I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 554

Chapter 552: Great Movement Terrifying Record Seeking Subscription

The five-color sword light swept across, the galaxy shattered and turned into nothingness,

The colorful energy and the terrifying breath surging out of nothingness swept over thousands of kilometers.

The three ghost tribes in the torrent of energy, but Dimo and Shu Lian of the Nine Tribulations, were first swept by the terrifying five-color sword light.

"Roar... I'm not reconciled!" Dimo roared.

"Damn human race! I'll wait for playing tricks!" Shu Lian screamed in grief.

At this moment, they very much suspected that this sword fairy had hidden his cultivation base and specially came to play with their alien races on the battlefield outside the territory.

However, no matter what they think, it's useless to be unwilling.

The golden light of Jiang Ci's primordial spirit dispelled boundless ghosts, and the sword of the five elements swept across their fairy bodies with terrifying power.

The ghoul Dimo and the Raksha Shulian, the soul and the fairy body, were annihilated in an instant.

In the end, the one who was still alive was the golden yak's wishbone who was fleeing frantically.

He saw Dimo and Shu Lian, beheaded by a sword,

Then the sword's power remained undiminished, and it struck him again.

"Sword Fairy of Mountains and Seas, my father is the ghost king of ghosts, you can't kill me!" Gu Jiong was still struggling.

"Not even Daoist!" Jiang Ci sneered.

The undead Taoist's account has not been settled yet!

He has also heard of the ghost king of ghosts.

This is the top true monarch of the ghost tribe, an ancient existence who has lived for endless years,

Just like the six true monarchs of Zixiaozong and the true monarch of Taoism, it is second only to the monarch.

Moreover, this ghost king is the creator of the ghost hell, and he is very famous.

"I can give you all the treasures I have, a treasure worth nearly 100 billion ghost crystals!" Gu Jiong was really anxious.

"Kill you, the treasure is mine." Jiang Ci was unmoved.

"Ah! Shanhai Sword Fairy, you must not die!" Gu Jiong roared desperately.

One hundred thousand kilometers of five elements of sword light fell on him.

Even the Nine Tribulations Immortal cannot hold up this sword, let alone a Seven Tribulations Immortal,

This Jin Yasha was annihilated instantly.

Jiang Ci looked at the broken starry sky that was rapidly recovering?

One person killed four Nine Tribulations Immortal, one Eight Tribulations Immortal, and One Seven Tribulations Immortal?

If this kind of record is spread, it will definitely cause an uproar in the universe.

But Jiang Ci's mood was very calm? Like after climbing to a peak? The passion suddenly disappeared, and the feeling was dull.

Nine Tribulations Immortal is so easy to kill? Really boring.

"Their net worth should be quite a lot!" Jiang Ci shook his head, tossing aside what he had just thought? He was full of motivation again.

Has climbed to a peak now? There are still many hills waiting for him to conquer!

His figure flashed continuously, and he collected the magic treasures scattered in this starry sky,

At the same time, the Masterless Immortal Forces of the six alien tribes who fell behind were also swallowed by the Tongtian Tower.

"There are indeed many treasures on this Golden Yaksha? There are more treasures than the Nine Tribulations Immortal. It is worthy of being the child of the Ghost King Nether." Jiang Ci was pleasantly surprised.

Roughly estimated, the value is really close to 100 billion points!

Counting four Nine Tribulations Immortals, one should be very poor.

This shot? It's a big gain!

"Also, it's not over yet!"

Jiang Ci didn't leave? Standing in the void, waiting quietly.

Because his spiritual sense has discovered that 90 million kilometers away in the starry sky, a high-grade immortal boat shuttled out?

There is an Eight Tribulations Immortal? Six Seven Tribulations Immortals.

This shows that the six alien Jiexian who died just now, before dying, passed his current location.

Presumably there will be a lot of alien powerhouses rushing here.

The facts are indeed as expected by Jiang Ci. In the next ten minutes, one after another top-grade and top-grade immortal boats arrived one after another.

They are all powerful aliens who are closer to this location, just within a hundred light-year radius around.

Jiang Ci's spiritual sense clearly detected that the first group of powerful immortals who came there were 3 immortals, 146 immortals, and 79 immortals.

According to the division of camps, there are 115 monster camps, 90 ghost camps, and 23 human camps.

In fact, within a hundred light-year radius, there are usually not so many tribulation immortals.

But due to the recent storm caused by ancient mysterious Tibet,

Many powerful foreigners above the Seven Tribulations Immortal are hunting in areas closer to the Human Race No. 1 Barracks, wanting to wait for the sword fairy to come out.

As for why there are fewer human races, the reason is that strong people in the same camp cannot kill each other.

Since Human Jiexian definitely can't compete for the ancient mysterious Tibet, everyone's enthusiasm is not so high, and few are willing to come.

At this time, the first batch of alien Jiexian who arrived, felt that they had hit a big luck.

No matter how high the cultivation level is, they are all crazy for the four words of ancient mysterious Tibetan!

However, when they came to the range of tens of thousands of kilometers from Jiang Ci, they were all a little confused.

With the strength of their spiritual consciousness, they can naturally find the black armored youth standing in the void.

"Something's wrong! Obviously there has just been a big battle here, and a lot of space with a radius of tens of millions of kilometers is still in a broken state!"

"But how come there is only one Sword Fairy of Mountains and Seas? What about the uncle who has spread the news?"

"Is this a trap?"

"It doesn't matter, rush up and kill him! Seize the ancient mysterious treasure!"

"Kill! The ancient mystery is mine!"

The robbers of these demon and ghost camps are all fierce flames and ghosts raging, or they are excited, roaring, or hideous and laughing,

They rushed to Jiang Ci from all directions at the fastest speed of the three Nine Tribulations Immortals, approaching the speed of light.

On the other side, among the first batch of Tribulation Immortals, there are also 23 Human Tribe Tribe Immortals, and their cultivation bases are all above the Seven Tribe Immortals.

"What to do? Do you want to help?" An Eight Tribulations Immortal said.

"This...how to help? Go to die!" A Seven Tribulations Immortal smiled bitterly.

"Sword Fairy Shanhai was too courageous, and too careless. I guess he was trapped by the alien." Someone sighed.

"This is a self-defeating move, I hope he can survive..."

"Help him luck!"

No one dared to go up to help with 23 human tribes. It wasn't that they didn't help, but they couldn't help at all.

There are a total of 205 alien tribe immortals, among them there are 3 nine tribe immortals, how can I help?

Of course, these Human Tribulation Immortals also came with other ideas.

Its just a pity that the current situation is beyond their expectations.

Even if you have a bad heart, you can only hide it in your heart honestly.

"I am a little puzzled, why didn't he run? He had a chance to escape just now.

Now there are aliens in all directions, and if you want to escape, there is no chance. "

"I'm afraid it's because of the great opportunity of the ancient mysterious Tibet suddenly. There is a problem with the mentality?"

"The extreme point is that this Shanhai Sword Fairy was not very famous before. He is a strong man who has only risen in the last 100 years and should not have much knowledge."

The 23 human race Jiexian looked at it more than 8 million kilometers away, sighing.

On the other side, 205 alien Jiexian almost all flew to an area only 3 million kilometers away from Jiang Ci.

The three Nine Tribulations Immortals are the fastest, only one million kilometers away from Jiang Ci.

"Ancient Mysterious Zang! With this opportunity, I will have a chance to find the hope of reversing life and death!" One of the ghost clan Jiujiaoxian laughed.

"It depends on whether or not my Khazi clan can rise up this time!" Another strange-looking Nine Tribulations Immortal also looked like he was sure to win.

Although he is in the Yaozu camp, he is not the Yaozu.

"If I get the ancient mystery, I will be able to return to the race, and I will be ashamed!" The Nine Tribulations Immortal of the last demon clan camp had an extremely cruel light in his eyes.

Behind them, the other Seven Tribulations Immortals and Eight Tribulations Immortals roared like crazy.

Jiang Ci stood in the void, his expression indifferent, as if he didn't even realize the imminent crisis.


When his spiritual sense discovered that the last Seven Tribulations Immortal also came within 3 million kilometers,

He finally moved.

"Space confinement!"


The second imprisonment effect of Mie Mountain was immediately unfolded,

The space of tens of millions of kilometers was instantly stagnant.

"not good!"


"Space imprisonment! This is the true monarch's method! Escape!"

The three foreign race Nine Tribulations Immortal, including those remaining foreign race Seven Tribulations Immortal and Eight Tribulations Immortal, were all frightened.

The Nine Tribulations Immortal with a high cultivation base broke the space confinement in one second.

The remaining Seven Tribulations Immortals and Eight Tribulations Immortals struggled with horror and despair, and their cultivation bases could hardly break the imprisonment in a short time.

And Jiang Ci made a shot,

The seven styles of the sword of the mountain and the sea,

Seven sword lights that are thousands of feet long hovered around him, forming a special space with a radius of thousands of feet.

"Kill!" Jiang Ci said softly.

At a speed close to the speed of light, he suddenly cut out a million-kilometer-long five-color sword light.

Sword of the Five Elements!

The sword light is magnified ten times, although the power will be reduced a lot,

However, it can still easily kill the Seven Tribulations Immortal, severely injure the Eight Tribulations Immortal, and cause damage to the Nine Tribulations Immortal to a certain extent.

Moreover, he is more than a sword.

One after another, the five-color sword light that was millions of kilometers long was cut out one after another.


The sword of the five elements roared, sweeping a radius of 3 million kilometers.

This starry sky has become a world of swords, and sword light is raging!


As long as the Seven Tribulations Immortals and Eight Tribulations Immortals of the foreign races are swept by the five-color sword light, they will be annihilated directly, and disappear with the chaotic flow of space.

The three Nine Tribulations Immortals are the strongest, and they are still struggling to fight back.

But under the confinement of space, it is difficult for them to display the secret methods they are usually good at.

The five-color sword light fell on them first.

Their immortal bodies were constantly being cut down by sword light.

The originally very tyrannical fairy body has changed from 10% to 90%, and then to 80%, 70%...

"You can't kill me!"

"I would be a slave!"

"Human race, please spare my life!"

The three aliens of the Nine Tribulations are in a hurry!

They are the aloof Nine Tribulations Immortals, and they still have the opportunity to reverse life and death and become the endless existence of Shouyuan.

If you just die like this, it will be too bad!


Eight million kilometers away, 23 people rob the immortals, looking silly.

Just now they were still saying that Shanhai Jianxian was too careless and was completely seeking his own death.

But the next situation changed too fast!

"This...this...this is the sword fairy of Shanhai?"

"It's terrible! Even the real monarch method of space confinement can be used!"

"There is also that horrible five-color sword light, which is clearly a kendo. Why does it feel like the Five Elements Dao Fa?"

"It's going to be a big trouble now. These 205 alien tribe immortals are all powerful men above the seven tribe immortals.

Among them, the Eight Tribulations Immortal accounted for the majority, if all fell here,

The top powerhouses in the ghost and monster camps just lost one percent! "

"The two true monarchs in the two foreign races on the ninth battlefield are probably going crazy."

"Hurry up and notify the true monarch of our human camp!"


The 23 human tribe immortals didn't know, there are still more alien tribe immortals rushing here.

For example, 20 million kilometers away, an Eight Tribulations Immortal from the Xuangui clan is driving the best immortal boat to the location of Jiang Ci.

"I just watch the drama, but don't want to fight against the human race. After all, before the Endless Era, we were still good friends..." he muttered leisurely.

Not long after,


The best immortal boat came to an area only 9 million kilometers away from Jiangci.

"Ah! This..." The Eight Tribulations Immortal of the Xuangui clan stared directly, his face full of disbelief.

His spiritual sense discovered that nine million kilometers away,

A terrifying black armored human race is holding a fiery red long sword, cutting out a horrible five-color sword light, completely annihilating a demon race Nine Tribulations Immortal.

There are also two Nine Tribulations Immortals, with only 30% immortal bodies left, and they seem to die with one sword at most.

"Escape!" The Eight Tribulations Immortal of the Xuangui clan turned directly to flee here.

But the next moment, he realized that he couldn't move!

Space confinement!

"It's over!"

The Eight Tribulations of the Xuangui clan were desperate.

"Huh?" He was surprised to find that the space constraints were gone.


Without any hesitation, he shuttled away quickly!


"Mysterious tortoise? It should be from the same race as the Mysterious tortoise on earth?"

Jiang Ci remembered the memory of just embarking on the road of cultivation, and then released the Eight Tribulations Immortal Xuan Turtle.

Not only was it nostalgic, but also because of the words of the Eight Tribulations Immortal Xuangui just now, which clarified its position.

Of course, Jiang Ci only released this one.

Those alien robbers who came later were not so lucky.

With him as the center, a spherical space with a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers,

As long as the alien Jiexian comes in, he is directly imprisoned by the space, waiting for the massacre!

Yes, this is a massacre!

For the next half an hour, it was all about killing as many as they came.

Jiang Ci started to kill, and dozens or hundreds of foreign powerhouses above the Seven Tribulations Immortal fell in batches.

In just half an hour, plus the three demon tribe immortals, including the Yaoyu who initially set the game for him, and the three ghost tribe tribe immortals, including the bone Jiong who ambush him.

He killed 12 Nine Tribulations Immortals, 598 Eight Tribulations Immortals, and 1950 Seven Tribulations Immortals!

A total of 2560 top foreigners! Terrible record!

At the same time, this kind of battle also allowed Jiang Ci to become more and more adept at mastering the seven forms of the sword of the mountain and the sea, and his strength actually improved slightly.

As far as his strength is concerned, a little improvement is also very scary.

Soon, when Jiang Ci wielded a sword of five elements again, a helpless voice suddenly sounded in his ear.

"Little guy, I'm Zhenjun Yu Yuan, I will leave as soon as I kill enough! I can't stop it!"

Jiang Ci was taken aback for a moment, Yu Yuan Zhenjun?

He knows who it is, this is the true monarch of the human camp in the ninth battlefield.

According to the content of this spiritual consciousness transmission,

The true monarch of the monster camp and the ghost camp, because of his aggressive actions,

Want to bully the small with the big, kill him personally, and then be blocked by True Monarch Yu Yuan?

So now the true monarchs of the three major camps are also engaged in a battle? !

"Hurry up, Nether Ghost King is coming too!" True Monarch Yu Yuan's voice sounded in his ears again.

Jiang Ci no longer hesitated, with a slashing sword, once again beheaded two Eight Tribulations Immortals, waved away the other side's storage magic weapon.

Then use the space imprisonment, in this way, the alien Jiexian, who is in an area of tens of thousands of kilometers, can't stop his way.

Of course, no one dared to stop him anymore.

Therefore, Jiang Ci easily drove the best immortal boat, turned into a streamer, and quickly shuttled away.

In another place, those Human Tribe Jiexian who were watching should have also received news and left here one after another.

After only five minutes,

Boom boom boom!

Three terrifying figures cut through the starry sky and came one after another,

Standing in the void like a **** or demon, looking at a messy battlefield.

"Sword Fairy of Mountains and Seas, I will kill you!" Nether Ghost King roared.

The black ghost fire, like a tide, swept through this hundreds of millions of kilometers of space, and everything it went through was burned.

The other two true monarchs, who were in the ghost and monster camps, looked extremely ugly at this time.

Because they recognized through the residual aura, there are 12 Nine Tribulations Immortal, who have fallen here.

As for the entire Tonggu Continent, the three camps add up to more than 1,000 Nine Tribulations.

In addition, these remaining auras are not limited to these Nine Tribulations Immortals, there are also almost 600 Eight Tribulations Immortals, and nearly two thousand Seven Tribulations Immortals.

In other words, in this battle, nearly 10% of the top powerhouses of the two foreign camps on the ninth battlefield have fallen!

lost heavily!

What makes them even more unacceptable is that there is only one unknown mountain and sea sword fairy on the human side!


Daoyuan Ancient World, the palace of Jiujianxian.

This invincible Jiexian, who has always been chic and unruly, is holding the communication bead in his hand, frowning in thought,

Like doubt, but also like doubting life.

He was thinking, is the Shanhai Sword Fairy that Jie Xiandian is talking about now, is it the Shanhai Sword Fairy he knows?

According to the content of Jie Xiandian's discussion,

Beginning with Jianxian Shanhai discovering the traces of Yaoyu, he then left the barracks, slashed all enemies with swords, and finally disappeared in the Tonggu continent.

The whole process, there is not much time,

The time for real fighting is just over an hour,

But in just over an hour, Shanhai Jianxian killed a total of 12 Nine Tribulations, 598 Eight Tribulations, and 1950 Seven Tribulations.

This kind of record, Jiu Jianxian is confident, and he can do it too.

But this is still different!

He is the famous wine sword immortal, the invincible Jiexian, it is not surprising that he can do this step.

What about Jiang Ci?

It's just a cultivator in the co-dao period!

I have only practiced for two thousand years after I have spent my money!

Thinking of this, suddenly, a deep voice sounded in Jiu Jianxian's ear: "Zhong Li."

He quickly stood up and respectfully saluted in the direction of Jiuxiao Palace: "Meet Jiuxiao Daojun!"

"Jiang Ci's identity as the sword fairy of the mountain and sea is the top secret of the human race, remember not to tell anyone."

"Zhong Li understands!"

After waiting for a while, the sound in his ear stopped, and Jiujianxian returned to his normal posture.

He laughed freely.

"Haha! This is my apprentice!"


At this time, the Nine Heavens Realm,

Daojun Jiuxiao sat cross-legged in the sea of blood in the dead mountain, meditating.

"Although this little guy has the triple mountain that I gave him, he can remain invincible by virtue of space constraints.

But after all, he is still a cultivator of the same path, and with only a set of self-made peak battle secrets, he can easily kill the Nine Tribulations Immortal..."

As the top three peak powers of the human race, Daojun Jiuxiao naturally has many important things that he needs to pay attention to besides cultivation.

I dont have much time to pay attention to Jiang Ci.

So, he didnt know what secret Jiang Ci had,

However, Lord Nine Heavens knows very well that the universe is fair.

A cultivator who is in harmony with the Tao, even if he possesses a variety of powerful magic weapons and a powerful peak secret method, it is difficult to easily kill the Nine Tribulations.

To be precise, this is almost impossible.

Of course, compared to the long river of time,

Since countless epochs, there are indeed many geniuses of the human race in the past dynasties, who can have the strength comparable to the Nine Tribulations in the period of harmony.

But those geniuses of the era have been cultivating for nearly ten thousand years, and have accumulated a lot of background information to achieve this step.

Moreover, the geniuses of the era who can do this step, except for those who have fallen, are now at the lowest level to become true monarchs.

A few of them have even cultivated into Taoist monarchs, standing at the pinnacle of the human race!

Compared with them, Jiang Ci, the contemporary era genius of Human Race, has only cultivated for two thousand years.

To be more specific, it is still a hundred years away, only two thousand years!

What's more, comparable to the Nine Tribulations Immortal, and easily slaying the Nine Tribulations Immortal, that are two levels.

Easily slaying the Nine Tribulations Immortal belongs to the Invincible Tribulations Immortal!

Obviously, Jiang Ci's performance now is even more amazing.

"Seven practitioners, body refining mystery, meta-mystery, peacock view ideas, mind cultivation..."

"This little guy walks a lot!"

"Even Lu Yan's genius who is hard to see in the tens of billions of years, walking so many roads at the same time, I am afraid it will be difficult to reach the same level as Jiang Ci in ten thousand years."

"An existence that has repeatedly made people surprised... Could it be that the old bluestone ghost moved his hands and feet?"

These thoughts flashed quickly in Daojun Jiuxiao's mind, and he shook his head: "It seems that I need to find time to have a good chat with the little guy."

After that, he didn't think about it any more,

Because his current mind and energy are on the deity who is in danger.


In the human camp on the ninth battlefield, an invincible Jiexian was born.

This message has spread to the three pinnacle race groups, and is also known to all races in the universe.

The monsters and ghosts who suffered heavy losses can only bite their teeth and swallow them in their stomachs.

Shame, shame!

Because of these two foreign race camps, apart from the true monarch who is in the camp headquarters, there is no one who can match the sword immortal of the mountain and sea.

Space confinement on one hand, five-color sword light on the other, the powerhouse at the level of Jiexian, who will die.

So in the end, this matter can only be handled by the higher levels of Yaozu and Guizu.

So, it didn't take long for the words Shanhai Jianxian to be on the must-kill list of the Monster Race and the Ghost Race.

Unlike the genius assassination list, the must-kill list is executed by true monarchs and Taoists.

That is to say, in the eyes of the upper echelons of the Yaozu and the Guizu, only the true monarch and the Taoist can kill the sword fairy of Shanhai!

In the human race, there are not many immortal robbers who are eligible to be on this must-kill list.

Such as Jiujianxian, Nangongjianxian, Qisanxian, etc., these are the invincible Jiexian,

Today, Jiang Ci has been on the list of the killers of the alien race as the sword fairy of Shanhai.


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