I Have An Xp Panel Chapter 683

Chapter 681: Is It Him? It Should Be Him Right? For Subscription

In the purple light-glowing hall, Jiang Ci was completely immersed in the practice of the guide scroll, and his whole body was shrouded in blue light.

"It has entered the second stage." Little Beast looked forward to it, "As long as it can enter the third stage, it will be fine. Since the master handed me over to the King of Dreams,

For countless years, no inheritor can enter the third stage. "

"Boy, work hard! We must enter the third stage!"

"Once you enter the third stage, uh...failure is of course dead, but if you succeed, even if you get worse in the future, those peerless gods will be able to overwhelm you!"

Little Beast is looking forward to it. Its destiny is to find a suitable descendant.

Once it is found, its magical spirit will dissipate.

But it doesnt care. From the day it was born, it pursues the brilliant moment when it recognizes the Lord.

The fourth universe, the holy land of the Milky Way, the huge galaxy is shrouded in blue light.

In this way, another nearly two thousand years have passed.


All the blue light has turned into countless dots of purple light,

And these purple lights seem to be connected to each other, forming an incomparably vast and mysterious pattern.


The spiritual shock that spread out has surged again!

"not good!"

The Dao Monarchs who had been waiting at the edge of the Milky Way Holy Land, suddenly fell into a coma one by one, and only two universe-class Dao Monarchs remained awake.

Even if they are not covered by those lights, but just feel a little spiritual impact, they can't hold it.

Soon, there was a shock within the human camp.

Shanhai Daojun's mysterious attack, regardless of enemy and me, caused the 40 Daojun powerhouses waiting at the edge of the Milky Way Holy Land to stun 38 on the spot.

This shocked all the strong in the human camp.

This is just a spreading attack. If it is concentrated on the enemy, how terrible would it be?

Jiuxiao Tianzun once again issued a strict order: "It is forbidden to transmit all information, otherwise it will be regarded as a crime of surrendering to the enemy!

Last time, when the Milky Way Holy Land was shrouded in white light, he gave an order to block everything.

This time his orders are stricter!

"Jiang Ci, no matter what, you must come back alive." Tianzun Jiuxiao said silently in his heart, looking at the Milky Way Holy Land shrouded in purple light.

He knows very well, how can such an unbelievable method be so easy to obtain?

Just by looking at Jiang Ci's complete disconnection from the outside world, we can see that Jiang Ci is now in a terrible danger!

Meng Yuanjie, the void world on the eighth floor of Qingyun Tower.

Jiangs words were shrouded in purple light, and his body and soul were imprinted with a large number of purple patterns at every moment.


One after another tyrannical mental shock spread to the surroundings.

"The third phase!"

"After the guide scroll was created, no one has entered the third stage!"

"It's him!"

"It must be him!"

"Long years, this is the moment I'm waiting for!"

The fuzzy figure in the void was shaking with excitement and nervousness.

"Can't fail, it's the last stage, don't fail!"

In the world of text scrolls.

The little beast was also looking at Jiang Ci nervously. It could see that the Taoist and powerful man in front of him was also experiencing a terrible nightmare.

"This is a test of the soul,"

"Want to cultivate this unprecedented spiritual method, cultivate this method known as the strongest attacking method of the heavens and all realms,

Your mind, body, and soul must meet the requirements. "

"If the bottom line requirements are not met, just die!"

"Boy, hold on!"

"You must persist, as long as you hold on, then you will enter a brand new world!"

time flies.

Heart Yuan Jing-Daoyin (triple 1 yuan/100,000 yuan)

Jiang Ci is using the panel to continuously improve the level experience of the method of guidance, which is not difficult for him.

The hardest part is the growing pain,

After entering the third stage, with the imprint of spiritual power, it seems that his body and primordial spirit have been crushed inch by inch, and then crushed into powder.


However, every time he feels unable to hold it, an inexplicable power will emerge from the depths of his body and soul, that is, the world of mind, which will transform his body and soul.

"Is it because I was born to fit this secret technique called "Heart Yuan Jing"?" Jiang Ci showed this idea in the painful limit.

This makes him feel that even if he doesn't have an experience point panel, he can continue to the third stage until he completes the entire cultivation of the method of guidance.

Next, as the third-level training improves,

Jiang Ci actually began to gradually adapt to the pain of crushing the body and soul, and became comfortable.

"Have fun!" Jiang Ci actually liked the feeling of the third stage of cultivation.

Soon, five thousand years have passed.


In the hall of , Jiang Ci stood in front of the guide scroll, suddenly opened his eyes, smiling, extremely relaxed.

Next to , the little beast hadn't been lying there for a long time, and its face was in front of Jiang Ci.

"Huh? The spirit of the secret technique, you are..." Jiang Ci took two steps back.

Little Beast did not speak immediately, but stared at Jiang Ci carefully.

finally muttered: "I'm watching, who are you? Where did you come from? It really succeeded!"

"However, congratulations, you are qualified to practice this unique school created by my master!" The little beast shook his head triumphantly.

"Who is your master?" Jiang Ci asked.

Intuitively told him that His Majesty the God King of Mengyuan Realm does not seem to be the owner of this little beast.

Because only the cultivation of the method of guiding is so perverted, the kyushu after the guiding should be stronger than the "Eight Lives" and "Cloud Destruction" of the **** king level.

In other words, its not a god-king-level unique knowledge at all, it needs to be improved!

"Hmph, I heard you clearly, although my master doesn't know you." Little Beast said, "But at any rate you learned his unique skills, you must remember my master's name firmly!

My master, Yuan, is the pinnacle existence of these heavens and all realms! "

"Yuan?!" Jiang Ci's eyes stared, but he didn't keep his composure.

"What is your look?" Little Beast stared.

"No, I think this name is great." Jiang Ci once again recovered his composure.

"You have eyesight." The little hand smiled triumphantly, "Well, you have practiced the method of guidance, which meets the requirements.

Naturally is qualified to get this great secret technique created by my master, which can be called the strongest attack method in the heavens and all realms! "

"After living for so long, I can finally return to the Secret Art itself."


Suddenly, the whole little beast turned into a little bit of starlight, pouring directly into the spiritual consciousness of Jiang Ci.

Then, a huge amount of information appeared.

The void on the eighth floor of Qingyun Tower,

The vague figure has been waiting nervously for five thousand years, until the light that enveloped Jiangs words dissipated.

Especially those star texts that originally surrounded the void, flocking to Jiangs words frantically one by one,

"Success!" The fuzzy figure was really relieved. He stared at Jiang Ci's figure closely, and finally murmured, "Is it him? It should be him?"

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