Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 14

Chapter 13:

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Time flies, and the half-month deadline for debt repayment has arrived. Since this day happened to be Monday, Yu Xiao originally wanted to find an excuse not to go to school but stay at home with her mother and wait for those people to come. However, Yu's mother was afraid of what would happen during the period and hurt him, so she personally sent him to school. Moreover, she specifically asked Hao Ren to ask him to watch Yu Xiao today, and don't let him go home halfway.

Seeing Hao Ren's nodding agreement, Yu's mother felt a little more settled. She stood outside the classroom until the class bell rang, then turned and left the school.

When she returned home, Yu's mother was full of bitterness with the money she had struggled to piece together. Although, because she has always performed well in the factory, the director also knows the situation of their family, this time she was specifically allowed to get her salary for this month and next month in advance. However, that is still far from enough. Friends around me borrowed everything they could borrow, but it was still 50 or 60 yuan.

It is under such circumstances that the mother-in-law's family not only does not help, but makes all kinds of difficulties. Every few days, she came to ask for money and things. She didn't know how to be filial to her mother-in-law when she was a daughter-in-law, and knew that she would not serve her alone at home.

Everyone knows that she is going crazy about raising money to pay off her debts. Every day, I worked overtime until the early hours of the morning, just to get more overtime pay. After I got home, I just ate a little and went to bed directly. Had it not been for her family's initiative to do all kinds of housework at home, she would probably not just clean things up now.

It's a pity that the mother-in-law's family won't bother about these things. And his own man has disappeared all day long, so there is no need to count on him, just beg not to increase the burden on their wives.

The last money was only collected by her eldest sister and elder brother who used all the savings left in their respective families and all the bride price that her younger sister had just received. When thinking about the behavior of her mother's family, and then thinking about the behavior of her in-laws, her heart could not stop feeling cold. She still remembers that the marriage was introduced by her own mother-in-law. At that time, it was as good as she could be for her future daughter-in-law, and she often went to their house to see what kind of food she gave to her.

However, less than a month after they got married, it was completely like a different person. The person behind her face said that her family was shameless, and she knew that she would take their Yu family's things, and said that she knew to help her natal family but didn't know how to help her husband's family. Anyway, black and white were turned upside down.

The neighbors around knew who the old lady of the Yu family was, so they all lamented from behind that Yu's mother's life was not good and why she married into the Yu family. Yu's mother was also unspeakable. That was the case at that time. The marriage was mainly based on blind dates introduced by acquaintances. Both spouses had not met before they got married and had a rough understanding. Although some people were sent to find out at the time, because Grandma Yu had already been prepared, all she knew was a good situation, so it would be a lie.

Here, Yu's mother was still sighing, and the three people who came to collect debts walked in directly. Seeing Yu Jun who was escorted in by two people, Yu's mother felt a little uneasy somehow.

"How about it, are all the money ready?" The eldest brother in the lead walked to the side chair and asked leisurely with a cigarette in his hand and Erlang's legs.

Mama Yu quickly took out the prepared 200 yuan in cash from her arms and handed it to him respectfully: "Here, exactly two hundred yuan. There should be no problem now?"

The lead brother flicked the soot, gave his younger brother a look, and looked at Yu Jun who was escorted forward and kneeling on the ground. He slowly said: "The money was paid off last time. Pay back the money too."

"The money this time?" There was a hint of disbelief in Yu's mother's voice, "How much does he owe you?"

"Oh, not much, just like the last time, three hundred yuan."

"What? More than three hundred?" Mama Yu exclaimed. This time she tried her best to collect the money. This time, where did she go for more than three hundred dollars!

The leader of the boss looked at her panicked expression, although a hint of unbearable flashed in her eyes, but there was no way, he just ran errands to collect debts. He glanced at Yu Jun, who was kneeling on the ground with a cowardly look, disdainfully, he still said: "Actually, you don't need to pool money to pay off the debt."

"Huh?" Yu's mother's anxiety became stronger at this time.

"We have already agreed with your man, as long as he sells his son to us, then the debt this time will be written off."

"What? No!" Yu's mother immediately objected loudly without being afraid.

"What's wrong!" Yu Jun, who was kneeling on the ground, looked up at her fiercely and cursed, "I have been raising him with delicious food for more than ten years. Why, now this little **** can't repay Lao Tzu for his upbringing. Grace? My stinky lady, you remember for Lao Tzu that Lao Tzu is the head of this family. That's the thing to say!"

"No, I don't agree!" Yu's mother who has always been a little afraid of Yu Jun courageously retorted, "No matter what, I won't let you sell Xiaoxiao!"

"Smelly lady, you dare not rebel!" If it weren't for being on the ground at this moment, Yu Jun could not wait to rush forward and slap her severely. Then, he turned his head and smiled flatteringly at the leader's eldest brother: "George, don't listen to this bitch, that's all for this matter. Look, do you let the brothers give it, hehe~~~ "

The lead brother nodded to the two younger brothers, and looked at Yu Jun who was standing there like a slave. He cast his eyes in disgust: "Since this is the case, then I will take that kid away tomorrow. Nothing is allowed in the middle, otherwise, you know the consequences!"

"Yes, yes, I know, I know. Brother Qiu walks slowly, and the two brothers also walk slowly." Yu Jun nodded and bowed, sending the three of them out the door.

Mother Yu saw Yu Jun entering the house, her eyes were full of hatred. I dont say anything about gambling and alcoholism. I dont care about beating and scolding them from time to time. Now its fine, but I have to sell Xiaoxiao. !

"You stinky lady, you dared to sing against me just now. Are you impatient?" As soon as Yu Jun came in, he drew out his belt and drew it forcefully.

If it was normal, Yu's mother would endure the beating silently. But today, the resentment that she had accumulated in her heart for many years finally broke out. Xiaoxiao is the lifeblood of her life, and no one can hurt him!

Mama Yu avoided the thrashing of the belt and directly picked up the stool on the side and smashed it hard: "You bastard, I fought with you today!!!"

"You **** girl, dare to throw that stool at Lao Tzu, and see if Lao Tzu will not kill you today!" Yu Jun was completely irritated by the thrown stool, and the belt in his hand was rustling.

The red-eyed two people smashed everything in the house, and Yu's mother was still beaten and fell to the ground. Yu Jun kicked her more than ten feet hard again before stopping, panting, walked into the bedroom, closed the door and went to sleep.

The school bell finally rang. Yu Xiao, who was extremely anxious, could not say hello to his friends and ran straight to the house. Today, my eyelids were twitching all day, and I was afraid of what happened at home. .

As soon as she walked into the house and looked at her mother who was still lying on the ground with scars, Yu Xiao's eyes widened in disbelief. He rushed to his mother's side and shouted in a trembling voice: "Mom, you wake up soon! Mom, mom!"

"En? Xiaoxiao?" Mother Yu slowly opened her eyes, "Are you back?"

"Well, I'm back, Mom." Yu Xiao carefully helped her sit on the chair, "Mom, how are you, do you feel uncomfortable? Let's go to the hospital now."

Mother Yu raised her hand laboriously and waved it: "It's okay, Xiaoxiao, my mother is okay, but now she's still a little dizzy."

"What, dizzy?" Is there a concussion? Yu Xiao was worried, "Mom, let's go to the hospital."

"It's okay, Xiaoxiao." Mother Yu feels distressed that it costs money to go to the hospital. Now their family owes foreign debts.

"Mom, did he beat you again?" Yu Xiao clenched his fist tightly, "Why did he beat you again?"

Mother Yu's eyes flushed in silence, and then she hugged Yu Xiao tightly in her arms: "Xiaoxiao, my poor Xiaoxiao."

"What's the noise, and I'm not letting Laozi go to sleep! Are you looking for a fight?" Yu Jun vigorously opened the door and his eyes lit up when he saw Yu Xiao, "Little bastard, are you back? Very good, very good. Great!"

It was the first time that Yu Xiao saw this man speaking to him so happily, and felt very strange in her heart.

When Mama Yu saw him coming out, her subordinates worked harder: "Don't even think about it, I won't agree!"

"I don't care if you agree or disagree, this old man has the final say!" Yu Jun was furious when he saw her.

"Mom, what's the matter?" Yu Xiao frowned and wondered. This is the first time that her mother is no longer a mere promise.

"It's okay, it's time for you to thank Lao Tzu!"


Mother Yu choked and said, "This beast, he is going to sell you to repay the debt."

"What?" Yu Xiao widened her eyes in disbelief. Tiger Poison still doesn't eat seeds, this man actually...

Yu Xiao glanced around again and understood that it turned out that it was his mother who confronted this man for him. Looking at the scars on his mother's body, Yu Xiaoqi red eyes, staring at the man and gritted his teeth and said, "You beast, I will definitely not let you go!"

"Little bastard, how dare you scold Lao Tzu?" Yu Jun picked up a cup on the side and smashed it.

Mother Yu quickly turned around and took the blow with her back. Yu Xiao immediately asked nervously: "Mom, are you okay?"

"Mom, hiss, it's okay." Mother Yu said with a pale smile.

The anger in Yu Xiao's heart grew stronger and stronger, and he broke free from his mother's embrace and rushed directly to the man: "Ah~~ I'm fighting with you! You beast!"

Unfortunately, it was still the child's body after all, and Yu Xiao was quickly restrained. The man's fist hit him mercilessly. Mother Yu went crazy when she saw it and rushed up, and the three of them were in a ball.

In the dead of night, mother Yu held the bruised Yu Xiao who was beaten, and finally made a decision in her heart. She asked with a crying voice: "Xiaoxiao, if, if your mother and your father are divorced, you ......"

"I'm with you, mother." Yu Xiao answered first.

"But, in this way, you..." It is a single-parent family, and it will be looked down upon. Mother Yu swallowed the words behind.

Yu Xiao looked at her firmly: "I know, but, mother, I don't want you to be bullied by him." Moreover, as time goes by, there will be more and more single-parent families in the future, and they will no longer provoke as they do now. People gossiping.

"Xiaoxiao, my Xiaoxiao!" Mama Yu couldn't help crying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." I'm sorry, my mother can't give you a complete family; I'm sorry, you have been beaten and scolded for a long time; I'm sorry , Make your childhood so unhappy. Sorry, Xiaoxiao!

Yu Xiao patted his mother's back comfortingly. He knew that divorce in this age is a scandal. Moreover, according to the character of that man, he would definitely not agree to a divorce. It seems that he has to ask that person to help...

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