I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 567

Chapter 565: Jiang Ci's Ambition

In the Tongtian Mountains and Hetu, the Daoist Meeting in the starry sky is still going on.

Jiuxiao Daojun's spirit body did not leave. He said to the Daojun and the Taoists here: "Everyone, my disciple is willing to hand in the token of the fairy palace."

The Daojun immediately laughed.

"Haha, very good! This person understands the general situation and takes the overall situation into consideration. It is worthy of the talent of my human race!" Everyone made similar comments.

"Jiu Xiao, what conditions does he want? Don't hesitate to mention it!" Finally a Daoist asked boldly.

Daojun Jiuxiao smiled, "Jiang Ci mentioned that the condition is to take back the ownership of the earth's cave world, and all the factions that were originally stationed on the earth will leave the earth."

24 thrones, 1 Tianzun, 22 Taoists,

Except for a few smiles that have not changed, the smiles on many other Taoist faces have disappeared.


"Absolutely not!"

"A token of the Immortal Palace, wants to exchange the ownership of the Earth Cave Sky World? He thinks too much!"

Those Taoists whose smiles disappeared are all voices of opposition,

Because their respective factions have personnel stationed in one or more cave worlds on Earth,

Over the past five thousand years, they have seen the magic and particularity of the earth.

Any child born on the earth will have stronger talents.

There are few bottlenecks in practice, and chances are more likely to happen.

It is as if the people on earth are higher than the outside world in terms of air luck.

For them, the earth is definitely a treasure and the foundation of a powerful force!

"Jiu Xiao, let him change his terms!"

"Change the terms, everything else can be discussed, but this one won't work!"

"There is no room for negotiation!"

The Taoists said one after another.

Jiuxiao Daojun and his disciple Emperor Miluo looked at each other, and there was some helplessness hidden in their eyes.

Obviously, this condition mentioned by Jiang Ci has already touched the interests of these Taoists.

As a person with vested interests, I am definitely not willing.

Again, people are selfish,

In normal times, Taoists will consider things from the perspective of the overall interests of the human race.

However, once their own interests are touched, things are different.

"The four tokens of Huntian Immortal Mansion only represent four chances, not the sixth-tier treasure.

A token of immortality can't change the earth's cave world! "Another Taoist said.

Daojun Jiuxiao frowned when he heard this sentence: "Everyone, more than five thousand years ago, we also held a meeting of Daojun to discuss the problems of the earth.

In the end, Jiang Ci chose 100 billion points, and then came out of the ownership of the earth cave world.

Now he wants to exchange it with the Xianfu token, why not?

100 billion points or Xianfu tokens, which is more valuable? "

"Jiu Xiao." A middle-aged Taoist with a red mole on his eyebrows retorted: "Back then, Jiang Ci was just a small person, and 100 billion points were already a sky-high price for him!

Moreover, after these five thousand years of observation, you should all understand the special and magical aspects of the earth.

After the factions are stationed on the earth, those children born on the earth,

Whether it is talent, savvy, or chance, it is far more than peers of similar blood.

Not only that, they also get chances more easily,

In terms of cultivation, I rarely encounter bottlenecks.

Even if there is a bottleneck, it can be easily broken!

These are the basis for becoming a strong one! "

"That is a magical planet, a place with great fortune, and the ancestral land of our human race!"

"At the beginning I proposed to take back all ownership of the earth directly,

In order to maintain the fairness of the heavenly decree, you did not agree to this proposal.

Finally made a concession to a little guy, then this time I can't make any more concessions. "The middle-aged Taoist has a firm tone and a tough attitude.

"I agree with what Changyuan said."

"It is true that we can no longer make concessions. The earth can continuously produce strong people, and the importance is not worse than the sixth-order treasure!"

"How can the ancestral land of the human race be completely in the hands of a little guy!"

The Daoists who had opposed opinions also spoke again, echoing the remarks of Daojun Changyuan.

"Changyuan, and everyone," Daojun Jiuxiao said blankly: "What about the immortal palace token? If you don't agree to this condition, Jiang Ci may not hand in the token!"

The middle-aged Daoist Changyuan Daojun said solemnly: "My human race does lack a Tier 6 attack treasure.

But without this treasure, we still suppress the monster race and the ghost race, and are still the strongest peak race!

For our human race, Tier 6 Attack Treasure is just icing on the cake.

Although it will affect the ethnic movement to a certain extent, it has not yet reached the point where it is related to the survival of the ethnic group! "

"Furthermore, that Xianfu token only represents a chance to get the sixth-order attack on the treasure.

Such opportunities are not limited to the ancient immortal world,

In Chaos Sea, if you dare to fight, you have the same chance to get the sixth-order attack treasure! "

Daojun Jiuxiao smiled, "Changyuan, the level of danger of the Chaos Sea is comparable to that of the Ancient Immortal Realm?"

Daojun Nagaki, with a red mole on his eyebrows, his face sank and he wanted to say something.

At this time, Tomorrow, who was sitting on the black throne, gently tapped on the table and whispered: "Well, the discussion ends here!"

The voice is gentle, but very deterrent,

All Taoists stopped arguing and turned their attention to Tomorrow Zun.

Even Mister Jiuxiao did not speak any more, paying respect to Tomorrow.

"Jiuxiao." Tomorrow Zun looked at Daojun Jiuxiao, and said: "You tell Jiang Ci to exchange the ownership of the earth cave world with the immortal palace tokens. We cannot pass this condition.

If he wants to continue to hand in the Xianfu tokens, he can also mention other conditions, which can be discussed again.

If we dont want to hand in, we will not force him,

As for the ownership of the Earth Cave Sky World, you can tell him that as long as he has sufficient strength, everything is possible. "

"Understood." Daojun Jiuxiao smiled softly.

The Daoist who had opposed the opinion just now changed his face.

"Tomorrow respect!"


"This can't work, Tianzun..."

Tomorrow, the gentle smile disappeared, and it turned into an extremely majestic expression: "When Jiang Ci is qualified to sit at this long table, it is when he takes back the ownership of the earth cave world!"

All Taoists bowed their heads and dared not refute.

In the human race, if the respect orders tomorrow, it means there is no room for negotiation.

No one can defy the order of a god!


In the Nine Heavens Realm, Jiang Cis messaging phantom stood in front of Jiu Xiao Daojun, waiting quietly.

He knew that Master was discussing the conditions he mentioned just now with the Taoists.

Soon, Daojun Jiuxiao reopened his eyes with profound eyes, and sighed softly: "The Daojun Meeting did not pass your conditions, but..."

He told the final decision of the meeting.

After listening to Jiang's words, there was a moment of silence, with anger and expectation in his heart.

Angrily, the three sects and six sects clearly used only 100 billion points to dominate all the cave worlds on the earth.

Now, he used a token of Huntian Immortal Mansion, an opportunity to compete for the sixth-order treasure, in exchange for these,

But it was still rejected!

In terms of value, Xianfu tokens are definitely more than 100 billion points, a million times, tens of thousands of times higher!

The importance of the earth is greater than he thought!

What I look forward to is the promise to him tomorrow.

As long as you are qualified to sit on the long table and participate in the Daoist meeting, you can take back the ownership of the earth cave world and drive away the villains!

"It's coming! Isn't it the power of the Daoist! Alright!" Jiang Ci's eyes were firm.

Jiuxiao Daojun seemed to understand the changes in Jiang's mood,

He said: "A disciple, no matter where you are, you can't escape the four words the strong is respected. If you practice hard, everything is possible in the future."

"Disciples, remember!" Jiang Ci nodded.

"Then you are still willing to hand over the token to the race?" Daojun Jiuxiao asked with some expectation.

"The disciple is willing." Jiang Ci smiled slightly, as if not affected at all.

"Okay, you can change your terms, and I will help you refer to it." Daojun Jiuxiao said.

Jiang Ci pondered for a while before he said: "I used the Eye of the Sky to appraise the value of the Xianfu's tokens. It is 100 treasure points.

Then, on the basis of 100 treasure points, add 100 million fine crystals! "

Daojun Jiuxiao shook his head, "You dare to mention it."

Jiang Ci laughed: "Master Daoist, can't you refuse me twice in a row?"

Means, you guys have to show your face too!

After a while, this condition was passed at the Daojun meeting.

It's just that those Daoists who disagreed had very ugly faces, and their hearts seemed to have been dug out, and their hearts ached!

Because these 100 treasure points and 100 million best immortal crystals seem to have been hidden by the clan library, but in fact, they were produced together in three schools and six sects.

To a certain extent, the collection of ethnic groups is equivalent to the common treasure house of three sects and six sects.

100 treasure points, which is equivalent to a top Tier 4 treasure, and there are not many of the entire human race.

One hundred million superb fairy crystals are even more valuable.

Because the best immortal crystal is a human strategic grade material,

Even if they were Taoists, it would be difficult for them to withdraw so many top quality immortal crystals at once from the ethnic pool.

If it hadnt been for the issue of ownership of the Earths Cave Sky, Jiangs words had been rejected,

This time they will definitely bargain and suppress the conditions mentioned by Jiang Ci.

However, even if they have refused once, they still have to continue to press, and they can't open the mouth.

After all, everyone is a Taoist monarch, and they have to be face-conscious.

What's more, Jiang Ci is not someone without background.

This little guy is not only a genius who has never appeared in the history of the entire human race, but also a disciple of Daojun Nine Heavens!

Although Daojun Jiuxiao was kind, he would not sit back and watch his disciples and be arbitrarily suppressed and kneaded by other Daojun.

Normal discussions and arguments are fine,

But want to bully? Absolutely not!


Jiang Ci returned to Earth for the time being with a little regret and expectation.

It's not that it's a pity that I handed in the Xianfu token, but it's that I'm sorry that I didn't take back the ownership of the earth cave world.

He could indeed take the risk of offending many Taoists of the race and choose to leave the token of the Immortal Palace.

However, there are four Xianfu tokens,

Even with this token, there is only a quarter of the chance to win the Tier 6 Attack Treasure.

Moreover, Jiang Ci has already figured it out,

At that time, the four powerhouses who can enter Huntian Immortal Mansion with their tokens are definitely the cultivation base of Dao Sovereign and above.

For example, the token he handed over to the Human Race, the final decision of the Taoist Meeting was to let the respected go to the Huntian Immortal Mansion tomorrow.

If he chooses to go on his own in the future, he must have the strength of Tianzun to be sure to fight for the ultimate sixth-order attack.

Obviously, with his current cultivation base, it will be a long time before he wants to be promoted to the Heavenly Venerable level.

By then, perhaps the sixth-order treasure is nothing in his eyes.

Therefore, choosing to hand in is a wise move.

Moreover, the harvest after handing in is actually not small.

Beishan Mansion, the training room of Villa 92 in Tongtian Community.

After Jiang Ci returned to the earth, he entered a state of retreat and practice.

There is only one purpose of retreat, the treasure of refining!

He flipped his hand and took out a dark long sword, and suddenly a special breath spread out.

There are circles of mysterious textures on the sword, like whirlpools, which can devour human souls.

"The Sword of the Abyss, the fourth-tier original treasure, has a special armor-breaking effect, and can greatly increase the attack power!"

This treasure of information came to him in his mind.

This is the top Tier 4 attacking treasure that he has spent 100 treasure points to exchange from the Clan Treasury.

It is also the only remaining fourth-order treasure in the treasury of the human race.

"With this treasure, I will have the strength to find the true monarch of the black time!" A gleam of light burst into Jiang Ci's eyes.

That guy has missing parts from Mieshan,

Although Mieshan is only the second-order treasure, it seems ordinary,

But for Jiang Ci, Sanzhongshan is definitely an important part of his strength!

He can compete with the real monarch of the third rank, and even fight the real monarch of the fourth rank.

In addition to the seven Taoist methods and many secret methods,

There is also an important dependency, which is the armored defense effect brought by the triple mountain and the space confinement ability.

The armor of Sanzhongshan, coupled with the strength of his body, allowed him to be unafraid of the attacks of the four-turned real monarch.

And the space confinement ability also allowed him to possess some of the real monarch's space means in the original universe.

From these two functions, Mieshan is not easy!

"If it's just an ordinary armor treasure, there is absolutely no such powerful function."

"The black armor on True Monarch Hei Shi is an incomplete part of Mie Mountain.

If I can get it, then Mie Mountain's rank will definitely be upgraded again, and my strength will be further enhanced by then! "

Jiang Ci thought in his heart.

Then, he used his spiritual sense to glance inside the Tongtian Tower.

Piles of mountains, exuding crystal clear and rich celestial power,

These are the best fairy crystals!

The Tongtian Tower is a special treasure. At present, if you want to refine it, the main thing you need to consume is the best fairy crystal.

This time, the 100 million best immortal crystals he exchanged for the Xianfu tokens were enough for him to refine the tower to the 36th level!

At that time, he will be able to exert one percent of the power of the Tongtian Tower.

"This will take a long time!" Jiang Ci sighed softly.

In order to refine the Tongtian Tower to the ninth level, he spent a thousand years using the original liquid of Tianling.

Now it will take longer to refine to the 36th level.

Of course, if he crosses the catastrophe and becomes immortal, the spiritual power in his body turns into immortal power, and the primordial spirit is further strengthened.

The refining time will be shortened accordingly.

"Transfer the catastrophe to become immortal..."

Thinking of this, Jiang Ci frowned slightly.

Because in the past hundred years in the ancient immortal world, he fought countless times with those foreign true monarchs,

Every time I have brought the Sixth Way to the extreme, but I still haven't been able to find the inspiration for the Seventh Way.

According to his plan, only when a complete Daoju was created, can he be guaranteed to be foolproof when crossing the Tribulation.

"After refining the Abyssal Devouring Divine Sword, go to the Ancient Immortal Realm and continue fighting!"

Immediately, Jiang Ci took out the original Tianling liquid that he had bought before returning to the earth, and began to refine this fourth-order original treasure at a hundred times the speed of refining!


The efficiency of refining is surprisingly high.

Jiang Ci originally estimated that it would take a thousand years to refine the Abyss Devouring Excalibur.

Unexpectedly, it was completely refined in just two hundred years!

He spent more than five hundred years before refining the third stage of the Mieshan Mountain.

The problem is that Mie Mountain is only a second-order treasure.

"Does it have something to do with the quality of the treasure itself?" Jiang Ci carefully felt the connection between himself and the Divine Sword.

Although Mie Mountain is a second-tier treasure, because it is incomplete, if it is a complete treasure, perhaps the rank will be higher.

"It seems that Mie Mountain's original rank is higher than I thought!" Jiang Ci was full of expectations.

The next step is to enter the world of ancient immortals again to hunt down the real monarch in the dark!

Jiang Ci flickered and disappeared from the training room.

The next moment, he came to the Earth View Rain Pavilion.

The clone of Jiujian Zhenjun is sitting and drinking alone here,

"The disciple visits Master." Jiang Ci saluted respectfully.

"Going out again?" Jiujian Zhenjun asked with a smile.

"Yes, so I have to ask Master for one thing first." Jiang Ci nodded.

"Oh?" Jiujian Zhenjun was very curious.

"The Black Time True Monarch I asked Master to check last time, Master will help me check his recent whereabouts."

"He is not an ordinary Rank 4 True Monarch, what are you doing to check his trace?"

"Hunt him!"


True Lord Jiujian put down the wine gourd and stared at Jiang Ci for a while, "Are you sure?"

"OK!" Jiang Ci smiled lightly.

"How long is this? It will be more than three hundred years. You can hunt down the real monarch of Rank 4?!" Jiujian real monarch still can't believe it, he doesn't have this strength himself!

"Last time the Xianfu token, I gave it to the ethnic group. I changed it to a sword-like treasure. It was very strong." Jiang Ci did not hide it.

Jiujian Zhenjun was inexplicably relieved.

Then he smiled and said: "Then don't worry, I will ask those friends to pay attention to the traces of the true monarch in the dark.

As soon as there is news, I will notify you immediately! "

"Thank you, Master!" Jiang Ci earnestly thanked him.

Later, he drank wine with Jiujian Zhenjun for a while before leaving the earth again.

With his current strength, he can already leave quietly.

On the entire earth, only the true Lord Jiujian and the true Lord Ning Qu who sat on the earth could discover his movements.


Ancient fairy world, planet 118.

Jiang Ci walked in the primitive jungle full of golden leaves, very leisurely, as if walking.

With the Tier 4 Supreme Treasure Abyss Divine Sword, there are not many strong men who can threaten him in the ancient immortal world.

Even the true monarch of Rank 5 may not be able to keep him!

Moreover, the number of Real Monarchs of Rank 5 is very small,

There are 3,600 planets in the ancient immortal world. On average, a planet can have one or two fifth-revolution true monarchs, which is not bad.

In other words, the chance of him meeting the Real Lord of Rank 5 is very small.

Therefore, Jiang Ci is now completely strolling in the courtyard, taking the ancient fairy world as a place for outing and play.

The towering old trees in this primitive jungle look like ginkgo and are covered with golden leaves, which is very artistic.

But these ancient trees are not ordinary. Even the golden leaves that grow and fall naturally have not rotted and been intact after countless years.

He stepped on the fallen leaves, only making a nice rustle, but the fallen leaves showed no signs of breaking.


Jiang Ci stopped and looked at a place three thousand kilometers away, where there was a slight fluctuation of breath.

When he flashed, he came to the source of breath,

"I just came to the Ancient Immortal Realm and I encountered the birth of the best immortal artifact. It seems that my luck in this trip to the Ancient Immortal Realm should not be bad."

Jiang Ci smiled, opened the pile of golden fallen leaves, and saw the tip of a knife exposed on the ground.

It was easily pulled out, and I saw it was a cold-breathing best fairy sword!

The name of the knife is engraved on the handle.

The font is very different from the current Dao League lingua franca, but the meaning can be easily read by his spiritual sense.

"Imitated big dragon knife?" Jiang Ci was puzzled.

How could it bring a "fake" word?

Could it be that there is a treasure named Dalongdao?

"Who forged the many treasures of the ancient immortal world?" Jiang Ci jumped out of this thought.

Obviously, it can be seen from the imitation dragon knife,

These treasures of the ancient immortal world, whether they are immortal artifacts, treasures, or those immortal materials,

They are not formed naturally, but forged!

"A strong ethnic group once inhabited this place?"

"Or, is this an ancient battlefield left over from ancient times?"

"What secret is hidden in the ancient immortal world?"

"and also"

"It should be more than just being close to the origin of the universe!"

Jiang Ci shook his head, thinking of many things in a flash.


300,000 kilometers away, a huge figure more than 4,000 meters high, exuding a powerful atmosphere, is flying towards the primitive jungle.

This figure, with a leopard head, was covered with a layer of crystal white bones, like armor.

Dare to walk alone in the Ancient Immortal Realm, which also shows his strength, True Monarch of Rank Four!

There are true monarchs of other races along the way. After sensing his breath, they immediately flee away.

Because they recognized the origin of this figure,

Zhenjun Zara of the monster race, an ancient existence,

After the opening of the ancient fairy world, it has been entrenched on planet 118 for a long time, and it is one of the best overlords of this planet!

"The breath fluctuation was still very weak just now, and now it has completely disappeared. It seems that it is at most a top-quality fairy artifact." Zhenjun Zala said.

However, he did not give up either,

The best immortal artifacts are also valuable. They are here, so naturally you can't give up.


After two consecutive flashes, he came to the primitive jungle where Jiang Ci was.

"Is that? Human race... True Monarch Wu De!" Zala Zhenjun's eyes lit up and he saw the silver armored boy in the jungle.

Two hundred years ago, the third token of Huntian Immortal Mansion was born. The turmoil caused at that time has spread to 3,600 planets in the ancient fairy world.

The name and image of Zhenjun Wude are also well-known by all ethnicities.

"He first disappeared in the ancient immortal realm, and now he returns again. He must have handed over the Xianfu token to the human race."

"With the value of the tokens of the Immortal Palace, he absolutely exchanged other treasures from the human race!"

"Moreover, it is a treasure of no low rank, at least the second rank!"

"There was no news of him re-entering the ancient immortal world before, so I should be the first to find him!"

"However, judging from his appearance, he should have spotted me a long time ago, waiting for me here,

Could it be that he already has the treasure himself, so he has the strength to match me?

No, he is definitely not my opponent! "

Lord Zarazhen's thoughts turned sharply, and after hesitating, his eyes glowed with fiery light.

A True Monarch of Rank 3, he can easily kill,

At that time, the treasure of Zhenjun Wude is his!


Lord Zala Zhen shot, waved his hand to condense a bone spear, as if it could pierce the sky, and rushed straight towards Jiang Ci.

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