qu Ling's original liquid, and began to refine the triple mountain statue to pass to the building.


Many time passed, in a blink of an eye one hundred and hearts.

Tonggu Continent, there is an endless ocean and three sky.

A golden light whizzed its sword light, with its sharp sword intent, cut through tens of thousands of kilometers of its void, and directly cut one or two celestial bodies beyond the heart of a thousand meters into the Seven Tribulations of the Demon Race.

"Ah! Mountain and Sea Sword Immortal! Damn it, Shanhai Sword Immortal!" The Seven Tribulations Immortal of the Monster Race was frightened and angry with half of them left, fleeing frantically.

But it was a good idea to escape from one hundred thousand kilometers, a figure with sword light on the gust of wind, directly crossed one hundred thousand kilometers, and penetrated its body.

The primordial spirit is annihilated, and the huge power of its inaction and immortality spreads,

When Jiang Ci's thoughts moved, it went to the building and swallowed up some fairy power.

Mom waited for the two demon clan Jiexian to store magic weapons and left them quickly.

Baihexins, things have been refined and Yitong went to Louta's first seal,

Now I use neon clothes, I can control myself to go to the building to devour some fairy power.

Because Zhong Nishang was found in danger from the palm of his hand.

Compared with the ordinary immortal implements and other spirits, the original source is the most precious of other spirits, and even one or two intelligent lives. It is obvious to the heavens where it is under you.

In case he meets a strong man before he sees it, he will find that he wants to plant you at a glance.

And the value of going to the building is far beyond Sanzhongshan.

Jiang Ci has long reminded him that he hasn't reached the level of the Taoist monarch, and he must go down the mountain and go to the building to deposit it.

Keep in mind this statement, so the second Nishang Shanxia from the hand, Zhida as far as possible from the hand.

After all, it turned out to be hunting its opponents. Before returning to the Seven Tribulations Immortal of the Great Alien Race, I will set a specific one to see the extraordinary powers, and the mountain recognizes where you are from the neon clothes.

"Ten peace again from the beginning, and we will deal with the spoils."

Jiang Ci drove the best immortal boat and quickly flew to the starry sky hundreds of millions of kilometers away from the ancient continent,

Mahou shuttled into the source space and shuttled in the direction of the Human Race No. 1 Barracks.

It helps to go out of the original essence of the spirit, but only with Yi Thirty He, refining Yi Tong to go to the first double of the building like the second double of Sanchong Mountain.

As a two-opener, he can't think of a treasure of origin, and he has gone out of the field of battle. It has been a good day before the young and strong mountain threatened him.

Things continue to go out of the battlefield to hone their visions, and aim to perfect the mountain and sea swords.

Ever since the flaws of the Six Forms of Righteous Universe are discovered, things have always come out with the power of comprehension of the five elements, which merge with mystery

In the already sounded five elements system, its five-two secret technique moves, truly integrated into his universe and six-style other system.

In this case, all kinds of battles were carried out, and secondly, I asked for the inspiration of fighting.

However, Baihe Hearts showed up, and things were still well understood.

Under my mind, tell Jiang Ci instinctively, quick meaning!

When he returned to the No. 1 barracks, Chengliang was responsible for taking in the captain of it, with a smile on his face.

"Master Shanhai, if you want to return from Shihe for the second time, you will get a little bit from your family."

"Zhi Zuo Er." Jiang Ci chuckled and pointed again.

"Palace No. 41 is right for the adults, and the adults will do their righteousness directly." Captain Jia returned his enthusiasm.

"Before thanking you." Jiang Ci smiled and smiled.

Thinking of Baihe Shangtou, things have already figured out the various relationships between Yi Xia No. 1 Barracks and it, so make friends with Yi Xia Shao Seven Tribulation Immortals and two and three powerful people.

Under normal circumstances, the Seven Tribulations Immortal Two and Three are strong, and the big crumbs are like thinking of the Three Tribulations Immortal and the Two Three Tribes to communicate with him.

Jiang's words were unexpected, and it was like a warrior in a military camp.

So every time I look back, my enthusiasm is returned to me, God only has benefits, so I leave things right.

Waiting for Jiang's words to wait, a team of Jie Xian Jiashi was able to speak through spiritual knowledge and voice transmission.

"At the beginning, the country felt that the country's mountains and seas were extremely popular, and now it has the wrong eyes to be a monk. If you think about it, it will be the name of the ancient continent!"

"Great, listen to thirty and a half, Lord Shanhai will kill the ghost tribe camp and its eight calamities, seven tribes and eight tribes, so many two and seven tribesmen will be him in the human camp!"

"The most important thing is that it has big ideas and is willing to deal with immortals. It is really admirable."


Think of the Jie Xian Jia Shi and know it, and Jiang Ci has long heard it clearly because of its discussion.

Xia Dajiang Ci deliberately eavesdropped on it, and its spiritual consciousness habitually maintains a state of diffusion in major events, and unintentionally listens to his meaning.

"Seven Tribulations and Eight Tribulations?" Jiang Ci chuckles.

Exactly it is open, the great harmony will kill you!

Thirty and with it become a battle, Dashanhaijianxian it became famous.

When killing Yicheng two ghost tribes and eight tribe immortals, the name of the sword fairy of mountains and seas completely spread out the Tonggu Continent.

The three pinnacle races have one camp, basically I know the two names of Yixiang.

"It is a trick to make a battle with the heart, and the attack power of the swordsmanship of the earth is actually killing the Eight Tribulations Immortal..." Jiang Ci swayed secretly.

Once it was against the Great Ghost Race Eight Tribulations Immortal, it just practiced its peacock view as a means of restraining the Ghost Race.

In my mind, it has a colorful lotus platform on the top of the soul, and the second and the golden light of the soul, which directly dissipates the ghost energy and suppresses its strength.

The three things have been deep in the ghost prison for many hours, why is it showing the strength of the two mountains, the colorful lotus platform is like the golden light of the soul,

But when the other party has the means to completely suppress the righteousness, let it be better and better.

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