Summon A Little Fire Dragon At The Start Chapter 763

Chapter 763: Giant God Examination Order On

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Over the endless blue ocean, strangely shaped, white clouds like cotton candy floated leisurely through the sky.

The sea breeze is slightly salty.

It's on the coast dozens of kilometers away from the base city.

Under a mountain with a height of about one kilometer.

Standing on the steep cliff by the sea, Qin Ye lifted his hands and released Wei Tiexin and others in the Void Realm.


Hundreds of spatial vortices appeared out of thin air in the void hundreds of steps behind.

Hundreds of figures appeared one after another.

What caught their eyes was the vast expanse of the ocean.

There is also the huge sun above the sky, and the warm sun is falling. This scene is a scene they have never seen before in their dreams.

of course.

In addition to the sun, there is another huge planet, Mars.

"There is no wall!!"

"There are no walls all around."

"This is the sea."

"It's really out!?"

At this moment, Wei Tiexin, who was standing by Qin Ye's side, couldn't help but glanced around with excitement. He couldn't help but flew into the air several hundred meters, and looked around.

There is indeed no iconic city wall in the lost cave world.

In the maze world, within so many years, he has also entered other areas of the cage world, without exception.

In all the cage areas.

There is a high wall that binds them. The high wall is boundless and cannot climb to the highest point.

The Wang Yang presented in front of him, this scene, Wei Tiexin can only see vaguely in the fantasy jade slips passed down from generation to generation by Qingyunzong.

They are in the records of Qingyunzong.

The sect is powerfully able to use the method of moving, forcibly moving from the outside world to one of the cage areas. That is a super strong person who can carry a space.

At first, the suzerain and the elders in the sect were not reconciled.

But after seeing the power of the high wall in the cage area, they knew that they couldn't resist the superpower that created the maze world.

They can only accept passively and strive to transform their living environment.

Only in the fantasy jade handed down from generation to generation, did it record some information about the outside world, and the record was extremely vague, and the repair method of the jade slip was lost.

Pass it on for a few more generations and it will be completely shattered.

But now, their Azure Cloud Sect has seen the sky again.

I don't know how many generations have gone through.

"Sorry senior, the junior is rude."

Wei Tiexin, who flew down from the sky, fell firmly behind Qin Ye, and hurriedly bowed and said, a hint of panic flashed in his tone.


"From the beginning of this mountain, within a radius of thirty li, it is the boundary of the Azure Cloud Sect."

"This is a communication brain!"

"The above records the culture and language on the earth and stars, you can understand it, it is up to you to build the gate."

"As for recruiting disciples, someone will contact you soon."

Qin Ye said.

Then they placed the treasure building and magic building of the Azure Cloud Sect, and several huge black stone ancient buildings on the ground aside.

After a few muffled noises.

Then it fell to the ground steadily.

"Yes, thank you senior!!"

Wei Tiexin respectfully took over the communication brain.

After that, Qin Ye didn't stay much longer, and flew directly into his mouth. In a blink of an eye, he entered the high sky, inside the transport ship Shanmu where his figure was hidden.


He also informed Deng Qingfeng in the Principality of East Pole about the Qingyun Sect.

And let the matter of negotiating with Qingyunzong later be handed over to Deng Qingfeng.

With the addition of Qingyunzong.

The strength of their East Pole Principality will be improved again.

However, with the meager aura fluctuations on Earth and Stars, it is only possible to build sects next to the maze world to give birth to cultivators of more than twelfth level.

If you want to break through thirteenth level or above, you must be in a place with sufficient aura in the maze world to have a certain chance.

Principality of East Pole.

The power centers favorite mountain.

After Deng Qingfeng learned about the Qingyun Sect, he immediately rode his natal pet white raccoon and flew all the way to the coordinates given by Qin Ye.

Inside the Yamagi transport ship.

Yamamu, whose power system has been restored, is now gradually getting on track for the restoration of its defense system.

In an energy-shielded room.

Inside a twenty-layer energy shield, there is a thick layer of bone covering the periphery.

From the outside.

It's like a huge white bone ball.

On the jade-like white bone ball, there is a layer of light white energy mask, like a white foam, which cuts off outside exploration.

Even Qin Ye was in front of him.

There is no abnormality at all.

This energy shielding layer was created by Qin Ye combining the defensive strength of the Shanmu, plus the various defensive blessings of Huo Ling and Bai Zhi, his two powerful battle pets.

At the beginning.

When he cultivated into the Star Seal of Life and Death.

He was also told about the Star Seal of Life and Death.

Anjia is a big family that has given birth to a number of domain-level powerhouses. The star print map, one of the treasures of the town clan in the family, has the possibility of perceiving life and death star prints.

And it's very possible.

In the process of escaping, the patriarch An Changge was also planted some restrictions by other domain-level powerhouses, and may be detected.

So when it first landed on the stars.

He went directly under the trench, erected an energy barrier, and hid on the bottom of the sea. Knowing that a few years later, the intact Hei Yi began to gradually investigate the forces on the earth and the stars.


After Qin Ye knew.

With the help of Yamamu's defense system and the power of his pets, an energy shielding ball came out.

Patriarch An Changge, who had only half his head left, was put into it.

If An Changge was really planted to be banned, this shielding ball could also play a defensive role, especially the white one, who was a race comparable to the blood of a high-level star behemoth.

The energy shielding field created by his own bones, even if the domain-level powerhouse wants to perceive it, it takes some effort.

The main seal of the star seal of life and death.

Now that he has cultivated, even if he is perceived by that Anjia's star print map, it is difficult to be traced to a specific location. If he can find it, he won't wait until now.

But Qin Ye also understood very well.

You must improve your own strength. Once you come to the door in trouble, you can only speak with your fist.

That is for the secret method of star seal of life and death.

Killed a domain-level guy.

at this time.

Qin Ye entered the white bone ball.

His gaze fell on the half of his head in the dormant cell, and among the black meat strips squirming on his head, there were also more bone worms that were one size smaller than those black meat strips.

The whole body is made of white bones, and there are many black lines on the body, which is very strange.

This is the secret method of the white bone worm.

These Gu worms are good at swallowing, so they were planted to help resist some of the invading black meat worms.

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