I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 586

Chapter 584: The Secret Of Eternity The Dispute Between Taoism

Although Jiang Cis cultivation is still the fifth-turn real monarch, his real combat power is already at the Daoist level.

He is also a disciple of the Zixiao Sect. It is also in line with common sense to ask the founder of the mountain, Zixiao Tianzun, to give the Taoist name.

It's just that it's weird to ask the statue of the master to give the road number.

And this is still in the map of Tongtian Mountains and Rivers, not the real world.

Is this legendary character still alive?

When Jiang Ci was puzzled, the statue that looked like a real man standing in front of the four, exuded strands of colorful brilliance,

Then these colorful brilliance condense into two simple symbols, which are the two characters "mountain and sea" in the lingua franca of the Dao League!

"Mountain and sea?" Jiang Ci was startled.

Before the great change of the earth, when he and Qingshi Tianzun met on the second moon of the earth, they talked about the ancient history of the earth.

At that time, Qingshi Tianzun told him that the name of the earth in the last era was called Shanhaixing.

Later, the earth was discovered by the Three Sects and Six Sects. Because there was no need to conceal anymore, Jiang Ci specially collected information about the earth.

However, in the top-secret information, no words like "mountain sea star" appeared.

In the history of the Daomeng human race, the earth is the earth, and there has never been another name.

Therefore, it can be inferred that the mountain and sea star of the last era mentioned by Qingshi Tianzun is far before the Dao League human race!

But now, the statue of Zixiao Tianzun gave him the name of the road, which is actually named after the mountain.

Perhaps the secrets of the earth were deeper than he thought and the top-secret information he had collected.

As for the secret, the answer must lie in the mysterious Bluestone Tianzun, and it may even be related to Jiang Doudou!

Because compared to him, Qingshi Tianzun attaches much greater importance to Jiang Doudou.

Of course, Jiang Ci understands, it may be that he has been thinking too much.

He had previously made the name of Shanhai Sword Immortal in the extraterritorial battlefield, and perhaps Zixiao Tianzun bestowed it on this.

But having said that, he still has the title of True Monarch Wude, why not use the word "wude"?

Beside, after seeing the words "mountain and sea", Daojun Jiuxiao, Daocheng Chengfang, and Daojun Meluo just nodded slightly.

Obviously they didn't have as much as Jiang Ci thought. They all knew that Jiang Ci was the sword fairy of Shanhai.

"Jiang Ci, thank Master Xie quickly." said Daojun Jiuxiao.

Jiang Ci restrained his mind, and saluted the statue of Zixiao Tianzun with a solemn expression: "Jiang Ci pays tribute to Master Zu!"

"Haha, Junior Brother, you will be Lord Shanhai Dao in the future, and you will use this name to tremble the universe!" Daojun Miruo laughed.

"I hope you will be able to make a name for yourself in Chaos Sea like Master,

Like the three of us, the Taoist titles are also given by the master, but only Brother Jiuxiao has some reputation in the Chaos Sea.

Me and Mi Luo, and Brother Jiuxiao, are far worse. "Cheng Fang Daojun said earnestly.

Jiang Ci nodded, Chaos Sea? He became more and more curious about this place.

Now that he has become the Taoist of the Human Race, he must be qualified to know these top-secret information.

"Okay, go back." Daojun Jiuxiao said.

Afterwards, a group of four respectfully saluted the statue of Zixiao Tianzun again, and then flew out of the globular star with the gray mist along the wide stone path before.

After they left, the stone path disappeared, and the real-life statue of Heavenly Zun Zixiao was also covered by the gray fog again.

The endless gray fog, sometimes slowly flowing, sometimes violently churning,

The statue stood in the gray mist, and only those peaceful eyes, with a little colorful brilliance flashing, it seemed that they no longer looked far away, but glanced in the direction where Jiang Ci and the others left.

"The traces of the last era..." An ethereal voice sounded in this space as if there was nothing.

On the other side, the four Jiang Ci traveled through the endless void at extreme speed, exceeding the speed of light thousands of times.

Jiang Ci finally couldn't help but ask the doubts in his heart: "Master Zixiao is still alive?"

"Haha, why, do you think Master has fallen?" Daojun Chengfang laughed first.

"Master will live forever, how could it fall." Daojun Miruo also smiled.

Finally, Daojun Jiuxiao said: "Master, his elder, is the most powerful in Chaos Sea, and there are very few strong men who can threaten him."

"Where did the master go?" Jiang Ci asked.

"After the Master reached the limit of Tianzun, he fought a battle with the original will of the original universe in order to pursue the eternal path that followed.

However, the will of the universe cannot be violated. In the end, Master was permanently suppressed by the origin of the universe because he violated the rules of the original universe. "Daojun Jiuxiao flashed divine light in his eyes, it was admiration and worship.

Fight against the origin of the universe?

Jiang Ci was shocked. Although he didn't see the battle, he could imagine the madness in it.

The original universe is vast and boundless, how strong should the will be?

Just relying on the invisible barrier of the ancient immortal realm, you can know that, in the ancient immortal realm, even Daojun can't break that barrier.

Only Tianzun can walk through the chaotic gray mist outside the barrier, but cannot really approach the origin of the universe.

Therefore, although Zixiao Tianzun's strength can be called Tianzun's invincible, but such a crazy move eventually ended in failure and was permanently suppressed.

"However, even if the master is suppressed," Chengfang Daojun took the stubbornly.

He also had a respectful gaze: "At the last moment of that battle, Master still displayed his strongest secret technique, the map of the sky, mountains and rivers, covering all parts of the original universe with this technique.

Only the powerhouses of other Tianzun levels and places close to the origin of the universe can isolate the coverage of the Tongtian Mountains and Rivers. "

Jiang's words are so staggering, it turns out that this is how the picture of Tongtian Mountains and Rivers came from.

He had always thought that the Tongtian Mountains and Rivers were the treasures of the human race, but he did not expect that this was only the strongest secret method of the Zixiao Tianzun, the secret magic illusion brought by it.

Really powerful!

At the same time, Jiang Ci also felt a sudden in his heart.

When he was in Liu Tianzun's Liu Universe, he couldn't communicate to the outside world through the Communication Bead. That was because Liu Tianzun's will was there and the map of Tongtian Mountains and Rivers could not cover Liu Universe.

A similar situation is the ancient immortal world, where it is close to the origin of the universe, where the origin will exist, and the map of Tongtian Mountains and Rivers naturally cannot cover there.

"By the way, Master said just now that Master was fighting the origin of the universe to pursue the path of eternity, the path of eternity... Is that the realm after the **** of heaven?" Jiang Ci asked.

These two words reminded him of the new eternal experience points and eternal fragments after the experience value panel was updated.

"The same can be said," Daojun Jiuxiao nodded.

Explained in detail: "You should know that the prerequisite for becoming a Daoist is to fully master at least one Dao of Heaven.

And after the realm of heaven is the realm of origin,

If Dao Sovereign can follow the heavenly path to comprehend the origin, and then master all of the origin, it is to reach the level of the deity,

At the same time, this is also the limit of the original universe. If you continue to practice, you will be rejected by the original universe."

Speaking of this, Daojun Jiuxiao stopped, his eyes were a little fascinated, he was only half a step away from fully grasping a source and becoming a Tianzun.

Jiang Ci also nodded slowly. He had heard the rules of the original universe many times before, and only allowed to use the power of Daojun's limit, otherwise he would be punished by the origin of the universe.

It turned out that the Heavenly Venerable who had completely mastered the origin had already exceeded the limit of the original universe and was not contained by the universe.

Jiuxiao Daojun continued: "I once heard Master say a word,

He said that the end of the source is the eternal road, but the eternal road is hard to find, and can't be found on the initiative. Can we only wait for the gift?

I will always remember that for the first time, the face of the master, who has always been extraordinarily confident and invincible, showed a sense of sorrow. "

Jiang Ci, Chengfang Daojun, and Miruo Daojun all fell into silence.

From these words, they seemed to hear the helplessness of Zixiao Tianzun.

The eternal road is hard to find, can't be found on the initiative, can only wait for the gift?

Zixiao Tianzun is already Tianzun's invincible powerhouse, who would dare to use the word bestow on him?

"Master, who gave it to you?" Jiang Ci asked.

"I don't know, Master didn't say it at the time." Daojun Jiuxiao sighed.

Jiang Ci was silent, but he was thinking very fast in his heart.

From the time he embarked on the road of cultivation, he has always had doubts.

How did the experience value panel come from?

After the last update of the experience value panel, eternal experience points and eternal fragments appeared,

Obviously, this has something to do with Eternal Road.

If he can figure out the relationship here, it is possible to understand the nature and origin of the experience value panel!

Is it bestowed by some mysterious existence?

If this question is not answered, Jiang Ci will always have a sense of crisis in his heart.

Even the invincible Zixiao Tianzun could not find the eternal way, and was eventually forced to fight the origin of the universe, but was suppressed.

And the experience value panel on his body has eternal fragments, which is suspected to be related to the eternal road!

Obviously, the background of the experience value panel is very large, far beyond the Tianzun level.

If there is something mysterious, put the experience value panel on him,

It even includes taking him from the modern society of the earth to the era of aura recovery two hundred years later,

What is the purpose of all this?

Use him as a carrier? As a leek?

Cut it off when it matures someday in the future?

Jiang Ci shuddered every time he thought of this, especially as his strength continued to increase, the stronger his sense of crisis was in his heart.

To this day, he already has the power of the Daoist monarch, and he can't perceive the true location of the experience value panel.

The whole body, including the primordial spirit, can be explored clearly, but he can't find the experience value panel.

But this thing really existed in his mind, and he could wake it up with the movement of his mind.

"I'm still too weak." Jiang Ci sighed softly in his heart.

After thinking about it, he asked Daojun Jiuxiao: "Master, Master is so powerful, is it possible to get out of trouble?"

If this legendary Terran strongest can appear in front of people again, it will definitely be a great event for Terran to celebrate!

At the same time, with the strength of Zixiao Tianzun, it may be possible to understand the nature of the experience value panel.

Daojun Jiuxiao was silent for a while before sighing, "No."

"At the beginning, tomorrow Zun also tried many methods, but none of them worked.

Unless someone can rival the origin of the universe, maybe he can save the master,

But even the master, who is known as the invincible Tianzun, is not an opponent of the origin of the universe. Who can beat it? Daojun Chengfang also shook his head.

Jiang Ci sighed lightly. Judging from the current situation, perhaps only from Qingshi Tianzun can he know what to do.

In fact, he has always guessed whether this old guy is playing the role of a caretaker?

However, Qingshi Tianzun obviously attaches more importance to Jiang Doudou, and it is Jiang Doudou that has been protecting for so many years.

Moreover, Qingshi Tianzun did not bestow the strength of Eternal Road, after all, that was something that Zixiao Tianzun couldn't pursue.

Next, Jiang Ci thought for a long time, but still had no answer.

But this time knowing the Eternal Road, it is considered to have found some clues.

When the strength becomes stronger in the future, it may be able to solve all the doubts.


At the same time, the map of the sky, mountains and rivers, the place where the Daoist meeting was held.

In front of the huge long stone table, there appeared a series of powerful figures, it is the Taoists of the human race.

"Haha, Nagaki, I remember, the last time the Daojun meeting,

You are not willing to return the ownership of the earth cave sky to Jiang Ci,

Finally, I will tell you tomorrow, when Jiang Ci can sit at this table someday, he will be able to take back the earth cave world,

Unexpectedly, only two hundred years have passed since Jiang Ci would be qualified to sit with us.

Do you now regret that you have offended this great genius? "Jian Yiyi joked.

"Huh, I'm a dignified cosmopolitan Daoist, afraid of him being a hairy boy?" The Changgaki Daoist with a red mole on his eyebrows snorted coldly.

"Besides, the last time I offered to reject it, didn't you object to it?" He sneered.

"But I didn't support it either. You said how good it was that you agreed to Jiang Ci's request at the beginning, and exchanged the ownership of the earth cave world with Huntian Immortal Palace tokens.

As a result, Jiang Ci took a Tier 4 Supreme Treasure from the Treasury of the Human Race, and took another 100 million Supreme Immortal Crystals.

Now that Jiang Ci sits on this table, he can get back to the earth and cave world without paying any price. Do you think you feel bad?

Moreover, let alone a Maotou boy, with the speed of Jiang Ci's cultivation, maybe in thousands of years, he will become a world-class Daojun! "Jian Yijun continued to laugh and tease.

"Huh!" Daojun Changyuan kept his face dark, and said nothing.

Some of the other Dao Monarchs are also full of dissatisfaction, but more are watching jokes.

The Taoist monarch of the human race is naturally united with the outside world,

But internally, the factions are divided into different factions according to their sects, and they are competing with each other. Once they find an opportunity, they naturally have to run on it.

At this moment, whoosh...

Four figures flew from the endless void in the distance.

"Brother Jiuxiao."

"Jiu Xiao, here comes."

"Jiu Xiao, went to see Master Zixiao?"

All Taoists of the Human Race greet Taoist Nine Heavens first.

Because in terms of strength, apart from Tomorrow and Zixiao Tianzun, who was suppressed by the original universe,

Next is Daojun Jiuxiao, the third strongest of the human race, half-step Tianzun,

Moreover, Dao Monarch Nine Heavens had a heart for Human Race, and Dao Monarch Nine Heavens took care of many important matters, and he was definitely the most respected peak power.

Afterwards, Daojun Jiuxiao took Jiang Ci with them, and took their seats separately.

As soon as Jiang Ci sat down, he attracted a lot of attention and inquiries from Taoists.

"Jiang Ci, you did a great job in this battle. You killed four barren-level Daoists in the first battle. This is not in the Chaos Sea."

"Mainly with the help of Senior Jianyi and Uncle Chengfang,"

"Don't be humble,"

"Jiang Ci, did you really kill five soul lamps in eight days?"

"Actually, during that time, I practiced in a space with a flow rate of one million times."

"No wonder... it's not right. Even if you practice in a special time and space, your strength increase speed is still abnormal."

"Senior praised."

"To sit at this table, everyone is equal in seniority, not to mention seniors and juniors."

Jiang Ci smiled and nodded. He was comfortable in such a scene, and there was no restraint or fear.

While chatting and laughing with everyone, I was also observing these beings standing on top of the universe.

"That's Daojun Yanqing. Although the top Taoist master is Tomorrow, Daojun Yan is in charge of daily affairs..." Jiang Ci's gaze swept across Daojun Yanqing.

This is a lean old man in a black and white robe, looks quite majestic,

Jiang Ci had an impression of Taoist Yanqing. Six thousand years ago, Xuantian was accepted as a named disciple by Tomorrow Zun. Before becoming an immortal, Taoist Yanqing guided his cultivation.

"Buddhist leader, Daoist Buddha..."

"Leader of Jianmen, Daojun Chunfeng..."

Jiang Ci glanced at a bald man and an old man carrying a long sword.

Following the conversation, he also had a general impression of the leaders of various sects and many Taoists.

"The leader of Guanghan Sect, Hong'e Daoist..."

"Hunyuanzong leader, Changyuan Daojun..."

"Leader of Tianyang Sect, Tianyang Daojun..."

"The leader of the Promise Sect, Sanyuan Daojun..."

"Leader of True Xuanzong, Master Dongzhen..."

After getting to know him for a while, Jiang Ci couldn't help feeling that the human race is so powerful!

The Yanqing Dao Monarch, Master Dao Monarch, and Chunfeng Dao Monarch in front, these three are all Universe Dao Monarchs!

In addition, Jiuxiao Daojun, who is also known as the half-step Tianzun, is also a universal Daojun.

There are four top Taoist masters!

In terms of the number of powerhouses at this level, the monsters and ghosts combined can compete with the humans.

Not only that, but there are also a large number of Zhou-level Taoists below.

"There are three sects and six sects of the human race. In terms of overall strength, the Zixiao Sect ranks second.

Although the strength of Uncle Chengfang is slightly worse, the master is a half-step Tianzun, and the seventh brother Milo is a cosmic Taoist.

Add me now, it's even stronger. "Jiang Ci thought in his heart.

Of course, he is now considered a Hong-rank Dao Monarch, and among these Dao Monarchs of the Human Race, he still ranks in the lower middle position.

When everyone talks enthusiastically, call...

Tomorrow, the middle-aged in white clothes, appeared out of thin air on the black throne at one end of the long stone table.

The Dao Monarchs suddenly became quiet, stood up and respectfully salute tomorrow, even Dao Monarch Nine Heavens.

Jiang Ci was also curious and respectful, looking at the No. 1 human race in a substantial sense.

It seemed that the feeling that Tomorrow Zun gave him was not the aura of a strong Tian Zun, but a gentleman who was as gentle as jade.

In terms of temperament, it is completely different from the mysterious Bluestone Tianzun and the charming and changeable Liu Tianzun.

"Jiang Ci, I didn't expect to see you here so soon." Tomorrow respected with a gentle smile.

"See you tomorrow." Jiang Ci saluted respectfully.

Tomorrow Zun nodded, looked around at the Taoist monarchs, and said with a smile: "To my human race, today is a day worth celebrating.

Starting today, Jiang Ci is the Lord of Shanhai Dao! The number of Taoists in my human race has changed from 23 to 24! "

Taoist monarchs present here congratulated Jiang Ci. Even Changyuan Taoist also let go of prejudices and welcomed Jiang Ci to the highest level of power in the human race.

Jiang Ci smiled and responded one by one, and at the same time he was puzzled. It seemed that Tomorrow Zun and Zixiao Tianzun should be in contact, otherwise how could he know his Taoist name.

After a while, after everyone congratulated, Tomorrow Zun spoke again: "During the last Daojun meeting, Jiang Ci once proposed that he wanted to use Huntian Immortal Mansion tokens in exchange for the ownership of the Earth Cave Sky World."

Jiang Ci's eyes lit up,

Many other Dao Monarchs all quieted down, and some of their faces changed slightly.

"Since Jiang Ci has reached the conditions I mentioned last time and sat down at this table, the ownership of the earth cave world will be returned to him from today!" Respect said tomorrow.

"Tianzun!" Hun Yuanzong leader Changyuan Daojun suddenly said.

"According to the rules of my human race, when we are weak, we can enjoy various resources and obtain ethnic training, but when we are strong, we must devote ourselves to the ethnic group and become the pillar of the ethnic group.

Jiang Ci is now a powerful Taoist, then he is not qualified to get things from the race for free.

If he wants to get back the ownership of the earth cave world, he must pay something of the same value! "

"Yes, Tianzun, the rules are unbreakable."

"Only by taking out items of the same value as the earth can we meet the rules."

Some Dao Monarchs have echoed Dao.

Jiang Ci cast a blank look at Daojun Changyuan, and Daojun Changyuan nodded to him kindly.

"Everyone!" Jiuxiao Daojun said, and the Daojun at the long table calmed down again.

Jiuxiao Daojun smiled and said to Jiang Ci: "At the beginning, we used 100 billion points to buy the ownership of the earth cave world from you. This is also a clear price.

Jiang Ci, would you be willing to use 100 billion points to buy back the ownership of the earth cave world from us? "

"If you return to Master, the disciples are willing!" Jiang Ci smiled immediately.

100 billion points?

After the big killing of the ancient immortal world, he harvested a lot of spoils, and these points were simply drizzle to him.

"Jiuxiao, what are you kidding?" Changyuan Daojun frowned, "Regardless of the earth is the ancestral land of the Dao League human race, the value of the earth alone, 100 billion points want to buy back, you might as well just say it to Jiang Ci Forget it!

And this matter was discussed last time, Jiang Ci was weak at the beginning, 100 billion points is already a sky-high price for him.

Today is different from the past, how can it be compared like this? "

Although Daojun Changyuan is a cosmic rank, he is not afraid of Daojun Nine Heavens. He has always been strong and his character dictates.

Of course, more importantly, the matter of the earth did touch his interests.

Not only Changyuan Daojun, but many other Daojun also expressed similar opinions.

In the past six thousand years, their cultivators stationed in the Earth Cave Sky World have tasted the sweetness.

In the eyes of these Taoists, the earth is the cradle of the strong,

In time, it may become a sacred place like Sanmen and Six Sects.

So, how can you give up easily!

In this kind of dispute, Jiang Ci was also watching coldly, because at least the Zhou-level Daojun spoke, and each one was better than him.

"Okay!" Tomorrow Zun gently tapped on the table.

The dispute stopped immediately, and all Taoists looked at Tomorrow Zun.

Tomorrow Zun said solemnly: "I said that when Jiang Ci can sit on this table and sit on an equal footing with us, he will be able to take back the ownership of the earth and cave world.

This is the promise I made, and it should be implemented. Of course, the rule of the strong to contribute to the ethnic group cannot be broken.

Since the value of the earth is very high, then... I will hand over a Tier 5 Supreme Treasure to the race. Quan should be my gift to Jiang Ci to become a Daoist! "


"Tianzun, how can this be done!"

The faces of the Taoists changed.

They quarreled into quarrels, but in the end they let Tomorrow Zun take the treasure to settle the matter, that is, it is too much.

"Tianzun..." Jiang Ci also said quickly.

The fifth-order treasure is extremely precious, and even the Taoists present here, I am afraid that many do not have the most precious treasure of this grade.

"Okay, things are settled like this, don't need to say." Tomorrow Zun looked around, everyone suddenly calmed down.

They couldn't change the decision Tianzun made.

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