Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 26

Chapter 25:

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Because both Luo Qian and Luo Xiao were a little bit worried about what Elder Huo said, so after Elder Huo left, both of them seemed a little worried.

"What's the matter with your mothers?" When my grandma came out of the kitchen to take things, she saw them both standing there with solemn expressions, "Did something happen?"

"No, grandma." Luo Xiao said first, "because I will go to my teacher's home to learn calligraphy after the Chinese New Year, and my mother is a little worried about whether I can stick to it."

"Oh, just such a little thing is worthy of yours?" Grandma let out a sigh of relief after hearing this, "Qian, if you trust Xiaoxiao this child, I believe he will stick to it, yes No, Xiaoxiao?"

"En, yes. Mother, rest assured, I will definitely learn to persevere." Luo Xiao took La Luoqian's hand and nodded firmly to her.

Luo Qian listened to the implied meaning in the words of her baby son, and then thought about the magical scene just now. Little love in her heart hesitated for a moment, and nodded: "If you are serious, then go and learn. Right."

"En." Luo Xiao nodded excitedly, but when he thought of his master frowning at that moment after the divination, he still minded. It seems that when you go to the master to study after the new year, you have to ask, otherwise he will be uneasy.

In the nervous nerves of Luo Qian and Luo Xiao, the time is about to come to the first day of the three days that Old Man Huo said that something would happen. However, knowing that they slept at night, or nothing happened, and the same was true the next day. By the afternoon of the third day, nothing happened. Luo Qian's heart was complicated for a while. She was glad in time that nothing happened, and she was a little angry and suspected that Mr. Huo was lying. Only Luo Xiao was still nervous, and his feelings told him that the hexagram calculated by the master must not be wrong.

At eight o'clock in the evening, Luo Qian planned to go to bed after finishing everything. Who knows, just when she was about to undress, there was a rush of knocking at the door.

Luo Qian immediately ran to the door, and the panicked voice of her friend outside the door became clearer: "Qian, are you at home? Qian, open the door, help, Qian!"

"Come, here." Luo Qian opened the door, and before she could react, she was directly hit by the silhouette of the door.

"Qian, please, save me, save me."

"Swallow, what's wrong with you? Why are you hurt all over? Was it beaten by your family?" Luo Qian carefully held Xu Yan, who was beaten all over with bruises, and looked at her torn. The rotten clothes barely covered his body, his brows were directly frowned, and his eyes were full of anger.

"Mom, please help Aunt Xu to come in first." Luo Xiao also walked out after hearing the sound, "I'll close the door."

"En, all right." Luo Qian nodded, and then carefully helped Xu Yan walk into the house, "Swallow, you sit here first, I will go up and give you that set of clean clothes."

"Well, yes, thank you, Qian." Xu Yan said with a grateful look.

"It's okay, we are all good sisters." After that, Luo Qian went upstairs to get clothes in the room.

After Luo Xiao closed the door, he walked into the room and looked at Xu Yan, who was still trembling. He turned around and picked up the thermos on the table and poured a cup of hot water: "Aunt Xu, you can warm yourself with a mouthful of water first. Well, Im going to live the stove for you now."

"Don't bother you so much, Xiaoxiao." Xu Yan held the cup and shook her head. "It's so late, and I'm already embarrassed to disturb you. Now..."

Luo Xiao interrupted directly: "Aunt Xu, you must not say that. You and my mother are good sisters and good friends, and you are usually very good to me. There is no trouble or trouble."

"That is to say, Swallow, if you see you again, I will be upset." Luo Qian took her clothes and walked down and said to Luo Xiao, "Xiaoxiao, you can give birth to the stove, otherwise you Xu Auntie will get sick from freezing."

"En, all right." Luo Xiao nodded and turned around and went to the kitchen stove.

"Come on, Yanzi, this is a change of clothes. We happen to have hot water at home. You should take a shower and wipe your body and relax." After speaking, he helped Xu Yan to the bathroom and brought it from the kitchen. There were several hot water bottles, "Swallow, come, I have put hot water here, call me if you have anything." After speaking, he closed the bathroom door and went out.

Xu Yan closed her eyes, but took a bath with her eyes still warm, put on clean clothes and walked out. The room has already become warm under the influence of the stove. Of course, this not only warms her body, but also her cold heart.

"Swallow, come, hurry up to the stove, it's warm here." Luo Qian said with a gesture of a chair.

"En, all right." Xu Yan nodded and walked over and sat down.

"Swallow, what's the matter with you today?" Luo Qian asked concerned. After all, this time is still in the New Year period, how could this big New Year's Eve come to ask for help in such rags? Although Xu Yan's husband sometimes beats his wife, it is basically the kind of petty play, and there has never been a serious situation like this.

Xu Yan fell silent, and after a while, she said, "I was not hurt by my husband."

"Hey? Isn't it your husband? Which **** who got a thousand swords beat you?" Luo Qian became anxious when she heard that, "What about your husband? Didn't you protect you?"

"My husband..." Xu Yan burst into tears before she finished speaking.

"Swallow, don't cry, you are talking, what is going on?"

Xu Yan sobbed and said, "My husband went out to work yesterday, but somehow he died."

"What? How could it?"

"Well, I didn't know about this until this morning. However, before I could react, my brother rushed into my house with a bunch of people and moved all the valuable things away from the house. Now. And, and he..."

"And what else?"

"Furthermore, he sold me to a 60-year-old man in front of me." Xu Yan paused and continued, "I tried to resist at the time, but was beaten severely by them. Several meals. Just now because I didn't check which old man I used, I desperately escaped."

Luo Xiao knew when he heard this, what the master said would happen in these three days, isn't it just the thing in front of him.

"Mom, according to Aunt Xu, the bad guys will know that she is here, or I will go find the big dad now, he is a policeman after all." Luo Xiao thought for a while and said.

Luo Qian nodded after listening. That's right, the two of them have returned to the temporarily rented house since the sixth day of the sixth year. Now the whole room is the three of them. If those people come to the door, they really have no power to resist.

"Well, you go, remember to be careful on the road." Luo Qian warned Luo Xiao carefully.

"Okay, I see, mom." After saying that, Luo Xiao flashed a flashlight and ran towards his eldest father's house.

"Okay, okay, Yanzi, don't cry anymore." Luo Qian patted her back and comforted, "By the way, do your parents know about this?"

"Well, they know." Xu Yan lowered her eyes and said in a low voice.

"What? They know?" Luo Qian was surprised, "then they didn't say anything and didn't come out to take care of it?"

Xu Yan smiled bitterly: "Qian, you don't know that I am not their biological daughter. I was originally an abandoned baby who was thrown by the trash can, but they happened to pass by that day. In addition, a master once pointed out that they need to adopt a child before they will give birth to a son, so they will take me back to raise."

"But, after all, they have raised you for so many years. Even if they raise a beast, they have nurtured feelings, let alone a human!" Luo Qian said in disbelief, "Furthermore, your love for so many years All the wages are handed over to them. No, it should be said that the living expenses of their families are all the wages you get from working hard."

"Yes, but, what about that." Xu Yan paused. "My marriage is actually a business, to put it bluntly."


"Well, my brother was arguing about buying a radio at the time, but because my father had a serious illness at home, not only did he have no savings, but he owed other people money, so it was impossible to spend so much. I bought it for him with money. But, my brother, as the only male in my Xu family, is going to continue the incense. In addition, this brother is not easy to come here, he has always been pampered by his parents since childhood. The ones who grew up in it always wanted the stars not to pick the moon. So, my parents sold me to my man."

"Then this time?"

"This time its because my brother was introduced to a woman last month? That woman is the only child in the family, and the womans family is richer than ours, so my parents and my brother decided to please that family, even though Its okay to be a door-to-door son-in-law. After all, if two people get married in the future, dont the money from the wifes family still have to go to their family in the end? So, my brother resorted to various methods and bought everything from time to time. Planting things and sending them to the womans house. But the problem is that our familys financial conditions are limited, and my brother doesnt know where he heard the news. As soon as he knew that my man was missing, he came straight to the door and sold me on the spot."

"This animal!" Luo Qian gritted her teeth angrily after hearing this. She didn't expect things to be like this, "Then what are you going to do in the future?"

"I don't know..." Xu Yan gave her a blank look. "However, I can't stay here anymore."

"Well, too, or you live in my house now, anyway, I have a room here too." As soon as Luo Qian's voice fell, the door outside the house was banged.

"Qian, what should I do? They are chasing, they are chasing." Xu Yan immediately panicked, "No, I have to run, run far away. Otherwise, otherwise, I will definitely involve you. ."

"It's okay, Yanzi, first relax, come, relax. You forgot, my brother-in-law is a policeman! Besides, Xiaoxiao has already gone to look for him, but she should be back in a while. "

"Yes, yes, we will be fine, we will be fine."

On the other side, Luo Xiao was pulling the big father who got up from the bed, and rushed towards the house all the way, he was afraid that his mother would encounter accidents. After all, the masters divination has already been pointed out~~~

At this moment, the wooden door was kicked by the shouts of curses outside the door, and a large group of strangers with obvious gangsterism walked in the direction of the two of them...

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