I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Boost Boost

In terms of speed, Jiang Ci's biggest reliance is the wind shadow step that is close to the slightest.

Fengyingbu is a high-level stamina of the Xuantianwu Museum's collection level. After getting close to the slightest, his stamina speed and flexibility barely reached C-level, just over half the speed of sound.

And the speed of marble is close to the speed of sound!

The speed is not as good as that of the other party, so if you keep chasing, Marble will definitely catch him.

Jiang Ci's actual combat power is close to C-level, and he can fight C-level monsters with his speed.

But this does not mean that he can fight a real C-rank martial artist.

The C-rank martial artist is much stronger than the C-rank monster!

Especially the veteran C-rank martial artist like Marble, the combat experience must be very rich.

Once a fight, when the speed and actual combat power are not as good as the opponent, the result is death!

"How to do?"

Jiang Cis brain is running at a high speed, and he thought of many methods in a flash, but they were not feasible!

Behind him, Marble approached quickly.

"Fast speed!" Marble's eyes showed cold light.

He didn't expect that Jiang Ci's speed was so fast, it was almost a normal C-rank martial artist!

Suddenly, his killing intent became even stronger.

This genius must die!

In just three seconds, the distance between the two was less than one kilometer.

The heavy rain was pouring, mixed with lightning and thunder.

Dou Da's raindrops hit Jiang Ci's face, making him wet.

When he is moving at high speed, the heat generated by friction with the air makes the rain water on his body evaporate and hot steam.

"How to do how to do?"

"Do you want to die here?"

"No! I definitely won't die here!"

"calm down!"

Jiang Ci gritted his teeth, trying not to panic.

At this time, once you get messed up first, then there is really no chance at all.

The area in front of him is just wide open and on the edge of Ruins 052, with few monsters.

It is impossible to help him escape with the help of terrain or herd!

You can't fight, and you can't escape!

How to do?

"Right! Dragon pattern spirit fruit!"

There was a flash of light in Jiang Ci's mind.

This is now, the only way to have a chance!

The problem is that if he takes spiritual things directly, he is likely to die like the one mentioned in that post, because the body cannot withstand the impact of a large amount of spiritual energy.

"This dragon pattern spirit fruit is only one or two mature, and the spiritual energy contained in it may only be one or two percent of the mature state!"

"As long as I can quickly upgrade my level and martial arts experience through the experience value panel, and digest these spiritual energy in time, I may be able to withstand the impact!"

"If you don't use a spiritual object, you will definitely die, but if you use a spiritual object, you may survive!"

In an instant, in less than a second, Jiang Ci found a chance in a near desperate situation.

"Eat!" While Jiang Ci ran wildly, he took out the dragon pattern spirit fruit from the inner pocket of the combat uniform.

The faint aura of the fruit is very attractive.

At this time, the marble that was chasing behind him was about 800 meters away from Jiang Ci.

"This kid's body technique is quite mysterious, it seems to be an advanced body technique martial arts, he has outstanding martial arts talents, he did not expect that even his savvy is against the sky! Must die!"

As we all know, it's hard to practice body skills.

Even the Shen Fa he is currently using is only an intermediate Shen Fa.

"Huh? That's... the fruit of the soul!"

Yunshi's eyes suddenly widened, and he instantly became excited when he saw the fruit in Jiang Ci's hand.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Ci actually has such a baby.

Of course Marble knows that mature spiritual fruits are invaluable!

But the next moment, he saw that Jiang Ci was going to put the fruit in his mouth.


"Damn it!"

Marble shouted angrily twice, followed by a very heartache.

I saw Jiang Ci directly swallowing the baby's fist-sized fruit into his belly without even chewing.

The distance between the two is more than 500 meters.

You can catch up in five seconds at most!

"Haha, old miscellaneous hair!" Jiang Ci sneered.

But then, Jiang Ci couldn't laugh.

The dragon pattern spirit fruit is amazing and melts in the mouth.

In the blink of an eye, it was in his body, transformed into a huge aura energy, spreading throughout his body.

Jiang Ci's body, like a balloon, was clearly visible and swelled in a circle.

Puff puff!

On the surface of the skin, green veins burst, and blood vessels burst directly.

In an instant, Jiang Ci became like a blood man.

The torrential rains washed away the blood and mixed with the rain.

"Damn it! Destroy a spiritual creature, die! Die!" Marble could see clearly from behind, angry and heartache.

He knew that the spirits were gone! He can't wait to cut Jiang Ci a thousand times!

The severe pain made Jiang Ci's consciousness blurred.

Not only the body's swelling is about to explode, but the brain and mental consciousness are also about to be torn apart.

But Jiang Ci gritted his teeth and roared in his heart: "Hold it up, hold it up for me!"

"Upgrade 100 points of level experience!"

"Increase 100 wind shadow step experience!"

It was different from that time when he killed Shen Quan, the promotion beyond the limit.

This time, Jiang Ci's body was filled with huge spiritual energy, and he didn't need to consume his own energy.

As he used the panel to upgrade his level and martial arts experience, these aura energy, clearly visible, less, was consumed!

At the same time, his body was quickly strengthened, and his strength and speed were slightly improved.

Even the spiritual consciousness has been strengthened, and the thinking has become clearer.

"There's a show!" Jiang Ci's spirit was shocked.

"100 points at a time, some are less!"

"Upgrade 200 points of level experience!"

"Increase 200 wind shadow step experience!"

In an instant, Jiang Ci's physical and mental consciousness rapidly increased again.

The huge aura energy has been reduced by more than 10%.

This series of operations has passed more than three seconds.

Behind him, Yunshi was only a hundred meters away from Jiang's Ci, and he could clearly see the changes in Jiang's Ci.

"He's actually not dead yet, holding up the huge spiritual energy impact!" Marble showed an expression of disbelief.

"This kid has a big secret! If I can get it, maybe A Grade is expected!" Marble's eyes became fiery.

He is a C-rank martial artist, and at his current age, it is already difficult for the road of martial arts to go further.

"Dead!" Marble shouted excitedly.

Taking another step, the long knife in his hand slashed towards Jiang Ci.

His speed is close to the speed of sound, and in just 0.03 seconds, he has crossed a distance of 100 meters.

The bursting momentum of the blade broke the curtain of rain.

The blade's chill approached Jiang Ci's back.


Jiang Ci turned around with a sword.

The swords collided, generating tremendous power.


Jiang Ci was like a cannonball, flew out by this force, and smashed heavily into a puddle more than ten meters away.

"It can stop me with a sword! And the speed is faster than just now!" Marble made no secret of the greed in his eyes, and walked over step by step.

After guessing that Jiang Ci has a secret, he plans to ask the secret first before killing Jiang Ci!

At this time, Jiang Ci's physical and mental consciousness just digested the 200 points of experience that had been increased in level and Fengying Step.

Strengthen again!

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