I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 648

Chapter 646: Wait For The Fish To Come

"Me? I..." The eight-armed man looked around,

The other eight powerful Daoists all stood aside, and deliberately stayed away.

Obviously, they are all willing to see that this Dao Sovereign powerhouse with eight arms is unlucky.

Because this eight-armed man is the strongest among the nine of them, he is naturally the most likely to win the treasure that is about to be born.

These alien Taoists also noticed that Jiang Ci didn't care about Shuangxuanyu's upcoming treasure, it was all directed at this eight-armed man.

They dont worry about their own safety, because Jiang Ci has been in the Chaos Sea for so many years and has never done any wanton killing.

The many shots made in the past thousand years have basically targeted Juntian Holy Land.

"Hong Ran Daojun of Juntian Holy Land." Jiang Cifu looked down and looked at the eight-armed man.

"Mr. Shanhai Dao, I have never met with you before. I have no hatred and no grudges. I have never directed against the strong man of the Fourth Universe Human Race. I don't know why Shanhai Dao is looking for me?" Dao Monarch Hong Ran said in panic and anxiety. .

Although he is the top cosmo-level Daoist and comes from the eternal universe that is not afraid of calamity, he is naturally afraid to encounter this kind of existence that can easily kill him.

In fact, he wanted to escape just now, but in fact, after seeing the Tongtian Tower, it was already too late.

"No grudges, no grudges? You Juntian holy place is everywhere against my human race, this is hatred!" Jiang Ci sneered.

The other eight powerful Daoists watched from the sidelines, hiding a little further, for fear of being affected.

"Shandong Daojun, don't be unreasonable..." Daojun Hong Ran said directly.

If it weren't for Jiang Ci, he would also be an extremely arrogant and strong man, and now he can only bear it.

"Don't struggle." Jiang Ci looked indifferent.

"Come in!" Then he yelled.

Suddenly, a whirlpool appeared at the base of the Tongtian Tower next to it, and a powerful swallowing gravitational force instantly acted on Daojun Hong Ran below.

"No!" Daojun Hong Ran roared, struggling hard,

"Mr. Shanhai Dao, you are going to fall into an endless situation with my Juntian Holy Land!

The Heavenly Venerable Yue Yan of my Holy Land Universe is now in the abyss. If you kill me, he will definitely come to you for revenge! "

The roar made the surrounding void tremble, and Daojun Hong Ran had already resisted with all his strength.

"Yue Yan Tianzun? I just happened to have an account, I didn't settle it with him!" Jiang Ci said coldly.


Although Daojun Hongran tried his best to resist, he was still sucked in by Tongtianlou.

He was swallowed completely and disappeared.

This scene made the eight foreign Taoist monarchs watching the play next to them, all of them frightened and dared not say anything in silence.

Although they knew the power of Jiang Ci, they still felt shuddered when they saw it with their own eyes.

Dao Monarch Hong Ran, who has been in the Chaos Sea for countless eras, was swallowed by the Tongtian Tower so easily?

I thought there would be a big battle!

"This Jiang Ci is too... too crazy!"

"He didn't even put Daojun Hong Ran in his eyes, and many of the powerful men in Juntian Holy Land were trapped in the abyss.

Especially that Ye Yan Tianzun, is the second largest Tianzun powerhouse in Juntian Holy Land, his strength is terrifying, and there are few in the entire Chaos Sea that can beat him! "

"Yeah, he doesn't worry about shooting here, he will be blocked by the strong of Juntian Holy Land?

This trapped abyss is not the vast chaotic sea outside, you can escape at any time outside,

Here, once blocked, I am afraid it will be dangerous. "

When they talked quietly,

Jiang Ci held the Tongtian Tower in his hand and slowly landed, making the expressions of the eight foreign Taoist monarchs greatly changed.

What are you doing?

You have arrested Daojun Hong Ran in Juntian Holy Land, still not leaving?

Jiang Ci stepped on the huge boulder celestial body and looked around the eight powerful Taoists,

These heterogeneous Dao Monarchs were all cultivated at the cosmic level and above, and two of them were still top-level Dao Monarchs, and one step away was a half-step Tianzun.

He directly said: "I arrested Daojun Hongran just to wait for the strong from Juntian Holy Land to stop me.

You can also help me spread the news, just say that I, Lord Shanhai Dao, is waiting for the strong from Juntian Holy Land to arrive in the trapped abyss double-rotation domain.

I only give them ten years. If within ten years, there is no strong person in Juntian Holy Land, I will kill Daojun Hong Ran! "

"Do you understand?" Jiang Ci said with a cold look.

"rest assured."

"Mr. Shanhai Dao, I will try my best to help spread these trivial matters!"

How dare those eight foreign Taoists refuse to follow.

This Jiang Ci is really domineering, and they are naturally unwilling to mix with the entire Juntian Holy Land.

Now it's just spreading news, even if Jiang Ci didn't tell them, they would take the initiative to spread it.

After all, watching the excitement is not a big deal.

"Then you guys, just continue to wait for the treasure to be born, don't worry about me!" Jiang Ci waved his hand, and the Tongtian Tower in his palm fell directly on the boulder celestial body.

Then it grew rapidly, reaching a height of hundreds of millions of kilometers, standing in the center of this huge stone celestial body.

And Jiang Ci is waiting in the Supreme Treasure Space.

"Dao Monarch Hong Ran, if none of you from Juntian Holy Land come, don't blame me for your death." Jiang Ci smiled.

Daojun Hong Ran, who was imprisoned in the Tongtian Building, did not say a word.

Jiang Ci smiled, the decision he just made was reminded by Daojun Hong Ran.

Since the strong man in Juntian Holy Land would not let him go, then he just caught a strong man in Juntian Holy Land and waited here to save him the laborious search in the hollow abyss.

If it is a little search, I am afraid that it will take thousands of years, and only ten or eight powerful men from Juntian Holy Land can be captured.

Now, just sit back and wait!

Best, this time I can catch the Tianzun Yue Yan!

Jiang Ci is now full of war spirits in his heart,

If it were the three-step Tianzun of the four original universes, he might not be able to beat it, and he would not have the strength to capture it.

But the Yue Yan Tianzun from the Holy Land Universe is different. This three-step Tianzun does not have a small universe, but only with a full set of the seventh-order treasure on his body can he maintain the three-step Tianzun's combat power.

And Jiang Ci, the most important thing is the treasure.

The seventh-order treasure is now in front of him, it is paper!


Jiang Ciben is one of the focal figures of Chaos Sea in the Metaverse, and his every move will be valued.

After he entered the trapped abyss, he never made a move.

Unexpectedly, he suddenly grabbed the Daojun Hong Ran in Juntian Holy Land, and let his words go, waiting for the arrival of other Juntian Holy Land powerhouses in Shuangxuan Domain, with a ten-year deadline.

"In the trapped abyss, there are many powerhouses in Juntian Holy Land. Whether they are in the deep or the outer domain, they can reach the Shuangxuan domain within a year. The Lord of the Mountains and Seas has given a ten-year time limit. Obviously, there is plenty of time."

"This Lord of the Mountains and Seas can be called the most madman of the Chaos Sea, so the most provocative Juntian holy land, this kind of crazy action, even the invincible Zixiao Tianzun has not done it."

"They are the inheritors of Yakumo, but they are different..."

The news spread quickly,

On the same day, in the depths of the hollow abyss, in a dangerous place called the Phantom Spirit Realm.

The phantom realm is one of the most dangerous places after the formation of the trapped abyss, and it is famous for psychedelic.

Even if there is a seventh-order Yuanshen Supreme Treasure, once lost in it, it is difficult to escape.

Of course, the more dangerous the place, the greater the chance.

Here, if you are lucky, you can have a lot of gains.


An ancient flying boat, floating outside of the ghost realm.

On the flying boat, entrenched a huge plant creature, a misty life, and an eight-armed man.

They were the Blood Moon Heavenly Sovereign, Xie Heavenly Sovereign, and Yue Yan Heavenly Sovereign who were known as the three powerhouses of Xuanhuang Mountain when Xuanhuangshan was still there.

"Yue Yan, that Shanhai Daojun arrested your strong man in Juntian Holy Land, and he deliberately spread the news that the strong man waiting for your Holy Land in Shuangxuan domain passed by, and he gave him ten years.

He knew that you were in the abyss, and he dared to take the initiative to speak out. It seemed that he was coming for you.

If you don't go, I'm afraid it will become a joke for all the major forces in the Chaos Sea. "The misty Xie Tianzun said with a smile.

"Yue Yan, are you going?" Bloody Moon Tianzun also looked over.

They all know some of the past of Yue Yan Tianzun and Jiang Ci,

Jiang Ci briefly appeared in Xuanhuang Mountain that year, killing a top cosmopolitan Daojun of the Tianyu tribe, but in the end he was shot by Tianzun Yue Yan and almost died in Xuanhuang Mountain.

"That kid has many treasures, although it is only in the realm of Taoist monarch, but even I am not sure to capture him, let alone kill him." Xueyue Tianzun said again.

"There are so many treasures? Huh, the most indispensable thing in my Juntian Holy Land is the treasure!

Since he dared to act so arrogantly this time, I just grabbed him and asked the Yakumo inheritance! "Yue Yan Tianzun sneered.

He looked at the Bloody Moon Tianzun and Xie Tianzun, "Are you going?"

"Not going."

"I don't want to provoke the fourth universe human race."

Bloody Moon Tianzun and Xie Tianzun both shook their heads. .

Just kidding, in addition to Jiang Ci, the Fourth Universe Human Race also has a Tomorrow Zun.

Juntian Holy Land is not afraid of Tomorrow Respect, but they are worried that it will attract Tomorrow Respect to kill.

"Then I'm leaving, and I will come back soon after I have dealt with Jiang Ci." After Yue Yan Tianzun finished speaking, he immediately drove his rank 7 flying treasure and quickly turned into streamer and left.

This phantom realm is the most dangerous place in the trapped abyss. All three of them think that maybe they can find some traces of Xuanhuangshan's missing here, and then find out Xuanhuangshan based on this.

Therefore, none of the three of them is willing to give up the exploration here.

After Yue Yan Tianzun left, Xueyue Tianzun and Xie Tianzun looked at each other, and immediately passed news to their familiar Taoist masters.

"If there is anyone near Shuangxuan Domain, leave as soon as possible."

"If you can't leave for a short period of time, try to hide as much as possible, and never come across that mountain and sea.


Double spin domain, on the boulder celestial body.

Tongtian Tower stood in the center and waited silently, but there were already 11 Dao Monarchs around.

Obviously, Shuangxuanyu's upcoming treasure was originally known by many strong people.

When they knew that Jiang Ci was only aimed at the powerhouses of Juntian Holy Land, coupled with the temptation of the treasure, there were still three other Taoist powerhouses who ventured to come.

at this time,

"Mr. Shanhai Dao, you are too mad, you dare to provoke me Juntian Holy Land with your own strength!"

A woman with eight arms rushed to the tower with a sledgehammer, and roared towards the Tongtian Tower.

This is another top cosmopolitan Daoist from Juntian Holy Land.

In fact, the powerful Dao Monarchs of the two holy land universes are basically at the level of the Universe Dao Monarch.

"Finally another one!" A sneer came from the nine-story tower that was hundreds of millions of kilometers high.

"Give me!"


The powerful engulfing gravity directly rolled towards the eight-armed woman.

"You...this is!" The eight-armed woman was dumbfounded.

After she heard the news, she rushed over immediately. She didn't know the scene where Daojun Shanhai shot Daojun Hongran before.

Of course, this is also related to the deliberate concealment of the eight Taoist monarchs when they spread the news.

As a result, the eight-armed woman was now taken into the Tongtian Tower unsuspectingly.


Another month passed,

"Mr. Shanhai Dao, how dare you provoke my Juntian Holy Land and die quickly!"

"Give me!"






In this way, for half a year, Jiang Ci used the Tongtian Tower to capture 54 ecumenical Daoists of Juntian Holy Land.

After that, no other strongman from Juntian Holy Land dared to challenge him.

Moreover, Juntian Holy Land has already issued an order, except for Tianzun Yue Yan, no one is allowed to make another move!

Now, the anger of the entire Juntian Holy Land's high-level officials has almost converged into an ocean, almost drowning the whole Holy Land.

But they had no choice but to suppress their anger, and they could only wait for Tianzun Yue Yan to take action and capture the Lord Shanhai Dao!

There is no way, because the Holy Land Universe cannot give birth to new Heavenly Lords, the number of Heavenly Lords in Juntian Holy Land is not many, only seven.

And there is no small universe at all, and the actual combat power is far inferior to the real Tianzun.



In the depths of the hollow abyss, a horrible figure flashed away and went straight to the Shuangxuan domain.

"It's finally here!" Yue Yan Tianzun was full of endless anger.

After countless epochs, the impression that Tianzun Yue Yan gave to the forces of the Chaos Sea was that he was a strong Tianzun who got along well with each other.

But in fact, it was just his disdain to communicate too much with those who could not last forever, let alone conflict.

However, this time is different, Shanhai Daojun repeatedly provokes them Juntian Holy Land,

This is a shame for Juntian Holy Land that has been standing in the Chaos Sea for a long time! It is absolutely unforgivable!


Time passed day by day.


The vortex of Shuangxuan Domain became more terrifying, tearing the surrounding void.

However, the outermost megalithic celestial body has become much calmer, and the 11 powerful Taoists of foreign races above are all looking forward to waiting.

"It is estimated that in the near future, that Tianzun Yue Yan will arrive."

"Not bad."

"Wait, Juntian Holy Land is now counting on Tianzun Yue Yan to defeat Lord Shanhai Dao. I really look forward to it."

"I think Tianzun Yue Yan can win this time. Last time he was outside the Bayun Ruins. It was with the help of Tomorrow Zun that Shanhai Daojun escaped.

And now, he has no one to help, he must be defeated! "

While they were chatting, a huge thunder and lightning suddenly appeared in a place about a hundred light years away from Shuangxuan Domain.

The terrifying lightning pierced the void, and in the blink of an eye, it came to the top of the boulder celestial body from a hundred light-years away.

This scene made the originally laid-back group of Taoist masters immediately excited, and the war was about to break out.

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