Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 16

Chapter 15:

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A group of people escorted Yu Jun, who was struggling, to the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau. On the way, more and more onlookers joined in, and even more enthusiastic people ran to tell the old lady Yu what had happened here.

However, after learning about this, the old lady jumped up from the chair she was sitting on, pushing and shoving the man with the gloat on her face out of the house. After slamming the door, the old lady sat back on the chair angrily, and screamed, "Oh, this shameless little hoof, who dares to make a divorce stall as a shame." Its true that my old lady was blinded and made my son marry such a stubborn kid~~~ Our Lao Yu familys faces were all lost by this bitch!"

Yu Ci, who was carrying a child on the side, that is, Yu Xiao's aunt, heard what her mother said, and she secretly made a blank look: at the beginning, her mother came to ask for this marriage diligently. They are all officials~~ Now, she only dared to swear at home with the door closed, so she wouldn't really go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to support her elder brother!

However, these words can only be thought of in her heart, she dare not say directly to her mother. After all, as a single mother who was abandoned by her husband, she will depend on her natal family to support her, and even more so on the old lady Yu who now controls all the economic power in the family.

As a result, her face also showed an angry look: "Oh, my mother, don't be angry. You are so angry that you can't live with yourself! In my opinion, let's think about it. Its a good way to apologize to them, otherwise..."

"Yes, yes. I have to apologize properly, but don't let her elder sister and brother-in-law remember our family, otherwise it will be troublesome in the future." When the old lady thinks about the neighbors' various favors and gifts to her, there will be no After I got it, I was so angry with my eldest son, this is a man born to collect debts!

Moreover, when I think of myself going to apologize, I must take a gift, the old ladys distressed blood flow~~ It has always been her share of things, how can she send it out~~ the only one at the beginning The gift is still the betrothal gift given when she came to marry Luo Qian, but these have already been taken back from her hand by bit.

Leaving aside the blood of the old lady, Yu Jun was dragged to the office for divorce registration, knowing in his heart that the marriage must be divorced today. At this time, he began to regret how their marriage had come to this stage.

However, it is too late to regret it. The moment he saw that black book was stamped on the seal, all of his strength suddenly disappeared. Had it not been for a few people who had been holding his arm firmly, I'm afraid they would have just slumped on the ground.

"Yes, from now on, we are no longer a husband and wife, and I will take care of Xiaoxiao in the future." Luo Qian took the divorce certificate and handed it directly to Yu Jun.

Yu Jun looked at her blankly with flushed eyes, but did not reach for it. Luo Qian frowned and didn't say anything, she simply stuffed the divorce certificate into his pocket, and then walked in front of Luo You without looking at him: "Sister, let's go. Brother-in-law, let me hug Xiao. Let's dawn."

Zhou Qiang shook his head directly: "It's okay, let me hold it."

"Xiaoxiao, are you okay?" Luo Qian remembered that her precious son was thrown to the ground by the **** Yu Jun just now.

Yu Xiao shook his head. In fact, it was really painful when he was thrown to the ground just now. He felt all his internal organs were injured. However, after the palm of his hand became hot in the next second, a warm current slowly wandered up and down his body, and the pain slowly dissipated. It can be said that it doesn't hurt at all now. Moreover, he just secretly lifted up his sleeves and took a look, and the abrasions that had been opened after being thrown on the ground slowly disappeared. It seems that it is due to the seed pattern in his palm again.

Walking out of the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Luo Qian looked at the clear sky outside and couldn't help taking a deep breath. The depression that had been suppressed in her heart for many years was also wiped out at this moment. When she thought of the days to come, she was full of expectations and enthusiasm.

Looking at the long-lost smile on her mother's face, Yu Xiao was also happy for her. Then, his eyes swept to the Yu Jun who was secretly looking at them behind him, his face was full: Yes, there is one more thing to do.

"Mom, I want to tell you something." Yu Xiao looked at Luo Qian seriously.

"What's the matter? Xiaoxiao?" Luo Qian panicked on her face, "Is she unwell?"

Yu Xiao shook his head slightly: "No, I want to say, since I will live with my mother in the future, I want to change my mother's surname."

"Hey?" Luo Qian was stunned when she heard it, "No, no, it doesn't matter."

"No, I want to have my mother's last name, and don't have anything to do with them." Yu Xiao knows that as a ten-year-old child, she can deliberately speak this way. To be honest, after experiencing those things in the future, he deeply understands the nature of the family, which is relying on his surname Yu to profit from him and let him not tire of it.

"Oh, Xiaoxiao is still facing her mother~~" Zhou Qiang said with a smile.

"That's natural!" Yu Xiao deliberately raised her head and made a proud look.

"Haha, you!" Luo You was amused by his demo, and clicked on his little brain.

Luo Qian smiled again and again, but there was still a hint of hesitation. After all, there are very few divorces in this era, and it is even rarer to take children to change their mother's surname. Moreover, she didn't want to do everything.

Yu Xiao knew what she was thinking as soon as she looked at her mother's face, but in order that the mother and son will no longer have anything to do with those people in the future, it's better to get rid of them.

As a result, Yu Xiao deliberately looked around carefully, showing a hesitant expression on his face.

"What's wrong, Xiaoxiao?" Luo Qian was immediately nervous.

"Mom, I, I, there is one thing I didn't tell you." Yu Xiao glanced at her uncomfortably, then hesitated.

"What's the matter?"

"Um, actually, I know who it is and who pushed me down the river."

"Really?" Luo Qian asked immediately, "Is that **** hurt you like this?"

"Yes, brother."

"Brother?" Luo Qian didn't react at all, and then opened her eyes wide, "Wait a minute, you mean Lu Cheng?"

"Lu Cheng?" Luo You and Zhou Qiang wrinkled after hearing this. They knew about Luo Qian's husband's family. Lu Cheng was one year younger than Xiaoxiao, so they didn't expect to do this. It's something. However, Xiaoxiao grew up when they watched, and has always been an honest child who can't lie, and it is even more impossible to lie to them on this matter.

So, Xiaoxiao is telling the truth, then this child's heart is really vicious. Such a thing can be done at a young age. This is not just a small mess, but a living life!

The thought of Xiaoxiao almost drowning in the river made the three adults feel fearful. Fortunately, Xiaoxiao is fine now, otherwise...

"In this case, Qian, you'd better let Xiaoxiao and your surname. We should have a short relationship with that family, otherwise we don't know what moths will come out in the future!" Luo You thought for a moment and said directly.

Zhou Qiang also nodded in agreement, "Yes, anyway, I work in the Public Security Bureau, so I will leave the name change to me."

"Then, let's change it." Luo Qian glanced at Xiaoxiao, who was held in her arms by her brother-in-law. She was still so thin after raising her for so many days. This child has suffered enough.

"Xiaoxiao, then you will have your mother's last name~~" Luo Qian stepped forward and touched his head, "I will be called Luo Xiao from now on."

"Yeah!" Yu Xiao, no, it should be called Luo Xiao from now on. Luo Xiao nodded vigorously, and his smiling eyes narrowed. In his last life, he was called Yu Xiao until he died. From this moment on, he was called Luo Xiao. Everything in the future will gradually change, and this change will definitely go in a good direction!

Without further ado, several people decided to avoid long nights and dreams, and they were not far from where Zhou Qiang worked when they came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, just a thousand meters away, they decided to go over and do it directly.

Until a few people walked away, Yu Jun walked out from behind the pillar on the side, his eyes full of complexity. In fact, when he first heard that Little Bunny was about to change his surname, he couldn't wait to rush up and slap him with a big slap in the face. However, he still restrained it, and it was precisely because he did not rush forward to let him know the truth of this matter.

In fact, when he heard that Lu Cheng was pushing the little bunny into the river, he was no less surprised than them. However, when he thought of Mrs. Yu's character and the younger sister who completely inherited his mother's character, he was not surprised that Lu Cheng would do such a thing.

However, no matter how he beat and scolded this little **** before, he was the eldest grandson of the Yu family, and a nephew of the foreign surname that Lu Cheng dared to do such a thing, he would not let this little **** easily. Also, it seems to be a reminder to his younger sister, a daughter who has already been married and was retired, and taught such a "good son" without being careful in her natal family. Is it a bit too much to let him be a big brother? In the eyes.

Besides, he and his younger brother will inherit all the family property from now on. If she still wants to stay in this family well, she must learn to be a smart person!

Yu Jun once again took a deep look at the direction they were leaving, tightly holding the heavy divorce certificate in his hand, and then turned his head and left the Civil Affairs Bureau...

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