Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 25

Chapter 24:

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In the countryside, from the first to the fifth day are busy days for visiting relatives and friends. Because Luo Qian divorced Yu Jun, she no longer had to take Luo Xiao to visit relatives on the other side. In this way, they stayed at home all the time except for visiting their elders on the first day of the new year. It happened to be accompanied by Ye Lan as a guest.

On the morning of the sixth day of the sixth year, Luo Xiao and Ye Lan just got up to eat breakfast, they heard a knock at the door. Luo Xiao put down his dishes and went to the door to open the door. Speaking of which, who would come over this time?

"Master?" Luo Xiao looked at Mr. Huo standing at the door, and cried out in surprise, "Why are you here?"

"Why, can't I show up here?" Old man Huo stared deliberately.

"No, no, I didn't mean that, I mean..." Luo Xiao quickly waved his hand and explained.

"Okay, okay, let's not quarrel with you." Master Huo couldn't pretend after a while, he just smiled and touched his head, "By the way, does that Ye Xiaozi live in your house? what?"

Really? Luo Xiao nodded: "Master, are you here to find Ye Lan?"

"Well, this is one of them, and the other is that I just moved here when I just had a place to live. By the way, you can go to my place every Saturday and Sunday every week from now on." Old man Huo followed Luo Xiao. Said as he walked into the house.

"En, yes, master." Luo Xiao nodded and agreed.

"Xiaoxiao, who is it?" Ye Lan raised his head when he heard the door opening, "Grandpa Huo? You, why are you here?"

"Why do you two kids always ask me this question when they speak?" Old man Huo raised an eyebrow, "Why, it hasn't been a long time since we lived together, so there is such a tacit understanding?"

Luo Xiao just got a black line: Forget it, he can have a tacit understanding with anyone, with this guy? It's better to beg to let it go~~~

"Grandpa Huo, do you know Xiaoxiao?" Ye Lan asked in confusion when he saw the familiarity between the two.

"Well, he is my direct disciple." Old man Huo nodded and said directly.

"Personal disciple?" Ye Lan looked at Luo Xiao in surprise. For some reason, their Ye family belonged to a family that knew some secrets. There was also a reason why he would be kidnapped this time.

You know, Elder Huo can be regarded as a respectable older generation in their circle, and there are many people who want to be his disciples. It's a pity that Elder Huo has already released the words, only those who have the chance to have a mentor-apprentice relationship with him, you know, grandpa said that this was released thirty years ago. Many people talked in private, saying that Elder Huo might not have an apprentice in his life, and Tianjimen must have completely disappeared in his generation. Unexpectedly, he now accepts a personal disciple, who is the head of the next generation of Heavenly Mystery Sect!

Ye Lan found out that it seemed that he was really a blessing in disguise this time~~The next head of the Tianjimen, Xiaoxiao, please support and hug your thigh~~~

"Ye Xiaozi, did your old man tell you? Let you live with me." Old man Huo picked up the tea Luo Xiaogang poured him and sat on the chair and said.

"Well, yes, grandpa has already told me." Ye Lan nodded, then looked at Luo Xiao who was aside, somehow there was a trace of reluctance in his heart, and this is the secret door to him. The affairs of the next generation of heads are really irrelevant.

"Well, since this is the case, you can go back with me later. By the way, your grandfather called me yesterday, and he said that this time there were some minor problems, and you may have to live a long time. You can only go back after a long time. Considering that you are still a studying child, I greeted your grandfather and asked you to go to school here first. When things are done there, you are transferring back."

"En, okay." Ye Lan didn't show anything on his face after hearing the news, but he was really happy, so that he wouldn't have to be separated from Xiaoxiao~~~

When Luo Xiao on the side heard the news, he subconsciously frowned. Although I can't say how it feels right now, I always feel that it is not a good thing.

Here, the three of them were still chatting harmoniously. Grandma and Luo Qian, who went out to buy vegetables, walked in arm in arm.

"Xiaoxiao, who is this?" Grandma asked suspiciously looking at the old man Huo sitting there.

"Hello, are you Xiaoxiao's grandmother? Then this should be Xiaoxiao's mother?" Old man Huo stood up and greeted politely, "Hello, my surname is Huo, Xiaoxiao's teacher, and I also come by Take this Ye Xiaozi."

"Oh, hello, hello, this teacher." Grandma handed the ingredients she was holding to Luo Qian, and then politely greeted him, "Please sit down, please sit down. I wonder, what do you teach Xiaoxiao? of?"

Elder Huo squinted his eyes and said, "Metaphysics."

"Metaphysics?" Grandma didn't react because she didn't have any culture.

And Luo Qian, who brought the ingredients to the kitchen, came out to hear this. She had a high school education and felt a little uncomfortable in her heart: "Mom, it's the Feng Shui master she usually talks about."

"Oh~~ Feng Shui~~ Feng Shui is good~~" Grandma nodded with satisfaction, because although Town C is an eastern coastal city, in this era, especially the older generations, those Feng Shui masters can He is a capable person. Moreover, any major events in the family, such as taking a wife and having children, building a new house, etc., must be specially invited for a Feng Shui master to come and see.

"Mom!" Luo Qian couldn't help but say, as an intellectual, she was a little disgusted with these superstitions. Because, since she was divorced, she herself went to apply for a library card to enrich herself, and her vision has broadened a lot now and in the past. She believes that all achievements in life depend on personal efforts, rather than superstitious worship of God and Buddha.

"Hehe, I know you don't believe it." The old man Huo saw Luo Qian's thoughts at a glance, but he still said calmly: "I am not a vulgar Fengshui master, they are all deceptions. Human."

Luo Qian reconsidered in her heart: Are you a lie? If you say it nicely, it's called metaphysics, and if you say it badly, it's a deceit, okay? Isn't the essence the same?

Elder Huo took a look at Luo Qian, and didn't say much anymore. He directly took out a few copper coins from the inner pocket of his coat. When Ye Lan saw this posture, he couldn't help but glanced at Luo Qian enviously. Grandpa Huo's divination is something that no one can ask for. Today, it is really rare to see that he had to take the initiative to count such a divination. Thing~~

When Luo Xiao on the side saw the copper coin placed on the table, he couldn't help but think of the coins that were placed in the space of the peach tree that had not been unsealed, and thought in his heart that he should find time to take it out. Think of a way to lift the seal.

"Come on, come here, I'll count that for you, you can see if what I'm counting is true, and then confirm if I'm playing mystery." Old man Huo beckoned to Luo Qian.

When the grandmother on the side saw it, she raised her eyebrows. With a good relationship, she directly pulled Luo Qian in front of Old Man Huo: "Master, you can count it."

"What is her birth rate?" Old Huo asked, picking up the coin.

"It's the time of Wushen, Moon, Jiashen, and Sun of Renyin Year." Grandma thought for a while and said.

"Okay." Old man Huo closed his eyes, folded the coin in his hands and shook his palms a few times, then let go and threw the coin on the table, opened his eyes for a moment, and then said, "From this The hexagram shows that in the first half of your life, your fate was ill-fated, your family fell apart, and your work was not smooth, but your children were filial and well-behaved. In the second half of your life, your work was smooth, your family was happy, and you enjoyed your old age. And this turning point of your fate occurred when you divorced. In the future. In addition, when you are thirty years old, you will meet your beloved lover. So far, the two are happy."

"Of course, I know you will still have doubts when you say that. After all, it's still a few years from now." Old man Huo paused and continued, "If this is the case, I'm just talking about something that will happen in the near future. Its something. You will lose money in the next three days, and you will also suffer some physical harm. These are all related to your friends."

"Hey?" Grandma became nervous immediately after hearing this. "Then we Qian will have nothing to do, right?"

"Don't worry, there will be no major incidents, but there will be some skin trauma. However, this disaster is also the cause of future happiness."

After Luo Qian listened, she felt uncomfortable in her heart, but she still didn't directly refute him to Huo. After all, she still knew that the other party was an elder, and she had to respect each other.

"Okay, I won't say anything. By the way," Mr. Huo stood up from the chair and walked to the grandmother's grandmother's face, whispering a word, then a trace of confusion flashed in grandmother's eyes.

"You are?" Grandma looked at Father Huo strangely, "Who are you looking for?"

"Hello, I'm here to find Ye Lan." Old man Huo said with a calm smile.

The three people on the side looked at them in surprise. What happened?

"Xiaoxiao, let's go first~~" Old man Huo blinked at Luo Qian, then greeted Luo Xiao and led Ye Lan out of the door.

Luo Qian turned her face and asked tentatively: "Mom, didn't you know that person just now?"

"Hey? Should I know?" Grandma expressed doubts, "Isn't he here to pick up Xiaoye? In other words, why did he take people home as soon as he walked in? Leave without a cup of tea. Forget it, I'm still Let's prepare lunch first." After speaking, he walked to the kitchen behind.

Luo Xiao and Luo Qian looked at the background of her departure, and their hearts were full of shock.

"Xiaoxiao, can you tell mom how you met?"

Luo Xiao nodded and started the imprint he had processed. After listening to his narration, Luo Qian's balance had begun to tilt slowly. It's just that she now really cares about the things that will happen in the next three days just now, and she doesn't know what it is.

The author has something to say: Those divinations and so on, dont be too serious~~

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