I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 608

Chapter 606: Yakumo God General Choose Seeking Subscription

The big square is full of strange landscapes, stone carvings, and rockery.

In the center of the square, a tall human-shaped stone sculpture suddenly burst into the sky with scarlet blood, condensing a figure wearing a battle armor and holding a Fangtian painted halberd.

The breath that spreads from the human-shaped stone sculpture, and therefore broke a certain limit, surpassed the level of the heavenly sovereign!

At the same time, invisible coercion enveloped the entire square, making Jiang Ci and the others dare not make any more movements, but respectfully looked at the terrifying figure.

The beam of red blood that rushed into the sky began to shrink, and it continued to merge into the body of the scarlet armor figure, and finally disappeared completely.

The red armor figure also became clearer, the black patterned battle armor and Fangtian painted halberd became like real objects, and the textures on them were clearly visible.

He was like stepping on a ladder, slowly pacing down from mid-air, and came to Jiang Ci, Takino Daojun and other powerful men.

At this time, Daojun Yinglong, who was the largest in size, had honestly shrunk his size under that invisible pressure, and was about the same size as Jiang Ci.

The red armor figure is very tall, close to 10,000 meters, standing there, overlooking them, like the eyes of the Nine Nether Abyss, full of indifference.

Then he said: "My name is Yakumo, you can be called my Yakumo god!"

"Meet the God General of Eight Clouds!" Jiang Ci, Taoist Takino, Taoist Shifang, and other powerful people, did not dare to neglect, and quickly saluted respectfully.

At the same time, they were also secretly surprised.


is like a rank in the army. Could it be that the Eight Cloud God will be the leader of a certain powerful cultivator army in countless epochs?

How strong should this force be? A **** will surpass the Tianzun level!

What about the higher-status existence above? Does the strength surpass the God General of Yakumo?

The Gods of Eight Clouds didnt care about their thoughts, but continued to say indifferently: "The descendants of the Chaos Seas era of no tribulation, when you see me, I have fallen and I dont know the tribulation era.

At the beginning, I followed the emperor on the final road, and knew that it was unlikely to survive. "


Hearing this word, all the strong eyes brightened.

Jiang Ci also moved in his heart, he thought of the road on the earth,

In the pictures he saw, countless powerful immortals followed an emperor and embarked on a road to heaven.

Is the emperor in the mouth of the Eight Cloud God General and the emperor on earth the same person?

Jiang Ci guessed in his heart,

Yakumo God will continue: "Sure enough, the road we are on is the final and the most difficult road. Even the most powerful emperor, even the most powerful treasure, is still a failure. "

"I anticipated the failure, but I will not be a deserter, I am the Eight Cloud God General of the Metaverse, I have my glory,

Its just that I dont want to break Yakumos heritage! "

The voice of the God of the Eight Clouds gradually became low. My God of the Eight Clouds is the 183rd Yakumo and the only descendant. "

"The ancestors of all generations died in battle, and my generation has been passed on for a long time."

"If I die, the inheritance will be cut off in my hands, then I will be ashamed of the ancestors of the past!"

"I can die, but the inheritance of Yakumo through the ages is unbreakable!"

"So, before I set off, I asked the emperor to establish and transform this market space, so that it can reappear the Chaos Sea and continue the inheritance of the Eight Clouds!"

"Young generations, if you are afraid, leave now, because it will become more and more dangerous later,

Especially at the end, when you come into contact with the true inheritance of my Yakumo line, only the one who has the inheritance can survive.

If none of you can gain inheritance, then all will fall! "

"The sooner you leave, the safer you leave, and the later you leave, especially when you come into contact with a trace of inheritance. Except for the emperor, any other creatures who spy on the inheritance of my eight clouds will definitely die!"

"Choose a decision, juniors!"

The God of Eight Clouds said these words indifferently in his eyes, without any fluctuations in his tone, and then closed his eyes.

For a time, the atmosphere in the entire square was suppressed. The seven powerful people present, including Jiang Ci, had many colors such as madness, excitement, worry, and hesitation in their eyes.


This is the inheritance that can really make many forces in Chaos Sea go crazy!

Why are the nine saints of the Tianyu tribe so powerful?

Because they have obtained the inheritance of a Tianzun Ruins, once the nine holy masters join forces, they can exert their powerful strength to sweep the Chaos Sea!

It can be said that in Chaos Sea, the most precious thing is this complete inheritance that can cultivate from low to high!

And this inheritance is the inheritance of the Yakumo line.

From the words of the Gods of the Eight Clouds, it can be inferred that this should be a powerful civilization from an unknown era, and a very powerful line of that civilization!

Each generation has only one successor.

Yakumo **** general, Yakumo is a name, **** general is like an official rank,

He can follow the emperor to embark on the final road, which is obviously a very high position in that civilization!

This means that the inheritance of Yakumo is very precious!

The Eight Clouds God will know that he will die, and will also leave the inheritance!

It is conceivable that this ancient inheritance that has lasted for an unknown period of time, among the ancestors of the past, may have a stronger existence than this Ren Yakumo!

Therefore, we cant judge this inheritance by the strength of the God General of the Eight Clouds.

Perhaps there is a higher realm in this inheritance, but the Yakumo of this term has not reached it.

There was silence in the square, and the voice of the God General of Eight Clouds echoed in everyone's ears.

Takino Michi-kun of the Red Lotus Holy Land,

The Shifang Dao-kun of the Sky Feather Clan in the First Universe, the Siri Lan Dao-kun, and the Undersea Dao-kun of the Zombie Clan

Yinglong Daojun of the Second Universe Monster Race,

Mr Xiang Le Dao of the Third Universe Human Race,

Jiang Ci of the Fourth Universe,

Everyone's eyes are hesitating and struggling.

"Will I go? I come from the Holy Land universe, I am not afraid of the crisis of calamity, and can exist forever in the Chaos Sea and never fall.

If you go, you will be in danger of falling. If you dont go, you will miss this chance you can't ask for!

However, even the powerful civilization where the Eight Cloud God General was located has disappeared. Can the Holy Land universe really exist forever? "Takino Michi-kun frowned.

"In those days, all the holy masters obtained in the Ten Thousand Realms Ruins were only the inheritance of the Celestial Lord.

can make my Tianyu tribe the third largest force in the Chaos Sea, second only to the two holy land universes!

The inheritance in front of us comes from a stronger ancient civilization,

It sounds like the God of Eight Clouds is not the strongest existence, there are even more powerful emperors on it!

But I can feel that this line of eight clouds is also unique in that ancient civilization, absolutely noble!

However, the difficulty of such inheritance can be imagined..." The light in the eyes of Daojun Shifang seemed extremely sacred.

"Opportunity! Surpassing the heavens and reaching the eternal opportunity!" The madness of Minghai Daojun's face was faintly rising.

"The God of Eight Clouds is very similar to my human race. This may be my opportunity, but..." Xiang Le Daojun's handsome face also hesitated.

All the strong players present are struggling and pondering, weighing the gains and losses of life and death.

Jiang Ci is also hesitating, his eyes are beating, his whole body is getting stronger and stronger.

I thought that this time I just stopped by to see if there was anything like a treasure,

but never thought that after encountering the birth of the ruins, accidents happened one after another.

From the outside, it looks like the Zuidaojun Ruins, but after entering, it changes one after another, becoming the Supreme Ruins!

But, is this really just Supreme Ruins?

From the words of the God General of Eight Clouds, it can be vaguely inferred that the supreme does not seem to be the strongest at the top of the cultivation!

In this way, the Yakumo inheritance becomes even more precious!

The inheritance is touching, but there is also the danger of falling!

Although Jiang Ci has a avatar, since the God of Eight Clouds dares to speak and spy on my lineage, he will die!

It is conceivable that the punishment inflicted by the means of the Gods of the Eight Clouds is definitely not a simple deal with a clone.

But all deities and clones will fall, completely dead!

"Will you go?" Jiang Ci secretly asked.

"I have cultivated to this day, less than 100,000 years, even without this opportunity,

With the experience value panel, its easy to become a Taoist and Tianzun.

Become supreme in the future, there is also hope! "

"But once you accept this inheritance, life and death will be unpredictable!"

"going or not?"

Jiang Ci asked himself again.

"Huh...how about the Supreme!"

"The Qingshuang clan, there used to be seven holy land universes, that is, the seven supreme ones, all of them fell in the battle with the enemy of the upper realm!"

"The eternal supreme, I am afraid that it will not be eternal, and it will still be crushed to death by a stronger existence!"

"The Eight Cloud Gods should be stronger than the Supreme, and there are even stronger emperors above them, but they have also fallen!"

"In the era of Chaos Sea without trying to do so, I don't know how many powerful civilizations have been bred, but who can live forever?"

Jiang Ci raised his head and glanced at the God General of Eight Clouds, who was nearly 10,000 meters high, his eyes were full of firmness and passion.

"This is the chance! Obviously, the inheritance of the Yakumo lineage is also in the forefront of that powerful civilization that can embark on the final path. It is an extremely precious inheritance.

Maybe, among the ancestors of the eight clouds in the past, there are strong ones who have approached the top of cultivation! "

"If I can get this inheritance, I might be able to see a farther way, a way higher than the Supreme,

With inheritance guidelines, coupled with the experience value panel, I will definitely go higher than the previous Yakumo! "

Just in the square when every strong person is weighing and struggling,

Suddenly, an aura suddenly appeared.

"Lian Xuan, since you want to come out, I will let you out. How to choose is up to you." Daojun Shifang said solemnly.

Beside him and Dao-kun Sorilan, another powerful Dao-jun of the Tianyu clan appeared, and it was Dao-kun Lin who had been hiding in the flying treasure.

He was originally the hole card of Dao-kun Shifang and Dao-kun Sorilan, and he had to wait for the last to appear.

But everything that happened in the outside world just now, he could see clearly, naturally he couldn't help it.


Next to , another figure appeared, exuding a strong and gloomy corpse aura, and it was another strong corpse clan.

"Yin Mi, this is an unprecedented opportunity, I will not stop you." Minghai Daojun looked complicated.

The two corpse clan powerhouses also made a lot of hiding,

But at this moment, I cant hide it anymore.

"I know." Yin Mi Daojun nodded.

In this way, there were only seven Taoist masters on the square, but now they have become nine!

"Do you have any helpers?" Shifang Daojun glanced at the four lone travelers, Jiang Ci, Tuoye Daojun, Xiangle Daojun, and Yinglong Daojun.

"I cross the chaotic sea, and I always act alone." Takino Michikun shook his head.

"I am alone too." Jiang Ci said,

"me too."

"The same."

Xiang Le Daojun and Yinglong Daojun nodded likewise.

"Haha, there are three from the Sky Feather Clan in the first universe, two from the Corpse Clan, and one in the second, third, and fourth universe, and my Red Lotus Holy Land.

There are a total of nine powerhouses like this. Except for the great power of the Chaos Sea, Juntian Holy Land, powerhouses from other universes appear here.

Sure enough, the rules of heaven and earth are very fair! "Takino Daojun laughed.

"However, this choice is not easy, right? This kind of opportunity can be called the top opportunity of Chaos Sea.

Even if it is my Red Lotus Holy Land, I have never heard of such mysterious inheritance.

There are some ordinary inheritances, but none of them can be compared with these eight cloud inheritances.

In those ordinary inheritances, even if there is danger, they can't threaten me! "

"But if the means left by the Eight Cloud Gods broke out, I am afraid that even Tianzun would not be able to hold it."

Takino Michikuns piercing gaze, looked around the strong, "Everyone, you have to think carefully, do you want to stay and accept the inheritance?"

A group of Dao Monarchs and powerful people are all in their hearts.

Because these words seem to be a kind reminder, but there is a faint threat.

At this moment, the God General of Eight Clouds, who closed his eyes, opened his eyes again, like the eyes of the Nine Nether Abyss, overlooking the nine powerful men,

"Young generations, do you want to leave? Or stay? Is there a decision?"

Powerful people such as Jiang Ci, Takino Daojun, know in their hearts that this is probably just a ray of consciousness or phantom left by the Yakumo God General, like some kind of intelligent program, not the deity of the Yakumo God General.

The true God of the Eight Clouds should have already fallen!

The God of Eight Clouds waited for a few seconds. Seeing that Jiang Ci and others had no signs of speaking or leaving, he stretched out his right hand and gently pointed a finger in the thick red fog that enveloped the square.

Suddenly, the thick red fog that had been flowing slowly began to churn violently.

A stone road paved with bluestone, breaking through the thick red fog, slowly condensing, and continuously extending to the unknown place.

"If you are willing to accept the inheritance, just embark on this road!" The God of Yakumo said indifferently, "I will choose you according to the method of selecting the descendants of Yakumo.

As you pass many tests, you will come into contact with inheritance step by step,

Once you come into contact with inheritance, it is a crisis of life and death.

Successfully accept all inheritance, you can survive,

If you fail, no matter how many inheritances you receive, one point, or ninety-nine points, it is death! "

"Young generations, think carefully, if you are scared now, you can leave immediately!"

"After the channel is opened, it will not be closed."

"You can also invite friends from your clan to come over. The more inheritors, the better, so that a new generation of Yakumo is more likely to be born!"

The God of Eight Clouds glanced at Jiang Ci and other Taoist masters, "Choose!"

Immediately afterwards, his figure disappeared.

Only the stone path paved with bluestone was left, quietly lying in the violently rolling red thick fog.

"The calamity is coming, but I can get this opportunity!" Minghai Daojun's eyes were bright, "With the means of ancient civilization, if we can get this inheritance,

Even if there is no eternal road, it is still possible to aspire to the eternal supreme and open up the third holy land universe in the Chaos Sea! "


Master Minghai Road turned into a pale streamer and flew directly into the cyan stone road, his figure was instantly submerged by thick red fog.

"Once the calamity comes, those who have not attained eternity will fall. How can you miss this opportunity!" Daojun Ying Long roared and rushed into the stone road.

"This is the chance of my human race, and it should be owned by my third universe human race!" Xiang Le Daojun gave a chuckle, took a step forward, and went in.



The husband and wife Daojun of the Tianyu clan looked at each other with a smile, their eyes were very firm, and they also stepped onto the stone path.

"Haha, the calamity is approaching, death sooner or later is death, it's better to fight it!" Lian Xuan Daojun of the Tianyu clan laughed and followed in.

Only a moment, the square is left with Mr. Takino from the Holy Land of Red Lotus and Jiang Ci from the Fourth Universe.

"Mountains and seas, are you going?" Takino asked Jiang Ci.

"What about you?" Jiang Ci asked rhetorically.

Takino Daojun's eyes were misty, and he whispered softly: "Such a powerful civilization is gone, what about eternity,

I have passed through one after another. I have seen everything that should be seen, and I have lived enough.

The rare inheritance of this endless era, if I miss it, I will definitely regret it!

This adventure may be the biggest adventure in my life,

Whether you succeed or fail, even if you die in the adventure, it is worth it! "

"Haha, one step ahead!"

Takino Daojun is extremely free and easy, and he also enters the blue stone road with a quick glance,

On the entire square, only Jiang Ci was left.

"With the experience value panel, I can steadily rise to a very high level all the way, and even reach the top of the road of cultivation."

"But what if I am just a certain powerful leek? Will it be harvested someday in the future?"

"The experience value panel hides many secrets. I can't let it control my life!"

"The inheritance in front of you, even if you can't reach the top of the road of cultivation, it must be very close!"

"Then make a foray, maybe you can find a stronger way!"

"Betting on everything, betting once!"


Jiang Ci also rushed into the cyan stone road, his figure was covered by the thick red fog.

Walking on this stone path, there is a feeling of time and space distortion, like flying in a cosmic channel.

I do not know how long it has been,


suddenly lit up,

After stepping on the blue stone road, there is another square in front of it, paved with white jade stones, and a light sacred meaning diffuses out.

At this time, eight powerful masters, including Takino Daojun, Xiangle Daojun, Shifang Daojun, Minghai Daojun, and Yinglong Daojun, are waiting in the square.

When Jiang Ci appeared, their attention was immediately drawn to them.


Jiang Ci flew over.

"Shanhai Dao-kun, you have been practicing for less than 100,000 years. It is so short and you dare to come here!" Takino Dao-kun laughed.

"We were still discussing, will you come...

You have achieved such a high level of achievement in such a short time of cultivation. In fact, there is no need to take risks with us. You can retire now. "The Shifang Daojun of the Tianyu clan has a very kind smile, as if Jiang Ci is not the enemy of the Tianyu clan at all.

"Since it's here, how can there be any reason to retreat!" Jiang Ci looked calm.

"Huh! It's also to die if you come!" The corpse clan's Minghai Daojun said coldly.

"Since the younger generation insists on sending him to death, then don't care about him." The Daojun Yin, who is also a corpse clan, also said indifferently.

The corpse race is a crazy and cold race. Only the same race can unite, and they are hostile to the outside world.

Especially for Jiang Ci who has only practiced for less than 100,000 years, he has deep jealousy and jealousy!

In fact, no matter the strong people such as Takino Daojun, Xiangle Daojun, Shifang Daojun, Minghai Daojun, etc., they chose this adventure in an attempt to get the inheritance, they all have a strong fear of Jiang Ci!

They know very well that when selecting inheritors, they generally attach importance to qualifications and understanding, etc.

A younger generation who has practiced for less than one hundred thousand years is already at the same level or even stronger with them who have practiced for countless epochs.

The Eight Clouds God General, who will he choose in the end?

This answer is already obvious!

They only hope that the methods left by the God of Eight Clouds will not be able to judge how long the strong people present live.

But, for the eight clouds gods who dont know how strong they are, they only feel unfathomable, so they dont know what to do.

Naturally hope that the sooner this Jiang Ci quit, the better!

When Jiang Ci and they verbally clash in secret,

Suddenly, a red-armored figure suddenly appeared on this white jade-paved square, and it was the Eight Cloud God General.

"Are you all nine?"

The God of Eight Clouds glanced at Jiang Ci and the others, nodded, "Now, the first screening begins!"


Powerful people such as Jiang Ci, Tuoye Daojun, Xiangle Daojun, Shifang Daojun, etc. are all worried, and no one can be sure whether they have passed the screening.

"Get up!"

The God of Eight Clouds will reach out to the center of the White Jade Square,


A huge altar rose slowly on the square, covered with complex and mysterious textures, exuding a breath of incomparable age.

"Come one by one, go in one, and filter one." Yakumo God will say indifferently.

The nine Taoist masters present, looked at each other, who would go first?

This altar is full of mysterious textures. Who knows what is behind it and whether it is dangerous?

For a time, no one is willing to be the first try.

"You, go in!" Yakumo God will point directly at Michikun Takino.

"This is just the beginning of the screening, Takino Michikun will be successful!"

"Yes, with his half-step Tianzun's strength, there should be no difficulty."

The Tianyu and corpse powerhouses in the first universe, as well as the Taoist Yinglong of the second universe, and the Taoist Xiangle of the fourth universe, they all breathed a sigh of relief and laughed one by one.

Takino Michi-kun just chuckled, did not say anything, took a step forward, and entered the altar.

Immediately afterwards, the complex texture on the altar lit up with red light, and the thick red fog rose, covering the entire altar.

Powerful energy fluctuations, high-speed circulation, red thick fog almost formed a light mask, blocking the visual and spiritual exploration.

"What happened inside?" Jiang Ci was also a little nervous.


What exactly is being screened? What is the standard?

Everything is still unknown!

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