I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 577

Chapter 575: Nine Tribulations Push The Immortal Gate

Under the terrifying coercion of the ancient immortal world, even the spiritual sense of the true monarch and strongman could hardly leave the body.

Everyone can only sense the surrounding situation through breath fluctuations,

When Fengqiao Daojun began to exercise his control over time and space, Jiang Ci felt that special kind of fluctuation.

He has mastered the first-level self-contained world, so he is very familiar with this fluctuation.

Jiang Ci knows that it must be the Daoist coming!

Sure enough, as the darkness spread, he soon saw the terrifying gargoyle shadow on the sky,

"It's an alien Taoist!" Jiang Ci's expression is extremely solemn, a sense of fear can't stop appearing in his heart, and he feels cold all over.

Intuition told him that it was dangerous and it felt like a disaster!

According to the speed at which the darkness spreads, in just a few moments, that alien Daojun will control his time and space here.

However, in the next moment, a surprising scene appeared.

I saw the time and space of the alien Daojun stopped outside the scope of the tribulation,

The entire planet was plunged into darkness, but the time and space in this area of Heaven's Tribulation was not under control!

It depends on the situation, it's not that the alien Taoist doesn't want to control, but is blocked!

Some real monarchs who have already felt the way of heaven have clearly sensed that the special fluctuations in the time and space that the monarch controlled just now seemed to hit an unbreakable barrier.

"What's going on? Daojun's control of time and space was blocked by the heavens?" Jiang Ci was also shocked.

With his own ability to become a world, although he did not feel the way of heaven, he also noticed the collision just now.

However, according to the information he had collected before, the Dao Monarch controlled the time and space of a party, and even Heavenly Tribulation could not stop it.

"Is it because this place is close to the origin of the universe, and the will of heaven is stronger? The Taoist is not allowed to destroy the heavenly calamity that descends here?"

"Or, is it because the power of Heavenly Tribulation is so strong that it can stop Daojun?"

Jiang Ci was delighted, but also puzzled.


At this time, the ninth calamity under the sky was condensed and formed, and the black thundercloud covering a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers exudes a terrifying atmosphere and pressure.

But Jiang Ci, locked by the thundercloud, immediately changed his complexion, and the joy in his heart dissipated.

Under this terrifying pressure, it became very difficult for him to breathe, and it was difficult for him to stand upright.

"Ten Thousand Times Fifth Turn True Monarch!"

This is really not leaving a way to survive, to destroy him, a heaven-defender!

At the same time, Jiang Ci also confirmed that it must be because the power of Heavenly Tribulation is too strong, so that the Dao Monarch cannot control the time and space in this area!

In another place, the Taoist Fengqiao, who stood standing above the sky, was also surprised by this catastrophe.

"The power is so terrifying! Interfering with that side's time and space!"

"Maybe I don't need to act, that little human race guy will be blasted into ashes by the thunder!"

He was the first Taoist to arrive here, no matter how Jiang Ci died, in the end, the good fortune in Jiang Ci will belong to him!

He is extremely greedy for those heavenly origins.


At the same time, the three Dao Monarchs of Human Race, Dao Monarch Xiangshan, Dao Monarch Chengfang, drove a flying boat to the nearest passage to the ancient immortal world.

There are 3,600 ancient immortal passages scattered in various places in the original universe. Compared with the vast universe, the number is too small.

Although the territories of the human race are large, there are only 17 within the territory of the human race, and they are still in the barren star region.

Even if it is through the teleportation array, it cannot be reached directly, it can only travel through the source space.

For example, the last time Emperor Milo went to the Ancient Immortal Realm to rescue True Monarch Wu De, it took half an hour to reach the Ancient Immortal Realm.

Now these three Human Race Dao Sovereigns almost need this long time.

In the source space, the flying boat that shuttles at extremely fast speed.

"This kid is getting louder and louder, and it has directly disturbed the cosmopolitan races. Even some of the top races can't sit still, Fengqiao Daojun has rushed to the ancient immortal world." Jian Yijun said.

"From the latest news, the power of Jiang Ci's Ninth Tribulation is too strong, and Daoist Fengqiao cannot control the time and space of the Heavenly Tribulation area, and may be able to sustain our arrival." Daoist Xiangshan said solemnly.

"Huh, Feng Qiao is the old immortal, if this time I really hurt my nephew, the Feng Qiao clan will be destroyed in the future!" Cheng Fang Daojun said in a cold tone.

After speaking, the three Taoists all sighed silently.

Because Jiang Ci's Heavenly Tribulation is too powerful, if Jiang Ci can't even survive the Ninth Tribulation, then everything is empty now.


Also in the source space, the gluttonous Taoist monarch and Anlan Taoist monarch of the monster race, driving a huge black flying boat, the treasure, shuttled at extreme speed.

The expressions of these two Dao Monarchs were ugly, because they had just received news that the four fifth-ranked true monarchs sent by the demon clan had fallen!

"Damn it! The Guizu deliberately concealed the strength of the human genius!" Daojun Anlan was furious.

If it wasn't in the source space, he would explode directly.

Whether it is hunting the real monarch Wu De or the task of hunting Jiang Ci, he is led by him.

Now four fifth-ranked real monarchs fell at once, and two of them were his subordinates.

Such a big loss made him very heartbroken!

"The news from the ancient immortal realm, Human Race Jiang Ci has been through eight calamities,

The power of the Ninth Calamity is terrifying, he may die directly under the thunder,

And Fengqiao Daojun also rushed over, this genius of Human Race will undoubtedly die! "The Taoist Taoist Master Shen said.

"Fengqiao Daojun is not strong, but he has a big heart. He wants to get involved in everything and let him kill him. When the time comes, the anger of the human race will be borne by him." Daojun Anlan sneered.


The news of Jiang Ci's crossing the robbery came from the ghost clan, so the Taoist monarch of the ghost clan set out first.

At this time, Dao Monarch Pan Lian, Dao Monarch Seven Souls, as well as Dao Monarchs of the top races in the same group, were not far from the nearest ancient immortal passage.

They are also paying attention to the situation in the ancient fairy world in real time.

Hearing that Jiang Ci had killed four real monarchs of the fifth rank of the demon clan again, the hearts of Dao Monarch Pan Lian and Dao Monarch Seven Souls were inexplicably balanced.

Then, after learning that Fengqiao Daojun had descended on that planet, the reaction of the two of them was similar to that of the two Daojun of the Yaozu.

They all felt that it would be better for Daojun Fengqiao to take action to avoid the crazy revenge of the human race afterwards.

Only Daojun Hunzi's eyes flickered, he didn't want Jiang Ci to die in the hands of Daojun Fengqiao.

Because Jiang Ci has an original treasure of at least Tier 4, if Feng Qiao Daojun is asked to kill Jiang Ci in advance, that treasure will definitely be missed by him.

"I hope he can live longer." Hunzi Daojun thought in his heart.

As the first Daoist to murder Jiang Ci, he now hopes that Jiang Ci will survive.

So, in this world, anything can happen.


The terrifying power of the ninth calamity also means that the time for the thunders to accumulate will be longer.

Jiang Ci's mood at this time is very conflicted.

He hoped that the time accumulated by Jie Lei could last until the arrival of the human Dao Sovereign.

However, if the accumulation time is too long, the power of the thunder will be even more terrifying.

If you can't bear it, you will die.

"I'm still too weak. Whenever I can kill Daojun with a sword, maybe I won't have these troubles." Jiang Ci shook his head.

He is adjusting his state to achieve his best.

Soon, nine minutes passed.


In the black thundercloud, those terrifying lightning and lightning are still flashing, exuding terrifying power.

Jiang Ci looked up at the sky, worrying in his heart.

The black thunder of the ninth calamity, accumulated for such a long time, has not fallen yet!

The accumulated time of the thunder from the first eight days of tribulation was not as long as the sum total.

At this moment, boom!

The thunderclouds violently churned, and a loud noise spread across the huge planet.

"Roar!" Like a prehistoric monster roaring,

Ninety-nine black thunders, glowing with dazzling lightning and lightning, like a pillar of light, slowly drilled out of the black thundercloud,

This scene is very strange, it looks slow, but the speed is extremely fast.

Jiang Ci just saw Jie Lei drill out, and then all the ninety-nine black Jie Lei slammed on him.

Boom boom boom!

With a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers, it is completely covered by black lightning, just like the energy produced by the explosion of 10,000 supernovae suddenly released together.

The true monarchs of all races who had retreated millions of kilometers just now, this time all retreated tens of millions of kilometers.

Because its so horrible, just feeling the fluctuation of the energy burst just now makes them feel the imminent death.

If they get closer, perhaps they will be annihilated by the energy emitted by those thunder lights.

In fact, not only them, but also Feng Qiao Daojun were shocked.

The time and space he originally controlled was close to the tribulation area,

At this time, the terrifying energy that was directly erupted by the tribulations crushed trillions of kilometers,

"Impossible!" Daojun Fengqiao's expression changed drastically, without even thinking about it, he quickly dissipated to control the space and time of this planet.

Because he noticed a breath that made him furry!

If he continues to control this space and time, even if he does not die, he will suffer heavy losses!

"Can the power of the ninth calamity of Jiexian reach such a level? How deep is his background?" Daojun Feng Qiao looked solemn, and his murderous intent was boiling in his heart.

He has an antagonism with the Human Race, and naturally does not want to see the genius of the Human Race rise.

"Such a terrifying power, shouldn't it be destroyed?" Daojun Feng Qiao looked at the thunder area from a distance.

Boom boom boom!

The thunder light raged like the world, and the void also cracked through gaps, and there was a gray mist violently churning in it.

The duration of the ninth calamity black thunder eruption was also exceptionally long, lasting a full three minutes!

When everything subsided, Daojun Fengqiao, who was like a gargoyle demon's shadow, glowed with hot light in his eyes, and flew towards the heavenly calamity area.

Because he was in that area, he could no longer feel any breath,

It shows that the human genius who defended against the sky finally failed and died under the catastrophe!

But at this moment, the ninth-step ladder and the magnificent Tianmen that have been standing on the top of the sky all emit dazzling colorful light, and at the same time there are faint fairy sounds, which makes people happy.

Then, the ninth-step ladder exploded with immortal energy like a long river of heaven, pouring down mightily.

"This...impossible!" The blazing light in Daojun Fengqiao's eyes dissipated, turning into a shocked expression.

The scene in front of me is exactly the immortal power irrigating body, and it will only appear when the triumph is successful!

However, he clearly couldn't notice any breath of that human race?

"Are you still alive? Then I will kill it myself!" Daojun Feng Qiao flickered, approaching the Heavenly Tribulation area at a speed close to the speed of light.

At this time, his eyes once again released two more terrifying black beams.

Because he saw that outside the invisible barrier of the ancient immortal world, there were a full 1,600 strands of the origin of heaven, breaking through the thick gray fog, and descending under the black thundercloud.

"It's all mine!" Daojun Feng Qiao was greedy and excited.


At this time, Jiang Ci had been bombed by ninety-nine black thunders, 30,000 meters deep!

You know, this is the planet of the ancient immortal world, the ground is extremely hard, even the fifth-turned real monarch can only cause slight damage to the surface.

However, this time, only the aftermath of the thunderstorm eruption caused such great damage to the ground.

It is conceivable that Jiang Ci, who was locked by Jie Lei, has endured the terrible energy impact this time!

In fact, even if Jiang Ci swallowed the healing elixir one by one, it could not keep up with the speed of Jie Lei's damage to his body.

Just ten thunders just now made his body become pitch black.

If it were not for the six-layered mountain armor, which weakened the power of the robbery by 70%, I am afraid that the first robbery thunder would be able to kill him.

But even with Tier 5 armor, he almost fell.

Because the thunder of tens of thousands of times the level of real monarch, the weakened by 70%, there are also three thousand times,

And this is the ninety-nine robbery thunder falling almost at the same time,

Jiang Ci felt that even if the Taoist was under the catastrophe, he must be weighed and weighed.

Finally, when the energy of the thunder eruption gradually subsided,

Jiang Cis body, in addition to the heart and brain, still retains a little activity,

The other parts have been completely turned into coke, which will be broken when moved.

He couldn't feel the pain, and his breath was weak to the extreme.

"Fortunately, not only has the six-layered mountain armor, but my body is also strong enough to be comparable to the body of the first-order treasure, allowing me to seize a glimmer of life!" Jiang Ci's consciousness is still sober.

The treasure is difficult to damage, even if it is a Taoist, it takes a lot of effort to damage a first-order treasure.

"The ninth calamity was successful. The majestic and immortal power bestowed by heaven and earth should have come?" Jiang Ci was waiting.

Now he can't move, he can't take the healing elixir, and he can only recover his physical injury through the immortal force.


Before long, the majestic celestial power, like a waterfall, passed directly through the 30,000-meter deep underground, pouring Jiang Ci into his body.

The body like coke is reborn in flesh and blood, regaining its luster.


At the same time, at the speed of Fengqiao Daojun approaching the speed of light, he soon came to the edge of the Heavenly Tribulation area covering a radius of tens of millions of kilometers.

Then he took a vacant step and stepped in.


At this moment, the black thundercloud that had just calmed down, churned again,

Moreover, it was more intense than before, and the power it radiated was even more terrifying, far more than ten thousand times that of Real Lord of Rank 5, as if the sky had fallen.

Even Fengqiao Daojun, who was a peak powerhouse, couldn't help being frightened and frightened.

Because of Leiyun's energy, he locked him!

"The robbery is over, come again?!"

Without any hesitation, he directly exited the Heavenly Tribulation area.


The terrifying coercion quickly dissipated.

Obviously, the catastrophe is not over yet, and if he is a non-crossover who steps into it, he will be punished by the universe, whether he is a Daoist or not!

"Damn it, the Heavenly Tribulation that is close to the origin of the universe has received more protection from the universe!"

"Then wait a moment, it's mine, it won't run away after all!"

Fengqiao Daojun stood in the void, guarding the edge of the Heavenly Tribulation area.


The sudden appearance of terror pressure shocked Jiang Ci.

Then he realized that the aura of Heavenly Tribulation was not on his body, it was because other powerful men broke into the Heavenly Tribulation area.

"Presumably because I can't sense my breath, I feel that I have failed in crossing the tribe?"

Jiang Ci guessed that it should be the gargoyle-like alien Taoist monarch,

In the case of him beheading the fifth rank real monarch in a row, only the Daoist dared to enter the Heavenly Tribulation area.

"The Taoist monarch of my human race should be coming soon, right?" Jiang Ci thought in his heart.

The ninth calamity lasted for a long time, bringing him a life and death crisis, and at the same time it gave him a glimmer of hope.

As long as it lasts until the arrival of the human Daojun, he will survive!

Jiang Ci is not arrogant enough to be able to compete with Daojun.

Even though he has been through the Nine Tribulations consecutively and his strength has been transformed,

But the enemy in front of him is a Taoist monarch, a strong man standing on top of the universe!

The entire universe is at most a hundred.


Another special time and space fluctuation appeared on this planet and spread rapidly.

Then there was the horrible Rakshasa shadow, reflected on the sky, almost covering the entire planet.

This is the way of Master Pan Lian of the ghost race to control time and space.

Beside him, the Seven Soul Dao Monarch of the Ghost Clan and the Hunzi Dao Monarch of the Hunzi Clan stood side by side, looking at the black thunderclouds that had not yet dispersed, as well as the ninth-step ladder and the magnificent Tianmen.

"There is weirdness, that human genius has already survived the heavenly tribulation, but the origin of the universe is protecting the heavenly tribulation area, and Daojun cannot enter." Pan Lian Daojun frowned, his mind has reached the edge of the heavenly tribulation area.

Then he said: "Fengqiao Daojun is still there, let's go over and talk about it."

Hearing this, Hunzi Daojun felt happy, since Jiang Ci is not dead, he still hopes to get that treasure!

Immediately, the three Dao Monarchs flew towards the Heavenly Tribulation area, at similar speeds close to the speed of light.


At the edge of the Heavenly Tribulation area, Lord Feng Qiao frowned, and a strong murderous intent exuded in his terrifying eyes.

"The Daoist of the ghost race is here, this kid's tribulation is not over yet, do you want to venture into the tribulation area and kill him?"

Daojun Feng Qiao glanced at the black thundercloud in the sky, dispelling this idea.

Tianwei is unpredictable, even a Daoist who understands the origin of the way of heaven, dare not take the initiative to offend it.

And he just controlled the way of heaven, and he didn't even dare to take risks without comprehending the origin of the way of heaven.

At this time, he saw a figure rushing out of the ground, stepping on the long river of Xianli, and ascending the ninth-order ladder.

"After the Tribulation of the Immortal and the Nine Tribulations, I pushed the Immortal Gate!" Daojun Feng Qiao's eyes flashed.

"It's no wonder that the tribulations are not over yet. He wants to push open the immortal gate again after crossing the nine tribulations in a row and draw out five soul lamps?"

"Courage is really big enough, huh, every Nine Tribulations Immortal has only one chance to push the immortal gate in his life. Once he fails, he will have no chance of reversal!"

"If you want to delay time by pushing the fairy gate, it depends on your life!"

Daojun Fengqiao looked extremely ugly, because Jiang Ci chose to push the fairy gate now, which meant that it would take a certain amount of time.


With the help of Nine Tribulations Immortal Li Changhe, Jiang Ci's injury recovered quickly.

In just a few moments, the injury is over!

And the strength of the body has also improved, reaching the level of a hundred times the first-order treasure.

Jiang Ci is confident, if he is asked to fight against True Monarch Nether again, he can easily kill the opponent without using his own self!

The transformation and improvement of strength gave him the confidence to push the fairy gate,

Pushing the immortal gate after the Nine Tribulations is something you can do or not do.

Jiang Ci is of course clear that every Nine Tribulations Immortal has only one chance to push the immortal gate in his lifetime.

If it fails, it will not be able to draw out the five soul lamps, and will not be able to reverse life and death, and naturally will not be able to live forever!

Therefore, many Nine Tribulations Immortals will choose to accumulate a certain amount of time after they have passed the Ninth Tribulations, and they will push the immortal gates only when they have complete assurance.

But there was a foreign Taoist monarch watching him, wanting to take his life, which gave Jiang Ci no choice.

He also thinks that the strength he will accumulate in the future will be stronger, and if he pushes the immortal gate, he will be more sure of that time.

However, if you want to live now, you can only delay the time by pushing the immortal gate, until the arrival of the human Taoist.


Jiang Ci flew up and ascended the ninth ladder.

Compared with the heavenly ladder and the heavenly gate, his figure is very small, like an ant climbing on the boulder.

But his aura is very strong, standing on the nine-step ladder, overlooking the heaven and the earth,

Ants can also guard the sky!

"Which family of Daojun?" Jiang Ci saw Daojun Fengqiao who was guarding the edge of the Heavenly Tribulation area, and saw the ferocious light in the other's eyes.

"No matter what kind of Taoist you are, just wait!"

He stopped paying attention to the other party, stepped on the ladder, and rushed towards the huge gate.

The Tianmen is tens of thousands of meters high, the whole body is white, the surface is filled with colorful light, and it is carved with complicated patterns.

It seems that it contains the ultimate truth between the heaven and the earth, and people can't help being in awe and dare not look at it for a long time.

With the speed of Jiang Ci, he soon came to Tianmen.

"The most common Jie Xian, Tianmen is only ten thousand feet tall.

The higher the talent, the deeper the foundation, the bigger the Tianmen,

But correspondingly, the more difficult it is to push away! "

"My Tianmen is ten million feet high, and the difficulty of pushing it open can be imagined." Jiang Ci took a deep breath.

"Compared with this heavenly gate, my body is too small!"


Jiang's Ci ran its celestial power, and his body quickly grew bigger, and he didn't stop until he was over ten thousand feet high.

With his physical quality, coupled with the Nine Tribulations Immortal Power, his body has become ten thousand times bigger, and it is not difficult.

"Open!" Jiang Ci shouted angrily, his voice resounding like a thunder in Jiuyou.

I saw his mountain-like hands slammed on the heavenly gate,

At this moment, his cultivation base, Taoism, secret technique, body, soul, all the strengths gathered together and burst out instantly.


The Tianmen, which was tens of millions of feet high, was pushed open by a gap.


A strange wind blew from the crack of the door and brushed over Jiang Ci's body.

Chi Chi...

Jiang Ci is comparable to the body of the first-order treasure, as if it has been corroded and weathered.

Soon, under the influence of Xianli, these injuries quickly recovered.

It seems that there is no loss, but Jiang Ci feels it is very painful, deep into the soul, so painful that he wants to withdraw his hands and give up pushing the fairy gate!

"I have resisted even the Heavenly Tribulation of the Ten Thousand Times Rank 5 True Monarch level, and I am afraid that you will have this pain?" Jiang Ci gritted his teeth and exhausted all his strength.


The gap between Tianmen is getting bigger and the weird wind is getting bigger and bigger,

The flesh and blood that had blown Jiang's words began to melt, and the crystal clear white bones loomed on the ten thousand-foot-tall body.

"What kind of pain is this!" Jiang Ci's soul was trembling, too painful!

"Go ahead!" he yelled.

Finally, the Tianmen tens of thousands of meters high was pushed halfway open,

In the colorful void inside the door, five soul lamps 90,000 feet high appeared, and each one was burning with golden flames.


The weird wind blew on Jiang Ci with a ray of terrifying fire.

"This is going to burn me to death!" Jiang Ci wanted to open his eyes wide, but his eyes had melted.

This time not only the flesh and blood are melting, but even the soul is burning!

It's really a pain deep into the soul!

Jiang Ci feels that there is nothing more painful in the world than this.

Even the Taoist monarch, I am afraid it is unbearable.

This is indeed the case,

From the moment Jiang Ci pushed the immortal gate, the shock in Fengqiao Daojun's heart has not been calmed.

He is a powerful Taoist, and of course he can clearly perceive the weird degree of the wind and fire blowing from the heavenly gate.

"If you don't get rid of this son, it will be a major disaster!" Daojun Feng Qiao was panicked for no reason.

He has already offended this Heaven-defying Human Race Tianjiao. If he doesn't solve it this time, he will meet again next time, I'm afraid he will fall!

"No matter whether you push it or not, you will definitely die today!" Daojun Feng Qiao looked stern.


Under the sky, in front of the Tianmen, which is ten thousand feet high.

Jiang Cis push fairy gate has progressed to the final stage,

In the tall body, most of the flesh and blood has melted, and the bones are dense, and even the beating heart can be seen clearly.

The primordial spirit in the sea of consciousness also burned more than half.

He endured the pain deep in his bones and soul, without regaining any strength,

But with this pain, he pushed open the heavenly gate by 80%.

"Five soul lamps represent five chances of reversing life and death. Only when the reversal of life and death is completed can you live endlessly!" Jiang Ci's eyes fixed on the five soul lamps inside the door.

Even if he can easily kill the Rank 5 True Monarch now, he is actually a Nine Tribulations Immortal, with a lifespan of at most 100,000 years.

If life and death are not reversed, when the lifespan is exhausted, it will still be a dead end.

Immortality is the dream of every cultivator, and Jiang Ci is no exception.

Now, he has touched the hope of immortality!

Therefore, at this moment, he will never give up pushing the fairy gate.

To give up is to give up longevity!




Jiang Ci roared, even the soul was roaring, and the power of his whole body burst out.


The heavens and the earth roared, and a series of terrifying cracks in the void spread for hundreds of thousands of kilometers, and the gray mist inside was churning and colorful light flowing.

The heavenly gate, which was ten million feet high, was finally completely opened!


At this moment, all the strange wind and fire disappeared.

Five soul lamps 90,000 feet high, as if attracted by inexplicable summons, flew out of the colorful void in the heaven.

At the same time, there are colorful fairy lights swaying down, like the best immortal medicine between heaven and earth, regenerating the flesh and blood in Jiang Ci's body.

During this process, the five soul lamps kept shrinking, and finally entered from the eyebrows of Jiang Ci to the sea of consciousness.

The golden flames of the soul lamp danced, splitting strands of golden light, blending into the primordial spirit that had already burned more than half.

In an instant, the soul fully recovered.

What surprises Jiang Ci is that the colorful fairy light and golden light have transformed his body and soul!

The strength of the body has been increased from a hundred times the first-order treasure, and once again increased a hundred times, it has become the second-order treasure!

The strength of the primordial spirit has gone from a four-turn true monarch to a fifth-turn true monarch level!

At this time, booming...

The thunder was rolling, the black thunderclouds began to dissipate, and the ninth-order ladder and the heavenly gate were also becoming lighter and lighter, and they were about to return to the land of nothingness.

The catastrophe that caused a sensation in the universe is finally over!

But at the same time, Jiang Ci's killing robbery has also arrived!

This chapter has been written a little more, so the update is too late, but this chapter is really long...

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