Ultimate Gene Valkyrie Chapter 1482

Chapter 1485: The Power Of A Sword

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The runes are flaming, densely distributed inside and outside the body.

His head was black and black, and his eyes were like lightning, and the whole body was steaming. Like a god, breath shocking the world.


Suddenly, with a loud shout, the runes burned all over, the bones crackled, the flesh and blood tremble, and the endless spirit turned into a real dragon and charged up.


The sound of the Tao is endless, and it is even more dazzling, like an immortal world, bright and amazing, where the glory is boiling.

At this moment, the world seemed to be quiet, the world seemed to freeze, everything returned to emptiness, he seemed to have traveled through the prehistoric cosmos, condensing the heaven and the earth!

The moment of time, as long as hundreds of millions of years, wandered too vainly, opening up the world.

One thought penetrates the wasteland, travels too far away, builds a mysterious yellow, and crosses the vast sea of time, far and wide!

The spirit blends with the world and resonates with the will of the world. Zhang Lie vaguely sees the structure of the special space, and the means of making the world and everything is amazing.

Slowly raising the Guizang sword in his hand, Ruixia surging around his body, colored mist filled with mist, his mind was condensed here, the heaven and the self were united, as if he was making all things, he wanted to reopen the heaven and the earth.


Finally, he let out a soft drink.

Hum rumbling!

The divine power fluctuates, the aura is colorful, endless ripples spread, like the roar of the gods, the universe is divided into two, above the horizon, the space is torn, the black and white two forces are like volcanic tsunami erupting, the **** rises to the sky, the black power makes The whole sea shook.

The border of the world was destroyed, the heaven and the earth were eclipsed, everything gathered on this sword mark, the creation of the heaven and the earth, the changes of all things, all in it, a chaos and void appeared within the line of sight, black and white intertwined.

The world rules of the special space change at this moment.

At this moment, the world seemed to be cut apart from the middle, and everything turned into chaos.

This blow has surpassed energy and surpassed all concepts. It is no longer a question of whether it is strong or not. It is a blow to return everything to the first one and turn the first one into everything.

One is ten thousand, ten thousand is one.

The sword light slashed out, the world reopened, and everything was destroyed. This is a catastrophe.

The lake is in patches, and the water is misty.

Zhang Lie, the lake and the earth under his feet were all emptied, and Jin Poyang was like a candlelight, easily blown out in the sword light, and dissipated between the heaven and the earth.

Not only one person was dissipated, the surrounding area was emptied.

That sword, like a catastrophe, no one can escape.

The power of Zhang Lie's sword made everyone weigh it up, and everyone was frightened.

There are many good fortunes in this world. Although a silver dragon lotus is precious, it is not worth shopping.

There is no need to disqualify for a silver dragon lotus.

The fist of the son of thunder was shining, the thunder and lightning were intertwined, and the splendid light burst out, shaking the whole world.

After a great battle, Fang Yi has overlapped more than twenty wheels of time.

The wheel of time began to resonate on his body, and the power of time turned into ripples and swayed round after round. Fang Yi stood still, motionless like a mountain, his spear pierced through time and space, and once again entered the gray world.

"Fate Gun!"

In the gray time blockade world, only Fang Yi remained in a colorful state, the wheel of time shining brightly.

The wheel of time urges in a superimposed state, the tiger roars, the thunder light and the storm are entangled, the wind dragon and thunder tiger appear, the wind dragon thunder tiger transformed by the source force is twisted, and it is pulled in the continuous rotation, and merges into the spear. Above, the lightning and storm revolved around accelerating, the power spreading circle after circle, and the momentum continued to increase.

The spiral wind thunder and the force of time are constantly compressing, and the surrounding space is involved, and the space is like a ball of paper being crumpled.

The chaotic power on the spear was excited, and the fuzzy chaotic power gushed out.

Wind thunder, chaos, and time and space all revolve on the spear, and the power is layered on top of each other. This is not a simple one plus one, intertwined forces, and mutually promote each other, and the energy is constantly increasing.

Beyond the storm, thunder and lightning, space and time, there is an extra layer of different power, surrounded by golden threads.

Time is like wind, time is like electricity, time gun, sky gun, dragon and tiger roar, the power of chaos, causal lock.

Wind thunder, chaos, time and space, and the power of causality that is mysterious and mysterious.

It's just like BUFF, layer by layer.

The purple thunder and lightning is like a dragon, the cyan storm is like a tiger, the colorless time blends into it, the power of black space covers it, the power of chaos is involved, the power of mysterious and mysterious cause and effect is entangled, Fang Yiyuan's power is continuously poured in, and the energy rotation speed accelerates.

After time and cause and effect were mixed, the power above cause and effect was born.

Everything is doomed in the long river of time.

The power of wind and thunder, the space storm, the thunder of the void, the power of time, the wind of time, the electricity of time, the power of fate, the power of chaos, nine different powers are maintained in a state of high-speed rotation, and are mixed together , Just like a tornado, nine different forces overlap and condense continuously, and the energies are entangled with each other, like a cocoon.

Under Fang Yi's refinement, the silk threads of nine different colors shrank a little.

Come on!

Flickering with the brilliance of void thunder and lightning, mixed with the wind of space, the world was torn into pieces, and the space around Fang Yi was like broken glass.

Faced with the strength of the nine overlaps, the moves have not yet been issued. This special space has changed its appearance. The space is cracking every inch, the earth is breaking up, the lake is torn into pieces by the air wave, and the river bed is broken.

Space storm and time thunder and lightning are constantly entwining and merging with each other, space and time, storm and thunder, chaos and cause and effect, different forces are merging.

Mixing the space storm and the thunder of the void, the power of time and the power of cause and effect, and the power of chaos on the spear, Fang Yi maintains his power above the spear, and uses the force of a spiral to maintain a high-speed rotation state, nine different powers Mixed together, like a tornado, circling on the spear.

The thunder and lightning flashed like a demon with its teeth and claws, the storm chaos, the space crumbled every inch, the void storm and the void thunder were sadistic, the power of time was chaotic, the illusion was heavy, the wind of the years was blowing, the black and gold chains were constantly intertwined, swallowing all chaos abyss It is constantly expanding.

After the power of cause and effect was added, it reached a delicate balance.

Originally, the power of time and space conflicts with the power of chaos, but after the power of causality is added, all the different powers are forcibly linked together and become a kind of glue.

The power of causality that affects Fang Yi's future is obscured by the power of chaos. The most important power of chaos is emitted from the spear, not Fang Yi's power. The power of causation and the power of chaos will not cancel each other out.

The Chaos Spear continuously provides massive amounts of Chaos Power to forcefully maintain this balance.

Thunder and lightning are like dragons, storms are like tigers, colorless time blends in, the power of black space is covered, the energy rotation speed is accelerated, and the void storm winds up the blazing white flames, fate and chaos, under the superposition of multiple energies, even the rules are annihilated.

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