I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Where Does Life Not Meet

All the way north.

By six o'clock in the morning, the sky was light.

Jiang Ci is walking on the G3 national highway of the old age, and is already close to the ruins of No.052.

This way, he really saw the power of nature, the boundless wilderness, all the world of monsters.

In the western sky, there are two moons that are about to fall to the horizon.

In the wilderness, some ruined buildings from old villages look particularly desolate under the moonlight.

Luzhou month...

Today people dont see the ancient time and the moon, but the ancient moon still looks like today.

"Unfortunately, the moon in this era is out of sight."

There are two bright moons in the sky, which one is the ancient moon? Which is the current month?


Walking quietly in the wilderness, when Jiang Ci could see the ruins of No.052.

The sky suddenly changed, lightning flashed and thunder fell, and there was a downpour.

Even the line of sight was affected, and the visibility was very low.

In front, is the toll booth at the exit of G3 highway. There is a billboard on the front, and the writing on it can be vaguely seen: Welcome to Luzhou!

"Find a place to take a break first!"

Jiang Ci looked for a direction, planning to find a stronghold outside of Ruins 052.


Toll gate at the exit of G3 highway.

The four members of the Hurricane Squad and Wanqing, who had survived by the Blood Kill Squad, were taking a break here because of heavy rain.

"Master, the people in the Blood Killing Squad are almost dead. We dont have any guards, so your next trial will be conducted in Ruins No. 052. There are many E-level monsters, and the hunting is more difficult, which is just right. Hone your strength." Marble smiled.

Feng Shaocheng was very reluctant: "Uncle Yun, I am a D-level martial artist, like my dad and Uncle Zong Xu. When I was D-level, they all practiced in the top ten wilderness ruins of the Great Xia Kingdom, solo kill D-level monsters. , It's easy, I can't be worse than my dad!"

He didn't want to practice in Ruins No. 052, nor did he want to practice with E-class monsters.

"Haha, the young master is very strong. He was already a D-rank martial artist just after he was 20 years old, but martial arts practice requires gradual and orderly progress. I believe that with the young master's progress speed, you can hunt down D-level monsters soon!" keep smiling.

Feng Shaocheng saw that it was perfunctory, and said angrily: "Step by step? You keep telling me about step by step! But look at that Jiang Ci, he is only 18 years old, and he has already followed the martial arts team to hunt C-level monsters! My dad said, On the road of martial arts, only the brave can become the strong! As the son of the A-level strong, I can still be worse than the poor beggar? I dont care, I must hunt down the D-level monster this time!"

"Feng Shao, how can Jiang Ci's trash compare to you? You really want to fight it alone, you can defeat him with one move!" Wan Qing complimented beside him.

"Just defeated? Humph! You think it's too simple for me. If he hadn't been killed by He Shuo, next time I see him, I will kill him in one move! If I say, your captain is also a waste. , I lost myself!" Feng Shaocheng said coldly.

The last time he was threatened with death by Jiang Ci was a shame he had never felt in his entire life.

Later, he learned the identity of Jiang Ci through the blood killing team and others.

Especially Shen Guang has the deepest understanding of Jiang Ci.

Because Jiang Ci killed Shen Guang's brother, Shen Guang did a lot of investigations on Jiang Ci and knew that Jiang Ci was a vagrant.

This is where Feng Shaocheng feels the most humiliation!

A poor beggar actually faced him with death threats!

He couldn't wait to kill Jiang Ci himself, and at the same time wanted to prove that he was no worse than this beggar!

"Feng Shao is right!" Wan Qing nodded deeply.

Secretly he was relieved, and if Feng Shaocheng could kill Jiang Ci, his goal would be achieved.

Last night, the captain He Shuo went to chase Jiang Ci in person, but he still couldn't contact him.

This is a very bad signal.

Intuition told him that Jiang Ci might not die!

Wan Qing knew very well that he was the only one left in the Blood Killing Squad. If Jiang Ci was really not dead, he was definitely not an opponent.

Their blood-killing team witnessed Jiang Ci's growth. At the age of 18, they possessed a D-class warrior's combat power, and they have unlimited potential in the future.

If you want to solve this possible crisis, you can only rely on Feng Shaocheng.

Next to him, Yun Shi gave Wan Qing a cold look, and he knew what Wan Qing was planning.

But I didn't say much, I felt a little helpless.

Watching Feng Shao grow up from a young age, Marble knew the character and strength of his young master perfectly.

Putting aside his personality for the time being, Feng Shaocheng is far from it in terms of strength!

Can a warrior who is piled up entirely with magical potions and a warrior who has grown up in the wilderness area by fighting together?

Although Yun Shi is not comfortable with Jiang Ci, he admits in his heart that Jiang Ci is a real genius!

Unfortunately, he could not say these words.

"Master..." Marble was about to speak.

Suddenly, he heard a sound of footsteps coming from a distance in the sound of the rain, and quickly raised his hand to signal everyone to silence.

Soon, a familiar figure slowly passed the toll gate from the other side of the highway. It was Jiang Ci!

Jiang Ci turned his head and glanced subconsciously: "..."

Almost yelled, what **** luck! Encountered these people here!

But now is obviously not the time to consider these.

Without any hesitation, his speed rose to the highest in an instant, and he ran towards Ruins No.052.

Feng Shaocheng, Yun Shi and others were a little startled.

They didn't expect that Jiang Ci was still alive, and he happened to meet him here!

Especially Feng Shaocheng, who just yelled that it was a pity that if Guo Jiang Ci was not killed by He Shuo, he would have to do Jiang Ci!

Seeing Jiang Ci rushing away, Feng Shaocheng reacted and shouted: "Uncle Yun! Kill him!"

Marble hesitated. Zong Xu had already taught him yesterday that he was not allowed to leave Feng Shaocheng for half a step.

"Uncle Yun, what are you hesitating about, you are a C-rank martial artist, killing him is easy!" Feng Shaocheng said angrily.

"Yeah, Senior Yun, with us here, don't worry about Feng Shao's safety. With your strength, kill Jiang Ci and you will be back in at most one minute. If you don't kill now, there will be endless troubles!" Wan Qing also said quickly.

He is the most anxious, and the worry in his heart has come true! Jiang Ci really escaped the captain's pursuit!

Marble took another look at Wan Qing coldly, and then turned to Jiang Ci, which was about to disappear in the rain.

I have to admit that what Wan Qing said makes sense!

If you don't kill Jiang Ci now, you will have endless troubles!


Marble's figure flickered, and the sonic boom sounded almost at the same time, approaching the speed of sound, disappearing in front of Feng Shaocheng and others.

At his speed, he can catch up with Jiang Ci in ten seconds at most!

Jiang Ci rushed in front, his face changed when he heard the sonic boom.

Turning around, he found that C-rank Martial Artist Marble, quickly catching up.

"Catch up! What should I do?"

Jiang Ci's mind changed sharply and tried to stay calm.

The sonic boom just now shows that the opponent's speed is almost the same as the speed of sound.

He is far slower than the opponent!

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