Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 11

Chapter 10:

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After enjoying a lunch that they made by hand, the three of them continued to explore around. In addition to a few remaining artillery pieces on Weishan, there is also a tunnel that Qi Jiguang dug specially when he fought against Japanese pirates. It was specially used for the safe transfer of various materials.

Another purpose of their visit this time is to explore this tunnel. Since Yu Xiao went to check it in later generations, she knew that this so-called tunnel is actually a short-distance tunnel, which can reach the other side of the mountain from this side of the mountain. On one side, the total distance does not exceed two hundred meters. Therefore, he didn't stop Fan Lie, who was already eager to try, but followed them to explore this danger without danger.

Standing at the entrance of the tunnel and looking at the dark scene inside, Fan Lie was a little bit scared, and his legs began to slightly shake in disobedience. After all, since I was a child, I have heard the older generations say that there are all kinds of supernatural events in this tunnel, what can be heard crying, what can hear the sound of the golden horse and iron horse, etc.

Hao Ren glanced at him disdainfully: "Cut, coward. Don't come if you don't have the guts, really."

"Who, who said, don't have the guts." Fan Lie tried to conceal the tremor in his voice, "I think you are afraid, right? Humph, I am not afraid of anything!" As he said, he even stood up his chest. , Looked at Hao Ren provocatively.

"Naive!" Hao Ren turned his head and cared about Yu Xiao, "Yu Zi, you will follow behind me later, if you are afraid, you can hold on to my clothes, you know?"

Yu Xiao smiled and nodded. Although in fact he is not afraid at all, it is because of the concern of his friends or he should accept it. In fact, he thought it would be better to say this to Fan Lie. It's just that, in this way, Fan Lie might jump violently.

Hao Ren quickly cleaned up the picked branches and made a simple version of the torch. After lighting the fire, he took the lead and walked in the forefront.

Yu Xiao looked at the expression on Fan Lie's face and stepped forward and patted him on the shoulder: "Let's go, you walk in the middle, I'm at the end."

"But, is this okay? You are at the end."

"It's okay, let's go." Yu Xiao directly pushed Fan Lie into it.

Thus, the three of them began their expedition. Walking in this weakly illuminated tunnel, the only sound that can be heard is their own footsteps.

"Little Yuzi, it's so quiet here~~" Fan Lie slowly slowed down, reaching out and tightly holding Yu Xiao's right hand.

"No, isn't there a voice?" Yu Xiao said in surprise.

"What? There is a sound?" Fan Lie's hand became tighter, "What did you hear?"

"Isn't there our footsteps?" Yu Xiao said deliberately, suppressing the smile at the corner of his mouth.

"Ah? Xiao Yuzi, you are playing tricks on me!" Fan Lie was shocked and immediately reacted, "How can you do this~~~"

"Why~~~" Yu Xiao replied pretendingly.

"Cut, my lord does not care about the villain." Fan Lie raised his head and hugged his chest and said proudly.

"Yes, yes, thank you for raising your hand~~~" Yu Xiao apologized with both hands.

Hao Ren, who was walking in the front, listened to the squabbles of the two behind, with a smile on his lips: "Pay attention to your feet. Beware of falling."

It's okay not to say that, as soon as he said, Yu Xiao staggered and fell directly to the ground. He murmured silently in his heart: When did Ren Ge have the potential of this crow mouth?

"Xiao Yuzi, are you okay?" Fan Lie immediately stepped forward and asked with concern, "Are there any injuries?"

"Is it okay?" Hao Ren, who heard the voice, immediately turned around and asked with concern, "Why is this careless?"

"It's okay, it's okay~~" Yu Xiao smiled and shook her head, and then was about to stand up: "Hiss~~~"

"What's wrong?" Hao Ren and Fan Lie said in unison.

Yu Xiao paused, stood up and shook his head: "It's okay, but I accidentally scratched my hand."

"Let me see, are you okay?" Hao Ren stepped forward.

"Oh, it's okay." Yu Xiao carelessly wiped his **** palms, "Lets go, lets go on. Dont worry, its really okay~~~"

"Really all right? Didn't lie to us?" Fan Lie looked disbelief.

"Really, it's okay~~~" Under Yu Xiao's repeated assurances, the three people continued to move forward.

At the end, Yu Xiao stretched out his hand and looked at it, with a trace of doubt in his eyes: He clearly felt a little pain just now, and it was indeed his hand. But why is it all right now? Besides, why is there a warm feeling in the palm of your hand?

After stepping out of the tunnel, Fan Lie was completely relieved: "Haha, let me just say, there is nothing wrong with this tunnel, grandpa and the others just love to scare children."

Hao Ren rolled his eyes towards the sky, dont think he didnt see it just now, he secretly held Yu Zis hand when he was inside just now~~~

Yu Xiao smiled and didn't say anything at this time. In the sun, he looked at his palm carefully, and sure enough, there was no sign of injury on his palm. What is going on here? If he hadn't really confirmed that he had cut his hand and bleed just now, he would have thought it was an illusion.

"Let's go, let's go pick some mushrooms and then we can go back." Hao Ren recognized the direction, and then led them forward.

After picking the mushrooms, the three of them happily walked home with their school bags full of fresh mushrooms. There are talking and laughing along the way, which is very relaxing.

"Mom, I'm back." Yu Xiao shouted directly inside before opening the door, "I also brought a gift back~~~"

"Huh, you still know how to come back? I didn't know where I went all day. Why are you so obedient and obedient when you are so big?" An angry voice directly yelled, "Hurry up and get me in!" "

Yu Xiao's face suddenly became gloomy, he remembered this voice-his grandma's voice. Pushing open the door of his home, he saw his grandmother sitting on a chair in the main hall like a queen mother, while his mother was standing on the side with her head down.

Yu Xiao stepped in quickly, faintly shouted "Grandma" and walked directly to his mother's side. Seeing his mother's side with a reluctant smile at him, Yu Xiao knew in her heart: It must be his grandma who embarrassed his mother just now!

"Huh! Is this your attitude towards grandma?" Old lady Yu patted the back of the chair with her right hand. "There really is a kind of son for every kind of mother. It's really disheartening!"

"You!" Yu Xiao's biggest insult in this life is that someone disrespects his mother. She just wanted to say something angry but was quickly caught by the eyes of the mother Yu, and then she shook her head silently at him.

She knew that her son must be angry for her. But no. In this age, if your son contradicts the mother-in-law, even if the fault is on the mother-in-laws side, in the eyes of outsiders, it is that her son has no respect for the old man. This is absolutely impossible. No matter what kind of grievance she has suffered, she can't let other people poke her son's spine.

Yu Xiao curled her lips and closed her mouth reluctantly, lowered her head and stared at her toes. It would be better to ignore his grandma, or else she didn't know how to respond.

"Oh, grandma, why do you pat the back of the chair with your hands? It hurts so much~~~" Yu Xiao followed the voice, and it turned out to be his good cousin. He just said, this kid always behaved in front of the old lady, how could he not follow.

When Mrs. Yu heard what the grandson said, her face immediately showed a kind smile: "Oh, my family Cheng Cheng is the most sensible~~~Unlike some people, they dare to talk back to their elders. It's really uncultivated!"

With a well-behaved smile, Lu Cheng walked to the side of Mrs. Yu and gently rubbed her right hand that had just patted the back of the chair with his hands: "Oh, this is all what you taught grandma~~~"

While talking, Lu Cheng looked around, scanning the bulging schoolbag that Yu Xiao was carrying on his shoulders, and recalling what he had just heard in the room, he deliberately said: "Ah, cousin, What did you bring back in this schoolbag? Didnt you just say there was a gift? Lets see."

When Yu Xiao heard this, he knew that this guy must have done it deliberately, but when she saw her grandma was also looking at him. In desperation, he had no choice but to open his schoolbag: "It's nothing, just brought some mushrooms back."

Lu Cheng saw a trace of satisfaction in Mrs Yu's eyes sharply, and he immediately understood what to do: "Oh, this mushroom is really good, grandma, it seems you have a good night~~~"

"Since this is the case, Xiaoxiao, you can pretend to be something for your grandma." Although Mama Yu saw her son's unwillingness, she had no choice but to suggest that.

"Okay, okay." Lu Cheng happily agreed, but then he murmured in disappointment: "There was only such a little bit, and it wouldn't be enough for the whole family to eat~~~ Forget it, everyone at that time Just one bite."

Mrs. Yu has always been used to enjoying herself at home. In her mind, since she gave birth to a son, all the son's things are hers, and she can take them at will, and the grandson's things are the same. However, your son and grandson shouldn't even think about taking things from her. If they dare to take things at will, they will break the relationship directly!

Therefore, when she heard that the eldest daughter-in-law said that she was just giving her some, she was already very upset. Her grandson is still sensible, and some people are really upset at how they look at it!

"Well, that's it." Mrs. Yu made a decision directly, "Cheng Cheng, you have installed the mushrooms and we will go back. If I stay here, I don't know how much anger I have to suffer!"

"Okay, grandma." Lu Cheng smiled at Yu Xiaodese, then swiftly installed all the mushrooms, walked directly to the old lady Yu's side and carefully helped her to walk outside.

When Mrs. Yu stepped out of the gate, she turned her head and ordered again: "You will remember it to me, and that's how it is decided. Then, don't give me any moths, otherwise, when the time comes, Just let my son divorce you, mother-in-law!"

After the two of them disappeared at the door, Yu Xiao looked at the empty schoolbags, her face was unstoppable anger: Again, no matter what they mean by being masters, what you like is straightforward. Take it, is there anyone like this as an elder?

However, after realizing that his mother was in a trance, he immediately stepped forward and took her mother's hand and said worriedly: "Mom, what's the matter with you?"

"Ah? Mom's okay." Yu's mother was stunned for a while before reacting and shook her head.

"Mom, what is the matter that grandma just said?" Yu Xiao minded the'that matter' his grandma mentioned.

"No, nothing happened." Mother Yu's face turned pale suddenly, and she stammered and waved, "By the way, did you have fun with them today?"

Yu Xiao wanted to ask anything more, but seeing his mother change the subject so bluntly, even if he knew that his mother had something to hide from him, he couldn't keep asking.

So, he continued along the topic: "Well, I had a lot of fun, we went on an adventure today~~~"

"Explore?" Mama Yu asked curiously.

"Well, we..." Yu Xiao carefully recounted their itinerary today, and deliberately picked out a few fun things that happened on the way to relax her mother's mood. Seeing the faint smile on her mother's face, Yu Xiao breathed a sigh of relief.

Because Yu Jun just won some money yesterday, he must still have his gambling dream of getting rich. Therefore, after setting aside dinner for him, Yu Xiao and his mother both had a casual dinner.

At night, lying on the bed in his room, Yu Xiao looked at the ceiling, still caring about what his grandma said to his mother in her heart. What is it that makes his mother show that expression?

It's best not to endanger his mother, otherwise, he will not let them go so easily. Even if he is scolded by outsiders in various ways, it doesn't matter! Yu Xiao clenched his fists tightly and thought in his heart.

However, speaking of it, his cousin is really ashamed to dare to appear in front of him? Moreover, it has always been such an arrogant attitude. Had he forgotten that he had deliberately knocked him into the river at the beginning~~ Almost he was killed~~~ Shouldn't he be a little uneasy in the face of his victim?

No, it should be said that it is strange that he has a guilty conscience! You know, he will be a famous "VIP" in the police station in the future. He will go there to drink tea or something from time to time. Don't talk too hard~~~

Just as Yu Xiaodong was thinking about it, the palm of his hand was hot again. He stretched out his right hand and saw it carefully, but found nothing. There were no scars on his hands, any other special symbols, no difference from the left hand. Then why is his palm just getting fever?

Yu Xiaoshi was puzzled by all kinds of things, but in desperation, he put his hand down again. But the problem is that after he put it down, the palm of his hand started to get hot again. When he picked it up, it was not hot anymore. This repeated several times, which directly made Yu Xiao upset: What on earth is going on? Can someone come out and explain it to him~~~ That's it, let him sleep?

Finally, there were a few more times like this, and Yu Xiao decided to just go to sleep with the attitude of letting it go. You know, the first class tomorrow morning is the math class of the head teacher. If you dont listen carefully, you will be invited to talk about life~~~

However, this last fever was getting hotter and hotter, so hot that Yu Xiao didn't hesitate to suspect that he would be cooked thoroughly. He gritted his teeth and gripped his right hand tightly with his left hand, and slowly began to pop out of his head. Little by little, his pillow soon wetted a large chunk, and when he couldn't help but want to scream, the heat began to drop a little bit.

Yu Xiao was lying on the bed with all his strength, and all the clothes on her body were already soaked. After relieving his breath, he raised his right hand to his eyes and took a closer look. His eyes widened suddenly, why is there a pattern on his palm? Also, what does this pattern mean?

The author has something to say: Because there was something about the thorns that was not updated yesterday, so today is a very full chapter, I hope you will enjoy it~~~

In addition, this has written ten chapters, and Thorns discovered that Xiao Gong hasn't even appeared yet, and he didn't even have the chance to show his face.

Thorns confessed: Lan, don't blame me, you have to believe that you are my own son, absolutely not picked up in the trash can.

There was a thick resentment behind Ye Lan: Didn't you really pick it up? Then why have I not played yet? You let the other two irrelevant men have so many scenes close to my Xiaoxiao!

Thorns retorted weakly: Those are not irrelevant people, they are good buddies of your daughter-in-law.

Ye Lan stared: Huh? Dare to talk back?

The thorns shrunk into a circle: dare not, dare not~~~

Ye Lan smiled satisfied: Then know what to do?

The thorns nodded tremblingly: I know, I will let you appear right away! Then all are you and your family Xiaoxiao's drama~~~~ Woo~~~

Looking at Ye Lan who left with satisfaction, Thorns said: I would have known that I would not pick up this unfilial son in the trash can!

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