I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 618

Chapter 616: Catch Up And Hope

Zixiao Tianzun looked at Jiang Ci and said in his heart, "He is still the fifth-turned true monarch, three thousand years...If he can really perform 5,000 changes, it will be amazing."

He turned his gaze back to the map of the king of heaven, his eyes flying brightly.

Just as no one knows how many changes Jiang Ci deduced, naturally no one knows how many Zixiao Tianzun deduced.

After three thousand years of research, he has deduced more than 15,000 changes!

If you now have a better understanding of the map of Heavenly Kings, then this legendary powerhouse who was once invincible in the Chaos Sea can be called the first person.

In the eyes of Zixiao Tianzun, the primordial spirit strength is the basis for the deduction of the Heavenly Kings map, and understanding is the fundamental!

In short, the more changes in the deduction, the higher the understanding!

Now those candidates seem to have exceeded the minimum requirements one by one.

In fact, that is just the completion of the first stage of the deduction of the King of Heaven!


The first stage of the Nine Tribulations Immortal is to deduct 2000 kinds of changes.

The first stage of the true monarch is to deduct 3000 kinds of changes,

The first stage of the Taoist strong is to deduct 4000 kinds of changes,

The first stage of the strong Tianzun is to deduct 5000 kinds of changes.

"With high aptitude and understanding, it is not difficult to spend enough time to meet the requirements of the first stage.

Like those who are strong in the sky, each can walk out of their own original path and open up a small universe. Naturally, their understanding will not be bad.

As long as there is enough time, each of them can actually perform 5,000 changes. "Zixiao Tianzun gently shook his head.

"But this is only the requirement of the first stage, and there will definitely be a second or even third stage afterwards.

The time required is a tenfold, tens offold improvement!

Even later, no matter how much time is spent, it will not be able to push forward more changes.

Because of the high degree of aptitude and understanding, it determines how far a strong person can deduct! "

For example, a Taoist monarch, deduced to the 2999th change, then stagnated.

From then on, after ten thousand years, one hundred thousand years, one million years, or even an era of calamity, it will be impossible to continue the deduction!

Because that is his limit, unless his aptitude and perception have been fundamentally improved.

This is how Zixiao Tianzun knows the map of the heavenly kings,

While everyone was still immersed in the deduction, he had already stood at a higher level and looked at this deduction game.

Zixiao Tianzun looked at Jiang's poems that were being seriously deduced, and secretly nodded in praise.

"This Jiang Ci completed the first stage of the deduction easily, and this second stage is definitely not difficult for him.

I just don't know where his limit is, the third stage? Even the highest fourth stage? "

"It deserves to be the most talented one in the history of my human race!"

"If he can get the inheritance of the Eight Clouds this time and cultivate into eternity in the future, it shouldn't be a big problem. Maybe he can see a way farther than eternity!" A smile appeared on Zixiao Tianzun's face.

Although the changes in his performance far exceed those of Jiang Ci, he himself knows that it is because the strength of his soul is already at the supreme level, so it is strange if it is not strong!


Jiang Ci deduced the map of the heavenly kings for more than 3000 years.

In the Blackstone Square, there was silence, and silver light and shadow barriers were scattered in various places, and inside were candidates who met the minimum requirements.

"Ding Dong..."

A familiar voice rang, awakening each candidate.

Everyone raised their heads and looked into the air, and the figure of the God General of Eight Clouds appeared again.

"Another new candidate meets the requirements. This is the 92nd place!"

"I don't know who it is? It should be our fourth universe, right? Can't it always be the two holy places and the top three universes?"

"This time it must be our third universe!"

The candidates are all guessing,

The candidates from the two holy sites and the first three original universes have the largest number and account for the vast majority.

The fourth universe is much less, less than a Chengdu.

Yakumo God will overlook the candidates, with a rare smile on his face, "I am very happy."


All the powerhouses and geniuses present were shocked.

Happy? Yakumo God will say that he is very happy? This is a situation that has never happened before 1

Yakumo God glanced at the audience and smiled and said, "Fourth Universe Human Race Mountains and Seas, complete the second stage of deduction and reach a new level!"


All candidates were stunned, all eyes converged in one direction,

There was a figure wearing gold and black armor, and it was the Lord Shanhai Dao that everyone had almost forgotten over the years.


Yakumo God will stretch out his hand,

Suddenly, on the black stone pillar next to Jiang Ci, another layer of golden light and shadow barrier spread.

It merged with the original silver light and shadow to form an enchantment of gold and silver.

Jiang Ci's complexion was calm, but his heart moved. He had just performed the 6000th change and was treated differently.

It seems that this is another incentive, not only motivating him, but also stimulating other candidates.

In contrast, candidates from other forces cannot remain calm like Jiang Ci,

They were all shocked, and there was a strong sense of crisis in their hearts.

I thought that after meeting the minimum requirements, everyone's chances would be the same, but now it seems that they are very different!

Yakumo God will look at the shocked and stunned candidates below, and whisper: "I said, the more correct changes you get when you deduced the map of the heavenly kings, the greater the benefits of inheritance!"

"You completed the first stage of your respective deductions, but only met my minimum requirements.

If you fail to meet the minimum requirements, you are naturally not qualified to move on. "

"Now, the second stage has been completed, and only Shanhai has reached the third stage."

The God of Eight Clouds will gently nod to Jiang Ci,

Then he said in a deep voice to all the candidates: "I can tell you clearly that candidates with different cultivation levels, except for the strong Tianzun, and the other strong ones, have five stages when deriving the Tianwang map.

If any of you can complete the fourth stage of deduction and reach the fifth stage, you will be the inheritor directly, and you can get the inheritance of my Yakumo line without competition and selection! "

He looked at the 15 strong celestial beings, "You celestial beings have already opened up small universes with stronger strength and higher demands.

For you, the third stage of the Tianzun level is exactly 20,000 changes.

In other words, you only need to complete the third stage of deduction at the Heavenly Venerable level before you can directly gain inheritance. "

"Of course, I estimate that it is almost impossible for you to complete the third stage of the Heavenly Venerate level within the time I requested,"

"So you need to work harder to deduct,"

"The more the deduction changes and the more stages are completed, the inheritance that will be encountered later will naturally be very different.

For example, now, Shanhai's chance of inheriting is a hundred times higher than yours, unless you can also complete the second stage of the game! "

"Young generations, work hard!" Yakumo God will glance at the candidates before disappearing.

On Blackstone Square, it became lively again,

All the powerhouses and geniuses present understand the rules deduced by Tianwangtu.

It turns out that the difference between how many kinds of changes are deduced is here!

In addition to the strong Tianzun, the other three levels of candidates have a total of five stages of deduction.

In fact, there is no need to complete the fifth stage, as long as you complete the fourth stage and reach the fifth stage, you can directly get the inheritance!

If the first stage is not completed, it can only be eliminated.

And the fate of elimination is to be killed!

The powerhouses of all forces are secretly anxious,

Especially now that I know that Lord Shanhai Dao has completed the second stage and come to the third stage, everyone is extremely urgent.

"The third stage?" Jiang Ci appeared calm.

"It now appears that for the real monarch, the first 1-3000 changes are the first stage, and the 3001-6000 changes are the second stage.

In the third stage, there are 9,000 changes? Or 12,000 changes? "

Jiang Ci naturally didn't know the answer to this question, so he could only continue to deduct it.


As time passed, one candidate after another completed the first stage of deduction.

"The Fourth Universe Human Race's reputation, the deduction meets the minimum requirements."

"Guxie, the Holy Land of Red Lotus, the deduction meets the minimum requirements."

Yakumo God will stand in the midair of Blackstone Square. He hasn't disappeared since he appeared last time.

Because the number of candidates who completed the first stage began to increase explosively, it broke through two hundred in a blink of an eye, and it continues to soar.

For these candidates who completed the first stage one after another, Jiang Ci no longer paid any attention, and just concentrated on deducing the map of the king of heaven at his own pace.

Time passed, in the 4000th year that the Bayun Ruins opened, the number of candidates who broke through the first stage, the growth rate reached the largest.

Then, like a parabola, it began to slow down gradually.

Even from the 5000th year, there are no new candidates to break through the first stage.

"Is this your limit? Only 695 completed the first stage?" The God of Eight Clouds shook his head indifferently.

In the distance, Jiang Ci, who was enveloped by the two-color barrier of gold and silver, also shook his head slightly.

Like Zixiao Tianzun, his knowledge of Tianwang Tu has also reached a higher level.

Jiang Ci understands that the deduction of Tianwang Tu does not necessarily result in more changes as it takes longer.

Many Nine Tribulations Immortals and True Monarchs present have limited potential. Once they reach their limits, it is of course impossible to break through the first stage.

At this moment, this completed the first stage of deduction and reached the second stage of 695 candidates, including all 15 Heavenly Lords, all Taoist masters, and the remaining small part are Nine Tribulations Immortal and True Lord.

The only candidate who completed the second stage of deduction and reached the third stage was Jiang Ci.

"Huh?" God of Yakumo rolled his gaze and looked at one place.

"Juntian Holy Land Huyue Zhenjun, has completed the second stage and reached the third stage." The indifference on his face disappeared, and a smile changed.

"It seems that only you and Shanhai Daojun are the most hopeful of the inheritance of my eight clouds.

You have to work harder and don't let go. "

"Yes!" Zhenjun Huyue respectfully saluted.

At the same time, the black stone pillars around him also showed a second layer of golden light and shadow barrier, which merged with the original silver barrier to become a two-color barrier.

In the entire Blackstone Square, True Monarch Huyue and Jiang Ci are both shrouded in two-color enchantments, and they complement each other.

"True Monarch Huyue?" Jiang Ci frowned slightly, then stopped thinking about it and continued deducing.

In the other place, the Taoists of Juntian Holy Land were very excited.

As long as it belongs to them, no matter who gets the inheritance, it means that the entire holy place is inherited.

"True Monarch Huyue, the hope of my Juntian Holy Land lies on you!"

Zhenjun Huyue smiled at the surrounding clansmen.

This inheritance is his greatest opportunity to change his destiny!

Prior to this, he was in Juntian Holy Land where the strong were like clouds. Although he was named as a quasi-dao monarch, he could only be regarded as ordinary.

If you talk about the strength of the body, the strength of the primordial spirit, and the cultivation of Taoism, he is more powerful than many Taoists in the four original universes.

However, due to the limited endurance of the Holy Land Universe, with so many Dao Monarchs, Quasi Dao Monarchs simply cannot break through.

He doesn't even have the qualifications to break through the Chaos Sea. Although he has lived in the age of countless calamities, he is trapped in the Holy Land universe like a prisoner.

And this time of Yakumo inheritance, let him from such an embarrassing status as a quasi-dao monarch to become the most dazzling one in the entire Juntian Holy Land universe.

The status is so high that it surpasses all Taoists and Tianzun powerhouses in the Holy Land!

Even Juntian Zhizun met him personally and had high hopes for him, and even said to him personally: "The deduction of the map of the king of heaven proves your potential.

Even if you dont get the Yakumo inheritance this time, you will get the best cultivation from my holy land in the future,

So, don't be under pressure, just do your best to fight! "

"If you perform well enough this time, the potential is big enough,"

"I can even make you a strong Tianzun at any cost, and even make you a supreme and eternal achievement!"

Juntian Supremes promise has long made Zhenjun Huyue enthusiastic, and his heart is silent, and I dont know how many passions of the Age of Calamity are burning again.

He felt like he was back in his youth, the years of constant struggle, full of fighting spirit!

"Become Tianzun?"

"Isn't it true that only the four original universes can nurture the power of Tianzun? Is there a way for the Supreme to break this limitation?"

True Monarch Huyue also had doubts, but the worship and trust in Juntian Supreme made him quickly explain his doubts.

"The God of Eight Clouds inherits this vein, which is a complete path. It can be cultivated from a weak to a very high level. There is a high probability that this limitation can be resolved.

Since the ancient civilization had such a method, supreme may be able to do it at a certain price. "

Zhenjun Huyue knows very well that this is the biggest opportunity he has encountered since his cultivation!

From mediocrity to legend!

Even if the struggle for inheritance fails, as long as he proves his potential, Jun Tian Supreme can still use his great magical powers, revive him, and then cultivate him.

Of course, before the last moment, Huyue Zhenjun didn't think he would fail.

"It must be successful!"

"What the **** Shanhai Daojun, a little guy!"

"I have been mediocrely silent for countless tribulation times, and I am not qualified to roam in the Chaos Sea.

Now waiting for this opportunity, a chance to become a legend, I will definitely seize it! "On the surface, True Monarch Huyue looked calm, but his heart was in a crazy state.

It's like a drowning person, suddenly grasping the hope of being rescued, it is impossible to let go!

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