Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 17

Chapter 16:

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Since Luo Qian divorced, Luo Xiao lived with his mother in his grandmother's house. Although some neighbors in the surrounding area point to the mother and son from time to time behind their backs, most of them are lamenting their lack of knowledge and bad destiny.

Moreover, my grandmothers family are all kind-hearted people. The grandpa and grandmother knew that Luo Qian was divorced for the first time, and their eyes were filled with unstoppable regret and guilt: How did the two of them go blind in the first place? Marry this kind of person! You still know that Xiao Xiao has suffered from childhood, all this is their fault!

When Luo Xiao's two uncles, Luo Li and Luo Yong, knew about this, they were trembling with anger. They rolled up their sleeves and rushed out of the house to beat Yu Jun. However, they were immediately stopped by everyone. Zhou Qiang stepped forward and patted the two of them on the shoulders: "Okay, okay, don't get angry. Calm down first, if you go to him to fight so impulsively, it's not If you are very entangled by the other party, your second sister will not be able to tell him from now on."

"But, I'm really upset!" Young uncle Luo Yonggang was in his early twenties, in a period of rebellious impulse.

The uncle directly patted the back of his head, "Brother-in-law is not wrong, don't do anything to make my brain feverish! If it hurts the second sister, you can see how I can deal with you!"

Luo Yong shrank his shoulders. What he feared most from childhood was his two-year-old brother, and said weakly: "No, no. Brother, don't worry, I will never be impulsive."

"It's best!" Raleigh glared at him fiercely. He knew exactly what his little brother's character was. Although this was guaranteed now, he would go to stab him whenever he didn't. For so many years, he didn't know how much mess he had followed to clean up. It seemed that he would have to keep an eye on him in the future, but he mustn't let this stupid boy do something stupid again.

This incident will come to an end like this, after all, this can be regarded as a thing of the past, and what they want to focus on is the future life.

Luo Qian is also a very strong woman. She is only staying in her natal house temporarily, and will move out with Luo Xiao after a while. After all, one of her younger brothers just got married, and another younger brother will get married in a year or two. She and Luo Xiao are not suitable for living in her natal family all the time. She decides to go out and find another part-time job to use the rest time to work and make money.

And because of Luo Qian's divorce, Luo Xiao became a "celebrity" again. However, this time not only in the class, but directly at the school level. As soon as he appeared, people around him would look at him with curiosity and strangeness, whispering something from time to time.

However, as a mature man in his thirties, Luo Xiao doesn't care about these things at all. After all, at this time, divorce is a rare thing for the public. If this is placed in later generations, it is really a very common thing.

However, Hao Ren and Fan Lie were really nervous for a while, fearing that they could not think of anything. If they knew about the divorce, Luo Xiao would not be sad but rather happy, I am afraid they would think that Luo Xiao must have lied to them.

In any case, Luo Xiao is still very happy that he has such two good friends who care about him. However, there are still some sweet troubles.

"You guys, what are you talking about! Believe it or not, I beat you to death!" As soon as Luo Xiao finished thinking in his heart, Fan Lie's angrily sounded in his ears.

With a smile in his eyes, he looked up and saw Fan Lie waving his fists, staring fiercely at a few students who had pointed at him just now, then glanced at Hao Ren, whose face was full of approval, and shook his head. The first one pulled down his high hand: "Okay, don't frighten them. They didn't mean it. Besides, the longest is on someone else's body. How could we manage it. You just Don't scare them, they didn't mean it, besides, the longest is on others, how can we manage it."

"But..." Fan Lie felt wronged and worthless for him. It was obviously not Xiao Yuzi's fault!

Seeing him like this, Luo Xiao's heart was warm, but he still smiled and shook his head, "Lets go, class is about to begin, the next class is the class of the teacher of thought~~~" If he gets caught, then To be punished to stand in the corridor, then stand at the door and pinch his ears after class, and have to make a loud review in front of everyone! It's a bit embarrassing to say~~

"Well then." Fan Lie reluctantly put down his hand, curled his mouth and followed behind him and walked towards the classroom.

Hao Ren also followed them silently, but when they didn't notice, he turned his head and glared fiercely at those chewing tongues. The threat in his eyes made their legs weak for a while.

However, although entertainment is not very developed in this era, the spread of all kinds of gossip is really fast. Within a few days, Luo Qian's divorce was forgotten by everyone, and Luo Xiao also ushered in his first final exam after his rebirth.

There is a little advantage to the elementary school students' exams, as long as they are tested for Chinese and mathematics (there is no English class at this time), and the exam can be completed in one morning.

After carefully checking the examination papers, Luo Xiao stretched out his hand to signal the teacher to hand in the papers in advance. Because he was not the first person to hand in papers in advance, he was not so particularly eye-catching. However, he still caught sight of the hatred from Fan Lie, shrugged his shoulders and smiled at him, and then walked out of the classroom with a relaxed pace. To be honest, he really doesnt mind if his eyes are a little hotter, hehe~~

"Ah, you little Yuzi, if you fail to learn!" Fan Lie yelled and pounced on Luo Xiao from behind, "Dare to hand in papers in advance, deliberately making me flustered in the exam, right!"

"I, no one." Luo Xiao was inadvertently pounced by him and staggered a few steps forward before he could be stabilized. "I am not the only one who submitted the paper in advance. Isn't that Hu Ming the first one?"

"No matter, no matter, I don't care! You have to make up for my injured heart." Fan Lie shook his head vigorously and shook his body.

"Stop! Stop! Stop!" Luo Xiao was so dizzy that he was shaking his head and confessed again and again, "I make up, can't I make up?"

Hao Ren thoughtfully helped Luo Xiaoguo's dizzy body, looked at Fan Lie reproachfully, and stopped his hand directly looking at him with guilt on his face.

"Um, Xiao Yuzi, are you all right? I, I didn't mean it." Fan Lie raised his paw weakly and asked.

Luo Xiao turned his head and looked at Hao Ren in gratitude, then shook his head: "It's okay, it's okay, let's go."

"Go? Where to go?" Fan Lie asked suspiciously.

"Didn't you say that you want to make up for your hurting heart?" Luo Xiao patted his clothes pocket and raised an eyebrow at him.

Fan Lie reacted instantly, with an expression of excitement directly on his face, and immediately leaned in front of him and asked, "Xiao Yuzi, where are we going?"

"Where do you want to go?" Luo Xiao asked back, "Say it first, I only have five cents in my pocket."

"Enough, enough!" When Fan Lie heard that there were five corners, the light in his eyes was even better, "Let's go buy candied haws! Two cents and fifty-five bunches, I still have triangle money here, just right."

Candied haws~~ Luo Xiao swallowed subconsciously. The candied haws of this era are truly natural and pollution-free, and they are full and delicious!

So, he nodded fiercely and decided to buy candied haws. The three of them carried their schoolbags and ran directly to the place where the candied haws were sold. You know, in this era, eating candied haws is also a very happy and rare luxury thing!

Looking at the candied haws in their hands, the faces of all three of them were filled with joyful smiles. Fan Lie couldn't help but opened his mouth and took a bite. Well, it's sour and sweet, it's so delicious~~~

After eating one, he licked his mouth and looked up just to see the untouched candied fruit in the hands of the two. He couldn't help but say: "Hey? Why don't you two eat it? I have tasted it. The taste is still Good as always!"

Luo Xiao smiled and said, "I know. You can understand your eagerness. However, I want to take the candied haws home to eat with everyone."

"Hey?" Fan Lie understood when he thought about it, Xiao Yuzi has always been a filial person, no wonder he said so. As for Hao Ren, cut, Xiaoye is not interested.

After separating from the two, Luo Xiao took the candied haws and returned to his grandmother's house: "Grandma, grandma, I'm back." At this time, only the grandmother would cook at home. My grandfather was still working in the field, my mother and two uncles were still working in the factory without leaving get off work, and the aunt was resting in the house because of her pregnancy.

"Look, I brought good things back~~" Luo Xiao excitedly raised the candied haws to his grandmother, "Grandma, when grandpa and them all come back, let's share it together."

"Okay, Xiaoxiao is the best." Grandma looked at him lovingly, "However, we adults don't like to eat. You should eat it by yourself."

"But..." Luo Xiao wanted to say more, but he opened his mouth and gave up. Forget it, they will definitely stop eating after asking. Since this is the case, then simply...

After everyone came back, Luo Xiao didn't mention anything. However, after dinner, when everyone was sitting around the fire talking and talking, Luo Xiao ran into the kitchen in a hurry, and then came out with a plate: "Grandpa, grandma, mother, uncle, aunt And uncle, I bought candied haws today and came back to make hawthorn tea. You guys have a taste and see how it tastes~~~"

When everyone heard it, they didn't know why he made hawthorn tea, and their faces were filled with gratified and moved expressions: Sure enough, Xiaoxiao from their family is the most sensible! The Yu family shouldn't be their loss, they are very happy to ask for it!

Drinking this cup of sweet and sour hawthorn tea, even if the cold wind is blowing outside the house, everyones heart is warm...

The author has something to say: Originally, Thorns thought that Yu Xiao had changed his name to Luo Xiao, so Fan Lie shouldn't be calling him "Xiao Yuzi". However, when I entered Little Luozi, Little Mule appeared in his mind -_-|||. So, let's continue to call "Little Yuzi" decisively! :-P

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