I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 644

Chapter 642: Yuanshen Shock

The five flying treasures of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance, in the flying treasure space controlled by the Demon Heart ancestor.

"Master Devil, it's our fault this time, please forgive me."

"Ancestor, this time Sanqi Tianzun can bring huge benefits to each of us, so we will listen to him temporarily.

Once this battle is over, we will get the follow-up inheritance information from Sanqi Tianzun...

That Sanqi Tianzun is not qualified to be our leader at all. The most convincing person in our Ten Thousand Race Alliance is you! "

"Yes, we still support Lord Moxin."

A large group of powerful Daoists from the Demon Heart Patriarch faction continued to comfort Dao, they also knew that the demise of the battle this time made the Demon Heart Patriarch very dissatisfied.

At this moment, these Taoist monarchs are all gathered together, speaking comforting words, but worrying in their hearts.

Worried that the Demon Heart ancestors will take refuge in the human race, catch them all, and dedicate them to the human race, so that the human race has the capital to threaten.

"Okay, I understand what you mean, it is not wrong for you to do this." The ancestor of Moxin glanced at everyone.

He sighed secretly. Although they belonged to his faction, they weren't his slaves after all. He couldn't forcefully ask these alien lords to do anything.

Moreover, he can't do much.

These more than a hundred Dao Monarchs gathered together, once the strength broke out, he was not able to suppress it at all, and he was completely capable of breaking out of the space of this sixth-order flying treasure.

"You wait and stay here for the time being!" Moxin ancestor said again.

He took the benefits of the human race. Although he did not let the Ten Thousand Race Alliance join the human race camp in the end, he also promised that he would not make a move.

As a strong and trustworthy man, he will not go back.

The more than one hundred foreign lords looked at each other with wry smiles.

The faction struggle within the Ten Thousand Races Alliance is serious. I am afraid that their position in the Ten Thousand Races Alliance will decline after this war.

At the same time, the powerhouses of the Yaozu and Guizu coalition camp received the voice of Sanqi Tianzun, and they were immediately surprised.

Especially Tianzun Ten Thousand Demons and Tianzun Yan Du, in addition to their surprise, they also understood everything behind this.

It turns out that Sanqi Tianzun is the third piece of Juntian Supreme!

However, they didn't care too much, as long as they could destroy the human race now!

"Hahaha!" Wan Yao Tianzun laughed wildly, "I didn't expect the Human Race to be so stupid that even the Ten Thousand Race Alliance is offended.

Now that the Ten Thousand Races Alliance and our united camp join forces, there will be more than a thousand Dao Monarchs.

It occupies almost 80% of the combat power of all the peak powers in the entire fourth universe!

The little human race is not qualified to fight us at all! They are lost! "

"Yes, it's lost!"

"Little human race, dare to resist, so many of us, a collective attack, I am afraid that they can instantly collapse!"

The Dao Monarchs of the united camp are also laughing, full of confidence.

Thousands of Dao Sovereign powers, as well as the six Heavenly Venerable Powers, such a powerful force, in the Fourth Universe, no force can resist, only crushed lives!

Soon, the flying treasure of the United Faction and the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races quickly approached, and only the ancestor of the Devil Heart did not move.

"The cowards of the human camp are hiding in the seventh-order flying treasure. We can't hurt them at all."

"Encircle! Surround that nine-story tower!"

"Yes, completely surround the nine-story tower. Once they come out, we will attack them collectively and kill them instantly!"

"Unless they hide in there forever!"

"If they hide in the treasure space forever, then we will keep them trapped and suppress them,

With our current strength, only one-third of Daojun and Tianzun need to be separated, and stationed here, can make the clan camp unable to struggle.

And we can take the opportunity to completely plunder the territories of the human race! "

"Without territory, they are trapped forever, unless they retreat to the small universe of Tomorrow,

However, without the resources of the original universe, even with the powerful Yakumo inheritance, it would be difficult for their human race to give birth to more peak powers.

For us, there is no threat! "

The powerhouses of the united camp and the Ten Thousand Races Alliance are extremely confident.

The six flying treasures, each like a fortress of war, surrounded the majestic tower in the sky,

Its like a huge sphere with the Tongtian Tower as the core.

The six flying treasures traversed arcs and flew around the Tongtian Tower, completely enclosing the Tongtian Tower.

"Terran, surrender quickly!"

"Hand over Yakumo inheritance!"

"The inheritance from Taoist cultivation to the limit of Tianzun is all handed over to us. Once we confirm, we will leave immediately.

If you don't make it, then your human race will have no place in this fourth universe from now on!

The territory of your human race will no longer belong to your human race! "

"Hand over the inheritance!"

"Hand over the inheritance!"

A magnificent voice spread directly to the Tongtian Building.

The many Taoist masters of the six flying treasures all spread out their monstrous murderous aura.

"Thousands of Dao Sovereign Powers, the Six Heavenly Sovereign Powers!"

"Such a terrible power!"

"There is no hope of winning at all!"

"Once you go out, I'm afraid it will be turned into fly ash."

In the space of the Tongtian Tower, many of the more than one hundred foreign Taoists in the human camp were panicked.

Even Liu Tianzun and Lieshan Tianzun have extremely solemn expressions. If they go out, they are not sure to resist the joint attack of so many powerful people.

Jiang Ci, Tomorrow Lord, Jiuxiao Daojun, Yanqing Daojun, Miluo Daojun and other powerful human beings will understand this scene.

Now even if the order is forcibly, I am afraid that these alien Taoists will not go out.

After all, these alien races are not willing to sacrifice their lives for the human race.

"Forcing our human race to hand over the inheritance?" Daojun Jiuxiao's eyes contained killing intent.

"What I think is really beautiful." Jiang Ci sneered.

Regardless of the plot behind Juntian Holy Land, its just that the races outside all regard the Human race as a big threat.

Once the human race surrenders the inheritance, the monster race, the ghost race, and other top races, relying on their huge clan base, can continuously give birth to peak powers.

In this way, even if the human race becomes stronger in the future, the threat to the alien races is not great.

Therefore, whether you choose to retreat after receiving the inheritance, or directly shoot the human race out of the fourth universe, it is acceptable to the joint camp and the alliance of ten thousand races.

"Jiang Ci." Daojun Jiuxiao looked at Jiang Ci.

"Jiang Ci." Tomorrow Zun also looked over.

"Mountain and sea." Taoist Yanqing looked at Jiang's words.

"Little Junior Brother." The same goes for Daojun Miruo.

The eyes of a powerful individual, Taoist monarch around, fell on Jiang Ci,

They already knew Jiang Ci's crazy plan, and they also understood how crazy this so-called crazy is.

Although Jiang Ci vowed that there would be no danger, how could they believe it.

At the beginning, outside of the Eight Clouds Ruins, Jiang Ci used the Eight Clouds Pavilion to block the joint attacks of so many powerful people, but that was the Eight Clouds Pavilion!

As for the Ninth-Order Armor Supreme Treasure and the Ninth-Order Primordial God Supreme Treasure, the existence of this kind of inheritance theory, no one knows their exact power.

Therefore, it is still unknown whether it can block the joint attacks of thousands of Dao Sovereign powers and the six Heavenly Venerable Powers.

However, now Human Race is facing a desperate situation, and only Jiang Cis crazy plan has the hope of success.

The only point is to bet Jiang Ci's fate.

"Leave it to me!" Jiang Ci's eyes were sharp and cold.

"Be careful." Daojun Jiuxiao couldn't help but ask.

"Don't worry, they want to kill me too?" Jiang Ci looked at the six flying treasures outside, close enough!

Not far away, both Liu Tianzun and Lieshan Tianzun had a strong sense of curiosity.

They still don't know Human Race's plan, but listening to Jiang's words and Human Race's conversation, it seems that this plan, it is possible for Human Race to win?

What is the plan?


At this moment, the Dao League heavenly starry sky was completely broken.

There are a total of six flying treasures, constantly flying around the Tongtian Tower, each of which is about 100 billion kilometers away from the Tongtian Tower.

"Hand over the inheritance!"

"Hand over the inheritance!"

"Hand over the inheritance!"

The morale of the Dao Monarchs of the united camp and the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races is like a rainbow, and their overwhelming advantages make them all full of absolute confidence.

"Moved, as if someone was coming out of the nine-story tower!"

"Are they going to flee?"

"Everyone prepare!"

"Prepare to take action together and kill them all!"

The powerhouses of the two camps are very vigilant one by one, ready to take action at any time.

The six flying treasures are also approaching quickly.

At this moment, a figure appeared outside the Tongtian Tower out of thin air.

"Huh? Alone?"

"It's the mountain and sea master of the human race!"

"Shoot together!"

"Shoot!" Sanqi Tianzun immediately roared, "Stop it to me, he is the inheritor of Yakumo, if we kill him, who will we find to inherit!"

But he said it late,

Boom boom boom!

Thousands of terrible secret attacks, instantly swarming out of the six flying treasures, overwhelmed Jiang Ci.

The starry sky exploded, and the energy that destroyed the sky and the earth burst out.

"Not good!" Wan Yao Tianzun's expression also changed drastically.

"Stop it!" Yan Du Tianzun shouted.

"Damn it!" Sanqi Tianzun was furious.

They are not afraid of offending Juntian Supreme, but they are just worried that if this really kills Shanhai Daojun, then the Yakumo inheritance will really be gone.

Moreover, the follow-up conditions and inheritance that Juntian Supreme promised to them are gone!


The roar of the world brought by the energy explosion gradually subsided.


"How can it be!"

"He is all right!"


I saw the figure in the black armor still standing in the shattered void that was rapidly recovering, and not far behind him was the Tongtian Tower.

Sanqi Tianzun, Ten Thousand Demon Tianzun, and Yandu Tianzun can all confirm that Lord Shanhai Dao did not enter the nine-story tower to take refuge just now.

How did the Lord Shanhai resist such a terrifying fire attack?

"What armor treasure is on him? Tier seven? Tier eight?" Sanqi Tianzun was extremely surprised.

"Even if it is Tier 7 or Tier 8 Armor Supreme, there are so many attacks just now, but there are a lot of Primordial Spirit attacks!" Wan Yao Tianzun shook his head.

"Weird!" Yan Du Tianzun said solemnly.

"Don't worry about it, just see if you are not dead, no matter what, you must catch him."

Immediately, they simultaneously gave orders to the strong under their command.

"Grab Lord Shanhai Dao!"

"catch him!"

"Catch alive!"

The voices of excitement, laughter, and anger sounded one after another.

While Sanqi Tianzun, Ten Thousand Demon Tianzun, and Yandu Tianzun, who controlled the flying treasure, quickly approached Jiang Ci.

They all have the task of bringing Lord Shanhai Dao to Juntian Holy Land.

"Catch alive?" Jiang Ci sneered.

"Come on, get closer and see who catches who alive!"

"Once the distance is enough, none of you want to escape!"

Whoosh whoosh...

The distance of hundreds of billions of kilometers will come in an instant.

Soon, the six heavenly masters controlled the six flying treasures, and they all entered the distance of one million kilometers in Jiangci.

Jiang Ci stood in the void, looking very small compared to the endless starry sky.

But at this moment, his eyes suddenly shot out two terrifying **** rays.

The two blood-colored rays of light formed a mysterious blood-colored pattern in the air almost instantly.

"What kind of secret is this, does he still want to escape?"

"Be careful, don't let Lord Shanhaidao escape!"

All the powerhouses of the six flying treasures were worried about what unknown secret method Jiang Ci would use to escape.

next moment,

"Yun Mie!"

"Impact!" Jiang Ci's eyes were cold.


The mysterious blood-colored pattern suddenly exploded like a wind cloud.

The terrifying ripples with blood light instantly covered a space of one million kilometers, and also enveloped the six flying treasures.


The roar sounded like opening up the world, and it blasted in the minds of the powerful Daoists in the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races and the United Camp.

Thousands of alien lords, with bloodthirsty and crazy smiles just now, were extremely excited and triumphant. At this moment, they all entered a dazed and confused state.

Even Sanqi Tianzun, Ten Thousand Demon Tianzun, Yan Du Tianzun and other six powerful Tianzun powers felt a terrible primordial impact. The whole person's consciousness instantly became trance and his thinking was much slower.

But then, Sanqi Tianzun, Ten Thousand Demon Tianzun, Yandu Tianzun, these three two-step Tianzun level powerhouses, all woke up, and the remaining three one-step Tianzun were still in a trance.

"not good!"

"What kind of attack is this, it has caused thousands of Dao Sovereign powers to fall into a muddle at the same time!"

"Pingqi and the others are the first-step heavenly masters, the strength of the soul is not as good as ours, and they did not resist! Even our second-step heavenly masters were recruited just now!"

At this moment, in the space of the Tongtian Tower, the strong men of the Human Race were also shocked. Of course, they discovered the anomaly of the United Camp and the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races.

"This is impossible. The original universe's rules of heaven and earth are fair, and it is impossible for this kind of attack against the heavens to appear!"

"It is the inheritance of Yakumo. It must be the attack method left by this powerful civilization to break the rules of the original universe!"

Those strong aliens couldn't believe it.

Although Liu Tianzun and Lieshan Tianzun did not speak, their eyes were full of shock.

"Everyone, don't hesitate!" Jiuxiao Daojun took the lead, "All strike out and kill the United Faction and the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races in one fell swoop!"

"Haha! Kill!"

"One battle will be the winner!"

The powerhouses of the human camp, no longer worried at this moment, all rushed out of the Tongtian Tower excitedly.

At this time, Jiang Ci had already moved. He picked up the Sword Embryo Slaughter Shadow Sword he had obtained from the inheritance of the Eight Clouds, and slew it towards a flying treasure of the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races.

During his retreat in the Bayun Ruins and the two thousand years in the original space of Xuanhuang Mountain, he used his sword embryo to swallow the fifth and sixth-order treasures.

Originally the sword embryo of the seventh-order supreme treasure, after devouring a large amount of the supreme treasure, it is now the eighth-order ultimate attack supreme treasure!

Even if he doesn't use any secret methods, he can easily play the ultimate combat power of the debut master!

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