I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 679

Chapter 677: Peaceful Progress Spiritual Power Seeking Subscription

The swordsmanship power of the white-robed man, starting from the barren-level Daoist, slowly increasing,

Desolate-level Daoist, Hong-level Daoist, Universe-level Daoist, Universe-level Daoist...

Even though Jiang Ci can easily block every sword, he cherishes such a battle very much.

Because, in addition to kendo, life dao, and five elements, he now

The other five methods, space, time, destruction, reincarnation, and swordsmanship, were all he had just realized, and he didn't have much actual combat experience at all.

And this kind of targeted fighting is simply more valuable than his usual battles tens of thousands or 100,000 times.

can quickly improve his actual understanding of the other five Taoism!

In the end, the swordsmanship of the white-robed man has reached the level of Yu-class limit, which is the sixth-order limit secret technique.

is still the move of the eight Taoist methods, constantly circulating, each sword contains endless mystery.

Jiang Ci is fighting, while using the experience value panel, constantly deducing these swordsmanship, pondering the mystery of them.

"Three hundred and sixty dollars!" The white-robed man shouted again.

After the knife was also repelled by Jiang Ci, the white-robed man retreated far away, standing in the vast world of ice and snow, without attacking again.

"Huh? Is that all there?" Jiang's words were still unfinished.

At this moment, the level of the sword technique used by the white-robed man is already complete in heaven.

Obviously, this elite sequence mission is aimed at Taoist fighters, and there will be no source-level secret sword moves.

"Since these three hundred and sixty knives, nothing can help you, then take my stronger swordsmanship!" The white robe man said again.

The ice sword in his hand lit up instantly, a flash of five-colored sword light roared out, but the sword light seemed to hide a world.

Five-color world!

"Dao and law fusion?" Jiang Ci was obviously surprised.

is a sword move that combines the Five Elements Heavenly Dao and the Space Heavenly Dao!

This is the first time he has seen that there are other powerhouses who are using the Dao Fa fusion above the Heavenly Dao level!

"Good come!" Jiang Ci did not retreat at all, but also cut it out with a sword.

A bright sword light traverses the world.

Kendo, Five Elements Heaven, Life Heaven!

He, this is a seventh-order secret method formed by the fusion of three Dao laws!


One sword brings the world of five colors,

The brilliance of a sword born from destruction,

collided in pairs,


The power of horror erupted directly, and the wind and snow roared wildly, sweeping the entire fifth layer of the world.

"The fusion of the two heavenly realms has reached the level of the seventh-order secret technique?" Jiang Ci was a little surprised.

He did this step by the fusion of the three heavenly principles.

"What is missing in this? Or is there any other mystery in his fusion of Taoism?"

Jiang Ci immediately used the panel to deduct, trying to find the difference.

"It's finally here."

"Haha, very good, he takes the fusion of Taoism and law, and the greatest value of the fifth layer is the fusion of Taoism and law of the white-robed puppet!"

The four chiefs all laughed. Many fighters in the past have reached the fifth floor, and they have also learned some integration of Taoism.

But there are not many who can go down this road.

Next, Jiang Ci also fell into a frenzied battle. He did not continue to remain calm, but collided with the white-robed man wholeheartedly.

Use the panel to deduct, and at the same time to realize the mystery.

"Three hundred and ninety-ninth sword!" The white-robed man instantly turned into a huge tornado,

A tornado composed of countless golden sword lights,

Golden sword lights one after another, layer upon layer, whistling over Jiang's words.

"Scatter!" Jiang Ci was in the center of the tornado, and he let out a low growl, and the long sword in his hand suddenly swung out.

"Boom boom boom!"

The tornado composed of golden sword light exploded in an instant with the wave of Jiang Ci's sword.

A light gray sword light burst into flames instantly, spreading at a weird speed.

Everything around, burst apart,

All energy, time and space, all burst,

The sword light tornado layered on the golden sword light layer has also turned into nothingness.

One sword, annihilate everything!

The white-robed man threw directly away, and then stopped his figure at a very far distance. He looked at Jiang Ci in shock.

At this moment, Jiang Ci's eyes are full of divine light.


Although the man in the white robe displays the fusion of two heavens every time, the mystery of the fusion is finally captured by him.

Just now, he successfully made a big step in the field of secret law!

Three Dao methods at the origin level and five Dao methods at the heaven level were all merged into one sword by him!

That extremely domineering sword, as if it can shatter everything and destroy nothingness.

The power of that sword is an eighth-order secret method!

"If all the eight Taoisms are at the original level, how strong will this sword be?" Jiang Ci's heart was surging.

Before at the end of the fourth floor, the vague figure once said that the eight realms are not the limit, but the integration of the eight realms is the limit!

Now he did it!

"This sword was created by me in the Qingyun Tower, and my goal is to reach the ninth floor. It is called... Pingbu Qingyun!"

Mountain Sea Sword Classic adds another powerful sword move!

And this trick also promoted the Shanhai Sword Classic to the eighth-order secret method!

In the gray palace,

The four leaders looked at each other, shocked in their eyes, extremely shocked!

"How did he do it? Fighting 399 swords with the white robe puppet, let the eight ways of law merge?"

"This...we have witnessed history and witnessed miracles?"

"Have you witnessed the first peerless figure in the history of the fusion of the eight realms?"

"Although it is only a preliminary fusion, the power has reached the level of the eighth-order secret technique!"

The secret method from the seventh to the ninth level, corresponding to the Tianzun level.

can create an eighth-order secret method, and with a little practice, you can become a second-step Tianzun.

"I'm looking forward to it even more." The blood armor commander of the Hun Yuan **** general level can't keep calm, and there is a little tremor in his voice.

"He must be on the ninth floor..."

"No, I must be able to reach the ninth floor!"

"He is a peerless figure such as His Majesty the King!"

The leader of the blood armor stared at Jiang's words in the light curtain.

The other three leaders also nodded one after another, the excitement and expectation on their faces could not be concealed.

The fifth floor of Qingyun Building,

The white-robed man did not use the four hundredth sword again, he looked at Jiang Ci with a smile on his face, "The eighth-order secret method, I lost."

Jiang Ci nodded slightly, he had already seen that the secret technique used by the man in the white robe was at the top level of the seventh rank.

Now that he has created the eighth-order secret method, he is naturally invincible.

The white-robed man smiled again: "No warrior has ever created an eighth-order secret method in this level. Almost all of them use the treasure to fight with me until the end, and then they can barely pass.

And you are the first fighter to pass this level using only the secret method,

I hope you can go further in Qingyun Tower. "

After talking, wow!

He turned around and left, disappearing in the wind and snow.

Jiang Ci smiled lightly. The test of this level is the application of Taoism, which has little to do with the treasure.

It is conceivable that if he takes out the Ninth-Order Supreme Treasure Slaughter Shadow Sword, I am afraid the ice sword in the hands of the white-robed man will also become the Ninth-Order Supreme.


The sky will be next to a beam of light, covering Jiang Ci, teleporting him to the sixth floor.

The sixth floor of Qingyun Building,

As soon as Jiang Ci appeared, he immediately explored the world clearly.

This is a mountainous and hilly world, which is also vast.

"Just block the attacks of this world, you can pass the sixth floor and enter the seventh floor."

"Warrior Shanhai, you are very close to the summit of Qingyun Tower."

The old voice echoed in the sky.

Jiang Ci looked calm, but did not relax his vigilance.

Block the attacks of this world?

It sounds simple, I am afraid the difficulty should not be small, it must be more difficult than the fifth layer.


A mountain and hills far away from Jiang Ci, the vast area suddenly trembled.

It seems that there is something huge, about to emerge from the ground, causing the surrounding earth to break and bulge, and a large number of mountains collapse.

Soon, a huge black figure emerged from the ground, looking up to the sky.

"Monster?" Jiang Ci kept watching.

I saw the huge black figure, a four-hoofed behemoth, with huge thorns all over the back.

No, to be precise, they are black long swords!

"Roar!" The giant beast raised its head and roared.


Each black long sword on its back burst out with a black sword light, shooting all around, but only shot hundreds of millions of kilometers, it disappeared.

"A thousand black swords!" Jiang Ci has confirmed the number.

After the thousand sword beast howl, he looked at Jiang Ci,

Its eyes are as big as holes in the sky, and it is huge, and the sky-shaking voice sounded: "I have been a long, long time without being born. Today I finally met another person who broke through to the sixth floor.

Warrior, I will deal with you slowly, the longer you hold on, the happier I will be,

Haha, this sixth world, but its hard to come across a living being! "

Jiang Ci also laughed, the longer it lasted?

It depends on what means you have!

"Roar!" The Thousand Sword Behemoth suddenly roared to the sky.

followed closely, all the thousand black swords on its back came out of the body, floating in the air.

The giant beast is huge, and this black sword is naturally not too small.

Each handle is millions of kilometers long!

"Warrior, I hope you can live long enough!" The Thousand Sword Giant Beast smiled evilly.

Swish swish swish!

Thousands of black swords, which are millions of kilometers long, whizzed towards Jiang Ci.

Like the passing of electricity, it instantly shrouded in the sky above Jiang Ci, followed by the bedding, making Jiang Ci plunge into the sword formation.

"Huh?" Jiang Ci frowned slightly.

Although the momentum was huge, he did not feel any fluctuations in Taoism, as if the power was not that strong?

However, he didn't hold it big, and the eighth-order paradise purple-patterned gold wings appeared behind him, and then he fluttered and began to dodge.

When Jiang Ci blocked the first sword shadow, the other 999 sick black swords had also surrounded him in all directions, making him inevitable.


Jiang Ci used his body technique, holding a long sword, and for an instant, this person seemed to turn into a huge sword light, directly colliding with a black sword.

Then he took advantage of his strength to fly upside down, but the next moment, Jiang Ci's face changed slightly.

He only felt that a strange force hit the depths of his soul.

It was like that the black sword shrank countless times and entered his state of mind, wanting to tear his state of mind world apart!

"Mind attack?"

This is not the third layer of mental shock, but a means of attack.

Mind shock is a rough sense of oppression,

And this black sword hides the power of the soul, and through a special attack method, this power is amplified and directly applied to his state of mind!

"Weird, mysterious!" Jiang Ci felt it carefully.

The psychic attack that the black sword broke out did not pose any threat to him.

Because it is only the limit level of the Taoist monarch, and his mental state cultivation has already reached the eternal supreme.

Of course, a black sword is the limit of Dao Sovereign, and if you add up a thousand handles, I am afraid that if your mental state cultivation base reaches the realm of Tianzun, your mental state will be directly broken and become dementia.

However, Jiang Ci is very relaxed. His physical fitness is good. At the same time, there are only ten black swords that can attack him at the same time.

"Five, six, seven, three layers, for him, I am afraid this sixth layer is the easiest." Hei Mist leader looked at the light curtain and said with emotion.

"His state of mind is rarely high. Daoist cultivation has an eternal supreme state of mind, which is really rare." The silver armored female leader laughed.

"In the past, there were many Taoist fighters who broke through to the sixth floor. There were not a few of them who had Tianzun-level mental state cultivation. But in the end, not many of them had survived the thousand-sword mental attack.

I dont know, what step can this warrior do? "The fierce beast leader also muffled,

Finally, the leader of the Blood Armor of the Hunyuan God General level also nodded and said: "Shanhai is so easy to deal with, Qian Jian will definitely feel shameless, and will continue to increase his mental attacks.

Until the suppressed mountains and seas have no resistance, it will stop. "

"I bet that Qianjian must use the Qianjian Heart Sword to defeat Shanhai." The leader of the fierce beast laughed.

Jiang's words are indeed very relaxed, and he even has time to ponder the spiritual power on the black sword.

This is the first time he has seen that there are strong people who can use spiritual power as a means of attack.

Even in the vast information passed down by Yakumo, there is no record.

Boom boom boom!

Jiang's words are extremely fast, and the purple-patterned gold wings vibrate constantly, making him extremely flexible.

Finally, under the siege of a thousand black swords, he completely turned into a vague sword shadow.

Sword Shadow collided with the black swords one after another, making a deafening roar.

"If it goes on like this, even if it's an era, you can't help me." Jiang Ci chuckled lightly.

He wanted to anger the Thousand Sword Giant Beast to see how powerful this mental attack method is.

"Little warrior!" The Thousand Sword Giant roared, and it was angry.

In this situation, it certainly knows that the other party is relaxed,

Suddenly, the thousand-handed black sword changed and shrank quickly, and then a misty white light was enveloped on its surface.

It seems that the power of the mind is manifested, but it is extremely illusory!

Swish swish swish!

Although the black sword has shrunk, its power has become stronger.


A black sword collided with Jiang Ci, and the misty white light turned into a phantom, straight into the heart of Jiang Ci.

In an instant, Jiang Ci lost the ease it had before.

"Three-step Tianzun level mental attack?" Jiang Ci looked serious.

Just now, his heart seemed to have been torn apart, and a part of his body's strength was also lost.

Of course, with his mental state cultivation base, he quickly recovered.

"Cannot be hit by too many black swords at the same time!"


Jiang Ci exploded with more strength, used a small part of the eight-family fascination, and his physical strength and speed exploded tenfold.

The next moment, the scene of the collapse of the sky and the earth appeared.


A light gray sword light swayed from his long sword, causing all the surrounding energy, objects, time and space to burst.

Thousand-handled black swords also tore and flung out.

Is the new sword trick of the Sword Classic of Mountains and Seas.

"I was wrong." The leader of the fierce beast looked at the light curtain and exclaimed, "Even if Qian Jian casts the Thousand Illusion Heart Sword, he cannot be defeated.

Unexpectedly, he could resist such a strong mental attack. "

"It seems that this mountain and sea is not only a high level of mental state cultivation, but also his ability to control his state of mind has reached a very high level.

Otherwise, it would never be possible to block the Thousand Fantasy Heart Sword so easily. "The leader of the blood armor said with emotion.

"I'm going to the seventh floor, let's see if he has the ability to seize the opportunity." Heiwu commanded.

"The opportunity on that level, even I can't get more." The silver armor female leader also looked forward to it.

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