I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 640

Chapter 638: Terran Uncompromising And Turning Point

The power pattern of the Fourth Universe gradually became clear,

Terran camp,

There are 3 strong Tianzun, namely, Mingzun, Liu Tianzun, and Lieshan Tianzun.

Although some of the powerful Daoists have left, there are still 156 remaining. Among them, Jiang Ci and Jiuxiao Daojun are invincible existences in the original universe.

The joint camp of the monsters and ghosts,

There are two strong Tianzun, namely Tianzun Ten Thousand Demon and Tianzun Yandu.

Some of the powerful Daoists have also left, but they are the combination of the two pinnacle races, and they have brought a lot of vassal groups, and the number of Daoists is still 389.

Alliance of Ten Thousand Nations,

There are a total of 5 strong Tianzun, which are the original Tianzun soloists such as Moxin Patriarch, Sanqi Tianzun, Yupo Daojun and so on.

There are 683 strong Taoists,

In terms of comprehensive strength, absolutely crush the first two camps.

Even if the human camp and the joint camp have varying amounts of the seventh-tier and eighth-tier treasures, there are too many strong players that can't stand the Ten Thousand Race Alliance.

What's more, who knows if the Ten Thousand Clan Alliance secretly hides the seventh-tier and eighth-tier treasures?

The current situation is that which party joins the Ten Thousand Races Alliance, then which party wins, they control the situation of this war!


Territory of Human Race, Heavenly Court of Dao League.

"The Alliance of Ten Thousand Races, the United Camp..." Daojun Jiuxiao stood in front of the palace railing, looking at the endless galaxy, his eyes full of melancholy.

"All are waiting for my human race's reply, all trying to get more inheritance information,

How to become a strong Tianzun, how to cultivate to the limit of Tianzun?

If these inheritances were really given to them and spread out, it would be equivalent to telling the Yakumo inheritance to the major forces! "

"If you do this, what is the significance of the inheritance of Jiang Ci's desperate struggle in the Bayunxu?"

Daojun Jiuxiao is indeed very troubled.

Jiang Ci has already told the high-level human race that the source of the change in the situation of the fourth universe and the source of the human crisis is not in this universe.

But in the Primordial Chaos Sea, in the two holy places, in the upper realm!

Of course, these are just the crises hidden behind them, as long as they are strong human races that do not leave the fourth universe, the many forces of the Chaos Sea cannot threaten them.

The human race only needs to resolve the crisis within the fourth universe, and then rely on the inheritance of the eight clouds, even if it does not go to the Chaos Sea for a short time, it can become even stronger, and it will be enough to fear the forces of the Chaos Sea.

But the problem is that the immediate crisis is not easy to solve.

Now that I know the emergence of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance, it is very likely that it is also controlled by the hand behind it.

It is not difficult to guess that the Ten Thousand Races Alliance may also have a varying number of Tier 7 and Tier 8 treasures!

With such a huge number of powerhouses in the Ten Thousand Race Alliance, coupled with so many Tier 7 and Tier 8 treasures, it is impossible for the Human Race to win.

"Do you really want to give them the inheritance information?" Daojun Jiuxiao shook his head, and no one would be willing to do so.

For the Human Race, the inheritance of the Eight Clouds that can be viewed by Jiang Ci can be divided into two parts.

The first part is the cultivation system from low to high, which can be more efficient and cultivate powerful people among the ethnic groups.

The second part is the method for Daojun to practice the Supreme Heavenly Sovereign, and the inheritance information that finally reaches the limit of the Heavenly Sovereign.

What the Wanzu League wants now is the second part!

With the help of the Yakumo inheritance, the human race may be able to have nearly a thousand Taoist masters in the future.

However, now, there are nearly 700 Taoists in the Ten Thousand Races Alliance.

With such a large base, once the Ten Thousand Race Alliance is guided by cultivation, it may give birth to one or two Tianzun powerhouses, and even one or two Tianzun invincible existences.

In that case, the Yakumo inheritance that Jiang Ci desperately obtained would be cheaper than the foreign race!

After all, it takes a long time for the human race to benefit from the Yakumo inheritance.

As long as the Ten Thousand Races Alliance gets it, they can benefit from it!

"So, it's better to fight to the end!"

"Foreign people, don't even think about it!" Daojun Jiuxiao's eyes were filled with determination.

"The big deal, just implement the Tinder Plan!"

"All human elites enter the small universe of Tomorrow, and all high-level powerhouses enter the ancient realm of Daoyuan,"

"After a period of silence, when the human race is strong enough, it will regain its original territory and even occupy the entire fourth universe!"

Of course, Jiuxiao Daojun understood that this was the last resort, and the situation had not yet reached that level.

The so-called united camp and the alliance of ten thousand races, their strong can never get together forever.

At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared on the winding corridor below, interrupting Daojun Jiuxiao's thinking.

It is Jiang Ci wearing a black armor,


"Master." Jiang Ci stepped to the front of Daojun Jiuxiao and saluted.

"Is the realm stable?" Daojun Jiuxiao said with a light smile, hiding the melancholy just now.

He knew that Jiang Ci had just made a breakthrough recently and had officially become a powerful Taoist monarch.

Unfortunately, if it were before the emergence of the Ten Thousand Race Alliance, Jiangs breakthrough would bring a big turn for this war.

Now, Jiang Ci's strength alone can't change much in front of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance.

"Well, it's already stable." Jiang Ci nodded, and then asked: "Master, I seem to be a little worried when I saw you just now. Are you worried about the upcoming final war?"

Daojun Jiuxiao didn't conceal it anymore, and sighed softly: "Can you not worry? The big variable of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance is like a hard thorn, stuck in the throat of our human race, it hurts to swallow it, and it hurts to vomit.

"What does Master mean?" Jiang Ci asked.

"This inheritance of the Eight Clouds is the result of your desperate death. It is the hope of my human race's future rise. If you really promise them, then this inheritance will not mean that they are cheaper?" Jiuxiao Daojun coldly snorted.

"It's better to let the fish die and break the net, take Ming Universe and Daoyuan Ancient Realm as the foundation, dormant,

And if anyone dares to destroy the territories of my human race, high-level human races like us can also kill them.

This kind of fish is better than cheap ones! "Daojun Jiuxiao is full of killing intent.

Jiang Ci nodded slightly, made a decision in his heart, and then smiled: "Master, I have an idea."


"Master, my deity is stronger than the clone, and possesses a secret method of primordial attack.

This method can launch an attack against the primordial spirit of the powerful Daoist, leaving them in a state of confusion..." Jiang Ci simplified the attack methods in the "Cloud Destruction" of the genius.

Daojun Jiuxiao's eyes lit up, but then he frowned and said, "Once a war starts, it is very unlikely that hundreds of Daojun powerful people will gather together. You, the soul attack, should not cover much. ?"

"It's really not big." Jiang Ci nodded, and he smiled: "So, this needs to give them a reason to get together.

If there is a war, I can face them alone first, so it is very likely that they will get together. "

Daojun Jiuxiao shook his head repeatedly: "It is not advisable, and regardless of whether the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races will join the joint camp,

Even the hundreds of Dao Monarchs from the Yaozu and Guizu coalition camps, if they attack together, you won't be able to bear it. "

"Master, don't worry, I'm sure." Jiang Ci smiled confidently.


"Master, can you still remember Sanchong Mountain?"

"You're talking about the incomplete treasure with the function of armoring?"

"Yes, there is one thing I haven't told Master. In fact, the Triple Mountain is part of the Xuanhuang Mountain. By chance, I have refined the Xuanhuang Mountain.

After this armor is transformed into a treasure, it has reached the ninth-tier limit, and it has the functions of the treasure of armor and the treasure of soul.

Therefore, even if a thousand Taoists attacked me, they would never want to hurt me! "

Jiang Ci said confidently.

But Jiuxiao Daojun was already stunned. He stared at Jiang Ci with wide eyes, the shock in his heart could not be calmed for a long time.

For the usually calm Daoist Nine Heavens, it is absolutely rare to be shocked for such a long time.

"This...this..." Daojun Jiuxiao shook his head again and again, and it took a long time to recover his calm.

Although the situation in the fourth universe is tense, the human race is still paying attention to the chaotic sea.

Therefore, of course he knew about the disappearance of Xuanhuangshan not long ago.

Unexpectedly, his apprentice did this thing!

That is Xuanhuang Mountain, one of the three Jedi in the Chaos Sea. It has been standing in the Chaos Sea for a long time. Everyone knows that it is a legendary treasure and wants to refine it.

In the endless years, even the two supreme have failed.

Now, his apprentice has succeeded?

Jiang's words are an understatement, saying that it is a coincidence and refinement.

What an opportunity is this?

"I don't understand you more and more..." Daojun Jiuxiao said with emotion.

"Haha, I am me, I am Jiang Ci, the Shanhai Daojun of Human Race, and Master's disciple." Jiang Ci smiled.

"Well, since you are sure, then we will follow your ideas and come to a Jedi counterattack!" Daojun Jiuxiao also smiled.

"Master, maybe the situation will be better than we expected." Jiang Ci said again.

"Well, this Alliance of Ten Thousand Races, should they help us, or help the united camp, let them choose for themselves." Daojun Jiuxiao nodded.

Before, he was still hesitating,

After all, if the fish die and the net is broken, the development of the human race will definitely be slow in the future, and it will take a long time.

The Tinder plan is definitely the last resort.

Although Jiang Cis plan is crazy, one person will fight hundreds, or even thousands of Taoists, and there are an unknown number of Tianzun experts.

But this is in the original universe, even if the strong Tianzun is invincible, it is difficult to break the defense of Jiang Ci.

So this crazy plan is still possible!

Afterwards, Daojun Jiuxiao once again convened the high-level human race to discuss the matter.

Together with Tomorrow Lord, we found Zixiao Heavenly Lord in the map of Tongtian Mountains and Rivers and discussed it.

In the end, everyone agreed to the plan,

That being the case, do it!

A great battle!


The Ten Thousand Race Alliance Base Camp, a huge starry sky continent, floating in the starry sky covered by golden waves,

Above the Starry Sky Continent, on more than 600 thrones, a group of figures are gathering, each exuding a powerful aura.

These more than six hundred auras gathered together, and the power they produced distorted the surrounding time and space.

These Dao Monarchs of the Ten Thousand Race Alliance have been waiting for the answer from the Human Race.

And just now, the messenger of the human race has already come to reply.

"My human race is willing to give you the inheritance information of Taoist cultivation Supreme,

This is the limit of conditions that our human race can promise. No matter whether you accept it or not, you dont need to discuss it again.

If you accept, you will join our human camp and fight against the combined camp of monsters and ghosts. "The messenger of the Human Race answered simply.

Whether to accept it or not, your Ten Thousand Races Alliance decides for yourself!

It was this reply that brought together 5 Tianzun powerhouses and 683 Taoist powerhouses from the Ten Thousand Races Alliance to discuss.

"This is Human Race's reply. All of you here should know it. Even the few who don't know, I believe that after talking with other Taoists, they must understand.

Even so, I'll let you talk about how I choose. "

"The Human Race is too arrogant! We didn't put our Ten Thousand Race Alliance in the eyes.

Now, looking at the entire Fourth Universe, our Ten Thousand Races Alliance is the strongest. Without our help, they will lose! "

"What on earth does the human race have to rely on? In this situation, how dare to be so arrogant and not leave any way for him?"

"Really looking for death!"

Suddenly, some irritable Taoist masters roared directly.

Since the establishment of the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races, they have felt that they have a different status in the Fourth Universe.

It is no longer a race that had to rely on the pinnacle race to survive in the past, but a powerful alliance of ten thousand races!

They believed that Human Race would beg them, so they were full of confidence,

But this time the human races reply greatly exceeded their expectations.

Naturally, all these powerful men who had just turned over were angry.

At this time, not only were Dao lords roaring, but some Dao lords were communicating in secret.

"Kushiba, what does your faction think?"

"What do you think? In fact, for us Taoists and powerful people, being able to become Tianzun is what we need most now.

As for the limit of becoming Tianzun? That is too far away from us!

Our Ten Thousand Races Alliance, I am afraid that there are only the five Heavenly Lords who most want to reach the limit of Heavenly Lord.

If it's just us, in fact, the conditions given by the human race are enough! "

"I think so too. It's just that the five heavenly veterans will never agree easily, especially the ancestors of Moxin."


"There are also some guys who have been oppressed by the pinnacle race, and now have an explosion of self-confidence. They think they are great now, and they are also on the side of the demon heart ancestor.


The five heavenly powers headed by the Moxin ancestors sat on the top five black thrones, and watched with expressionless expressions at the many Taoist powers arguing there.

The ancestor of the devil's heart swept across the dense figure, sneered in his heart,

"The Alliance of Ten Thousand Races seems to be huge, but in fact, it has many internal factions and is very chaotic.

Some ethnic groups have feuds of life and death with each other. It is only because of the persecution of the two camps that they agree to form an alliance..."

"Some of these factions are radical and overconfident!"

"Some are timid, they still look up to the peak race as they did before, and dare not offend easily!"

"Some are calm..."

"Some cunning..."

The Moxin ancestor secretly said: "If you want people to hand over the inheritance information of the cultivation to the limit of Tianzun, you must let them all listen to me, and let them all stand on this side on this issue."


The lifespan of the powerful Daoist is extremely long, and this matter is extremely critical. There are many factions within the Ten Thousand Race Alliance, especially some factions that hate each other.

After arguing, even the Moxin ancestor couldn't control it, and he fought for half a month without seeing a unified opinion.

This situation actually reflects the potential threat of the division of factions and power struggles within the Ten Thousand Races Alliance.

"In addition to me, there are four Heavenly Lords, plus so many Taoists, many of them are ambitious."

"With such a powerful force as the Ten Thousand Clan Alliance, there must be many guys who want to control this force."

The ancestor of Moxin rarely expresses his opinions and has been quietly observing.

On the contrary, Sanqi Tianzun, another Tianzun lone traveler, often expresses his opinions, reconciling some factional conflicts that are overly controversial.

"What you said is correct, but you must also think about it. The Human Race has been born with the invincible existence of the Zixiao Tianzun, and they have a natural arrogance in their bones.

Now that the monarchs of the mountains and seas of their ethnic group have gained the inheritance of Yakumo, they will naturally give birth to huge ambitions.

How could they easily surrender important inheritance? "Sanqi Tianzun said slowly.

As soon as these words came out, the several arrogant Taoists who had just argued also nodded, most of their anger disappeared.

The ancestor of Moxin looked at Sanqi Tianzun who was smiling, and thought to himself, "It's time to talk to Human Race."


The debate within the Ten Thousand Races Alliance continues,

At the same time, Terran Territory, Dao League Heavenly Court.

"Jiang Ci."


Jiang Ci and Daojun Jiuxiao met.

"You return to the earth now, the leader of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance, Demon Heart Ancestor, an incarnation is descending on the earth." Daojun Jiuxiao ordered.

"Come on the earth?" Jiang Ci frowned slightly.

"The Demon Heart ancestor came to negotiate with our human race alone. Now the Dao League Heavenly Court has gathered a large number of human camp powerhouses. He does not want to reveal his identity, so he negotiates alone.

I think he should have the meaning of helping my human camp. "Daojun Jiuxiao said with a smile.

"Master meant that he does not represent the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races, but represents himself?" Jiang Ci understood.

"Not bad." Daojun Jiuxiao nodded gently.

"Okay, I'll see him." Jiang Ci immediately returned to the earth through the teleportation array.


The earth is as peaceful as ever.

The ethnic war in the Fourth Universe was entirely between the pinnacle powerhouses, and it did not affect the ordinary creatures of countless life planets.

On the wide streets of the earth, you can see warriors wearing battle armor everywhere, and there are also many cosmic merchants who are talking about business along the way.

"Tongtian Community?" A figure wearing a black gold robe stood in front of the gate of the Tongtian Community of Beishan Mansion.

Today, Tongtian Community is no longer inhabited.

Because this community is of extraordinary significance, Jiang Ci, the legendary strong man of the human race, once lived here,

Therefore, several places where Jiang Ci lived, including Xinghuayuan, have become sacred places and restricted areas on the earth, guarded by warriors, and rushing is prohibited.

However, this figure in a black and gold robe stood there, and the people passing by and the guards couldn't see him at all.

"Father, is this Jiang Ci's home?"

"Yes, this is the home of Jiang Ci. Haven't you been clamoring to come to earth to see the greatest leader of our earth line?

This time, I got my money and only applied for the quota to enter the earth. When we return to Chang Ye Xing, you have to practice hard in the martial arts hall! "

"That's for sure, father, I also heard that Jiang Ci was born in a distant era of spiritual energy recovery. At that time, there were many ruined cities on the earth and dangerous wilderness areas. I will also go and see!"

"Rest assured, we have enough time on Earth this time to see many attractions."

A group of black-haired, dark-eyed and yellow-skinned fathers and sons left here on the street in the distance, looking at Tongtian Community, talking for a long time.

This kind of scene is very common, many people come here to visit every day,

As early as the era of aura recovery, Jiang Ci has become a legend on earth.

And as the earth line entered the universe galaxy and reintegrated into the Dao League human race, those earth people who wandered through the universe received great benefits because of Jiang Ci, and made them more grateful and respect Jiang Ci.

Now that tens of thousands of years have passed, almost all people on earth know that Jiang Ci is already one of the most powerful beings in the entire human race!

"Moxin ancestor." A voice sounded.

The figure in the black gold robe also turned his head to look.

I saw a young man in a black armor coming over in a bustling crowd in the distance,

The people around can't see him, as if he's in another space,

On this street, many people who came from far away galaxies to visit the traces of Jiang Ci's growth on the earth did not know that Jiang Ci was walking by them.

"Jiang Ci." The old ancestor of Moxin said with a smile, "Here, calling you Jiang Ci should be more cordial than calling you Shanhai Daojun?"

"If it's a friend, it's the same as everything else. If it's an enemy, it's more appropriate to call Shanhai Daojun." Jiang Ci is neither overbearing nor overbearing.

"Haha, it makes sense." The devil's ancestor laughed.

"However, you chose to meet here. It seems that you want to be friends with me?" Jiang Ci raised his head and glanced at Tongtian Community, which had not changed for tens of thousands of years.

"I want to come and see how the most rapid and talented young legendary powerhouse in the human race rises up, and what kind of environment is nurtured." The devil's ancestor laughed.

His face is extremely handsome, male and female. Although he is a human form, he is actually a special life called the Nightmare Tree, and has no gender.

Jiang Ci also laughed, he was still willing to listen to such nice words.

The Moxin Patriarch suddenly became serious. He looked at Jiang Ci and said with a serious face: "Jiang Ci, my purpose of coming here is very simple.

Now it is not only the joint camp of the Yaozu and the ghost that is paying attention to this war, but also the final choice of our Ten Thousand Race Alliance.

Even the many forces in the Chaos Sea are paying attention,

It can be said that which party joins the Ten Thousand Races Alliance, then which party must win. "

Jiang Ci nodded lightly.

The ancestor of Moxin continued: "It's just now that the internal opinions of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance are split. Part of it is to join the Human Race.

And the other part is to want more inheritance information, I am the second part. "

"I'm here this time with only one purpose, your human race, to pass on to me the information of the Eight Clouds who have cultivated to the limit of the heavenly sovereign..."

What he said was straightforward and simple.

Jiang Ci showed a sneer.

"Don't rush to refuse." The old ancestor of Moxin smiled, "I am here to represent myself.

In other words, the inheritance information your human race gave me is only known to me, and I will not pass it on to any other strong man in the Ten Thousand Races Alliance.

Moreover, I will guide those strong people I can control, and then make the Ten Thousand Race Alliance join your human race camp. "

"You mean..." Jiang Ci understood.

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