Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 20

Chapter 19:

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After the white light passed, Luo Xiao slowly opened his eyes, and his eyes widened when he saw the palm of his right hand. It turned out that the seed pattern on the palm of the hand disappeared, and replaced by a three-D three-dimensional peach sapling that was only one inch tall. He blinked in surprise, but he couldn't react to it all at once.

After a while, he came back to his senses, only to realize that there was no strange feeling in the palm of his hand. He tentatively stretched out his left hand to touch the three-D peach sapling. As a result, his left hand passed directly through the little peach sapling, without touching anything. Luo Xiao made a fist with his right hand, and found that the peach sapling disappeared after making the fist, but it reappeared after spreading his palm again.

Looking at this little peach sapling with a three-D projection effect, he couldn't help but think: It turned out to be an insignificant thing, and he didn't know anything. It would be great if he could understand it.

Who knows, just after this idea, Luo Xiao was surprised to find that the little peach sapling was gone, instead a virtual screen appeared with a detailed introduction.

It turns out that this peach tree is a fairy tree, and it is no longer true which fairy left it. In the previous life, Luo Xiao saved the life of this fairy tree by chance, and the cycle of cause and effect, the life of the fairy tree was lost in exchange for his rebirth in this life. Naixiang, there was an accident when looking back in time. The fairy peach tree was divided into two, the spiritual energy remained in Luo Xiao's body, but the body was directly returned to Tao Hu and was lost on the way.

Looking at the above introduction, Luo Xiao remembered that one month before his death, the three of them went to a remote mountain village because of the invitation of his friend Fan Lie. Because Fan Lie is crazy about food, they had to switch cars and ride the bumpy mountain road for several hours to come to this small mountain village in search of the famous local game-wild black-skin boar. Right here, Luo Xiao, out of temporary kindness, stopped the villagers from cutting down the peach tree for firewood, and also started to right the peach tree that had been mostly dug up and refill the soil with water. In the few days I lived in the village, I kept going to Taoshu from time to time to see the situation. I was very happy to see it in good condition. He never thought that it was because of his own kindness that this momentary act would actually bring him the opportunity of rebirth.

After he finished sighing, he carefully checked the virtual screen that appeared in front of him, and he found that it was an interface similar to a tablet computer. However, this is not a tentacle version, but a thinking version. Under the control of his consciousness, he checked it in and out.

This thing is divided into two forms: screen and three-dimensional renderings. In the screen mode, you can clearly see the growth of the peach tree and other aspects of information, while in the three-dimensional mode, you can intuitively see the growth of the peach tree. Situation etc. Luo Xiao discovered that this peach tree will continue to grow as long as it has sufficient energy, and its branches will blossom and bear fruit as they grow. Of course, in addition to its fairy fruit, its trunk is a growing mustard space.

According to the current growth of the small peach tree, Luo Xiao saw the display on the interface:

Level: Level 1

Internal space: one cubic meter

Energy value: 5

Distance to next level energy: 95

Luo Xiao was excited and a little embarrassed. Fortunately, he discovered that this so-called internal space is really useful. As long as a thought flashes through, the corresponding things will be included in it, which will solve the problem. After finding the treasure, it is a big problem to hide the treasure there. But the embarrassing thing is that he doesn't know what this so-called energy refers to, so he doesn't know how to make the little peach tree grow.

In any case, it was a surprise that he could get this. Then he looked at the copper coins on the table with excitement, wondering if they were also treasures. Holding the copper coin in his hand and looking at it over and over for a long time, he didn't find anything unusual. In desperation, Luo Xiao flashed a thought, and these coins appeared in the inner space that he had just obtained. At the same time, a message appeared on the interface: How many sealed coins appeared, did they touch the seal?

Luo Xiao saw an eyebrow raised involuntarily in the future, his eyes were full of interest, and he did not hesitate to confirm the release of the seal in his mind. It's a pity that another message popped up in the next second: It takes 50 energy to remove the seal. If the energy is insufficient, please try again later.

Ugh? Luo Xiao curled his lips slightly: What? You need fifty points of energy, can you get along happily? Just when he felt a little dissatisfied, his uncle pushed open the door and walked in: "Xiaoxiao, how is it? Have you stayed at home?"

"Well, I stayed well~~ Besides, I did a lot of homework in the afternoon." Luo Xiao said with a smile on his little uncle, raising his head with a cunning face.

"Well, so good." The young uncle smiled and touched his head, and then said with a trace of apology, "I'm sorry, my uncle may not have time to take you out these days. Wait a few days. How about taking you out to see it?"

Luo Xiao shook his head directly: "It's okay, little uncle, I am ten years old, I can take good care of myself, so you can take care of your work. If I feel bored in the house Now, I will go out and stroll by myself."

"But, in this case..." In this era, because there is no family planning, basically every family will give birth to about four or five children, so there are very few people who abduct children. Especially in a relatively developed place like S city, and Luo Xiao always feels that he is well-behaved and sensible. Therefore, the younger uncle nodded in agreement after a little thought, "Yes, but you can't run too far, know? Otherwise, the younger uncle will be very worried, okay?"

"Well, I see, my uncle is the best." Luo Xiao stepped forward and hugged my uncle's waist and said happily.

Because the factory was treated well and provided dinner, the two went to bed early after eating the dinner they brought back. No way. At this time, there are not all kinds of game consoles, computers, color TVs, etc. like later generations. The most advanced appliances are radios and more than ten-inch black and white televisions. However, this is the place they rented temporarily. It is impossible to have any black and white TV sets, and there is naturally no radio or anything. The yellow tungsten lamp is used for the electric light. It hurts your eyes to read a book at night, so it is better to turn off the light and go to bed.

After a good night's sleep, Luo Xiao and his younger uncle went out to work one after another. When I walked to the grocery store, it might be because he came early and the door of the store was still closed. Luo Xiao then sat on the steps in front of the shop with his hands on his chin and his eyes looked around. On the street in the morning, in addition to some women who get up early to buy vegetables, there are also hard-working migrant workers who have to go to work. Although Linchun Street is not very famous now, it will be a popular antique street in S City in the future. Here, there are many people who come to Taobao to find out if they are lucky. But now, it's still a very ordinary street~~

Before he could think about it for a long time, a pair of black cloth shoes appeared in front of his eyes: "My child, you came quite early."

When Luo Xiaowen's reputation went away, he saw the old man wearing a dark gray cotton-padded jacket, holding two warm meat buns in his hands, and taking a bite from time to time.

"By the way, have you had breakfast? I have another bun here that I haven't eaten."

"No, grandpa, I've had breakfast." Luo Xiao waved his hand and refused with a smile.

"That's it." The old man nodded, then stepped forward and opened the door of the shop. After leading Luo Xiao in, he pointed to the contents of the shop and said, "I dont usually have many people in this shop, you know. Seeing that it is enough to greet someone after someone comes in, and there is no need to clean it. By the way, there are some books there, you can find a few books that you are interested in. "After that, go directly to the table and get it. I picked up the teapot on the table and drank, "Oh, I swallowed it accidentally. Phew, I feel comfortable now."

After Luo Xiao listened to it, he walked in the direction of the old mans fingers, and saw that the middle layer on the three-layer shelf on this side was full of various books, roughly fifty or sixty, except for some In addition to classics such as Water Margin, Three Kingdoms, Dream of Red Mansions, there are some miscellaneous essays from various places, etc. Luo Xiao took a look. When he saw a book called "Bagua", he thought of the sealed coins that he bought back yesterday, and he took the book out for a while and planned to read it. I flipped through it at random, and found that the general content of this book is to explain some things like divination. If it were before rebirth, Luo Xiao believed that he would never read this kind of book. In his opinion, fortune-telling was nothing but a scammer's money.

However, after rebirth, especially after yesterday, although he does not have much trust in fortune-telling, at least he will no longer think that this is a lie.

What Luo Xiao didn't know was that the old man was actually watching him carefully when he walked to the bookshelf to pick a book. After seeing him take out the "Gossip", his eyes brightened obviously. You know, he put this book in after Luo Xiao left yesterday, and deliberately put it in the least obvious. local. Unexpectedly, Luo Xiao actually showed it and took it out to look through it. The old man looked at Luo Xiao who started to read the book seriously, and he felt more satisfied as he read it. However, don't worry, he can take a closer look in the next few days.

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