Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 15

Chapter 14:

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Since the debt collector said that she would come and take Yu Xiao away the next day, Yu's mother decided to pack her things and take Yu Xiao out of here overnight. Fortunately, Yu Jun, an arrogant man, never thought that their wives would run away from home. In his thoughts, this family is his final say, and his wife and children will not have the courage. Against him.

This caused him to get angry when he found no one in the house when he got up the next day. However, after getting angry, his heart became nervous again. What to do, today those people are coming to take the little **** away, but the people disappeared. Thinking of their methods, Yu Jun's face suddenly became earthy.

As for Yu Xiao and Yus mother, instead of going back to her natal family directly, they went straight to her elder sisters house. The reason is simple. As the most promising person among the five brothers and sisters in the family, her elder sister and her brother-in-law both work in the government. of. Although it is only a small town cadre, it is a very big official for everyone living in this town.

Actually, she didn't intend to ask her elder sister for help, but there is no way. This time it is related to her Xiaoxiao and she can only trouble her elder sister. In addition to knowing that a good friend of her eldest sister worked in the Civil Affairs Bureau, another important reason was that her brother-in-law worked in the Public Security Bureau.

In this era, gangsters are very afraid of the police, especially those who come to collect debts. Because at that time, the government severely cracked down on gathering crowds for gambling and borrowing usury, and often people were directly put in jail after they were caught. Unless you have a background behind you, you can ease your punishment by dredging relationships and giving gifts.

It was breakfast time when Yu Xiao and his mother arrived at his eldest mother's house. Seeing their wives were embarrassed, Luo You looked surprised and hurriedly welcomed them into the house: "Qian, your mother What's the matter with the two? Why are you coming here in big and small bags?"

Mother Yu looked at the eldest sister who loved her the most since she was a child, and her eyes suddenly became sore and swollen: "Sister!"

"Hey? What's wrong? Qian, don't scare your eldest sister." Luo You looked at her nervously, his face full of worry. She knows best what kind of person her eldest sister is. She has never cried since she was a child. The only few cries were due to the death of her relatives.

"Don't cry, talk, are you dying of your eldest sister?" Luo You's heart immediately became anxious, and then she glanced at Yu Xiao, and suddenly understood: "Is that the **** hit you again? ?"

Mother Yu sobbed and nodded: "He wants to sell Xiaoxiao to someone in debt."

"Hey? But, isn't that arrears collected? Why?"

"That sum was paid off, but he owed a large sum of gambling debts, more than that sum."

"What?" Luo You took a sigh of relief after hearing this, "How is this! It's okay, you live with your eldest sister now, it doesn't matter how long you live here! When that **** comes, I will ask your brother-in-law to teach him a lesson. pause!"

Mother Yu wiped her tears and raised her head to look at her elder sister firmly: "Elder sister, I...want to divorce."

"What? Divorced?" Luo You screamed when he heard that, women who were divorced in this era would scold people to death behind their backs. Especially, a single woman with a child. She frowned and said hesitantly, "Qian, although that **** is really a beast, but if you are divorced, what should you and Xiaoxiao do? Xiaoxiao is also ten years old now."

Yu Xiao choked up and said, "Big mother, I support my mother's decision. As you know, the man beats us whenever he feels unsatisfactory. My mother has to work hard outside. In addition to doing housework, she will suffer. With such a painful treatment, I dont want to see my mother hurt anymore."

"Xiaoxiao." Mother Yu hugged him into her arms, apologizing in her heart.

When Luo You saw the two mothers holding each other and crying, he sighed silently: "Well, now that you have decided, I won't say much. But if you have anything in the future, remember to come to us. help."

"Well, yes, eldest sister." Yu's mother hesitated for a while and still said, "Yu Jun will definitely not agree to the divorce, so..."

"Well, I'll discuss with your brother-in-law about this matter." Luo You pondered for a while, and then shouted to the back room.

Hearing the sound, Zhou Qiang also walked out of the back room. He saw the mother and son Yu Xiao with red eyes at a glance, and his face frowned slightly: "What's wrong?"

After listening to Luo You's narration, the angry look in Zhou Qiang's eyes became more apparent. At the beginning, it was thanks to Luo Qian that the two of them could get married so smoothly. Moreover, he was not very optimistic about the marriage between Luo Qian and Yu Jun, but because both parents agreed, he couldn't say anything directly.

"So, what do you want us to help?" Zhou Qiang touched Yu Xiao's head affectionately, "Poor boy."

Mother Yu was struggling a little bit in her heart, but she seemed to have a look at Yu Xiao who was silent at the moment, and she decided with her heart: "Brother-in-law, can you help me go to Yu Jun to have a'good' talk and let him Agree to divorce? Sister, can you ask your classmate from the Civil Affairs Bureau to ask her to help us get the divorce certificate as soon as possible?"

Luo You and Zhou Qiang glanced at each other, nodded and agreed. To be honest, they couldn't bear to watch her continue to suffer.

Yu Xiao, with his eyes downcast, couldn't help but curled up the corners of his mouth. He knew it was the right thing to come to the big father and big mother for help. However, according to that man's character, he would certainly not be so happy. It seems that he must add such a fire behind his back.

While talking about Cao Cao, Cao Cao came. After Yu Xiao, mother and son, had just finished breakfast, Yu Jun brought the debt collectors to the door: "Hey, eldest sister, did my wife come to you?"

When Luo You thought of the grievance that the self-driving sister had suffered, he didn't have any good expressions: "Yes, what's the matter?"

"Hey, that, I'm here to pick her up." Yu Jun rubbed his palms and looked flattering. There was no way. Although he was his elder sister, she was also an official who could not hold her back~~

"Don't use it to pick it up!" Zhou Qiang walked out of the house, "It happened that you came, we will find you if we save it."

As soon as the three debt collectors who followed Yu Jun saw Zhou Qiang walking out, their complexions paled, and they immediately regretted following them. You know, they are the most afraid of the police. Especially, they are still people with no background, and once they enter, it is difficult to get out.

This **** guy! The three debt collectors gave Yu Jun a stern look, and then pleased him and said to Zhou Qiang: "Officer Zhou, um, this is all a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding! So what, if we have something to do, we will leave first, what will you do later? Despite the orders, we will do our best."

Zhou Qiang glanced at them, nodded to show that he knew, and pointed at Yu Xiao who followed: "This is my nephew."

"Understand, understand." The debt collector understood his meaning as soon as his eyes rolled, and then apologized to Yu Xiao again and again, "Children, the previous misunderstandings were all misunderstandings. Uncles are joking with you~~"

Yu Xiao also understood that these people are only looking at the face of the eldest father, so he nodded. Seeing them breathed a sigh of relief, they couldn't help being a little funny, but also a little helpless, the reality is like this.

After the debt collector left, Zhou Qiang directly called Yu Jun into the house: "Yu Jun, I won't have to spend anything with you, Luo Qian will divorce you."

"What? Divorce?" When Yu Jun heard this, it didn't work. He said that he had no face, "I won't agree! You stinky lady, dare to divorce me and see if I don't kill you!"

After he finished speaking, he immediately picked up the cup at hand and threw it over. Zhou Qiang and Luo You were furious when they saw it: Well, they dare to beat people in front of them, leave! This marriage must be divorced! Otherwise, are they going to collect the bodies of Yu Xiaoniang in a while?

At this time, the houses are very close to each other, so if there is any trouble in the neighbor's house, they will know. In fact, when Yu Jun brought those people to the door, the neighbors around him were curious. In particular, I still hear all kinds of quarrels, throwing things and crying from inside the house. They gathered outside the gate one after another, and they were gossiping about what happened inside.

Because Yu Jun has been drinking all the time, his body and bones have long gone. To use one word to describe it is to be strong in the outside world. He was quickly restrained by the tall and powerful Zhou Qiang, but his eyes were red with anger and gritted his teeth at Yu Xiao's mother and son: "You two dared to resist Lao Tzu by eating things inside and out. Look at Lao Tzu. Dont kill you! Look, look at what you see! You little bastard, ungrateful white-eyed wolf, I was in vain to raise you so much, I knew I should have strangled you when you were born!"

"You shut up!" Luo You was trembling with anger, "you beast!"

Yu Xiao noticed the flickering of figures outside the window, and he knew that it must be surrounded by people. He knew that as long as the people outside took advantage of it, the divorce might be done today.

He deliberately grinned at Yu Jun from an angle that was not noticed by others, and said silently: idiot!

When Yu Jun saw it, the anger in his heart rose a lot. He stared at Yu Xiao with a hideous face and then broke free from Zhou Qiang's restraint. When everyone did not react, he immediately caught Yu Xiao and threw it so hard.

Since the door opened outwards, and the door was not locked, but just concealed, Yu Xiao followed the strength and slammed into the door and flew out. In fact, since the seed pattern appeared in his palm a few days ago, he was surprised to find that his senses were much more sensitive. Just think now, Yu Xiao can actually avoid Yu Jun's movements, but he does not.

Lying on the ground, Yu Xiao felt that his bones were all out of place, and tears came out of his pain. In his ears was the exclamation of onlookers, he looked around without a trace, it was good, everything was ready.

Yu Xiao bit his tongue with an unmoving expression, letting blood flow down the corner of his mouth, and looked at Yu Jun with a miserable expression: "Dad, why?"

"You bastard! Bastard!" Mother Yu pushed away Yu Jun who was in front of her, watching Yu Xiao's tears on the ground flow down uncontrollably, she stretched out her trembling hand to support him: "Xiaoxiao, my poor My child! Yu Jun, I want to divorce you! Divorce!!!"

Zhou Qiang stepped forward with a fist: "You bastard, that's your son! Are you going to throw him to death?"

"Yes, I just want to kill him, what's the matter?" Yu Jun directly punched Zhou Qiang, but unfortunately he was restrained. "He is the seed of Lao Tzu, so what's the matter with Lao Tzu's love!"

"Dad, cough cough, you have been beating me and my mother for so many years." Yu Xiao deliberately coughed up a mouthful of blood. "Yesterday he took us a hard meal, cough, not because I don't want to be sold by you to pay off the gambling debt. Right to me? Cough, cough, cough."

"Xiaoxiao, are you okay? Good, don't talk, don't worry, we won't let him go like this!" Luo You looked at him distressedly.

After hearing this, the people around were full of angry expressions, and some straightforwardly pointed directly at Yu Jun's nose and yelled.

After seeing these neighbors, Mama Yu flashed a thought in her mind, and said loudly to the people around her: "Today, you all have seen what kind of person he is. I really have to, I want to be with this The man is divorced, and everyone present please help me take him to the Civil Affairs Bureau."

I don't know what other places are like, but in this era, as long as there are people behind this place, divorce is still easy. However, in order to prevent Yu Jun from coming back to their mother and son and his uncooperative divorce. In desperation, Yu's mother still chose this approach.

Although the neighbors at this time are very gossip and love to chew their tongues behind their backs, they are also just enthusiastic people.

In this way, a group of people walked towards the Civil Affairs Bureau holding Yu Jun, who was extremely reluctant and constantly struggling and cursing...

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