I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 62

Chapter 62: What Is That?

"Unfortunately, there is still one person from the Blood Killing Squad who is still alive, so I can only wait for another chance next time!" Jiang Ci hid in the tall building opposite, and did not move. After Zong Xu and Taxi left, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Afterwards, Jiang Ci's eyes showed excitement again.

"A-level strong fights A-level monsters, you must see it!"

Since the captain is safe, there is nothing to worry about.

Thinking of this, Jiang Ci used the communication watch to send messages to the three Wang Dalong, indicating that he was safe.

There are already many missed calls and unread messages on the communication watch, sent by Wang Dalong and others.

Just now there were two A-level martial artists, Zong Xu and Taxi, and Jiang Ci didn't dare to make any movements, and he never responded.

Wang Dalong sent a message quickly: safety is good. We are going to gather in the Shanshui community at the first stronghold, and then go back to the Zhenyi Army barracks to rest. Come here.

Jiang Ci thought for a while, and came back: This attack made me realize the lack of strength, so I prepared a person to experience a period of time outside the ruins of No. 09. You should return to Beishan Mansion first.

It took a long time for Wang Dalong to reply: Be careful, don't go deep!

He did not dissuade, because he knew the strength of Jiang Ci.

Jiang Ci can kill D-class monsters solo, and experience alone in the periphery of Ruins 09. It's no problem to be careful.


On the first day the Crazy Dragon Team came to Ruins 09, someone fought against the two-headed Demon Wolf.

Jiang Ci still remembered the approximate location and ran in that direction.

As it got deeper and deeper, Jiang Ci became more careful and slowed down.

More than ten minutes later.

Jiang Ci looked at the map, and he was almost at the center of the ruined city 09.

A hundred meters ahead, there is a shopping mall, but half of it has collapsed. Only the two fuzzy words on the sign can be seen: Bai Da


Several wolf monsters roared lowly from the mall.


Jiang Ci immediately stopped and climbed up a tall building in the nearby community.

At a high place, take out the binoculars and look into the shopping mall a hundred meters away.

From his perspective, he can just see the general situation inside and around the mall.

Half of the ruins of the collapsed shopping mall, hundreds of monsters of different sizes, all in a deep sleep state, and occasionally a few roared like babbling.

"A lot of wolf monsters, this should be the lair of the two-headed demon wolf, but what about the two A-level warriors?"

After looking around, Jiang Ci didn't see anyone. The mall was quiet and there was no sign of a big battle.

At the same time, not far from Jiang Ci, another tall building in the community.

Zong Xu and Taxi are also observing the situation in the mall.

"Half a month ago, a Grade A warrior came to hunt and kill the double-headed demon wolf, and finally escaped with serious injuries. However, it is said that the double-headed demon wolf was also seriously injured. We must seize the opportunity this time and strive for a successful hunt! "Zong Xu looked at the direction of the mall with fiery eyes.

"The two-headed demon wolf in Ruins 09 can be ranked in the top 30 among the world's known A-level monsters. Once the hunt is successful, we will be able to rise to at least ten places in the global martial arts master list." Xi also showed excited eyes.

Zong Xu used the communication watch to call up the map, and specifically enlarged the mall where the two-headed magic wolf was located.

"Beside the two-headed demon wolf, there are three B-level silver moon demon wolves. In addition, according to intelligence, there is a spiritual creature deep in their lair. We must draw them out when fighting for a while. The thing is destroyed!"

"The boss concentrates on dealing with the two-headed demon wolf. Give me the three silver moon demon wolves!" Tasi nodded confidently.


In the night sky, dark clouds covered the moonlight, and the two-headed magic wolf's lair was dark.

Jiang Ci waited quietly on the tall building, not irritable or impatient.

Holding the telescope, carefully observe the situation in the distant mall.

"At this position, you can't see the double-headed magic wolf. It should be hidden in the shadows deep in the nest."

After a while, the dark clouds dissipated, and the bright moonlight of the two moons shattered between the sky and the earth. The night of the ruins on the 09th became very bright.

It also allowed Jiang Ci to see the situation deep in the nest.

Deep in the lair, the huge figure of a two-headed demon wolf crawls in the shadows.

Two wolf heads, one facing outwards and one facing inward, with their eyes closed.

It swallowed and vomited a long snake-like white mist in its nose, filling the depths of the nest.

The breath of horror radiated from all over it.

Jiang Ci held his breath involuntarily.

This is an A-level monster?

too big! too strong!

The two-headed demon wolf just crawled there, already more than five meters high.

And this is only a part of its body, more of it, hidden deeper in the nest.

"Huh? What is that?"

Suddenly, Jiang Ci's gaze was condensed, and he quickly turned his gaze back to where he was just now, holding the telescope.

Just now, the head of the two-headed demon wolf moved inward slightly, allowing Jiang Ci to see some deeper scenes in the nest.

I saw a small tree close to one meter high with crystal clear trunk and leaves.

On the canopy of the small tree, there is still a blue fruit, the size of a baby's fist, with an irregular gold pattern on it.

"That's... a spiritual thing?" Jiang Ci's eyes lit up.

Last time, when Wang Dalong bought body strengthening potions for Liu Hao and Tian Chenfeng.

Jiang Ci was curious about the body-strengthening medicine, and he specifically searched for such information on the Xuantian forum.

In a post, he saw an introduction about spiritual things.

After the aura is revived, all things evolve, and the things evolved from plants contain a lot of aura energy and are called spiritual things!

Body-strengthening medicine can only strengthen the body, but cannot strengthen the mental consciousness, so it has great disadvantages.

And taking spiritual things can strengthen the body as well as the spiritual consciousness, which is of high value.

However, the physical and mental consciousness of the martial artist can hardly withstand the impact of a large amount of spiritual energy, so the consequence of directly taking the spiritual object is death!

"It is rumored that scientific research institutes have developed diluted magical medicines. The price is extremely high, and the price is tens of billions of billions, and there is no market, and it is difficult for ordinary people to buy!"

Jiang Ci remembered the sentence in the post very clearly.

"It's just a diluted spiritual potion, which will cost tens of billions and hundreds of billions. What is the value of this two-headed magic wolf? Trillions?" Jiang Ci was heartbroken.

"Unfortunately, I can only watch. The two-headed devil wolf's lair is one of the most dangerous places in the ruins of No.09. With my strength, I will become scum when I enter." Jiang Ci shook his head and gave up the unrealistic thoughts in his mind. .

Although money is important, life is more important.


Suddenly, two vague figures appeared directly in the double-headed demon wolf's lair, and a powerful aura broke out, dispelling the white mist that filled the lair!

"It's starting! What a fast speed!" Jiang Ci's breathing was stagnant, and he watched intently.

Far away, deep in the nest.

Zong Xu shouted, and a misty shadow was picked up by the long stick in his hand, and it crashed on the double-headed demon wolf.


The two wolf heads of the double-headed demon wolf screamed at the same time, making a deafening roar.

The three small silver moon demon wolves next to them suddenly sprang out from the depths of the lair and rushed towards Zong Xu and Taxi.

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