I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 645

Chapter 643: Regret? Late

Thousands of Taoist masters joined forces to attack, and the broken galaxy caused by it is quickly recovering. Countless space debris is like being swept by a wave, roaring and impacting everything.

After Jiang Ci's "Cloud Demise", the six flying treasures of the United Faction and the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races, as if stagnated, stopped in the endless turbulence of space.

In the flying paradise space trillions of kilometers away, the Demon Heart ancestor and the more than one hundred foreign Taoists were also deeply shocked.

They were not within the attack range of Jiang Ci, and they couldn't feel the terrifying power brought by the shock of the soul.

However, they can detect the situation of the Ten Thousand Race Alliance and the United Camp.

Six Heavenly Sovereigns, thousands of Taoist masters,

Only three Erbu Tianzun quickly recovered sober, and the other strong men were all in a muddle.

This state is simply slaughter!

"How did he... do it?" The Demon Heart ancestor was horrified, puzzled in every way, and even more intensely jealous.

"Fortunately, fortunately, we didn't make a move."

"This is really..."


The more than one hundred foreign Taoists who belonged to the Moxin ancestor faction were all fortunate, and when they looked at the Moxin ancestor, their eyes were grateful.

If it weren't for the ancestors of the Demon Heart, they would probably have to fall into the muddle and be slaughtered just like the other Ten Thousand Race Alliance powerhouses.

They had already seen that at this moment, the Human Race's Shanhai Daojun had already teleported to kill with a long sword.


"Wake up! Wake up all!"

Tianzun Sanqi, Tianzun Ten Thousand Demon, Tianzun Yandu are all roaring,

With the power of the soul in their voices, they wanted to awaken the powerful Dao Sovereign under their command.

However, they did not dare to use too much force, because these Taoist monarchs were in a muddle, unable to make any resistance.

With the strength of their two-step Tianzun, it is easy to display the ultimate power of the Daoist, and it may not cause a large area of accidental injury, and even some weaker Daoists will directly fall!

However, they underestimated the power of "Cloud Destruction",

The ripples with blood-colored light, like a blood web, have been tightly bound to the primordial spirits of those strong men.

Unless you can rely on your own strength to let the soul break through the blood web, otherwise, you can only go on forever!

This is the primordial masterpiece passed down by the King Yakumo!

Even in the Metaverse and the Astral Realm, it is second to none!

"Damn it!" Sanqi Tianzun was angry.

"It's over!" Wan Yao Tianzun was angry and desperate.

"Hateful, ridiculous." Yan Du Tianzun looked complicated.

From the moment they got rid of the shackles of the blood net of the soul, it was actually a very short process, not even a moment of time.

At this moment, Jiang's words have been teleported to.


Wearing a black armor and holding a simple stone sword in Jiang Ci, he gave a cold shout and slashed out with a sword.


A green light appeared in the air that seemed to exist and disappeared, flashing like a dream,

Followed by the endless green light appeared, one by one, continuous, as if it contained endless vitality,

In an instant, these green lights enveloped the two flying treasures of the Ten Thousand Race Alliance.


Between the electric light and flint, it seems to have experienced a cycle, from birth to death!

The first type of Shanhaijianjing Tiandao scroll...

"Life cycle!" Jiang Ci's expression was calm.

A green sword light with a destructive aura descended from nothingness, like destroying the sky and destroying the earth, passing through the three flying treasures of the Ten Thousand Race Alliance.

These three are just Tier 5 flying treasures.

The defense of the treasure itself could not stop the power of this green sword light.

Although, in the space of every flying paradise, there is more than one step-by-step Tianzun and hundreds of Taoist masters,

But they are all in a muddle, and they have no resistance.

[You killed the Yu-level Daojun, eternal experience value +9 yuan]

[You killed the celestial monarch, eternal experience value +6 yuan]

[You killed the Hong-level Taoist, eternal experience value + 3 yuan]

[You killed the barren-level Taoist, eternal experience value +1 yuan]


Those Taoist masters instantly lost their voices, and their body and spirit were destroyed!

Only three of them survived,

In the original universe, it is almost impossible to kill Tianzun.

But at this moment, these three step-by-step Heavenly Sovereigns were still confused, and they were floating in the starry sky without waking up.

Three flying treasures and more than 300 Taoist masters have brought more than 1,000 eternal experience points to Jiang Ci!


"This sword...what secret is it!"

"It's terrible, is this the limit of Daojun?"

"Shanhai Daojun!"

"Shanhai Daojun!"

The more than one hundred human faction powerhouses who had just rushed out of the Tongtian Tower were all extremely shocked, and then they laughed and shouted.

This battle was won!

"There are three more." At this time, Jiang Ci looked at the flying treasure controlled by Tianzun Sanqi, Tianzun Ten Thousand Demon, and Tianzun Yan Du.

"Mr. Shanhai Dao, Jiang Ci! You are going to be an enemy of the entire Fourth Universe!" Sanqi Tianzun roared angrily.

Those who died just now were all strong from the Ten Thousand Races Alliance.

Jiang Ci's sword has caused him to lose half of his Ten Thousand Race Alliance!

"Joke, you, a sinister lone traveler who only knows calculations, can also represent the Fourth Universe?" Jiang Ci sneered, and the stone sword in his hand was gently raised, and he wanted to offer another killer move.

"Shandong Daojun, how about just letting go?" Ten Thousand Demon Tianzun said suddenly.

"Mr. Shanhai Dao, my ghost clan is also willing to retreat, and I can promise that in this age of calamity, our ghost clan will no longer step into the territory of your human race." Yan Du Tianzun's voice also sounded in the starry sky.

The two heavenly deities bowed their heads.

Because they are different from Sanqi Tianzun, they each have a peak race behind them.

Sanqi Tianzun is the lone traveler of Tianzun. Even if the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races is completely destroyed, he can pat his **** and leave directly, even if he never returns to the Fourth Universe.

And this battle, if all the strong players in the united camp are dead, and only their two polished commanders are left, it means that the monster race and the ghost race are almost over.

On the other side, upon hearing the words of these two great heavenly venerations, the more than one hundred human faction powerhouses who had just teleported here, put down their plans to shoot immediately.

They looked at Human Race Jiang Ci, Ming Ming Zun, Jiu Xiao Daojun and others, waiting for orders.

Tomorrow Zun, Jiuxiao Daojun, Yanqing Daojun, Miluo Daojun, Changyuan Daojun and other human powers, all focused on Jiang Ci.

Under everyone's gaze, Jiang Ci smiled: "Now thinking of retreating?"



He shouted angrily, the **** light in his eyes was very strong. .

"Haha, that's it, the enemy is for killing, not for making peace!"

"Exchange the future of my human race with the blood of the enemy!"

The other strong people of the human race also laughed.

This battle is the one that determines the future of the human race. To be the strongest race, the human race needs more and better territories to breed more human geniuses.

As a result, Terran will prosper forever!

"Kill, kill, kill!" Those foreign experts in the human camp also shouted excitedly and madly.

When they took refuge in the human race, they naturally prospered and lost everything.

The current situation is a foregone conclusion.

The human race will now become the strongest race in the fourth universe, and even the strongest race in the Chaos Sea in the future!

And if they follow the human race, the future will not be bad.

Eternity is not a dream!



At this moment, none of the strong players in the human camp have spared any effort, they are all doing their best!

Tomorrow, Liu Tianzun, Lieshan Tianzun,

There are more than 160 Taoist masters, such as Jiuxiao Daojun, Yanqing Daojun, and Miroku Daojun, who collectively performed various secret methods, Dao methods, and primordial attacks.


The overwhelming attack covered the last three flying treasures.

"Block it! Block it for me!" Tianzun Ten Thousand Demon roared with a demon spirit.

"If my ghost clan is finished, you will not be better!" Yan Du Tianzun exudes a monstrous ghost.

"This is the original universe, I am the Heavenly Sovereign, and more than a hundred Dao Sovereigns have joined forces, and what can I do!" Sanqi Tianzun is also resisting with all his strength, he does not want to give up the power of the Ten Thousand Race Alliance.


In an instant, the collective attack of the human camp flooded the three flying treasures.

Accompanied by the torrent of space, the galaxy is broken, and the violent energy impact, wanting to crush those Dao monarchs in the treasure space.

The three heavenly veterans are fighting hard, all three of them have the eighth-order treasures bestowed by Juntian Supreme.

Although they can only exert the ultimate combat power of the debut master, the eighth-order treasure can only exert the defensive limit of the original universe.

But this is the eighth-order treasure after all, and its own defensive power is amazing.

I am afraid that looking at the entire Chaos Sea, there is no attack that can break the defense of the eighth-order treasure!

A gloomy snake shadow, a beast-shaped armor, a ghostly mask with green faces and fangs.

The three eighth-tier treasures are all becoming extremely large, to block the attacks of the human camp.

Boom boom boom boom!

The terrible energy shock, extremely violent, poured on the three eighth-order treasures.

The sky and the earth roared, and the entire fourth universe felt the terrible energy impact.

I dont know how long it took, when the impact of violent energy reached its peak,

"Haha, blocked it!"

"With us, you can't kill the united camp!"

"The Alliance of Ten Thousand Races will not perish!"

Tianzun Yandu, Tianzun Ten Thousand Demons, and Tianzun Sanqi all laughed wildly.

Because the violent energy that destroys the world has begun to weaken,

And in the three flying paradise spaces, only dozens of the weakest barren-level Daoists have fallen.

This shows that they can block the offensive of the human camp!

Then there is hope for their united camp and 10,000 ethnic alliance!

"The second style of the scroll of the mountain and sea sword, the five elements of Yin and Yang!"

But at this moment, Jiang Ci swung his sword again.

The five-color brilliance flowed out and gradually spread, covering the starry sky where the last three flying treasures were located.

The five-color brilliance changes continuously, and finally forms a black and white yin and yang picture,


At this moment, a huge swallowing gravity appeared, and this picture of Yin and Yang seemed to be able to swallow the entire world!

The three flying treasures, located in the Yin and Yang map, are repeatedly impacted by the five-color sword light and swallowing gravity.

"not good!"

"Better than the sword just now!"

"Block it, what gravity is this!"

The laughter of Sanqi Tianzun, Ten Thousand Demon Tianzun, and Yan Du Tianzun disappeared, all in shock.

Although they all have the eighth-tier supreme treasure, while simultaneously resisting other strong players in the human camp, they couldn't allocate more energy to defend Jiang Ci's sword.

The beast-shaped armor, ghostly mask, and gloomy snake shadow can only separate a small part to block Jiang Ci's attack.


Those five-colored sword lights and swallowing gravity easily broke their barriers.

"The Eighth Tier Treasure!"

"His sword is at least the eighth rank supreme treasure!"

These three Heavenly Venerables immediately realized this terrible problem.

But it was too late.

The endless five-color sword light and swallowing gravitational force, surpassing the barrier of the eighth-order treasure, like entering an unmanned state, raging in the three flying treasures.

The bodies and primordial spirits of those muddle-headed Taoist masters were shattered by the five-color sword light one by one, turned into powder, and then turned into nothingness under the action of swallowing gravity.

In the muddle, he fell, I don't know if it is a blessing before death!

[You killed the Yu-level Daojun, eternal experience value +9 yuan]

[You killed the celestial monarch, eternal experience value +6 yuan]

[You killed the Hong-level Taoist, eternal experience value + 3 yuan]

[You killed the barren-level Taoist, eternal experience value +1 yuan]


Once again gaining an eternal experience value close to two thousand yuan,

After World War I, the total experience value completely exceeded 20,000!

[Eternal experience value: 22546 yuan]

At this moment, Jiang Ci is checking the balance of experience points,

The strong men in the human camp are completely sluggish, and they can't even remember to surprise and celebrate.

"Is this a human thing?"

One person almost wiped out the united camp and the 10,000-nation alliance.

Of course, it is not to say that the other powerhouses in the human camp did nothing.

If it hadn't been for them to shoot with all their strength to contain the three heavenly veterans, then Jiang Ci's attack would not be able to break the defense of the eighth-order treasure.

Even if the Sword Embryo Slaughter Shadow Sword in his hand is the eighth-order treasure, it won't work.

Unless Slaughter Shadow Sword can be upgraded again to reach the level of the Ninth Treasure, it can break through the defense of the Eighth Treasure.

"Human race, this is endless!" Sanqi Tianzun suddenly roared in anger.

Then he rolled up the other three Tianzuns who were still in a muddle, and teleported directly away from the starry sky.

These three Heavenly Venerable Lone Walkers were all brought into the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races at the beginning, so naturally they could not be left to the Human Race.

Ten Thousand Demon Tianzun and Yan Du Tianzun didn't say anything, and they moved away in the same way.

"we won?"

"Haha, we won!"

"This battle, a big victory!"

The direct departure of the three heavenly veterans also made the powerhouses of the human race finally react.


Every Dao Monarch powerhouse stood in the already deserted Dao League heavenly starry sky, cheering.

This was originally the most prosperous place in the Fourth Universe, but now it is completely deserted.

But none of the strong humans felt heartache,

They won, and it is easy to create a more prosperous star field than the Dao League Heavenly Court!

"Moxin, are you here to stay and celebrate the victory with us?" Jiang Ci looked at the starry sky trillions of kilometers away.

"Congratulations." The voice of the ancestor of Moxin came, but the tone was slightly bitter.

Then, accompanied by a wave of spatial fluctuations, the ancestor of Moxin took his men and moved away.

None of his strong men died,

Compared with the United Faction and the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races, it is fortunate.

But compared with the triumphant human race, this kind of fortune seemed very bleak.

It is conceivable that in the future, in the face of increasingly powerful human races, these surviving Taoist powers, the races behind them should not be too much.

"After some planning, in the end..." The old ancestor of Moxin sighed with emotion.

He regrets a bit,

After Sanqi Tianzun seized power just now, if he could take the initiative to join the Human Race with more than a hundred of his subordinates, he might be able to get the final Tianzun limit inheritance and share the victory of this time.

Unfortunately, there is no if.

Before the outbreak of the war, he had no hope for the human race.

In the face of an extremely powerful united camp and 10,000 race alliance, how could the Human race win!

However, Terran just won!

A master of mountains and seas changed the whole situation!

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