I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Class A Warrior


The entire building collapsed in an instant, and smoke rolled.

More than five hundred monsters, a herd of steel-haired porcupines and giant-toothed blood mastiffs, roared in the collapsed ruins.

After Jiang Ci jumped down, he quickly entered the opposite building and hid.

Looking at the collapsed tall buildings and the crazy animal herd, Jiang Ci didn't have any fluctuations in his heart.

"That Feng Shaocheng, ask for more blessings, who would let you get mixed up with the blood kill team!"

In order to kill Shen Guang and the Blood Killing Squad, he can no longer take care of that much!

Standing on a high place, you can see that the curly-haired young man Feng Shaocheng is rushing through the herd under the protection of two warriors.

"Uncle Yun! Where is Uncle Yun?!" Feng Shaocheng shouted desperately.

In the end, they did not rush out and were surrounded by the herd.

In the ruins of the collapsed tall building, more and more monsters rushed over.



"Damn, damn! Why is there a herd, how did Shen Guang and Shouzi guard it!" Wan Qing was desperate.

The situation in front of them, at most one minute, they are dead!

Jiang Ci saw all this in secret, his face expressionless.

At this moment, a vague figure, silently, suddenly appeared among the herd.

Before he could see the appearance clearly, the man directly swept the stick and swept it out.

Bang bang bang!

The stick shadow swept across, those crazy monsters, like watermelons, exploded directly, splashing flesh and blood mixed with bones.

Eventually the rod fell on the steel-haired porcupine.

The ten-meter-long steel-haired porcupine also exploded directly, without even a chance to roar.

And the other giant-toothed blood mastiff saw this scene and turned and ran without looking back, trying to escape!

"Want to escape?"

Suddenly, there was a soft snort.

I saw another vague figure, appeared in front of the Giant Tooth Blood Mastiff, and slashed it out.

The giant-toothed blood mastiff became two halves from head to toe.

At this time, the herd had escaped completely.

"What speed is this! What a strong attack! What a strong strength!" Jiang Ci was shocked, and quickly slowed his breathing to avoid being discovered.

"Is it an A-level warrior? The speed just now definitely exceeded the speed of sound, and it was more than double the speed of sound. After the two men killed two C-level monsters, there was a slight sonic boom!"

At this time, there was a voice over there.

Jiang Ci quickly looked over carefully.

"Uncle Zong Xu! Uncle Tasi!" Feng Shaocheng shouted in surprise.

Zong Xu was the middle-aged man who was an envoy, with thick eyebrows and thin eyes, and his eyes were very deterrent.

Tasi was the young man with a knife, his face was cold and cold.

Zong Xu walked to Feng Shaocheng and chuckled: "After your dad received your call for help, he found that there were only two A-level warriors near here, Taxi and I. He immediately notified us. Your kid was too careless and took a rest at night. , Will be attacked by the herd!"

"The Blood Squad has always been on guard for me, and I didn't expect such a thing to happen. If it hadn't been for Uncle Zong Xu, I might have been torn to pieces by the herd!" Feng Shaocheng was afraid after a while.

When the building collapsed just now, he used the communication watch to send out a distress signal.

"What about the blood-killing team members?" Zong Xu asked.

Feng Shaocheng turned his eyes to Wan Qing.

Wan Qing hurriedly stood up: "In response to the predecessors, we have two team members who have been guarding the corridor, but as soon as they shouted a warning, the herd rushed."

"Always staying outside, you can also make the herd rush up, and you are not very vigilant!" Zong Xu shook his head.

"Boss, I found two bodies."

At this time, another young man with a knife, Taxi, kicked open the collapsed ruined building.

I saw the bodies of Shen Guang and another person under a few broken walls.

"Shen Guang! Thin!" Wan Qing's expression changed.

Zong Xu walked over, took a look, frowned and said: "It was not a monster that killed them. It seems that someone killed these two people first. The beasts behind were brought over on purpose."

"Seeing the situation of the hands, this person is fast, and the strength is at least C-level, and the target should be the blood kill team."

"But it's not ruled out. It may be aimed at low success."

Feng Shaocheng was a little panicked: "What to do then, Uncle Yun doesn't know where he is going."

"Marble? I remember that your dad asked Marble to protect you, he must stay alive." Zong Xu frowned slightly.

A bad feeling arose in Wan Qing's heart. He knew that the captain had invited Senior Marble to kill the crazy dragon team, but he hadn't come back yet!

Did the captain fail? Then the people from Crazy Dragon Squad came over and killed Shen Guang and them?


The strongest warrior of the crazy dragon team is only D-class, even if he can escape the chase, it is impossible to rush here again and instantly kill the two of their team.

A sense of misfortune rose in Wan Qing's heart, and in order not to let the two A-level warriors in front of him see it, he tried to stay calm.

In the distance, Jiang Ci heard Zong Xu's speculation, and was surprised, this A-level warrior was too strong!

The destruction at the battle scene was so severe that he could actually see his shot situation in general.


There was a gust of wind, and I saw marble flying from a distance.

"Marble is back! Where's the captain?"

Jiang Ci looked at the signal tracker, the red dot on behalf of Wang Dalong, still moving fast, immediately relieved, it seems Wang Dalong has also escaped!

Here, Marble's face changed a lot when he saw the collapsed tall building.

Immediately afterwards, he found that Feng Shaocheng was standing beside Zong Xu safe and sound, his heart tight.

He quickly walked over: "I have seen Senior Zong Xu! Senior Taxi!"

Zong Xu's face was stern: "Feng Xuan asked you to protect Shaocheng, so did you protect it?"

Marble's face suddenly became pale, and she trembled.

"Boss, don't teach Marble first. When you go back, Boss Feng will punish him. Since the young is safe, let's do business." Young Taxi laughed beside him.

Zong Xu nodded: "Shaocheng, Marble, Taxi and I are going to the center of Ruins 09 to hunt down the two-headed demon wolf. You should leave here in a while. It is best to leave Ruins 09 to avoid being affected. "

"Two-headed Demon Wolf! That is one of the strongest Grade A monsters in Ruins 09!" Marble exclaimed.

"Haha, no matter how strong it is, it is a monster!" Zong Xu laughed.

Then, together with Tasi, his figure shook, turned into two vague figures, and disappeared directly in front of a few people.

"The two uncles are so strong! They feel about the same as my dad!" Feng Shaocheng looked at the direction they were leaving.

"Of course, both of them are among the top 100 masters in the global martial arts rankings!" Marble showed longing.

Wan Qing couldn't help asking: "Feng Shao, are those two seniors yours?"

Feng Shaocheng proudly said: "They are all my dad's life and death brothers. They wandered into the wilderness together in the early years, and later became A-level warriors!"

Wan Qing is very envious of it. This is the circle of the strong, and it is no wonder that the strong will get stronger.

"Wan Qing, can you contact your captain?" Yun Shi suddenly asked.

"Temporarily unable to contact!" Wan Qing shook his head, a little worried.

"Then leave him alone, Senior Zong Xu and the others will do it soon, let's leave here quickly!"

Although Marble felt that He Shuo hadn't come back, something was wrong, but at this time he couldn't manage that much.

Several people immediately turned around and rushed out of Ruins 09.

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