I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 680

Chapter 678: Thousand Heart Swordsmanship Seeking Subscription

The sixth floor of Qingyun Tower, the vast mountainous and hilly world,

"Warrior, you are the strongest Daoist warrior I have ever encountered. I can't defeat you, maybe you can climb to the top of Qingyun Tower." The Thousand Sword Behemoth said in a loud voice, then dived directly into the ground and disappeared.

Jiang Ci was relieved, he was really afraid that the power of the thousand black swords with white light just now would rise to a higher level.

In that case, he was really not sure to block it.

"Such a method, if I can learn it, it would be great." Jiang Ci thought in his heart.

The eternal supreme level of mood cultivation is one of his advantages.

But this advantage is now passive and cannot be actively displayed.

If he can learn this method of mental attack, then he will use his mental power to show the enemy, which will definitely make the opponent overwhelmed!

The treasure of armor, the treasure of soul armor, none of the treasures are useful!

Because there is no treasure to defend against mental attacks, you can only rely on your own state of mind to cultivate hard resistance.

Those who are weaker than his mental state cultivation base can only suffer death!


At this time, a beam of light descended from the sky again, covering Jiang's words, teleporting him to the seventh world.

The seventh floor of Qingyun Tower is an icy world, and there are mountains of icy mountains with tireless faces, just like transparent.

"The seventh floor!" Jiang Ci was full of expectations.

"Qingyun Tower has nine floors, of which the first eight floors are the obstacles. As long as you pass the eighth floor and enter the ninth floor, you will be successful!"

At this moment, he can naturally guess that this Qingyun Tower hides a big secret, even the biggest secret of the entire Mengyuan Realm!

This is consistent with the goal he set when he first entered the dream world.

One is to break through the limit of Tianzun in the Mengyuan Realm, and cultivate into eternity.

Secondly, the rank of Slaughter Shadow Sword also broke through the limit and became the tenth-ranked treasure.

Three is to explore the secret of Mengyuanjie.

Now, Jiang Ci is not far from these three goals.

"The last two difficulties are left. Perhaps, we can explore the ultimate secret of Mengyuanjie here." Jiang Ci carefully observed the surroundings and carefully explored everything.

Even if you are strong, you cannot be taken lightly. The closer you are to victory, the more you must be cautious.


The cold air filled the high sky, swaying wisps of space ripples, forming a vortex, and then a huge golden lightsaber began to emerge.

"Lightsaber?" Jiang Ci was a little surprised.

The first three floors of Qingyun Tower are in danger of life and death, while the third floor was like this at that time, with whirlpools and huge lightsabers.

The lightsaber will release a white sword light, bringing soul shock to the warriors.

"The seventh floor is also in this form, is it still a spiritual shock?" Jiang Ci wondered, "Is this test repeated?"


The golden lightsaber released a golden light, shrouded below, and also shrouded Jiang Ci.

"Warrior Mountains and Seas." The old voice sounded directly in Jiang Ci's mind, "Through the test of the Heart Sword, you will be able to enter the eighth floor of Qingyun Tower."

The next moment, the old voice disappeared.


The golden light released by the lightsaber suddenly burst into a powerful spiritual shock, like a waterfall, crushing Jiang Ci's state of mind.

Jiang Ci just frowned slightly, his expression was a bit serious,

is really a spiritual impact, but this power is much greater than that of the third layer. It is a step up to the level of the heavenly respect, and the third layer initially only has the wild-level Daojun.

"It seems that it is difficult to think about this level." Jiang Ci raised his head and looked at the huge golden lightsaber. He did not dodge.

Mind shock is invisible and invisible, and there is no way to avoid it, but it can only resist.

Gray palace, the four commanders are still staring at the light curtain.

"With his mental state cultivation base, it should be no problem to break through the seventh floor." The blood armor leader said, "I just don't know how many thousand-heart swordsmanship he can learn."

"The Thousand Heart Sword Technique is a special secret technique created by His Majesty the King of Gods, and it can be called the most special attack method." Hei Mist also sighed.

"In my Dream Meta Realm, only the elite sequence, or the strong with special contributions, will be bestowed, but only part of the Qianxin Sword Technique will be granted."

"Yes, there were six Taoist fighters who broke through to the seventh floor, five of them failed, and one successfully entered the eighth floor.

Among the six of them, the worst one did not even fully comprehend the first level of the Thousand Heart Swordsmanship, and the highest one only learned the third level. "

"I wonder how much can this soldier learn?"

Jiang Ci doesnt know yet, the reward hidden on the seventh floor is the mental attack method he used when he just broke through the sixth floor!

At this moment, he is still relying on his mental state cultivation to resist the spiritual impact emitted by the golden lightsaber.

"Just keep resisting like this?" Jiang Ci secretly said, "I don't know what is the limit of this level of spiritual impact? Will it reach the eternal supreme level?"

If this is the case, whether he can pass this level or not, there are still two things to say.

After all, his state of mind is the eternal supreme level.

If the psychic shock really exceeds his endurance limit, then he is likely to fall into a coma and be teleported out.

"It's only the seventh floor now. If it's so abnormal, who can reach the top?" Jiang Ci shook his head.

He still has confidence in himself.

was covered with golden light, shrouded below, as if Jiang Ci was covered with a layer of golden armor.

The power of the mind impact continued to increase, and soon reached the limit of Tianzun,

However, Jiang Ci still feels very relaxed now.

"Huh?" Jiang Ci moved his eyes and turned to look at a glacial mountain range in the distance.

"That is?"

I saw inside the almost transparent iceberg, ancient characters began to emerge one by one, which is the universal language of Metaverse civilization.

Based on Jiang's words, it is naturally recognized instantly.

Soon, the densely packed text completely filled the inside of the iceberg,

Jiang Ci also fully sees what those words record.

Thousand Heart Swordsmanship is the first!

"Thousand Heart Sword Technique?" Jiang Ci was immediately surprised.

"Haha, sure enough, there are rewards from the fourth level. Although there are tests, the better the performance in the tests, the higher the reward!"

"Unexpectedly, this seventh level directly rewards the method of mental attack!"

This is definitely a big gain for him! Another great opportunity!

You should know that even the inheritance of the God King Grade Eight Clouds he possesses does not record any mental attacks!

Obviously, none of the past dynasties Yakumo, even the founder of the school, the God King Yakumo, knew how to use the power of the soul.

But the King of God of Mengyuan Realm has this method!

Mind attack, invisible and invisible, no treasure can be defended, it is definitely a big killer against the enemy!

"Any spiritual life has thoughts."

"The essence of thinking is the power of the soul."

"After the death of a weak life, this psychic power dissipates."

"In the strong, this kind of spiritual power will be manifested to a certain extent, such as the coercion of the strong!"

"Even if a strong person dies, the spiritual power diffused in the body will not dissipate. Even a drop of blood, a piece of body scales, or a piece of hair contains a powerful psychic impact!"

"When the strong is alive, they will fight their opponents. The one with a strong mood can make the opponent feel uneasy with just one look, and it will take the upper hand before it starts.

If there is a great difference in the cultivation of the mood, maybe just a glance can make the opponent's mind collapse and fall into a coma. "

Jiang Ci looked at the opening content of the first part of Qianxin Sword Art, and nodded while watching.

Obviously, what I talked about at the beginning is just the roughest and most superficial use of mental power, without any skills.

Next, is the highlight!

"Only when the cultivation of the state of mind reaches the eternal supreme, can you practice this method..."

This is the content after the first stage of Qianxin Sword Art.

But this first important content is vast!

Inside this transparent iceberg, paragraphs of text are still emerging,

The primordial strength of Jiang Ci is already at the limit of Tianzun, and a large amount of content can be memorized at a glance, but I still feel that I am not fast enough to memorize it!

At this moment, the spiritual impact of the golden lightsaber in the sky is constantly increasing, and it has surpassed the limit of Tianzun and continues to rise.

Tianzun's limit, to the eternal supreme, there is a big gap in between,

The same is true in terms of mood,

This kind of spiritual shock, it takes a certain amount of time to truly reach the eternal supremacy.

So now, Jiang Ci can easily resist.

Finally, when new words no longer appeared inside the iceberg, everything stopped.

The first stage of the Thousand Heart Swordsmanship, everything appears.

"Only the first stage, it took so long to fully emerge,

If the mental state cultivation base has not reached the Tianzun level, I am afraid that even the first volume will not be complete. "Jiang Ci exclaimed.

Just after the first volume is fully revealed...

"Huh?" Jiang Ci looked at another iceberg in the distance, only to see the inside of that iceberg, and words began to appear.

"The Second Thousand Heart Sword Technique!"

Jiang Ci was overjoyed and quickly entered the shorthand state again.


Second time, write down all!

Jiang Ci breathed a sigh of relief.

At this moment, the spiritual impact emanating from the golden lightsaber is close to the eternal supreme.

After a while,

"Here again!" Jiang Ci quickly turned around and looked at another iceberg next to him, where texts began to appear.

In the gray palace.

"This is already the third level of Thousand Heart Swordsmanship, and it's coming soon..." The leader of the black mist stared at the light curtain, "Quick! He finished the third level!"

"Compared with the warriors of the past, he is already the best of all the warriors in the past. There are eight levels of Qianxin swordsmanship. I don't know which one can he learn?"

The blood armor leader of the Hunyuan God General level shook his head and said: "Your Majesty God King will not put all eight layers on the seventh floor, right?"

"Who knows, the highest Taoist fighters in front only learned the third level. How many levels did His Majesty the King put on the seventh floor, who knows?" The other two commanders will also vote.

They dont know either.

Although their four commanders are all eternal-level elite sequences, even they did not get all the eightfold content of Thousand Heart Swordsmanship.

After all, for a super power, this kind of powerful inheritance is more important in the future.

The strong below must be based on credit and talent to gradually gain more.

"The fourth time!"

"It is already the fourth stage. At this moment, the heart attack of the heart sword should reach the eternal supreme level, but this mountain and sea does not seem to have much feeling."

"It depends on the situation, he can understand more."

The four leaders are all looking forward to it, and they are also curious, how much can this unprecedented Taoist fighter learn?

The seventh floor of Qingyun Building.

Jiang Ci stood in front of an iceberg, breathed a sigh of relief, and finally wrote down all the contents of the fourth level.

The content of each layer of this Thousand Heart Sword Technique is very long and vast,

Just the time for the text to appear, it will take a while,

He was afraid that the spiritual impact from the golden lightsaber would reach his limit.

"Fifth level!" Jiang Ci looked at another iceberg. Inside the transparent iceberg, a large number of words continued to emerge.

Only for a moment, the fifth stage showed up, and his face changed.

"not good!"

Jiang Ci raised his head and glanced at the golden lightsaber high in the sky. The continuous golden light emitted and the impact power on the soul finally reached the eternal supreme level!

And, keep improving!

"I'm under pressure!" Jiang Ci suddenly felt that his consciousness was not as clear as before and was affected.

"Quick! Faster!" He didn't waste time, and quickly continued to write down the fifth content.

However, after the power of this spiritual shock has crossed the gap between the Heavenly Sovereign and the Eternal Sovereign, it seems that the speed at which the power increases has also increased!

Jiang Ci knew that this was his own illusion.

Because his own mental state cultivation is only the eternal supreme, and now he is getting closer and closer to his endurance limit, then his state, the faster the decline!

"Quick, quick, quick!" Jiang Ci's eyes focused, staring completely at the iceberg.

About fifteen seconds passed.

The fifth level of content, completely emerges.

At the next moment, another iceberg began to emerge a new one.

"Sixth level!" Jiang Ci also felt that the speed of appearance of Qianxin Swordsmanship was also increasing.

It seems that the stronger the power of the mind impact, the speed at which words appear on the iceberg will increase accordingly.

"Boom!" Jiang Ci only felt the sound of the Big Bang in his mind, and the world of mind was trembling violently.

Also, his whole body was shaking, his face pale, but he still persisted, and kept jotting down the contents of the sixth level.

At this moment, the power of the soul shock has reached the eternal supreme level!


Jiang Cis mental endurance reached its limit, and he couldnt hold on anymore and sat directly on the ground.

"No, I can still hold on!" He seemed to be about to collapse his mind, his consciousness was blurred, and his body trembled violently.

To know that his primordial spirit strength is only the limit of Tianzun, under such a powerful spiritual impact,

If it is a normal Tianzun extreme powerhouse, I am afraid that the mood will collapse in an instant!

But Jiang Ci is still working hard to look up at the iceberg based on his last sober consciousness.

"Never fall, at least this sixth stage...the sixth stage, I must finish it!"

Crack, click!

The green veins all over Jiang Ci burst out, a terrifying aura erupted uncontrollably, and the surrounding glaciers were cracking.

But the iceberg was not affected in any way.

Seconds pass by. According to Jiang Ci, this second seems to be as long as ten thousand years. It seems that the speed of the emergence of characters inside the iceberg has also decreased.

"Read it!"

"Read it!"

"Read it!"

Jiang Ci only had this thought left in his mind, forgetting everything, and staring at the distance.

Finally, the sixth level of the Thousand Heart Sword Technique has all appeared.

finish watching!

At the same time, inside another iceberg, the seventh stage of Qianxin Swordsmanship appeared.

But at this time, Jiang Ci cant hold it anymore.

The only string left in his heart broke directly, and the world of mind collapsed, and he had no chance to see the seventh layer.


A beam of light descended from the sky, covering Jiang Ci who was in a coma, and his figure disappeared.

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