I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 616

Chapter 614: Come On Go On

Chaos Sea, Bayunxu, the third square.

The map of the heavenly kings composed of light and shadow is hanging in the mid-air in the center of the square, mysteriously changing.

Below, more than one hundred thousand black stone pillars rising from the ground are erected around this pattern,

Each black stone pillar corresponds to a candidate.

The powerhouses and geniuses from nearly a hundred forces in the Chaos Sea are earnestly deducing this mysterious pattern.

Of course, there are more than a dozen powerful Taoists attacking the nine-story tower to interfere with Jiang's deduction.

In fact, with the passage of time, the threat of Jiang Ci in everyone's mind has been reduced a lot.

Because Jiang Ci and Takino Daojun, although they were the first to come in, they only came in one or two years earlier.

Now that 300 years have passed, the advantages over the past two years have become very small.

Its just that everyone has been attacking for a long time and has developed a habit.

When he was tired, he would attack Jiang Cis nine-story tower to relieve boredom and vent.

"Ding Dong..."

A sweet voice sounded, awakening every candidate present.

"Huh? What's the matter?"

"What happened? What sound was it?"

"Look, it's the Eight Clouds God General!"

Whether its Tianzun or Nine Tribulations Immortal, the eyes of more than 100,000 candidates gathered in one place.

I saw the blood-colored light emerging in mid-air, condensed into a red armored figure holding a Fangtian painted halberd, exactly the Eight Cloud God General who hadn't appeared in 300 years.

His eyes, like the Nine Nether Abyss, fell on the nine-story tower, "Candidate, Fourth Universe, Human Mountain and Sea, has reached the minimum requirement!"


"This is impossible!"

"Mr Shanhai Dao has reached the minimum requirement?"

Candidates from all forces were shocked.

If you say that at the beginning, they regarded the Lord Shanhai Dao as a huge threat,

But with the passage of time, 300 has passed, and everyone no longer thinks that Lord Shanhai Dao has much threat.

Because the difficulty of the deduction of the map of the king of heaven is getting higher and higher, it starts fast, but it does not mean that it can go on fast.

Maybe some of the latecomers have high savvy, and the speed of deduction can catch up with Lord Shanhai Dao!

"Quiet!" God of Yakumo glanced indifferently at the audience.

On the noisy Blackstone Square, immediately quieted down.

Yakumo God will look at the nine-story tower and whisper softly, "Shanhai, come out."


The nine-story tower disappeared, and Jiang Ci, dressed in gold and black armor, stood there and saluted respectfully: "Meet Master Yakumo."

"That is the Lord of the Mountains and Seas of the Fourth Universe?"

"Master Shanhai Daojun?"

Those Nine Tribulations Immortals from various forces opened their eyes wide, looking up at the dazzling figure in mid-air.

This scene is frozen in the hearts of these geniuses.

Jiang Ci knew exactly what had happened, because just now, he performed the 3,000th change, which seemed to have completed a stage of deduction.

Of course, he can be the first to meet the minimum requirements of the God General of Eight Clouds,

Not only because of the help of the experience value panel, his deduction speed is far ahead of other candidates,

Also, it should be related to his cultivation base. After all, his actual cultivation base is still the fifth level true monarch.

It is estimated that Yakumo God will target candidates of different strengths, and the minimum requirements are also different.

"Mountains and seas." The God of Eight Clouds will overlook Jiang Ci.

Jiang Ci bowed slightly, ignoring the envy and hatred candidates below.

"Although you have reached the minimum requirements, the time for this third level is still a long time, so let's continue the deduction!" Yakumo God will nod lightly.

"At this level, the more changes in the diagram of the king of the universe, the more help you will be, and you will get more benefits when you accept the inheritance in the future!"

"Yes!" Jiang Ci saluted respectfully.

"You can deduct with peace of mind. From now on, no one can interfere with your deduction." As the God of Yakumo said, he stretched out his hand.


The black stone pillar of Jiang Ci suddenly emitted a cloud of misty light and shadow, like an enchantment, covering the entire stone pillar and also covering Jiang Ci.

The entire light and shadow barrier exudes a silver light, with complex textures and secret symbols flowing on it.

It was just the faintly exuding power that made all the strong people present tremble.

"If anyone dares to attack and interfere with the mountains and seas, he will directly eliminate them!" God of Eight Clouds scanned the audience with cold eyes.


As soon as these words came out, the powerful people gathered on Blackstone Square trembled in their hearts.

Except for the strong in the Fourth Universe Human Race camp, all other strong people have emotions such as anxiety, anger, and unwillingness.

The original 300-year deduction made them think that Shanhai Daojun, who was only ahead of one or two years before, did not pose much threat.

Especially those Tianzuns, with their primordial spirit strength, naturally deduced very quickly, so they have the confidence to overtake.

But reality gave them a slap in the face, and the first to meet the minimum requirements turned out to be Lord Shanhai Dao!


"This is terrible!"

"What to do? That human race really deserve to die! The Supreme has already ordered us to fight for this inheritance desperately!"

The strong of all forces are angry and anxious.

A group of Taoists in the Red Lotus Holy Land are also communicating with each other by voice,

Dao-kun Takino frowned and sighed, "I cant help it. From the very beginning, the God-shogun Yakumo took care of Dao-kun Shanhai very much.

Now, Lord Shanhai is the first to meet his minimum requirements.

The so-called step by step, step by step,

If this continues, his advantage may become greater and greater.

At that time, the possibility of us finally getting the inheritance is very slim! "

"Takino Dao-kun, how about we kill this Shanhai Dao-kun?"

"Yeah, kill him!"

"I'd rather be killed by the God of Eight Clouds, but also kill the Lord Shanhai. I can't give him a chance. This inheritance belongs to my Red Lotus Holy Land!"

The other Taoists in the Red Lotus Holy Land were very anxious to make suggestions.

Daojun Tuano shook his head, "Dont worry, not only are we in a hurry, but Juntian Holy Land is also in a hurry.

Of course, the most urgent thing is the forces of the four original universes, because they are facing a crisis of calamity.

If Shanhai Daojun gets the inheritance of Yakumo, it is equal to seizing the eternal opportunity of other forces!

Therefore, they must be unable to bear it,

However, in my opinion, it would be difficult to break through that silver light and shadow barrier. "

The words of Taoist Takino helped other Taoists in the Red Lotus Holy Land temporarily stabilize.


At the same time, the major forces are secretly talking about whether they want to do it or what to do.

The God General of Eight Clouds looked indifferently from all sides, and continued: "The mountains and seas are protected by my secret method. Even if you want to attack, it is impossible to break this barrier, so it is better not to die.

It takes a long time to deduct the map of the King of Heaven. Work hard. The more changes you make in the deduction, the greater the chance of inheritance! "

"If anyone can deduce more than 20,000 changes in this level, they can directly get the inheritance of my eight clouds!"

Hearing such words, everyones reaction was calm.

Because of the inheritance requirements for deducing 20,000 changes, when every batch of candidates comes in, the God of Yakumo will mention,

At the beginning, the new candidate will be excited and confident,

However, when they really start to deduct, they will find that it is really difficult to deduct 20,000 changes!

It's an impossible thing, it's just a dream!

"20,000 changes? That's hard to imagine. I have only just performed 2002 changes now," the Third Holy Master said with emotion.

"The fourth child was stuck in the 1999 change and encountered a bottleneck.

In this map of the king of heaven, each kind of change interferes with each other. The more changes deduced, the greater the interference.

For every 1,000 changes, the difficulty will rise by one level. I dont know how high the difficulty is afterwards!

I don't know what the minimum requirement of the Gods of Yakumo is? "

"I deduced 2002 changes. It is already the highest in my Sky Feather clan, but I still haven't reached the minimum requirements of the Eight Clouds God General."

"But the Lord of Shanhai Dao has met the requirements. Could it be that he deduced more than me?"

"In other words, the minimum requirements of Taoist and Tianzun strong are not the same?" The third holy master guessed in his heart.


On this side, the God of Eight Clouds looked at Jiang Ci, no longer so indifferent, and said: "Shanhai, keep working hard."

"Yes!" Jiang Ci saluted again.


The God of Yakumo nodded slightly, then disappeared.

On Blackstone Square, it became noisy again, and various discussions sounded.

Jiang Ci looked around calmly, and immediately found that many powerful men were staring at him, with anger, resentment, jealousy, and killing intent in his eyes.

Standing in the silver light and shadow barrier, he smiled at the candidates, "Come on, continue, don't stop, continue to attack me!"

As soon as this remark came out, it immediately detonated the audience.


"Too arrogant!"

"This bastard!"

The strong men of many forces were angry and gritted their teeth, but they had no way or dared to take any action.

Before they dared to attack, but now, the Eight Cloud God General has repeatedly emphasized that once they attack, they will directly eliminate the killing!

And the God of Eight Clouds was even more blunt, none of the strong players present could break through the silver light and shadow barrier.

Such existence, since dare to say, definitely has his confidence.

"Haha!" Jiang Ci laughed, his eyes swept over the powerful Daoists who had attacked him.

Such provocative gaze makes those Taoists even more angry.

But they also understand that this is deliberately done by Lord Shanhaidao.

If they really attacked, that would be stupid.

"A group of brave people!" Jiang Ci shook his head, with a single sentence directly hitting more than 100,000 powerful men and geniuses in the four original universes and the two holy land universes.

Then, he sat cross-legged directly in the silver light and shadow barrier, and continued to observe the deduction of the king of heaven.

The powerhouses of all forces, especially the two holy land universes and the first universe, have strong people approaching the light and shadow barrier to carefully sense the trembling aura.

In the end they had no choice but to retreat. Obviously, the power of this light and shadow barrier was terrifying!

These powerhouses have already lost their confidence before they start, and they are anxious and angry, full of unwillingness, but there is no way.

At the same time, he hates the Lord Shanhai Dao even more.

"The only eternal opportunity, is it to be obtained by a small human race like this?"

"Damn it!"

"The fourth universe human race must be destroyed!"

All of them stared at Jiang Ci viciously and said threatening words.

Jiang Ci glanced at them blankly, and then stopped paying attention. This kind of words without any power was just barking.

He knew very well that as his own advantages grew, sooner or later he would become a thorn in the eyes and a thorn in the flesh of the major forces in the Chaos Sea, and be hated by them.

The fact is true. Since the God of Eight Clouds will give him special treatment, various forces have begun to surround him and attack.

Now that he had torn his face, he wouldn't make any disguise, let alone think about easing the relationship between the various forces.

In the face of real opportunities, you should go forward courageously and never flinch!

This inheritance, my Jiang Ci will be decided!

As for all kinds of hatred and threats, there is no need to care about them.

In the future, just return one by one!


The fourth universe, in the mountains and rivers of the Tongtianlou,

A huge picture of Uranus composed of light and shadow, floating quietly in the starry sky, surrounded by big stars, and nebula circulating.

Jiang Ci sat cross-legged in front of Tianwang Tu, quietly deducing,

Next to him, Zixiao Tianzun wearing a purple Taoist robe, sitting side by side with him, was also comprehending this mysterious pattern.

"Jiang Ci, so happy!"

"Haha, Jiang Ci, great work!"

"You don't tell us such happy things."

Suddenly, several figures appeared not far away, all powerful human beings.

In addition to Tomorrow Lord and Jiuxiao Daojun, several powerful people like Buddhism Shazun, Emperor Miluo, Jian Yijun, Changyuan Daojun, etc., all came, each with a happy face.

Jiang Ci stood up to greet him,

"We just found out," Tomorrow Zun laughed loudly, "You unexpectedly met the minimum requirements of the Eight Clouds God General first.

The so-called faster is faster, the longer the time, the greater your advantage will be. It seems that your hope of inheritance this time is the greatest!

Now, you dont care about anything else, and dont care about threats from those forces.

The big deal, we will stay in the fourth universe, not going to the Chaos Sea,

Those two sacred sites attach so much importance to the Yakumo inheritance. If our clan has this inheritance, we can even surpass the two sacred sites in the future.

At that time, we will not be afraid of any threats! "

"Yes, don't worry about other things, you just need to seize the inheritance with all your strength!" Jiuxiao Daojun also laughed.

"Tomorrow, Master, I know these." Jiang Ci nodded and said with a smile: "In fact, even if they want to threaten or interfere with me now, they have nothing to do."

"Haha, that's good, we won't bother you anymore, you continue to deduction!" Tomorrow Zun laughed.

"Little Junior Brother, the prosperity of my Dao League human race is up to you." Emperor Miluo also smiled.

"Shanhai, come on, let the forces of Chaos Sea see the terrible genius of our clan!" Daojun Changyuan also said with a smile. At the earliest he had been at odds with Jiang Ci, and now he has become friends with Jiang Ci.

Buddhism Buddha, Sword Yijun, etc. were also nearby to encourage cheer.

The powerful human races of them were talking to Jiang Ci, but none of them, including Master Tomorrow, could find the Zixiao Tianzun who was watching silently next to him.

"Everything of my clan can only rely on them to fight, but I can only watch it by the side." Zi Xiao Tianzun sighed lightly.

"Jiang Ci, work hard." He was also cheering on Jiang Ci.

Since being permanently suppressed by the Fourth Universe, in the endless years, he has watched the human race encounter crises again and again, but he can only watch, and there is no way.

Even if he has monstrous strength, even in that battle with the origin of the fourth universe, he felt a lot.

After that battle, the strength of the primordial spirit successfully entered the realm of supremacy, and now let him go to the endless void of the Chaos Sea to enter eternity, with a certain degree of certainty.

Unfortunately, everything was too late, and after being permanently suppressed, he couldn't do anything.

"The origin of the universe, I won't just bow to you like this!"

"Even if there is only a chance, I will fight to the end!"

The stars and rivers in Zixiao Tianzuns eyes turned, and the universe hidden inside seemed to burst out of the shell, but soon returned to normal.

He continued to look at the picture of the king of heaven, deducing with all his strength.


The top powerhouses of all forces in the Chaos Sea know the importance of Yakumo inheritance.

For all the forces in the four original universes, this inheritance from before the age of infinite calamities represents eternity.

For the supreme of the two holy land universes, it is a farther road than eternity.

Therefore, these top powerhouses are silently looking forward to, waiting,

Looking forward to entering the Bayun Ruins, their own powerhouses and geniuses can quickly meet the minimum requirements for deducing the map of the king.

The third square in the Bayun Ruins has now become a silent battlefield that the entire Chaos Sea is paying attention to.

After all, this Yakumo inheritance determines which power can last forever and open up the next eternal holy land!

"Shanhai Daojun is only temporarily taking advantage, we still have a chance!"

"Yes, as long as we meet the minimum requirements of the Eight Cloud God Generals in the screening of the third level, then we can also enter the fourth square and have the opportunity to inherit!"

"You must get this opportunity!"

"Whether our clan can achieve eternity depends on this time!"

"Even if you die, you have to get this opportunity for the race!"

The forces of all parties are completely in a state of madness, they have seen the situation clearly,

It is no longer possible to catch up with the Lord of Shanhai Dao in the third stage of the deduction of the King of Heaven.

Therefore, they set the goal to meet the minimum requirements of the God of the Eight Clouds, enter the next square, and get the opportunity to pass on.

As long as the opportunity is there, everything is possible!

In a blink of an eye, and two hundred years later, the inheritance of the Bayun Ruins has lasted for 500 years.

"Ding Dong..."

In the silent Blackstone Square, a sweet voice rang again, awakening more than 100,000 candidates.

All the Nine Tribulations Immortals, True Monarchs, Dao Monarchs, and Heavenly Sovereign present, including Jiang Ci who was enveloped by the silver light and shadow barrier, immediately raised their heads and looked into the air.

I saw the **** rays of light converge, condensing a towering red-armored figure.

"God of Eight Clouds!"

"Yakumo God will appear again!"

"The last time he appeared, the number of changes deduced by Lord Shanhai Dao reached the minimum requirement. Now he has appeared again..."

"Is it me? In my clan, I am the fastest one in deducing the map of the king of heaven, and have already deduced 1,720 changes."

The candidates are very excited and look forward to it.

Jiang Ci frowned and looked at him. He has reached the minimum requirement, can't he only show up for him?

"The candidate, Juntian Holy Land Huyue, has reached the minimum requirement for deducing the map of the Heavenly King." The Eight Cloud God General looked at an eight-armed figure,

I saw a handsome man in the Juntian Holy Land camp, his face was full of excitement at this moment.

All the candidates present, including Jiang Ci have also seen it,

Among the more than 100,000 candidates, this True Monarch Huyue is very ordinary and has no reputation. He has never heard of it before.

When Jiang Ci saw this, his brows frowned, "Huh? I'm the fifth-ranked true monarch, and the second one who meets the minimum requirements is also the fifth-ranked true monarch!

"A true monarch of Rank 5?"

"After Lord Shanhai Dao, the second one who meets the minimum requirements is actually a true gentleman of Rank 5!"

"There are more than a dozen Heavenly Sovereigns and nearly 500 Dao Sovereigns present!

That Shanhai Daojun is the first to succeed, after all, he is a rare genius Daojun in Chaos Sea.

But now a true monarch of Rank 5 has succeeded? "

"how come?"

Almost all candidates are puzzled and full of doubts.


The God of Eight Clouds stretched out his hand and pointed. The black stone pillar next to True Monarch Huyue was also enveloped by a layer of silver light and shadow barrier.

Just like Jiang Ci, protect Zhenjun Huyue from being disturbed by other candidates.

"Huyue, the more changes in the performance, the more help you will be. You can perform with peace of mind. With my secret enchantment guardian, no one can hurt you." Eight Cloud God will also encourage True Monarch Huyue.

"Yes!" Zhenjun Huyue also saluted respectfully.

The God of Yakumo nodded, and then glanced coldly at all the candidates present,

"If you meet the minimum requirements for deduction, you will be protected by me. If anyone dares to attack, he will be eliminated!"

After speaking, he disappeared.

The Black Rock Square suddenly became lively.

"It's nothing more than Shanhai Daojun, now let a true monarch and strong leader lead!

Is the deduction speed of a true monarch faster than me? ! "The third holy lord of the Tianyu clan couldn't help it anymore, angrily.

He is the one with the highest cultivation and strength among all the candidates in Blackstone Square, and he thinks that he is also the fastest in deduction.

"Unexpectedly, the second one who meets the minimum requirements is actually the real monarch and strong!"

Various angry voices sounded in the square, but no one dared to really question the God General of Yakumo.

But the powerhouses of Juntian Holy Land were very excited, and each encouraged Huyue True Monarch.

That True Monarch Huyue with eight arms nodded in excitement.

He even looked at Jiang Ci from a distance, the meaning is obvious, I want to compete with Jiang Ci!

Jiang Ci only glanced calmly, then closed his eyes again.

"I was the first to meet the minimum requirement, just to take advantage.

When the Yakumo God will choose to descend, he must look at many aspects. He should select many candidates to enter the next square.

After five hundred years, I used the experience value panel to show 4456 changes.

Its far from 20,000 changes, and I have to make more changes!

According to the meaning of the gods of Yakumo, this third level of the heavenly king map deduced, the better the performance, the most hopeful of inheritance! "

Jiang Ci thought silently in his heart,

What he considers now is not just his own path of cultivation,

Now the eternal hope of the entire race lies in him,

He has occupied such a big advantage, so naturally he can't relax in the slightest!

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