Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 30

Chapter 29:

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"Aunt Li, you have prepared a richer lunch for today." Ye Lan especially emphasized, "Never put the three things, green onions, coriander, and pickled peppers in the dishes. By the way, don't put too much salt. , The taste is a bit more talkative."

"Okay, Master Ye." Aunt Li smiled and nodded. Although she was very confused about how her young master's taste has changed over the past few days, isn't it like this for children.

After Ye Lan told Aunt Li, he walked briskly to the gate. As time passed, the anxious color on his face became more obvious.

However, after waiting for a long time, when he suddenly saw the person coming out of the corner, his face instantly turned cloudy.

That's right, the person who slowly approached is our classmate Luo Xiao. Because today happened to be Saturday, and it was also the day when Father Huo agreed with him to start studying.

Looking at Ye Lan, who was standing at the gate desperately waving hello, and then at the curious eyes of the people around him, Luo Xiao silently turned his head: What to do, he really didn't have the courage to walk towards the master's house again. Now turn around and leave, dont know if its too late?

However, before he could make a decision, the force from his arm shook him. What followed was Ye Lan's grievances: "Xiaoxiao, I greet you, why don't you return to me? Also, let's go quickly. Grandpa Huo has been waiting for you for a long time. By the way, you Have you eaten breakfast? If you haven't eaten it, let Aunt Li make it for you. The breakfast she made, especially the preserved egg and lean meat porridge, is delicious."

Luo Xiao was pulled into the door, "I have eaten breakfast, and, Ye Lan, can I go by myself? Don't you feel uncomfortable if you pull me like this?"

"Don't you think?" Ye Lan turned around and said.

Luo Xiao rolled his eyes silently: "But, I feel uncomfortable."

"Oh, all right." Ye Lan let go of his hand reluctantly.

Seeing his eyes full of grievances, Luo Xiao was deeply helpless: What on earth is this? Don't tell him what the fledgling plot is, there is nothing to do with it at all! Also, please, Master Ye Da, when you called your grandfather, you were calm and not like a child who was only twelve or thirteen years old! Is it really okay to be so naive and weak now? !

However, maybe because this kind of thing has been encountered more recently, Luo Xiao silently vomited in his heart and did what he should do, just ignore it. Because, he found that Ye Lan is a man who can make an inch, so he feels soft to him? Forget it. Definitely *naked lessons learned.

Luo Xiao came to the study room on the second floor, "Master, I'm here."

"It's Xiaoxiao, come in." Old Huo's voice came from inside.

Luo Xiao opened the door and saw a mahogany desk and a bookshelf, as well as two mahogany chairs, and his master was standing behind the desk fiddling on the table.

"Xiaoxiao, come, come over here." Old man Huo raised his head and beckoned him, "This is what I want to explain to you today."

Luo Xiao stepped forward, and placed on the table between them were the few bronze coins that Elder Huo took out last time, a tortoise shell with a jade texture only the size of an adult's palm, and an extremely ordinary-looking brush. .

"You have seen these coins last time. I got them by chance." Old Huo pointed to a few other things, "And this turtle shell is a mysterious turtle shell passed down from generation to generation in our Tianjimen. Nope. Wrong, it is the tortoise shell of the Xuanwu tortoise, one of the mythical beasts in the legend. Because it is left by the spiritual beast, it can further improve the accuracy of our divination. As for this brush, the pen is It is made by the century-old Zizhu from Zhongnan Mountain, and the brush hair is made by the wolf hair of the polar snow wolf. It has been passed down for five to six hundred years. When you can be a teacher, these two things will be passed on to you You. As for the bronze coin, you need to find it yourself. After all, it is our divination."

Hearing what the master said, Luo Xiao remembered his few coins that were still in the space. I have always planned to find an opportunity to lift the seal above, but it is always delayed because of various things. Or, take this opportunity and show it to the master?

Luo Xiao thought for a while, so he put his hand into his clothes pocket, and when he thought about it, the coin appeared in the pocket. When Luo Xiao took out the coin to hand it to the master, he unexpectedly discovered that the coin on the page of the fairy tree space read: The seal has been lifted.

This is how the same thing? Obviously he has never done anything? Before Luo Xiao could come up with something, Old Huo just looked up and saw the coin in Luo Xiao's hand, and said in surprise: "Unexpectedly, unexpectedly, Xiaoxiao, you already have your own natal coin."

"Hey?" Luo Xiao widened his eyes in surprise, what's the situation now?

"Why, you didn't find it yourself?" Old Huo pointed to a few coins in his hand, "You have already left your breath on these coins. Others can't use these coins, only you can."

"Hey? Really?" So amazing? Luo Xiao said that this world is still very fantasy!

Elder Huo nodded, "Sure enough, my divination is still correct."

"Divination? Could it be that?"

"Well, yes." Elder Huo knew what he wanted to say, "I learned through divination that I will have a satisfied apprentice, and he is also the next generation of my Tianjimen, and will lead us to continue. Pass it on. Just..."

Seeing the puzzlement at the end of what the master said, Luo Xiao asked curiously: "Master, just what?"

"No, nothing." Elder Huo shook his head without speaking. In fact, the results of his divination at that time showed that there was a disciple in his hit, but there was no relationship between them. The fate appears after the apprentice has died, but since the apprentice is dead, how can there be fate of master and apprentice?

This has always been something Elder Huo couldn't figure out, but in any case, since he took Luo Xiao as an apprentice, his divination showed that the two have a very deep relationship between master and apprentice, which is very good.

"By the way, Xiaoxiao, have you finished reading the books I gave you last time?" Old man Huo asked, picking up a glass of water.

Luo Xiao nodded, "Well, I've read it all, but I don't quite understand some places."

"Why don't you understand? The master will give you a good talk."

"That's the case, it says in the "Bagua Formation" that in order to make the formation effective, in addition to the accuracy of the formation, you also need to input your own spiritual power during the formation. However, what is the spiritual power of the master? What's going on?"

"Spiritual power means that you absorb the pure elements of freeness from the outside world and transform them into a kind of power for yourself through certain exercises. As we often say, absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon is actually absorbing the pure elements of the sun. The yang element and the pure yin element of the moon. As far as we know the free elements that can be absorbed by the human body, in addition to the pure yang and pure yin elements just mentioned, there are three elements of pure fire, pure wood, and pure water. In general, there are more pure fire elements around volcanoes, pure wood elements are more around century-old trees, and pure water elements are more around the ocean."

"Master, what kind of element do I belong to?" Luo Xiao asked curiously.

"Your words should be pure wood elements. The woody breath on your body is very strong, indicating that your spiritual power level is not bad. However, due to the influence of many factors such as the current environment, it is increasingly necessary to absorb these free elements. It becomes difficult. This has caused some people to directly use evil means to absorb the spiritual power of others for their own personal gain. Especially, in contrast, the gentleness of the pure wood element is the best candidate for absorption, because Im not worried about what elements will react to each other." Old man Huo walked to the side of the bookshelf, flipped left and right, and finally pulled out a thin book with no cover, and then handed it to Luo Xiao, "You will wait for that. Take it home and take a good look. There are ways to hide your spiritual power."

Luo Xiao cautiously said, "Well, thank you, Master."

"Okay, let's continue." Old man Huo stepped onto the chair and pointed at another chair to Luo Xiao, "Xiaoxiao, sit down."

"Okay, Master."

"I will tell you about the current state of our country. Although many ordinary people don't know it, it is not just our country. Every country in the world has a group of capable people and strangers. They hide in Among ordinary people, they usually live the lives of ordinary people, but they will act as soon as they have any needs. Therefore, sometimes there will be some supernatural events, in fact, they acted."

When Luo Xiao heard it, it turned out to be such a thing, no wonder!

"Take our country as an example. In addition to our heavenly secret gates, there are actually swordsmen, clerical Daoists, Qingtian factions and so on. However, they are all under the management of the special national security department, basically They are all decent people. There are also people who have no discipline, either those who don't like to be restrained, or those who like sidelines, and they must be careful in the future."

"Well, okay, Master." Luo Xiao nodded heavily. This is the rebirth he finally got by accident, and he will definitely cherish this little life! If you encounter danger in the future, you must avoid it!

"By the way, you can be friends with the Ye family kid. Although their Ye family looks like an ordinary family, for some reason, even those big sects are still friendly. Its a matter of whether you can sin against the Ye family. Its better not to sin as much as possible. So, for now, this is a big thick leg, you can hug it~~ As for the future, hehe." Old man Huo picked Said a thief.

"..." Master, are you a bit unjust when you say this? However, I like my apprentice very much~~

And Ye Lan, who didnt come upstairs to disturb Luo Xiaos study, was there alone at this time with a silly smile: Ha ha ha, I can have dinner at the same table with Xiao Xiao today~~~

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