I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 658

Chapter 656: Munitions Eternal Fragment For Subscription

The White Flame Army Barracks, which is huge and infinitely vast.

Jiang Ci and the eight-hoofed fierce beast, Tuscat, followed the Tianzun wearing a red armor, and flew for a day at the speed of light before arriving at a majestic hall.

This hall is quite lively. There are soldiers and beasts everywhere, all of them are extremely powerful, with a monstrous aura.

"You two are waiting here." Chi Jia Tianzun shouted.

Jiang Ci and Tu Wei stopped outside the main hall, and did not follow, while the Chi Jia Tianzun entered the main hall alone.

"Where is this place?" Jiang Ci asked Tu Wei next to him.

This eight-hoofed fierce beast has a strong background and knows more than him. He will not let go of such a good source of information.

"This is a quarters of the White Flame Army." Tu Zhu shook his head triumphantly, then smiled: "The quarters of the Great Flame Army should be placed here.

You see, there are a lot of soldiers coming in and out, and they should all come to exchange munitions. "

"Change military supplies?" Jiang Ci pretended to be surprised.

"Not bad." Tu Zhu nodded and explained: "All soldiers in the army are trained by battles.

In these life and death battles, a large number of soldiers will fall,

Of course, thats an ordinary warrior,

Like the fighters of our Great Flame Legion, if they fight equally dangerous battles, the fall rate will not be so high.

Because our special army experienced more danger than them,

Similarly, our trophies are more valuable, and they can be exchanged for military merits, and military merits can be exchanged for military supplies! "

"The more military merits, the better the performance, the more benefits you can get." Tu Zhu's eyes shined, "Even you can change to a Tianzun team and become your guard.

is just the required military merit, and the amount is also terrible! "

Jiang Ci smiled, Tianzun Guards?

Unfortunately, the native creatures of the Mengyuan Realm cannot leave. Once they are removed from this world, they will undoubtedly die.

So what Tu Zhu pursued is completely different from what he pursued.

"What are the main munitions in it?" Jiang Ci asked.

"Inheritance, treasure, and...eternal fragments!" Tu Zhu's tone was excited.

"Eternal Fragment!" Jiang Ci was taken aback.

This is the first time he heard this word from other strong men.

For a long time, he thought that only he knew this thing, because it was the eternal experience value converted through the panel.

However, I didnt expect that this Turret also knew that it could even be exchanged for Eternal Fragments at the White Flame Armys quarters!

Even Jiang Ci suspected that many experts in Mengyuan Realm should know it!

Tu Itachi smiled and explained: "You are a wandering traveler, so you may not know the existence of Eternal Fragment.

My father is the Yanchi Desolate Lord, the eternal great supreme,

He once told me that the essence of eternity is actually the accumulation of eternal fragments.

The cultivation of Daojun and Tianzun can also be improved with the help of eternal fragments.

Its just that the military merits required to exchange the Eternal Fragment are too much, and it is not what ordinary Taoists and Tianzun can bear. "

Jiang Ci nodded, he killed a cosmo-level Daojun, only to get 9 yuan eternal experience value, that is, 9 yuan eternal fragment.

Although the Munitions Department here can exchange eternal fragments, I am afraid that the required military merits are also massive.

"Although everyone knows that there are eternal fragments in the quarters, there are not many that have the real strength to exchange them." Tu Zhu said with emotion.

Jiang Ci keeps these in mind,

This is unexpected news, and it can also be regarded as a windfall.

His experience value panel, all he needs is experience value.

Through the panel, the eternal experience value and the eternal fragment can be transformed into each other.

For him, this value is great.

He can exchange eternal fragments at the quarters to convert them into eternal experience points, and then to improve the realm of cultivation, Taoism, and secret techniques.

In this way, his strength will increase faster!

"It's coming." Tu Zhu suddenly looked at the door of the Quartermaster Hall.

Jiang Ci also looked over.

I saw the Scarlet Armored Heavenly Sovereign come out, and with a wave of his hand, two rays of light descended, falling in front of Jiang Ci and Tu Zhu.

"Although you are only Daojun-level fighters, you are in the Great Flame Legion, so you can get a Tier 7 armor treasure-Great Flame Battlegear by raising your treatment by one level.

This great flame armor can make you live longer in the future battles of life and death, especially through the period of recruits! "

The Scarlet Armor Tianzun said without expression,

Jiang Ci looked at the seventh-tier armor in his hand, and couldn't help feeling.

This is a Tier 7 treasure?

You must know that, in the Chaos Sea, any seventh-order treasure is born, except for the two holy places, the other major forces will have to fight to beat the blood.

Here, he had just joined the White Flame Army's Great Flame Legion, and he had obtained a Tier 7 Arcana.

Of course, the ordinary soldiers of the White Flame Army do not have this treatment, and the ordinary soldiers are allotted to the sixth-order treasure.

"Hurry up, let the Lord put it on. All soldiers of the Great Flame Legion must wear the Great Flame Armor." Chi Jia Tianzun coldly shouted.

"Yes!" Jiang Ci answered.

"It's not as good as my own." Tu Zhu couldn't help but transmit the voice.

Jiang Ci smiled secretly,

The seventh-order treasure that others are enthusiastic about, but he and Tu Zhu are not rare.

Like the black armor he originally wore, it was transformed from the Ninth-tier Supreme Treasure Qizhong Mountain, and naturally it is the Ninth-tier Armor Supreme.

And Tu Zhu's father is the eternal great supreme, and the armor he bestows is only the seventh rank, but in some respects, it is comparable to the eighth rank.

This is because the Yanchi Wild Master didn't give Tu Zhu any good treasures in order to temper his children.

"I am wearing Tier 9 Supreme, which is indeed too ostentatious. Maybe I will be recognized when I meet an eternal supreme who knows the goods.

This great flame armor can just be worn on a regular basis. "Jiang Ci separated a ray of spiritual consciousness, and landed on the Great Flame Battle Armor.

"It's easy to recognize the Lord."

Jiang Ci quickly recognized the Lord and succeeded,


The ninth-tier black armor on his body disappeared, and the flame armor quickly appeared on his body.

I saw a set of fiery red armor, everything from helmets to boots.

Turret next to also put on the Great Flame Armor, and the fiery red armor was sheathed on this eight-hoofed fierce beast, which looked quite hideous.

Next, the two of them followed the Chijia Tianzun and set off again.

Then he flew in the barracks for three full days at a speed close to the speed of light, and finally came to a vast lake.

There are islands on the Great Lake, and the number is probably over ten million.

The diameter of the entire lake is measured in light years. At a glance, you can see a number of silhouettes, each wearing a fiery red armor.

"At a glance, he is a soldier of the Great Flame Legion." Jiang Ci secretly said in his heart.

At this time, Chijia Tianzun shouted toward the lake: "This is a recruit of your Great Flame Legion, and it is in the third squadron of the fourth squadron."

The sound is rolling, directly transmitted to the boundless lake.

After shouted, the Chi Jia Tianzun glanced at Jiang Ci and the fierce beast Tu Ferret, "I hope I can see you next time."


Immediately, he turned into streamer and left.

followed closely, and a group of figures on the lake in the distance flickered, going here for the test.

You cannot teleport in the barracks, but the area inside the lake can be teleported.

Soon, more than twenty figures teleported over, flying in front of Jiang Ci and Tu Zhu,

Some of them are humanoid creatures, and some are fierce beasts, looking at the two recruits together.

"My father is the landlord of Yan Chi Dahuang!" Tu Zhu said loudly, raising his head.

"This is the army. No matter how great your father is, he can't help you!" Among the more than 20 figures hanging in the air, one of the tall and burly men sternly shouted: "You two, report your names and talk about you. good at."

"I, Tu Ferret, I am good at body, and my body can change up to nearly tens of millions of kilometers long!" Tu Ferret believes.

"Well, the body is huge, which is an advantage." The burly man nodded, then looked at Jiang's words: "What about you."

"I, Shan Hai, have a stronger strength than Tu You, and I am good at close combat. I belong to the agile type." Jiang Ci said calmly.

The burly man had a pair of gray eyes. He looked at Jiang Ci and Tu Zhu, and then said: "Your talents should be at a normal level in my Great Flame Legion, but in half a month, our third team will have to Went out to fight,

I encountered a disaster-level task as soon as I came, which was unlucky enough. "The burly man finally shook his head.

"Disaster level!" Tu Ferret was shocked.

Jiang Ci is looking thoughtfully at the more than twenty soldiers of the Great Flame Legion in front of him.

The burly man said again: "I am the captain of the third squadron of the fourth squadron of the Great Flame Corps. There are all military regulations and common sense in the army.

What to do, you should research on your own, and dont disturb your teammates training if there is no special situation. "

As he said, he threw two white jade slips,

Jiang Ci and Tu Zhu took over at the same time,

"Go back to practice, prepare for the mission!" the burly man shouted.

"Yes!" Some fighters responded loudly,

Some fighters did not pay attention to it. Obviously, the captain did not have enough authority.

"Remind you, it will be a disaster-level mission soon, you two are indeed unlucky.

Lets hurry up and accept the basic inheritance of my Great Flame Legion.

How much can be learned and how much strength can be increased. "A clear voice sounded, and it was a woman like an elf.

"Cheng Luan, are you two newcomers, can you survive this mission alive?"


"None of them have accepted the basic inheritance, nor have they undergone sufficient training, how can they pass the disaster-level mission."

The warriors all shook their heads, and then teleported back to the islands on the lake one by one, and they were too lazy to communicate with Jiang Ci and Tu Zhu.

The captain and the elf woman looked at each other, but didn't say anything, they teleported away directly.

In mid-air, only Jiang Ci and Tu Wei were left.

"It seems that we are not very lucky." Jiang Ci frowned slightly, "Tu Zhu, do you know the disaster-level mission?"

Tu Itachi angrily said: "We are not bad luck, but very bad!"

"A soldiers career in the army is accompanied by repeated life and death battles.

These battles are all expedition missions sent by the army to attack the tribal forces and the territories of beasts.

In these missions, there will be a very dangerous mission in each epoch, which is a disaster level.

And every ten thousand epochs, there will be a more terrifying task, called the reincarnation class! "

"Reincarnation level?" Jiang Ci was surprised.

"It means that when you encounter that kind of task, you are going to reincarnation." Tu Zhu said dejectedly.

Jiang Ci nodded, the creatures of Mengyuanjie will fall and die, as reincarnation,

But listening to this, a reincarnation-level mission that occurs once in 10,000 epochs is quite dangerous.

"If it's a normal legion, even if it's a reincarnation mission, we don't need to be afraid." Tu Zhu said anxiously.

"In a special army like the Great Flame Corps, normal missions are as dangerous as the reincarnation level of a normal army,"

"And disaster-level missions, for us talented fighters, are really disasters!"

"Reincarnation level, it is even more a nightmare, even those veterans who have experienced many battles, in this kind of mission, will have to fall for most of them!"

Tu Itachi was very helpless, and sighed: "Relatively speaking, the survival rate in the ordinary army is higher.

Many Taoist-level fighters, after a long period of training in the ordinary legion, can become very powerful, and in the end they can basically survive the reincarnation-level mission.

The special corps is different. If you come to a disaster level, we recruits are basically gone. "

Jiang Ci's face also changed slightly,

According to his previous understanding, out of 100 soldiers of the ordinary legion, three to five out of 100 would eventually retire alive.

Listening to the meaning of Tu Itachi, the soldiers of the special army have a lower survival rate!

Its no wonder that the captain of the third squad and the veterans dont pay much attention to them.

You two recruits, can you both survive and say, who wants to waste time taking care of you?

It can only be said that the selection mechanism set by the King of Mengyuan Realm was too cruel and crazy.

is the same as cultivating worms, only to select the strongest elite fighters.

"Of course, although the mission of the special army is more dangerous," Tu Zhu's eyes are also full of madness, "but the inheritance we can get is also more precious, and it is easier to get stronger treasures, and it is easier to get eternal fragments!"

"Almost every one of the eternal supreme of our dream world is honed from a special army."

"Ordinary Legion, destined to be ordinary in life."

Tu Itachi said at the end, his tone became full of longing, "My father is Yanchi Wildlord, the great eternal great supreme, of course I want to be as strong as my father!

is even more powerful, becoming a god-level existence! "

Jiang's words laughed but did not speak, and I felt that this Eternal Second Generation was a bit interesting.

"Let's go, let's choose an island to live on temporarily." Jiang Ci didn't give Tu Zhu a chance to speak again.

The jade slip given by the captain, although the information in it is complicated, but not much, the general rules and common sense are all introduced.

With the strength of Jiang Ci and Tu Wei, it is naturally easy to master.

According to Yujians information, this lake is the camp of the Great Flame Corps.

The Great Flame Corps is divided into four brigades, occupying four areas of the lake, east, west, south, and north.

The fourth team they were assigned to has a total of nine teams, all of which are stationed in the North District.

Then each team has its own area. In this area, you can choose an unowned island as your own practice site.

Hello everyone, our public account will find red envelopes of gold and coins every day, and you can receive them as long as you pay attention. Please seize the opportunity for the last benefit at the end of the year. Public Account [Book Friends Base Camp]


Jiang Ci teleported directly, came to the camp of the third team of the fourth team, and found an unowned island,

He waved his hand to condense a stone house on the island, set up a formation, and then stayed temporarily.

"Now, I have successfully entered the army and joined the special army!"

"As long as you have passed the so-called disaster-level missions, you will be able to obtain eternal experience points and military merits through battle missions again and again in the future.

Go to exchange for treasures, inheritance, and eternal fragments! "Jiang Ci's goal is very clear.

"Of course, before that, let's take a look at the basic inheritance of the Great Flame Legion."

Immediately, he teleported away.

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