I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 579

Chapter 577: Tianzun Betting Another Universe

The news that the nine Dao Monarchs broke out in the ancient immortal realm quickly spread throughout the universe, shocking all races.

Because the pinnacle powerhouse stands on the top of the universe, the number is scarce, and there will be few big fights.

Just like the last time the human race Heavenly Court Emperor Milo and the monster race Anlan Daojun collided, it was just a blow, and there was not too much entanglement.

But this time, the three Taoists of the Human Race were greatly stimulated, and the unprecedented Tianjiao of the Tao Alliance Human Race was bombarded and killed by the alien Taoists!

Swordsman, Xiangshan Tao, Chengfang Taoist are all one enemy and two, using all their means to display their full strength.

The sky was broken, the void shattered, and the horrible aura surged hundreds of billions of kilometers.

Planet 1024 became the battlefield of the Daoist Lord. No real monarch dared to stay here, all of them fleeing through various passages, leaving this planet, and even leaving the ancient fairy world.

In the end, the war subsided, and no Taoist fell.

After all, the number of Taoists coming from the human race is too small. With one enemy and two, unless they are crushed by strength, it will be difficult to kill the strong at the same level.

However, this world-shaking battle is still called the strongest battle in this era by the universe.

However, the races did not know that this battle was just the prelude to the strongest battle.

Afterwards, there was another topic that aroused discussion among all ethnic groups, which was the issue of the life and death of Tianjiao Jiangs Ci.

Because the Feng Qiao Daojun who personally killed Jiang Ci did not admit that Jiang Ci was dead,

He admitted that he had killed Jiang Ci, but Jiang Ci might have escaped through some space shuttle.

This remark was privately ridiculed by the senior officials of many ethnic groups. They believed that Fengqiao Daojun was afraid of the anger of the human race and feared that the human race would destroy the Fengqiao family.

Those who are qualified to enter the ancient immortal realm know that the spatial fluctuations in the ancient immortal realm are completely static, and any movement or shuttle method cannot be used.

Moreover, Jiang Ci is just an immortal master who has just crossed the Nine Tribulations, how can he escape the blast of the master of the Dao?

There are also ethnic speculations that Jiang Ci may still be alive, and the one who was killed by Feng Qiao Daojun is only the deity of Jiang Ci, and Jiang Ci may have a clone in the original universe.

The intelligence systems of the peak tribes, ghost tribes, monster tribes, and many top tribes are also secretly verifying the possibility of this speculation.

If Jiang Ci really has a clone, it must be killed!

Before crossing the Tribulation, he had the power of the fifth rank true monarch,

After crossing the catastrophe, he will have the strength to fight Daojun,

Such a terrifying genius, if he waits to reverse his life and death in the future, he can really kill Daojun directly!

But soon, these races that are on the opposite side of the human race have detected intelligence, and the human race is dispatching an army of immortals to prepare for an extermination operation!

Suddenly, the original universe was rumbling, and the atmosphere suddenly became tense.

This move of Human Race also gave a conclusion on this topic, and Jiang Ci really fell!

Otherwise, the Human Race would not have such a great anger, and would even kill a top race!


Regarding the life and death of Jiang Ci and the avatar, some people within Human Race are speculating and discussing privately.

Because Jiang Ciyou Mingjian stayed in Human Race, if he really died, Mingjian would definitely be broken.

It's just that Jiang Ci's fate slip is the highest secret of the human race, and only those who are strong in Taoism are qualified to view it.

However, when some people discovered that the high-level officials had begun to dispatch troops to carry out annihilation operations, these comments disappeared.

Facts speak louder than words. If Jiang Ci hadn't died, then the high-level would never make such a big move.


At the moment when tens of thousands of shadows broke out, Jiang Ci really felt that he was going to die, and he was desperate.

Although he still has a clone and a life, his accumulation for so many years is on this deity.

If the deity falls, it is definitely a big loss!

The strange thing is that when the terrifying energy attack and the soul attack are about to drown him,

Jiang Ci suddenly discovered that there is a mysterious power glowing with colorful light, appearing around him.

Then the world changed for a while, after the mysterious power subsided, he appeared on a cyan stone,

The grey mist is tumbling around, as if to annihilate everything,

However, this stone has mysterious power, which isolates these gray mists.

The environment here gives Jiang Ci the feeling of being outside the invisible barrier of the ancient immortal world.

Of course, these are not the main points, Jiang Ci stared at the person in front of him.

A burly old man in coarse cloth was sitting in front of him.

The old man's gray hair was scattered, and his face was rough, like a barbarian.

Although it didn't exude any powerful aura, it felt like a peerless beast, capable of swallowing everything.

"Meet again." The old man grinned, exactly the same as his expression thousands of years ago.

"Senior Qingshi! You return Doudou!" Jiang Ci did not have the surprise of the rest of his life, nor did he thank for his life-saving grace.

Calculating the time, before the earth is moved into the big change of the three sects and six strong lands,

In the year 336 of the Earths Crescent, he entered the second moon and encountered this mysterious bluestone,

Then Qingshi took Jiang Doudou and Second Moon, and left a cyan token for Jiang Ci, saying that he could be contacted at any time.

It is now the Crescent Year 6191, and nearly six thousand years have passed!

During this period, he sent countless messages to Qingshi through the cyan token, but never received a response.

Moreover, he also tried to send Jiang Doudou, but also did not respond.

This makes Jiang Ci often wonder whether he was deceived by Qingshi?

But at that time, he had no resistance at all in front of Bluestone.

In fact, its not there now,

Even now he has the strength to fight against Daojun, but when he sees Qingshi again, he still feels that this mysterious savage old man is terrifying.

"It's not time." Qingshi gently shook his head, "You still don't have the strength to protect her."

Jiang Ci frowned. He can fight Daojun now, and the entire original universe can beat him, only about a hundred.

Such strength, in the eyes of Qingshi, can't protect Jiang Doudou?

He knew that Jiang Doudou had a secret hidden in him,

Before the earth changed, Qingshi clearly pointed out that Jiang Doudou would be in trouble if she stayed on the earth, so she deliberately took her away.

But is this secret so big?

"Your status and status are different now. In the future, there may be a lot of powerful people above the Taoist priest. If Jiang Doudou continues to follow you, you will be in big trouble." Qingshi said solemnly.

"Is the strong above the Daoist the Daoist? Or the Tianzun?" Jiang Ci asked.

"Naturally, Tianzun." Qingshi said lightly.

"Huh..." Jiang Ci felt the pressure and was surprised at the same time.

As the strongest race in the original universe, the human race has only one heavenly deity. You can imagine how powerful this level of power is.

And the secret of Jiang Doudou will attract a lot of Tianzun's attention!

What is the secret?

Jiang Ci only knows one thing. Before Jiang Doudou left the earth, every time the earth's spiritual energy revived, Jiang Doudou would fall into a deep sleep, and then his cultivation base would progress by leaps and bounds.

If there is no experience value panel, then he is definitely not Jiang Doudou's opponent in terms of cultivation.

Jiang Ci shook his head, throwing away the pressure and shock in his heart.

There is an experience value panel, what are you afraid of!

Isnt it Tianzun?

His cultivation time is full of calculations, less than five thousand years, and now he has the strength to compete with Daojun, and it will be a matter of time for him to become Daojun and Tianzun!

"Senior Qingshi, isn't it okay to see each other now?" Jiang Ci asked.

"It's not impossible." Qingshi said with a light smile.

Jiang Ci's eyes lit up.

"It just so happens that this time there is a big advantage that is considered as a test. If you can complete it, I can let you meet." Qingshi said.

"What test?" Jiang Ci hurriedly asked.

"Follow me to a place first." With a wave of Qingshi's hand, time and space change, and the world flows.

The cyan stone under their feet seemed to be able to break through all obstacles and flashed away in the gray mist world.

Jiang Ci was secretly shocked, this method was too terrifying.

"It should be Tianzun."

He guessed the strength of bluestone.

Because this gray mist world is obviously outside the invisible barrier of the ancient immortal world,

This is the place closest to the origin of the universe, a place that even Daojun cannot enter.

But the bluestone is here, as if entering no one's land, unimpeded.

At this time, the cyan stone passed through an invisible barrier, giving Jiang Ci the feeling that it was like a cosmic passage through the ancient world of Daoyuan.


Cyan stones carried them and appeared in a starry sky island,

There is a starry sky all around, and a waterfall-like Milky Way, hanging upside down from the starry sky, is very spectacular.

"Where is this?" Jiang Ci observed the surrounding environment,

The scenery here is beautiful and refreshing.

Not only is there the fragrance of birds and flowers, there is also a mirror-like lake in the distance.

But soon, Jiang Ci's expression changed, because he couldn't even sense the way he cultivated here!

How can it be! Even in the Ancient Immortal Realm, he can sense all kinds of Dao law fluctuations!

"This is another universe." Qingshi said astonishingly.

"Another universe?!" Jiang Ci's eyes widened.

"Yes, this is my universe, Liu Yuzhou." A pleasant voice sounded.

Jiang Ci turned his head and looked, only to see a girl in green clothes coming from the lake, seeming to appear out of thin air.

He could confirm that when he was observing the lake just now, he did not spot the girl.

Observing carefully now, he felt that the girls dress seemed a little familiar.

The girl in green is fifteen or six years old, wearing a straw hat, barefoot, holding a bamboo flute in her hand...

Jiang Ci quickly remembered that when he participated in the Battle of the Geniuses in the Nine Regions, Mu Ning, the shepherd boy who had entered the Zixiao Sect with him.

Later, the two became friends, and now they are still in touch,

Moreover, Mu Ning has now cultivated to the stage of harmony, and has become the core disciple of the fourth heaven of Zixiaozong.

What is the relationship between this green girl and Muning? Jiang Ci thought in his heart,

But he ignored what the girl in green just said, Liu Yuzhou!

"This is Liu Tianzun." Qingshi introduced.

Jiang Ci was even more surprised, this seemingly innocent girl turned out to be a god!

Then he hurriedly saluted: "Jiang Ci pays respects to Liu Tianzun!"

"No gift." Liu Tianzun smiled softly, this smile like a spring breeze, making people feel good.

She said to Qingshi again: "Is this the one you chose?"

"Yes, he will complete the bet between you and me." Qingshi smiled.

This makes Jiang Ci puzzled, gambling?

But in front of the two gods, he stood aside honestly before he could speak.

"Jiang Ci?" Liu Tianzun, who looked like a girl in green, frowned lightly.

She seemed to remember something, "But the human genius who has just passed through the Nine Tribulations in the Ancient Immortal Realm and pushed open the fairy gate?"

"It's him." Qingshi nodded.

"You let a Nine Tribulations Immortal come and fight me?" Liu Tianzun stared.

"..." Jiang Ci was at a loss.

Fight with Tianzun? How do you feel pitted by the old bluestone man again!

"Don't underestimate Jiang Ci, he just fought hundreds of rounds with Daojun Fengqiao in the ancient immortal world. If it weren't for the defense of the soul, he might be able to hold on for longer." Qingshi smiled lightly.

"The Yuanshen's defense is poor? So it is." Liu Tianzun glanced at Jiang Ci.

Then she shook her head again and said, "Even if my cultivation level reaches the Nine Tribulations Immortal, I can crush him to death with one finger. Don't forget, I can use the ultimate secret technique."

"Is there still time?" Qingshi smiled unchanged.

"There are still one hundred thousand years, do you think he can create the ultimate secret technique in one hundred thousand years?" Liu Tianzun was full of doubts.

"Of course." Qingshi nodded.

"Oh?" Liu Tianzun glanced at Jiang Ci more.

"Senior Qingshi..." Jiang said he wanted to say something, and he probably understood what was going on, but what good was it for him?

Qingshi turned his gaze and explained with a smile: "This is the great benefit I told you. You only need to defeat Liu Tianzun with your own secret method within one hundred thousand years, and she will maintain the same cultivation level as you. "

"If you break through to become a true monarch within these 100,000 years, then I will use the true monarch cultivation base to fight you. The only thing that remains unchanged is that I will use the ultimate secret method." Liu Tianzun also explained.

"The ultimate secret method at the very first level." Qingshi emphasized.

"Then what are the benefits of doing this?" Jiang Ci still asked his inner thoughts very honestly.

"Haha, Qingshi, this little guy is more confident than you!" Liu Tianzun laughed, clutching his belly and laughing.

After smiling for a while, she said to Jiang Ci: "My bet with Qingshi is very simple. He fights with me, or he finds someone to fight with me.

If Bluestone wins, I will come up with a Tier 5 treasure,

If I win, Qingshi promises to do something for me. "

Qingshi nodded, and looked at Jiang Ci: "If you can beat her, that Tier 5 treasure belongs to you, and you can choose the type of the treasure!"

Jiang Ci's eyes brightened, choose any kind?

What he lacks now is the treasure of the soul!

When fighting Fengqiao Daojun just now, if he had a Tier 5 Yuanshen Supreme Treasure, then he would never be nearly killed in the end!

"I don't know what the relationship between you and Qingshi is, but I advise you to take the initiative to admit defeat, because this bet is a matter of life or death.

I am the Heavenly Sovereign, even if I maintain the cultivation base of the Nine Tribulations Immortal, I can easily suppress a Wild-level Daoist.

You should know that there are four realms of Taoist monarchs, cosmos, universe, hong, and huang.

Although in terms of strength, Huang-level Daojun is the worst, but it is definitely not a Nine Tribulations Immortal can match! "

"If you want to beat me at the level of the Nine Tribulations Immortal, there is only one way to go, and that is to create the ultimate secret method within these 100,000 years!" Although Liu Tianzun was smiling, his voice was full of murderous intent, which made people shudder.

"I'll take this bet!" Jiang Ci did not hesitate.

"Ho ho." Liu Tianzun sneered in a low voice, "According to the terms of the gambling agreement, the secret stone carvings on this island will allow you to enlighten you for 100,000 years.

And the time flow of my island is 3.6 million times that of the original universe.

One day in the original universe is almost equivalent to 10,000 years here,

Since you have accepted this bet, I will come back in ten days! "

In her opinion, Jiang Ci has no hope of winning,

The ultimate secret method is the Taoist secret method, and naturally only the Taoist can master it.

However, even a powerful person at the Taoist level would need at least an era to create an ultimate secret method.

Moreover, this universe is different from the original universe, and the composition of Dao Fa is also different. The Dao Fa cultivated by Jiang Ci has become a display here.

Without Taoism, how can we talk about creation secrets?

Subsequently, Liu Tianzun sneered and disappeared out of thin air.

"One hundred thousand years, take it well," Qingshi grinned, "Finally, I will send you a word. Don't be confused by the appearance of things, but see their essence."

Then disappeared

Jiang Ci is the only one left on the beautiful starry sky island.

He stood by a flowerbed, looked up at the stars, and exhaled softly.

This bet is indeed a great advantage for him, a great opportunity!

Moreover, if he wins the bet, he can meet Doudou again.

The two depend on each other for fate, in each others lives, they have long been inseparable.

Therefore, he cannot give up.

"The only problem is that Dao Fa's fluctuations are not sensed here!" Jiang Ci frowned.

Without Dao Fa fluctuation, naturally there is no way to realize Dao cultivation.

Creating the ultimate secret method has become impossible.

"Just now Liu Tianzun said, this is her universe, Liu Yuzhou,"

"Obviously, the Dao Fa fluctuations of the two universes are different, so you can't feel it?"

"Don't be confused by the appearance of things, see their essence..."

Jiang Ci thought of the last words of the old man Qingshi, and then thought of the origin of heaven.

His spiritual knowledge swept across those heavenly origins in the Tongtian Tower,

Nine times of Heavenly Tribulation, a total of 3191 wisps of heavenly origin were brought to him,

This ray of colorful light, like a small snake, wanders in the space of Tongtianlou,

"The essence of things... the origin?"

"Although Liu Universe and Yuan Universe have different Dao Fa fluctuations, their origins are the same?"

Jiang Cis thinking turned sharply, his eyes brightened,

"Try using the panel deduction." He meditated in his heart to deduct Kendo.

The result surprised him and it worked!

Although he couldn't sense the fluctuations of kendo in Liu Yuzhou, he could also deduct kendo with the panel!

"Haha, if that's the case, why don't it take a hundred thousand years!" Jiang Ci laughed.

According to Master Jiuxiao Daojun's speculation, if his Shanhaijianjing Daoju can create the seventh style, it can be called the ultimate secret method.

In the hundreds of years since he entered the world of ancient immortals, he has experienced a lot of battles and has been looking for inspiration for the seventh style of the Daojuan.

However, those battles didn't help him find any inspiration.

Until not long ago, he fought against the 4th and 5th revolution real monarchs in the ancient immortal realm, fought the Nine Tribulations, pushed the immortal gates, and finally fought with Daojun in an extreme battle.

Each time it is a battle of life and death, hovering on the edge of death.

Finally, when facing Lord Fengqiao, he finally caught a hint of inspiration!

Now, as long as you follow this trace of inspiration, you can perform the seventh style of the Daojuan!

While Jiang Ci was pleasantly surprised, he remembered what Liu Tianzun said last.

"Liu Tianzun said that there are secret stone carvings on this starry sky island for me to comprehend. I don't know what stone carvings are? It sounds like it would be helpful to create a secret method."

He used his spiritual sense to explore the island.

This is not the ancient immortal world, there is no such horrible coercion, the spiritual sense can naturally be explored from the body.

Soon, he explored the starry sky island again,

It is said that it is an island, but its diameter has reached hundreds of millions of kilometers.

"I found it, it's 30 million kilometers away from here!" Jiang Ci looked into the distance and flew up directly.


Jiang Ci was shocked, because his speed easily accelerated to the speed of light!

Moreover, there is no shuttle into the source space!

"Could it be that Liu Yuyu's rules are different?"

The rule of the original universe is that after an object accelerates to the speed of light, it will shuttle into the source space.

Afterwards, Jiang Ci continued to accelerate, and finally reached ten times the speed of light.

3 million kilometers per second!

In just ten seconds, he arrived at the location of the secret stone carving,

"Haha, as expected, flying physically is the most enjoyable!" Jiang Ci laughed.

The feeling of the body cutting through the space at speed is much more refreshing than the feeling of driving a flying boat.

Of course, this means that his physical strength is high enough, comparable to the second-order treasure.

If it is a true monarch with poor physical strength, flying at ten times the speed of light, the body may burn spontaneously.

Jiang Ci's gaze fell in the stone forest below and flew down.

This is a stone forest with an area of one million square kilometers. The stones are high and low, some exude a frightening atmosphere, and some are ordinary.

"Secret law stone carvings, is there a secret law carved on every stone?"

He observes in the stone forest,

"This knife can barely be regarded as a common secret method..."

"The fist mark on this stone is very powerful. It is the top common secret method. It is only one step away to reach the peak secret method."

"The kendo secret method on this big stone is good, and it is considered a middle-to-high ordinary secret method."

"Well, this is a pinnacle secret!"


The stone forest covering an area of one million square kilometers is simply a secret treasure!

The more Jiang Ci reads, the more pleasant it is, because the deeper it goes, the higher the level of the secret technique!

Finally, he stopped in front of a 100-meter-high stone pillar with nine sword marks on it, exuding a fierce and shattered aura.

This is the ultimate secret of kendo!

"The kendo analysis is very different from the Qinglian kendo of my human race.

But observing this method has an analogous effect on me, allowing me to perform the seventh style of the Shanhaijianjing Daojuan faster! "

"Furthermore, after I became the Immortal of the Nine Tribulations, my background was much lower than before, not so profound.

There are so many secret stone carvings here, I can enter these secret methods into the panel, quickly improve and learn these secret methods, and increase my own knowledge! "

Jiang's poem was full of vigor.

Now, he has no shortage of experience points!

3191 strands of the origin of heaven, after each strand of refining, you can get 10 trillion experience points,

With so many experience points, you can use the experience value panel to let go of the deduction!

At the same time, he is not short of time,

The time flow of this starry sky island is 3.6 million times that of the original universe, and a day in the original universe is almost equivalent to 10,000 years here.

He can spend a hundred thousand years here, and the original universe has only passed ten days!

"One hundred thousand years, maybe...I can directly reverse life and death here, and then return to the original universe!"

The limit of the Nine Tribulations Immortal Shou Yuan is one hundred thousand years, and he can use these time to forge himself an extremely deep foundation.

When the accumulation is almost the same, then go to reverse life and death and become a true monarch!

"How strong will I be then?" Jiang Ci looked forward to it.

Everything is waiting ten days later!

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