I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 569

Chapter 567: True Monarch Wu De Is A Sword Fairy Of Mountains And Seas?

Jiang Ci used the power of the Human True Monarch Hall to find the trace of the True Monarch Hei Shi. Of course he would not let go of such a good opportunity.

His clone has been passing through the transmission, staying with the clone of Master Jiujian Zhenjun.

The immortal power clone of True Lord Jiujian stayed in the Hall of True Lord, helping Jiang Ci learn about the movements of True Lord Heishi in real time.

"Under the net of heaven and earth, do you still want to escape?" Jiang Ci walked through the whirlpool passage to Planet 1925.

He cast his gaze in one direction,

According to the real-time information from the Palace of True Monarchs, Heishi True Monarch is flying towards the whirlpool passage that leaves the ancient fairy world.

Jiang Ci fits his sword into a blue phantom,

Flashing away at a speed of 180,000 kilometers per second,

This is already close to the speed of Real Lord of Rank 5!

Because he is now using Tier 4 Supreme Treasure Abyss Divine Sword, and then using the wind sword style, the power is stronger and the speed is naturally faster.

After a quarter of an hour, the distance between him and True Monarch Black Time was only a million kilometers left.

Both parties can already sense each other's breath fluctuations.

"At such a fast speed, at most one minute, he can catch up with me! He is definitely not the original Martial Lord!" Hei Shizheng's heart sank.

The last time he met the true monarch of Wude, the speed was only 100,000 kilometers per second, and he was chased by him in a panic.

And now, the speed of this Wude Zhenjun is almost the same as the fifth-turned Zhenjun.

Soon, when the distance between the two sides was only 200,000 kilometers, True Monarch Hei Shi took the initiative to stop over a wasteland.

At this time, there is still less than 10 million kilometers away from the whirlpool passage that leaves the ancient fairy world.


Jiang Ci dodged his body and chased him up, standing opposite to True Monarch Hei Shi in the sky above the wasteland.

The armors on the two of them were trembling violently, as if they could not wait to reunite into one!

"I know that you are not True Lord Wude, you can't kill me!" True Lord Hei Shi was very calm.

"Oh?" Jiang Ci was a little surprised, so confident?

"For so many years, I have met many Rank 5 real monarchs, but none of them can keep me." The tone of the real monarch Hei Shi is also very calm.

"Then try it." Jiang Ci drew his sword, and six sword lights appeared around him.

The mountain and sea sword scripture of the pinnacle secret method was displayed instantly.

"This..." Hei Shizheng no longer calmed down, his expression changed drastically: "Are you really a Martial King?"

He played against Zhenjun Wude for a short time last time, so he clearly remembered the kendo secret technique used by Zhenjun Wude.

"Impossible, it's only been two hundred years, how can you have the power of the fifth-ranked true monarch!" Hei Shi's true monarch was full of disbelief.

"Replace it like a fake!" Jiang Ci chuckled, swiping the Abyssal Devouring Sword, and a golden sword light swept towards the real monarch Hei Shi.

"Even if you are the fifth-ranked real monarch, you can't kill me!" Heishi real monarch shouted angrily, slashing out with a single knife, covering the space.

The two secretly attacked and collided in the air.

Boom boom boom!

It was still a big bang, but only in an instant, the blade of the true monarch in Heishi was crushed and disappeared.

That golden sword light, the momentum was slightly reduced by two points, and continued to whizz through the space, coming to the real Lord Hei Shi.

"I have Tier 3 armor, what can you do to me!" Hei Shi Zhenjun was extremely confident.

"Really?" Jiang Ci smiled.


The golden sword light fell on the black armor of the true monarch of Heishi, and its power was directly reduced by half.

"Huh?" True Monarch Hei Shi was a little confused,

According to his experience, the Tier 3 armor treasure on him can block at least 70% of the attacks of Rank 5 True Monarch.

But now, only 60% is blocked.

In the next instant, before he could react, a small half of the golden sword light was left, which penetrated the black armor and went straight into his body.

Then he realized that the indestructible matter in his body had been annihilated by the golden sword light by half!

"Not good!" Heishi Zhenjun's expression changed, and his eyes fell on Jiang Ci's sword.

"Attack the treasure! At least the third-order attack treasure!"

"It's no wonder that he could easily kill the Rank 4 True Monarch before, so he borrowed the power of the treasure!"

Only this possibility can break his Tier 3 armor treasure!

Hei Shizheng waved a knife, then turned and fled.

One sword wiped out half of the immortal matter in his body,

He knew that if he couldn't escape today, he might fall into the ancient immortal world!

"Escape, leave the ancient immortal world!"

"Even if he chases it out, I'm not afraid, it will be my home court!" Hei Shizheng was anxious and calm.


He rushed away from the whirlpool passage of the ancient immortal world and continued to fly away,

This location is less than ten million kilometers away from there.

"Want to leave?" Jiang Ci swung his sword to cut off the opponent's blade, and then ran after him.

Of course he knew that True Monarch Hei Shi wanted to leave the ancient immortal world.

Next, the two sides chased and fought, gradually approaching the passage leaving the ancient immortal world.

And the indestructible matter in the true monarch's body is also rapidly annihilated in the dark.

Half of it disappeared. In theory, Jiang Ci could kill the opponent with only twenty swords.

But Hei Shi Zhenjun already knows the power of Jianguang, so he wont be stupid to try hard.

Therefore, Jiang Ci could not kill him with twenty swords.

"Although the Abyssal Devouring Sword has an armor-breaking effect, it is the third-tier armor treasure after all, and it can still offset most of the sword-like power." Jiang Ci waved out a sword again, but was dodged by the real monarch Hei Shi once again.

"This is a four-wheeled true monarch who has lived for at least 300,000 epochs. In terms of combat experience, he surpasses me too much!" Jiang Ci knew where his shortcomings were.

"It won't work like this, maybe it will really let him escape the ancient immortal world,

After leaving the ancient fairy world from the planet in 1925, although the other end of the vortex passage is in the barren star field of the original universe,

But in the original universe, he can already travel through the source space. If he wants to escape, I will definitely not be able to catch up! "

Jiang Ci's thoughts changed sharply, and after a quick measurement, he made a decision.

"Only one hole card can be exposed."


Jiang Ci was in the shape of the wind, and instead of continuing to attack with his sword, he used the wind sword style with all his strength to catch up.

He was faster than the real monarch in Black Time. In just three seconds, the distance between the two sides was only 20,000 kilometers.

"This Martial Lord, what is he going to do!" Hei Shizheng was puzzled.

However, at this time, there are still less than 3 million kilometers away from the whirlpool channel that leaves the ancient fairy world.

Therefore, he didn't think too much, and continued to use the sword art secret attack to interfere with Jiang Ci's pursuit speed.


Jiang Ci flickered again, and the distance between Hei Shi Zhenjun was only a thousand feet!

Then he still didn't use any means of attack, but his heart moved: "Secondly!"

This scene made True Monarch Hei Shi even more puzzled.

"What kind of trick is he going to do? Is he going to fight me close?"

But even in close combat, he is not afraid.

He could see that the attacking methods of this Martial Lord were actually very scarce.

It seems that there is no combat experience, and it is not like a fifth-turned true monarch who has lived for countless epochs.

But at this moment, suddenly...

Hei Shizheng realized that he could not move, so he stuck in mid-air, maintaining a posture of flying at extreme speed.

He can only work with his thoughts, but the emotions in his mind have been filled with horror and panic!

"This... this is space confinement!"

"No! There is also a special kind of fluctuation, time has also been stopped!"

"Controlling time and space? Is he disguised by Daojun?"

"No, what he used is obviously the kendo secret technique of Zhenjun Wude!"

"Damn, **** human race! Who is he!"

True Monarch Hei Shi wanted to beg for mercy and wanted to take the initiative to hand over the black armor in exchange for a chance to survive.

But when time and space were completely controlled by the other party, he couldn't speak at all.

Moreover, under the terrifying coercion of the ancient immortal world, the true monarch's spiritual sense cannot be separated, and it is impossible to use spiritual sense to transmit sound to beg for mercy.

In the end, True Monarch Hei Shi could only convey the meaning of begging for mercy through his eyes.

Jiang Ci understood it, but he ignored it, took a step forward, and came to True Monarch Hei Shi.

"You are honored to be able to force me to expose this card before I die." Jiang Ci smiled.

Then, the Abyssal Devouring Sword slashed out continuously,

The eyes of True Lord Hei Shi are full of resentment, unwillingness, and incomprehension,

Then, the body and spirit are all gone.

[You killed the four-turn real monarch, experience value +40 billion]

With the sound of the experience panel's prompt sound, this black real monarch, who was able to retreat in the face of the five-turn real monarch, was annihilated on the 1925 planet of the ancient fairy world.

In mid-air, a black armor was floating,

When Jiang Ci dispersed the self-contained world, this black armor quickly changed in the air, showing its original appearance.

I saw three black peaks of different heights combined together, very similar to Mie Mountain!

The difference is that Mie Mountain exudes the breath of the second-order treasure,

And this one is the third-order treasure!

This makes Jiang Ci even more pleasantly surprised.

"After waiting for more than 300 years, I finally got it!"

Jiang Ci waved his hand and put away the treasure that he had thought about for a long time before leaving the place quickly.


Time went back to three seconds ago, the original universe, the star field where the top ethnic group lived.

It can be called a top ethnic group, naturally there is a Taoist king.

The Taoist monarch of the Hunzi tribe is the Taoist Hunzi, and he is also the master of the true monarch of Heishi.

So when he bestowed the treasure, he gave the black armor made from the mountain to his apprentice.

Rather than bestowed on the second strongest of the race, a true monarch of Rank 5.

After Heishi Zhenjun entered the ancient immortal realm, there were also immortal power clones left in the clan.

When he was imprisoned by time and space, his Xianli clone first crushed the token Hunzi Daojun left him and asked for help.

Then he quickly used the jade slip to record the battle between himself and Zhenjun Wude.

"True Monarch Wu De! You must die!"

In the end, he roared unwillingly, and Xianli's clone disappeared.

In just a moment, a middle-aged man with six black horns on his head came to the palace of True Monarch Hei Shi.

This is the second master of the Hunzi tribe, the fifth-turned true monarch named Mingyan.

"Did he die when he was dark?!" True Monarch Mingyan looked very solemn.

"He has the Tier 3 armor treasure bestowed by Dao Sovereign, even the fifth rank true monarch can hardly kill him!"

"Which Dao Monarch made the shot?"

True Monarch Mingyan picked up the jade slip left by True Monarch Hei Shi, swept the spiritual sense on it, and found out the information inside.

"True Martial Lord of Human Race?"

"Similar to the Daoist method of controlling time and space?"

The middle-aged man's complexion changed drastically.


Daojun Hunzi is not in the clan, he is visiting friends from the ghost clan.

Although the Hunzi is not a vassal group of the ghost tribe, this does not prevent the Hunzi Daojun and the Daojun of the ghost from becoming friends.

The star field of the ghost race is different from other star fields in the original universe.

Even in the desolate starry sky, ghosts are diffused.

Therefore, the cultivators of other ethnic groups, who are less powerful, can hardly step into the territory of the ghost race.

At this time, the territory of the original universe ghost race, the Rakshasa star.

The Raksha clan is the top bloodline of the ghost clan, second only to the royal family Jin Yasha and the royal family Yin Yasha.

In terms of overall strength, it can also rank third in the ghost race.

Because the Raksha clan has two peak powers, Raksha Daojun and Pan Lian Daojun.

Among them, the Daoist Pan Lian was a good friend of Daoist Hunzi. He was born extremely beautiful, like the most beautiful man in the world.

Because in terms of appearance, the Raksha clan is either extremely beautiful or extremely ugly.

Compared with Pan Lian Daojun, Hunzi Daojun belongs to the standard Hunzi clan appearance, except for the twelve black horns on his head, nothing special.

These two Taoist masters are discussing Taoism cultivation in the holy land of the Raksha clan and have been conducting tens of thousands of years.

Suddenly, the complexion of Hunzi Daojun changed.

He sensed that his token had been crushed, and it was his disciple Hei Shizhenjun asking him for help.

But before he got up and left the ghost clan, he discovered that the life of True Monarch Hei Shi was simply broken!

"Dark time!" Daojun Hunzi grasped the broken life Jane, frightened and angry, and his expression was very sad.

That is his favorite disciple, his dearest person!

Sitting across from him, Dao Monarch Pan Lian of the Raksha clan also frowned.

He knows how much his friend favors his disciple,

When I got a precious third-order treasure, I was reluctant to use it, and I would also give it to his disciple Hei Shizhen.

Now that the true monarch Hei Shi is dead, one can imagine how sad and angry the Daoist Hunzi was.

"Hunzi, sorrow." Pan Lian Daojun sighed lightly.

Such comforting words, of course, could not have any easing effect on the emotions of Daojun Hunzi.

His eyes were cold, his body faintly exuding murderous intent,

If this is not the ghost star field, I am afraid he will explode directly.

"Pan Lian, I want to borrow your ghost clan's intelligence system to find the murderer who killed my disciple!" Hunzi Daojun said hoarsely.

"Yes, which planet in the ancient immortal world is Heishi often?" asked Pan Liandaojun.

"No. 1925."

"Okay, I immediately dispatch the true monarch of the ghost race on that planet."

With that, Pan Lian Daojun, in the name of the peak power of the ghost clan, gave orders to the true kings of the ghost clan.

After doing all this, the two Taoists were a little helpless.

Because compared with the Human Race, their communication methods are too simple.

Human race can communicate across the universe,

If it were the true monarch of the human race being attacked, then the human race would not need to spend such a lot of effort to dispatch the strong to detect the murderer.

Because the attacked person can ask the tribe for help directly by sending a message, and can also tell the tribe, who the enemy is.


While waiting for the ghost tribe to collect the exact news,

The Taoist Hunzi condensed an idea clone by staying in the inheritance altar of the Hunzi tribe,

This is also a Taoist method.

Not long after, Mingyan, the fifth-turned true monarch of Hunzi who stayed behind, came to the inheritance altar.

"Meet the ancestor!" Zhenjun Mingyan saluted respectfully.

"What is left in the dark?" Daojun Hun asked in a deep voice.

"He left this jade slip, which records in detail his battle with the murderer." Zhenjun Mingyan offered the jade slip.

Daojun Hunzi's idea clone stretched out his hand, grabbed the jade slip in his hand, and then found out the information in it.

"True Monarch Wu De! Dao Monarch's means to control time and space?" Dao Monarch Hunzi also changed his expression slightly.

This situation exceeded his expectations.

"Keep the ethnic group well." Daojun Hunzi said to Zhenjun Mingyan again, and then the idea clone disappeared.

True Monarch Mingyan saluted respectfully and sighed in his heart.


The holy land of the ghost tribe Raksha tribe,

Daojun Hun said in a low voice: "No need to find, I already know who the murderer is! It's the real martial monarch of Human Race!"

Daojun Pan Lian was very surprised, and then he frowned and said:

"The martial prince of the human race, I also heard from my prince's report before. This man had received the token of the Huntian Immortal Mansion two hundred years ago, and he was a true prince with the chance of being three-turned."

"Some time ago, my ghost clan had several third-ranked true monarchs who died in his hands, and other races in the universe, there were also three fourth-ranked true monarchs who were easily killed by him."

"There are rumors in the ancient immortal world that True Monarch Wude is a trap set by the human race. This person is a certain fifth-ranked true monarch of the human race disguised as a bait to attract the true monarchs of all races into the game."

"But in the dark, there is the Tier 3 armor treasure you bestowed. Even the fifth-ranked true monarch can hardly threaten his life..."

After Mr. Pan Lian finished speaking, he shook his head for himself, very puzzled.

Daojun Hunzi said coldly: "Before the dark time fell, Xianli clone left a jade slip, which recorded in detail the battle between him and Zhenjun Wude.

It was confirmed in the dark that the murderer was True Lord Wu De, not the disguise of Real Lord of Rank 5! "

"That's impossible. It's only two hundred years. It's impossible for him to suddenly jump from a level three true monarch to a level five true monarch.

It is even more impossible to have the strength to easily kill the 4th Rank True Monarch. "Pan Lian Daojun frowned and said.

As a pinnacle powerhouse, he knew very well how difficult it is for a true monarch powerhouse to improve.

Reverse life and death, every time is life and death.

Even with the power of the treasure, a three-ranked true monarch can hardly have the strength to rival a fifth-ranked true monarch.

"This is the key," Daojun Hunzi said with murderous intent: "True Monarch Wude used the Huntian Immortal Mansion token to exchange for a sword-like treasure of at least Tier 3 in Human Race! It can break Tier 3 armor. Defense, and then..."

Having said that, he paused,

Then he said with a serious look: "He also possesses a method similar to the Daoist master of time and space!

In the world of ancient immortals, space confinement can be performed, and time is still!

This is the main reason why he can easily kill my disciple! "

"What?!" Pan Lian Daojun was taken aback, and then hurriedly asked: "Is it true? Is it true that Daojun means?"

"My disciple is cautious by nature when he is dark, and there is nothing wrong with what he judges." Distress flashed in the eyes of Daojun Hunzi, and he had calmed down.

"Hunzi, I don't doubt the judgment of the dark time." Pan Lian Daojun shook his head.

He solemnly said: "More than 1,500 years ago, on the ninth battlefield of the extraterritorial battlefield, an invincible robber immortal of the human race was born. This person was named Shanhai Jianxian."

Daojun Hunzi looked at him suspiciously, not understanding why Daojun Pan Lian mentioned a human Jiexian at this time.

Dao Monarch Pan Lian continued: "The battle in which the sword immortal of the mountains and seas achieved the name of the invincible robbery immortal used a method similar to that of Dao Monarch in controlling time and space.

Later, after our detailed judgments, we discovered that it was only the first-level self-contained world, and could only control the time and space of a thousand square meters.

Moreover, it can only achieve space confinement and time standstill, and cannot achieve space shuttles and time acceleration. "

"You mean?" Hunzi Daojun's expression moved.

"Yes, I suspect that True Monarch Wu De is the sword fairy of Shanhai." Pan Liandaojun nodded.

"Impossible! You said just now that it is impossible for Real Lord of Rank 3 to rise to Real Lord of Rank 5 in just over three hundred years.

This is only more than 1,500 years, how can an invincible Jiexian cross so many realms! Daojun Hun shook his head in denial.

"As long as the invincible Jiexian must be a talented genius! He can master his own world in the Jiexian stage. That talent is definitely a rare existence in the entire universe!

What's more, the true monarch who completed five reversals of life and death in just over a thousand years is not unheard of in the history of the original universe. "Pan Lian Daojun said.

Daojun Hunzi was silent, because Daojun Pan Lian said the truth.

In history, there is indeed an extremely amazing genius who can extinguish five soul lamps in a short period of time, from the Nine Tribulations Immortal, to the Five Realm True Lord!

Although the possibility is very small, almost zero,

But as long as there is a slight possibility, then this situation may exist!

And the genius who extinguished five soul lamps before was from the human race!

"Did you record the shooting situation of True Monarch Wu De in the dark? For example, do you practice kendo with other attack methods besides becoming a world?" Pan Lian asked again.

"Yes, and he does use a sword." Daojun Hunzi felt more and more that what Daojun Pan Lian said might be true!

"Is there seven sword lights circling around the body, one up and down, five in the middle?" Pan Lian Daojun asked.

"According to the record of the Black Time, when True Monarch Wu De took a shot, there was indeed a sword spinning around his body, but not seven, but six, and there was no sword light under his feet." Daojun Hunzi frowned.

"That must be him!" Pan Lian Daojun asserted, "The lack of a sword light indicates that his kendo secret technique may be elevated to the next level, but it is not perfect!"

"With so many similarities, it can be concluded that the probability that True Monarch Wu De is a sword immortal is more than 70%!"

"In the vast universe, even if there are coincidences, it is impossible to have so many coincidences at the same time.

In just over a thousand years, it is even more impossible for the Human Race to have two cultivators who are not Taoists but can master the methods of Taoists at the same time!

So this 70% probability can rise to 100%! "Pan Lian Daojun's tone is affirmative.

Even if there is only a 10% possibility, he dare to make this inference.

Because of the coincidence of this kind of thing, it is too low and too low.

"Hunzi, I'm sorry, this matter is no longer a matter of your mixed ethnic group.

The human race has produced such a stunning genius, my ghost race must kill him to avoid future troubles! "Pan Lian Daojun said solemnly.

"I understand, as long as I can avenge my disciple!" Daojun Hun sighed, "However, the treasure of armor that Zhenjun Wu De received from my disciple will be returned to me at that time."

"That's natural, that treasure belongs to you. My ghost tribe will not be greedy for ink." Daojun Pan Lian made a promise.

Daojun Hun nodded calmly. He hadn't revealed a message.

There is a connection between the Tier 3 armor treasure he gave to True Monarch Hei Shi and the armor treasure of True Monarch Wu De.

As a peak power, he certainly understands what this means!

A treasure of armor that is at least Tier 4, and possibly even higher!

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